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CS-205 Completely-in-the-Canal wireless earphone

EDIMAEG CS-205 is a speciallydesigned micro wireless earphone; it can
be completely inserted into humans ear
and be invisible. EDIMAEG CS-205 can
receive audio information without any
visible cables and connection to outside.
If necessary, EDIMAEG CS-205 can be
designed to 5x7mm,

It is not the common mini wireless

earphone of CIE specification, which is
bigger. As a new generation of earphone,
EDIMAEG CS-205 may be the smallest
wireless earphone in current world. CS-205
is so tiny that nobody can find you are
wearing it.

Main feature of CS-205
Delicate shape
Minute sized
Easy operation
Application scope
Covert operation for security authority
Broad cast agency
Public security department
Lottery industry
General Instructions
We also produce some special
accessories, such as Waistband and
Neck Loop, etc, which enable EDIMAEG
CS-205 to use with most mobile phones,
wireless interphones and something like
that. The accessories can change the
output signal from the communication
equipment into induction signal for
EDIMAEG CS-205 to receive, but the
original functions of the communication
equipment will not be affected, for
example, the mobile phone still can
receive and answer calls.

The accessories can directly use with most

brands and specifications of mobile
phones, and wireless interphones of MOT,
Kenwood and Yaesu. For some lessfrequently-used and special equipments,
we can specially design for your order.
equipment specially used with EDIMAEG
CS-205, such as Wallet Wireless System.

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Rev 1

CS-205 Completely-in-the-Canal wireless earphone

Wallet Wireless System mainly is used for the occasions of being searched from top to
bottom, for where and when nobody can carry any walkie-talkie, mobile phone or the
other obvious wireless device and its accessories.
All the wireless devices and their accessories on the wearer of invisible wireless earpiece
can be put into an ordinary wallet, that is, a Wallet Wireless System. The integrated circuit
board is so thin and small that it leaves the wallet enough space to contain necessary
money, business card and ID card, etc., which also make the wireless system disguised
very well. A hand-held wireless transmitter also is included in the system, by which the
speaker from far away can transmit orders to the special wallet, and then transfer to the
wearer of invisible wireless earpiece.
The wallet-shaped covert wireless communication system can be divided into two
specifications, that is, general frequency and special frequency. The former can use the
ordinary walkie-talkie as its transmitter.

Electric Index Illustration

Response Scope of Frequency

300 - 8000Hz IEC118-1

Distortion rate


Maximum Output sound pressure level (SPL)

120 dB 2dB


1.55VDC SR416SW (zinc-air battery or


Minimum Working Voltage:


Typical Battery Life (for zinc-air battery of


>5 hours (it depends on the specific



78dB@2kHZ - 10mA/M

Weigh (not including the battery)


Scope of Working Temperature


Electromagnetic Compatibility

In line with 89/336/EWG

The conditions for the above measurement: temperature: 250C. voltage of the power: 1.4VDC, standard for test: IEC118-1.

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Rev 2

CS-205 Completely-in-the-Canal wireless earphone

The Choice and Installation of the Battery
EDIMAEG CS-205 uses battery of
SR416SW or 337, which also be used
for quartz watch. For the battery is very
Chemistry: Silver Oxide
small, to avoid possible falling or
Capacity: 8 mAh
damage, it shall be put on the ordinary
Volts: 1.55
desk or table when replace the
Colour: Silver
batteries. When install the battery into
Size: 1.60 x 4.80 mm
EDIMAEG CS-205, please put its
negative polar to face the battery door
and be as softly as you can.
When replace the batteries, you only need to put your nail on
the bulging of the margin of the battery door, and softly pull out
the battery door, then you can open it. To avoid serious
damage, please dont force to close the battery door. If you can
not close it, please check whether the batteries inside are
placed well. If you dont use the earphone, you should take the
batteries out, or the power will be consumed and the earphone
will be damaged.
Caution: To avoid possible damage, please don't open the battery door too wide.
How to Wear and Remove the Earphone
Before insert EDIMAEG CS-205 into your
ear, you need use a cotton stick to clean
your ear canal first, because dirty canal will
block up the vocal hole of the earphone.
When inserting the earphone, you can use
your thumb and forefinger to hold the soft
wire on the bottom of the earphone, and
then softly push the vocal hole of the
earphone into your ear canal until you can
not move it on.
While inserting, to ease the uncomfortable,
you can pull your earlobe by the other
When you want to remove the earphone
from your ear, you only need softly pull out
the soft wire of the earphone.
Dont try to remove the earphone by pulling
the battery door! It will damage the battery
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Rev 3

