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What is PMP?
PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification is the most in-demand
professional credential in project management offered by PMI
(Project Management Institute) to professionals who successfully clear the
PMP Exam.

Preparing for PMP

The PMP exam is known to be challenging; so candidates are advised to prepare thoroughly before
making their first attempt. Effectiveness of any PMP-prep plan depends on candidates individual
experience and capability and this eBook can be used as a reference when creating your own study
plan. Your PMP preparation can be completed in a month, but we recommend all professionals to take
at least 45 days for thorough preparation.
This guide was prepared after carefully analyzing the study patterns of 19000+PMP aspirants trained
by Simplilearn and consulting our trainers. Following instructions presented in this guide will help you
create your own study plan and prepare you for the certification exam in the most effective way.

Table of Contents

Important Information

Week 1 - 2: PMBOK

Week 3 - 4: PMP Prep-course & Additional Resources

Week 5: Mock Tests

Week 6: Refresh

The Actual Exam

Important Information
PMI requires that all candidates mandatorily undergo Project Management training and have a 35 PDU
Project Management training certificate (PDU - Professional Development Units; 1 PDU is 1 Contact
Hour of education). This can be obtained by enrolling for a PMP-prep course from an REP
(Registered Education Provider) such as Simplilearn.
For a detailed outline of PMP Certification course, please watch this video.

If you do not have time to attend classroom sessions, you can opt for Online or Virtual Class which will
give you the required Contact Hours and enable you to prepare as per your convenience.
For more details on eligibility, exam format, application tips and other specifics, please visit
Simplilearns PMP page here.
In addition to PMP, Simplilearn also provides certification training for many related courses such as
PRINCE2, PMI ACP, CBAP, MSP, PgMP, RMP and Software Estimation which are bundled together
as the All-in-one Project Management Suite for your convenience. These courses will complement your
PMP certification and focus on other aspects of Project Management such as Risk, Programme
Management, Business Analysis and so on.

Week 1 - 2: PMBOK
Project Management Body of Knowledge (also known as PMBOK, now 5th
Edition) is a guide that contains set of processes and knowledge areas
which are widely accepted as best-practices in project management. The
PMBOK is not industry-specific and all principles, processes and knowledge
areas are applicable to any project.

We recommend that all professionals appearing for PMP certification exam become PMI members
as the cost of application is lower and there are added benefits such as free PMBOK download,
insightful publications on PM Network, exclusive online resources, and access to communities.
In addition to this, you receive discounts on the cost of credential exams, educational and networking
events, professional development courses and special members only pricing when purchasing books,
papers and other items at the PMI Marketplace.
During the course of your preparation you can refer other PMP materials such as those provided by
your REP if you have enrolled for a prep-course. Do not rely on too many reference books and more
than just reading, it is vital that you clearly understand the concepts to be prepared for situational
Although the PMBOK can look a bit intimidating for the first-time reader, the book as a whole
stresses on important project management topics which any experienced Project Manager should be
familiar with. Depending on your reading and comprehension capability you can pace reading the
PMBOK but it is important that all concepts are understood well. On an average, you should spend
2-3 hours for reading or 1 chapter per day.
Study material provided by Simplilearn with the PMP-prep course is a condensed version of the
PMBOK containing important topics, ITTOs, formulas and other relevant information with live
examples so that you can understand PMBOK concepts better. This study material is designed to
complement your reading of PMBOK and even has exercises at the end of every chapter for
self-evaluation. As you progress with your preparation, it is equally important that you are able to
evaluate your understanding of PMBOK.

It is advisable that all candidates taking up the PMP exam must have read the complete PMBOK
at least twice. To prepare yourself for the exam in 45 days, you should be able to read through the
book in 2-3 weeks time reading 1 chapter each day.
While reading, take notes and some of the more important sections on PMBOK you should focus
on are:
Process Definitions
Definitions mentioned in Glossary
Study material provided by Simplilearn focuses on all of these important sections, you can view the
sample material here.

