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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team: FAQ/Walkthrough by hswbaz

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FAQ/Walkthrough for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team
Written by HswBaZ or BaZ
Version: Final
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--------------------------------------------------------------------Table of Contents:
0a. Document License Agreement
0b. Site License Agreement
0c. About the Copyright
1a. Version History
2a. Introduction
3a. The Basics of the Game
3b. Controls
4a. Choosing your Starter/Partner
5a. Walkthrough
5b. Tiny Woods
5c. Thunderwave Cave
5d. Mt. Steel
5e. Sinister Woods
5f. Silent Chasm
5g. Mt. Thunder
5h. Great Canyon
5i. Lapis Cave
5j. Mt. Blaze
5k. Frosty Forest
5l. Mt. Freeze
5m. Uproar Forest
5n. Magma Cavern
5o. Sky Tower
6a. After the Storyline
6b. Dungeons automatically unlocked
6b1. Luminous Cave (How to Evolve)
6b2. Solar Cave
6b3. Waterfall Pond
6c. Dungeons unlocked through Friend Areas
6c1. Wyvern Hill
6c2. Darknight Relic
6c3. Desert Region
6c4. Southern Cavern
6c5. Grand Sea
6c6. Unown Relic
6c7. Far-Off Sea
6d. New dungeons you can unlock
6d1. Howling Forest
6d2. Stormy Sea
6d3. Fiery Field
6d4. Lightning Field
6d5. Northwind Field
6d6. Mt. Faraway

6d7. Buried Relic

6d8. Northern Range
6d9. Pitfall Valley
6d10. Western Cave
6d11. Silver Trench
6d12. Meteor Cave
6d13. Joyous Tower
6d14. Purity Forest
6d15. Wish Cave
6d16. Murky Cave
6e. Catching them all
6e1. Version-Specific Pokemon
6e2. Dungeon-Specific Pokemon
6e3. Pokemon Through Evolution Only
6f. Reward Statues
6g. Unknown Dungeon Mode
7a. FAQ
8a. Contact Me
0a. Document License Agreement
[Last Updated Saturday 06th of May 2006]
If you wish to read this document, you must agree to the terms and
conditions below.
1. Anybody is welcome to look at this document, provide they agree to
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2. You are permitted to copy this document onto your hard drive, a
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form, including this section.
3. You may not distribute this guide to obtain any personal gain
without my written consent with 20% of proceeds going to myself.
4. If you wish to publish or distribute this guide, or post it on
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2. The site must not sell the guide, or offer it as a free bonus with
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0c. About the Copyright
This copyrights original form was written by Michael Sarich. He made
a very good post on copyrights, you can check it out here. Thanks Michael.
1a. Version History
Final -Updated FAQ
-Finish Catching Them All
0.8 -Updated Catching Them All
-Updated FAQ
0.7 -Finished Walkthrough
-Updated FAQ
-Added legendary levels by request
-Added Unknown Dungeon section
0.6 -Updated the Walkthrough
-Updated FAQ
-Added some submissions
-Fixed some typos
0.51 -Minor Update
-Fixed some typos
-Added some contributions
0.5 -Added some walkthrough
-Finished Friend Area dungeons
-Finished After-Storyline dungeons
-FAQ updated
0.4 -Not much of a major update

-Walkthrough updated
-FAQ updated
-Added a little note under IQ section of basics**
0.3 -Walkthrough updated
-Some after-storyline dungeons added
0.2 -FAQ was updated
-Few typos were fixed
-Portion of the Walkthrough was updated as well
-Some more after-storyline dungeons
-Catching them all added version-specific pokemon
-Added some new Friend Area unlockable dungeons
0.1 -Guide was started, enjoy.
-The walkthrough may take a little as I'm writing it while going through
-the game for a 2nd time.
2a. Introduction
This is a guide written by myself for the latest pokemon game. I
found this game enjoyable enough to spend quite alot of time on it as
I'm sure many other people have as well. This will be my first guide
on Gamefaqs and will most likely not be my last (depending on how
this one turns out). I like to think of guides as a useful tool, and
that is why you will not see a tiny little scrollbar to the right due
to having the entire detailed Pokedex or every Wonder Mail code I can
find listed at the end. I'm sure other people will do very well and
detailed guides on both of those, and that's another reason why I am
not writing a guide for them. A guide is about what is contained
inside and I hope you find the information I write useful as the tool
it was meant to be.
This guide was originally made to be hosted on Gamefaqs, so if any other
sites (that I allow) host it, just remember it was originally made for
a site that only allows pure text and small margins so that everyone
everywhere can access the guide.
3a. The Basics of the Game
To start off, this game is not like any of the previous Pokemon
titles. Instead it has a turn-based strategy element to it. If you
are familiar with titles such as Final Fantasy Tactis, than you will
catch on to this quickly. What it means is that each Floor of a
Dungeon has an invisible grid to it (which you can make visible by the
push of a button). This grid is divided up by squares. Your pokemon
will fit inside one of these squares and can move from square to
square. Other pokemon on this grid can move around as well. Think of
it as a chessboard and pokemon are your pieces.
Rescue teams are made up of 2-3 pokemon and only a maximum body size of
6. What is body size you may ask? The larger the pokemon is, the more
body size it takes up, such as the legendary birds, dragonite, onyx, etc.
are of a body size 4. While your starter/partner should always stay at