CS-205 Completely-in-the-Canal wireless earphone

If your ear canal is rather small and difficult to insert an earphone, you can use medicinal
Vaseline or the similar as an auxiliary lubricant to smear on your mid-ear. But to avoid
excess Vaseline to block up the vocal hole of the earphone, please note the use level of
How to Choose Communication Equipment and its Accessories
1. EDIMAEG CS-205 can replace all the wired and wireless earphones originally
attached with the communication equipments, such as mobile phones, wireless
interphones, micro recorder, computer and even MP3, etc. For TWO-WAY system,
most people like to choose mobile phones as its communication equipment, and set it
in the state of automatically answer or acoustic control, that is, you dont need to wait
any more, and while you listening to the call you also can answer it. Wireless
interphone is very necessary for teamwork, because it can make group-call and the
whole operations of it is very simple and easy.
2. The commonly-used inductive accessories mainly are Waistband, Neck loop,
Induction Coil and Bluetooth-Transmitter, which can send information hidden and
wirelessly to earphone. Each of them has its different feature; we should choose them
according to actual use.


Induction Coil

3. Generally speaking, the induction of Waistband is very strong, and its inductive
distance is also very far (20--150CM), it is very ample on many occasions. Neck loop
and Induction Coil is very small and easy to use, but its electromagnetic field intensity
is rather weak, it is only suitable to work with EDIMAEG CS-205 under quiet
environment. Bluetooth-Transmitter can wirelessly connect with any communication
equipments with Bluetooth, such as Mobile phone, computer, MP3 and etc. And with it,
the wearer can move very freely.
4. Except Bluetooth-Transmitter, through a proper terminal, Waistband, Neck loop and
Induction Coil can connect with selected communication equipments, and then
wirelessly transfer the signal to EDIMAEG CS-205. Generally, the signal is from the
external plug of the selected communication equipments.
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CS-205 Completely-in-the-Canal wireless earphone

5. Please note: For different communication equipments, the specifications and
connections of their external plugs are also different. Improper plug will cause silence
or it only can hear but cannot answer and vice versa.

Cleaning and Maintenance

According to the use frequency, you can use soft brush to clean the earwax and dust on
the surface of the earphone and battery compartment.
While brushing, youd better use soft cloth, which can do cleaning better for your
earphone. Please dont use solvent to clean the liquid or oil attached on your earphone.
If you carelessly get the invisible earphone wet, to put it into an oven, microwave oven or
use an electric hair-drier to dry it will damage the earphone. You should remove the
batteries immediately, and open the battery door for air drying, then put the earphone on
safe and towel-matted place.
EDIMAEG CS-205 is so small that we always forget its existence. Therefore, when you
clean the earphone or replace the batteries, to avoid its possible falling on the hard
surface and then being damaged or lost, please place the earphone on the towel or soft
cloth matted table or desk. Dont expose the earphone under the strong sunlight. If you
dont use it, please store it in a safe place, and away from drugs, pets and kids. Dont try to
repair the earphone by yourself, if necessary, please consult the professional technician
for maintenance.




The Test for Silence or Low Volume

First test the functions of EDIMAEG CS-205. While installing the batteries, you can
hear a light sound of sha-sha, just like the sound of water flowing. Then you wear the
earphone to approach a working TV or computer screen (not LC specification), when
the distance is about 30cm, you should hear an unwanted sound of du-du.
If EDIMAEG CS-205 is confirmed working well, it must be the infrequent uses of
earphone plug of the mobile phone (or other communication equipments) cause the
contact point rusty, and then the earphone fails to transfer signal. If it is the case, you
just need to try more inserting.
The silence causes by the mismatching between the plug of the inductive accessories
and the socket of the selected communication equipment.
The volume of EDIMAEG CS-205 can be controlled by the volume button of the
selected communication equipment. You can turn up the volume.Please note: on
normal, Waistband can obtain higher volume than Neck loop or Induction Coil can do.
If you still need higher volume, you change your Waistband to the strong specification
of 1212# or1512#. Certainly, you also can move up Waistband to your chest.

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Rev 5

CS-205 Completely-in-the-Canal wireless earphone

The list for accessories of EDIMAEG CS-205

1. One suit of Waistband, Neck loop, Induction Coil or Bluetooth-Transmitter
2. 5 EDIMAEG CS-205-used batteries of SR416SW or 337.
3. One metal nipper with LED, use to pick up or place down the earphone under
environment of inadequate light.
4. One small bag of cotton sticks to clean your ear canal.

Brief introduction to

Completely-in-the-Ear wireless earphone of CS-305

With A10 battery, CS-305 can work for longer working hours and provide higher volume
and better articulation of sound. CS-305 is mainly used for the occasions when and where
dont need completely concealment.

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