Checklist for Week 1 - 2

Read PMBOK everyday - not less than two hours
Refer additional reading materials
Research about ATOs for Contact Hours

Week 3 - 4: PMP-Prep Course & Additional Resources

By this time, you should have finalized a PMP prep-course from an ATO to
provide you with the mandatory Contact Hours and reference materials to aid
your preparation. The Contact Hours certificate will have to be presented
along with your application; hence it should be procured as soon as you finish
your training.
Simplilearns blended model course provides an optimum mix of classroom and online sessions to
help you understand and learn various PMBOK concepts as per your schedule/convenience.
The condensed, exam-specific study materials will focus on important topics and aid in quicker
In addition to study materials, Free Resources section of Simplilearn has a cohesive collection of
resources that can aid your preparation.
This phase (Week 3-4) is the best time to start focusing on ITTOs (Inputs, Tools, Techniques and
Outputs). Study material from Simplilearn has all ITTOs listed for your ready-reference. Since there are
lots of ITTOs, memorizing all of them would be difficult. The right approach would be to understand
each process and also make it a habit to refer to the ITTO sheet regularly till your actual exam.
Once the second phase of your study plan is complete, start with the application process so that you
will be able to take up the exam as soon as you are done with your preparation. For more information
on the PMP Exam application process, click here.

Additional tips
Memorize formulae by writing them down.
Interact & ask questions to your trainer.
Practice dumping information like ITTOs, formulae, key terminologies on paper
(from memory) for the actual exam.

Checklist for Week 3 - 4

Ensure you receive the 35 PDU certificate
Ensure multiple (ideally more than four) Mock tests are included with course
Make sure your REP has doubt clearing sessions

Week 5: Mock Tests

As you may already know, PMP Exam is a 4-hour, 175-Question test with 25
pre-test questions. Prior to your exam, it is important that you take up plenty
of mock exams to get the actual feel of the exam and build up your stamina.

You can find lots of PMP mock tests online but make sure you pick tests from reputable providers so
that your preparedness is flawless. Ideally the mock tests you take up should have difficulty on par
with the actual PMP exam.
As part of the course, Simplilearn provides five mock tests with detailed explanations for thorough
preparation and these mock exams will give a comprehensive feedback on your understanding of the
PMBOK and point out if there are any weak areas. It is equally important that after each mock test,
you evaluate the results with the right answers provided, and understand where you went wrong.
You can also access Simplilearns free mock test here.
If you are consistently scoring 80-85% in mock tests, you are ready for the real exam.

Checklist for Week 5

Practice Mock tests everyday
Thoroughly evaluate right and wrong answers
Practice timing yourself during mock tests
Continue Mock tests till you are consistently scoring 80-85%

Week 6: Refresh

By week 6 you should have completed your study, mock tests and be mentally
prepared to take your exam. Use this time to focus on weak areas, practice
writing down ITTOs, brain dumps and important formulas ahead of the exam.

Simplilearn provides doubt-clearing sessions that can be used to interact with the trainer during this
phase. Use these sessions to discuss weak areas with your trainer and clear any doubts that may have
risen during your Mock test-evaluation.
During the refresh phase, you can also go through other resources, tips and tricks and the Free Ebook
on Essential PMP Concepts and Formulas that would be useful during the certification exam but do
not try to cram yourself with unnecessary information.

Checklist for Week 6

Ensure all weak areas have been covered
Check your grasp of ITTOs
Make sure you are able to memorize all important formulae
Relax and rest well during the last few days up to your exam

The Actual Exam:

Prior to, and on the day of the examination be calm, relax and prepare yourself to take up the exam.
Reach the venue with a valid Identification proof at least half an hour before the exam. Once you are
provided with blank sheets 15 minutes before the exam, write down ITTOs, brain dumps, important
formulas and any other information you think should be written down (practiced in Week 2).

Additional Exam Tips:

During the exam if you are unsure of any questions, mark and answer them later.
Remember the answer that looks right as per your logic or experience might not be the right answer
as per PMI so for those four hours only focus on applicability of PMBOK theory.
During the exam, time yourself in such a way that you leave a window for checking all answers before
Our PMP training program, like this guide provides flexibility over the course of your preparation and
if you follow these instructions you should be able to clear the PMP in your first attempt.
We have successfully trained over 19000+ professionals from 150 countries for their PMP
certification so if you have any queries regarding your PMP certification, you can always write to us

PMP training from Simplilearn gives you the right guidance

and flexibility to prepare as per your convenience.


14 hours of
e-learning content

90 days
e-learning access

35 PDUs

5 Mock Tests

Hardcopy of


clearing sessions

Also when you enroll for the PMP course from Simplilearn, get a copy of Essential PMP Concepts
and Formulas eBook absolutely FREE!
For more information on our PMP course, please click here or write to

Good Luck!