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The Second Written Work

Group A

I Use the words in brackets to fill in the sentences (cumpulsory; exams; graduets ;
primary; curriculum)
1 National __________ in school in England was introduced in 1988.
2 In our country primary school is _______________.
3 At the age of sixteen, students take GCSE_________
4 My sister is 6 years old and she goes to _________ school.
5 Students that finish university and obtain a degree are called_____________
II Complete the sentences with a modal in the past and the verb in brackets
1 He___________ more revision. (do) . He failed his exams.
2 You __________me such a big birthday present .(buy) Its too expensive.
3 It only took half an hour to get to the airport . We____________so early.(leave)
4 You _______________(tell) me you were a vegetarian. Ive just bought lots of meat for
our barbecue!
5 If you ________so ________(not /brave ) ,you _______________(not/ chase ) after the
thief who stole your MP3 player.
III Complete the mixed conditional sentences
1 I ____________(not/ be )now here if you ____________(not / phone ) me last week.
2 If you ________________ (buy) that laptop,we I _____________(have ) enough
money to go on holiday.
3 She ______________(become) a model if she__________(be) a few centimetres
4If we ________________(turn) right at the junction,we__________(not/ lost)
5 If I________________(can) speak French,I ___________(ask) her to dance.

IV Complete the sentences with phrasal words in brackets (log off ; show off ; call sth
off ; set off ; take on)

The smoke from my cooking ________ the smoke alarm_____.

The department store will___________________ more staff because of the busy

Christmas period.

3 Students have to _______________ when they finish using the computer.

4 They will ____________________ their meeting next week due to bad weather .

Juan likes to __________how much he can ,when he goes to parties.

V Complete the sentences with appropriate future in the past forms of the verbs in
1 Ashley ________________________(leave)the house when he noticed the kitchen was
on fire.
2 Belinda _____________(panic) when she remembered what her mother had said.
3Grandpa _____________(live) in that house for the rest of his life.
4She _______________(start)her new job last Monday,but she was ill.
5 When I first met John I had no idea that the encounter______________(change ) my
life forever.



Group B

I Use the words in brackets to fill in the sentences ( thumbnail ; earn a salary ; be
promoted ; web browser; go on a strike)
1 You have to work hard to __________________.
2 If you want to see something on the Internet click on the ____________________ .
3 Many workers with small salaries used to _________________ to try get better work
conditions .
4 He is the best worker in the firm. He will _______________________ soon .
5 If you click on the _________________ you will see a longer version of the photo.

II Complete the sentences with phrasal words in brackets (log on ; have sb on ; pass sth
on ; show off ; take sth on)

I cant ______________to the network because I ve forgotten my password.

Look at her ! She likes to _________________________ in front of her friends.

My grandmother will ____________________ that house ____________________

me when she dies.

He tried to ___________________ his father __________________ but his father

caught him.

He has to _________________________ to much work because his deadline is


III Complete the mixed conditional sentences

1 It didnt snow last week. Thats why we cant go skiing.
_______________________________ we could go skiing today.
2 I Dave isnt interested in fashion. Thats why we bought those horrible clothes. If Dave
was interested in fashion _______________________________________
3 I didnt do my housework, so my mother isnt happy. If
________________________________ my mother wouldnt be unhappy.
4 Sam didnt pass his exam so he wont be going to university.
Sam_______________________________________________ If he
_____________________________ .

IV Use would, used to, will, present simple forms of verbs in brackets to express
habitual behaviour.
1 When he was a child, he _________________________ (play) football every
weekend. I ____________ (go) to the park near and I ________________________
(play)football with the boys from my neighbourhood.
2 Harry often _________________________ (go) shopping with his girlfriend. He and
his girlfriend ________________________ (have ) lunch in a cafe .

3 Its 7 oclock. Sam ________________(be) on his way home from work now. Dont
phone now they ____________________________ (be) having dinner.

V Put the words inbrackets in the sentences(solicitor;software developer; nurse; web

designer; barrister;)
1 Aleksa is a famous ________________. He has developed many games. He is also paid
very well as a a________________ .
2 Alan is a ________________ . He works ina law firm called Lanister &son . His
father is a
__________________ in the same firm. His mother works in a hospital as a