a body size of 1. When you are out rescuing you may only recruit pokemon
who fit into your party( (a maximum of 4 pokemon or body size of 6). If
you are trying to recruit a body size 4 pokemon with 3 body size 1
pokemon already with will be impossible.
In this game there are a few things you need to keep in mind about your
pokemon. First, your pokemon have PP in their movesets, just like in
previous pokemon games. PP can be replenished with items such as Max
Elixirs (replenishes PP of all moves). Also, a new feature, you need
to keep track of your pokemon's Belly in this game. When you bring up
the Menu you can keep track of your pokemon's Belly at the bottom
Belly's can be refilled with types of food, such as Apples, Gummies,
Berrys (minimal increase) so try to always keep some with you. The
Belly will decrease as you maneuver your way through dungeons, the
decrease in belly may accelerate if you are moving across odd terrain
or hold down the B+A buttons (or if that pokemon is holding an item
like the Heal Ribbon that will increase how fast the Belly depletes).
The 2 items that help prevent Belly decrease are the Stamina Belt (which
when held slows belly decrease) and the Tight Belt (which when held
your pokemon's belly will never decrease. The Tight Belt is a very rare
item though which can only be found after the credits have passed.
This game does not have trainers like in previous games, instead it has
missions submitted by other Pokemon for your Rescue Team to embark upon.
Missions can be found in your mailbox outside your base, on the Bulletin
Board outside of the Pelipper Post Office, or by entering a Wonder Mail
Code at the title screen. When your pokemon accept a mission from one
of these locations it will then appear in their Job list. The Rescue
Team may not embark on these missions until you bring up your Job List
menu and choose to "Accept" missions. Multipe missions can be accomplished
all at once, under the circumstances that they take place in the same
dungeon and all of the Clients are on different floors. Example: You
cannot rescue a Charmander and Squirtle if they both need to be rescued
from the 2nd floor, but you can if one is on the 2nd floor and the other
is on the 3rd floor.
Once you unlock the ability to do side missions, you can complete them
at anytime, and in fact they are a great way to level your pokemon,
pickup some useful items and get some Rescue points for your rank. The
main Storyline mission will be marked with "Go" when you walk downward
from your Rescue Base, the storyline will wait for you as long as you
want, so do not feel obligated to continue moving on.
To recruit a pokemon you need to take a few things into account. First is
their Friend Area, if you do not have that your chance of recruiting a
pokemon is already 0% (unless its a pokemon like Kyogre who gives you his
Friend Area upon recruiting him). Then you need to lookup their base
recruiting % before any modifiers, I will personallly recommend this
FAQ for more detailed information.
The above FAQ is written by TFergusson, nicely done.
Once you know their base % there are 3 things that can modify this. Your
current Rescue Team Leader's level, whether or not he has the Friend Bow
equipped, and what your Rescue Team's Rank is. If your pokemon is lvl 90+
with the Friend Bow and Lukario Rank, then your chance to catch a pokemon
is increased by 34% from the base %.
Rescue Team Ranks are determined by how many Rescue Points you have

accumulated by completing Rescue Jobs. The following is a list of all

the possible Rescue Ranks and the points required.
Normal Rank - 0 Rescue Points
Bronze Rank - 50 Rescue Points
Silver Rank - 500 Rescue Points
Gold Rank - 1,500 Rescue Points
Platinum Rank - 3,000 Rescue Points
Diamond Rank - 7,500 Rescue Points
Lukario Rank - 15,000 Rescue Points
There are only 2 things I still need to cover, IQ and Linking Moves which
I will do now.
IQ is a term that defines intelligence, and that is a good way to describe
it for this game. During your adventure you are bound to come across some
Gummies which you can feed to your pokemon.
Note: If you wait till after the main storyline and "Give Gummi" to a friend
in it's Friend Area, they will also get a stat increase along with IQ
When you feed a Pokemon a Gummi it's IQ will increase, this will depend
on what kind of Gummi you feed it. If you feed a Pikachu a Yellow Gummi
he will gain the most IQ from it over feeding him a Green Gummi. What's so
important about IQ you might ask? Well IQ can allow certain pokemon to learn
abilities later on, but what's really neat about it is it can improve the AI
of both the pokemon you are controlling and your teammates. After so much
IQ increase pokemon will learn IQ moves which can be set in the Menu -> Team
-> Check IQ tab. Your pokemon will learn new IQ skills such as PP checker
which keeps them from trying to use a move that currently has 0 PP left. As
the pokemon's IQ increases so do the skills it learns. Eventually your
pokemon can learn more advanced moves such as Quick Dodger (more likely to
dodge enemy attacks), All-Terrain Hiker (ability to walk on Water, Lava and
Clouds), Trap Avoider (will avoid stepping on visible traps), and many more.
There are plenty of reasons to raise your pokemon's IQ, my personal favorite
is having my leader with Trap Seer (If the pokemon steps on an invisible trap
it will not activate it, just make it visible) and giving my teammates Trap
Avoider, almost making traps null and void for my team. There are tons of
different IQ skill combos so make sure to experiment with them!
Finally, Linking Moves a question on alot of minds. To link moves you can
either goto Gulpin's shop and pay him a small sum or use a Link Box, a fairly
common item. Either way linked moves are moves that you set to go off
together when one is used. If you link Scratch and Growl, then when you use
Scratch, both Scratch and Growl will be used in a single turn (using 1 PP from
each). If the PP of one of the linked moves hits 0, then the link is broken.
What is the use for something? Well it's especially useful on bosses while
going through the main storyline. Let's say you started with a Machop and
linked the moves Low Kick and Focus Energy. This means each turn your Machop
will use Low Kick, then increase his attack. This combo is very devastating
when used against a boss. You can link all 4 of your moves together into one
but it would be unwise as conserving your PP is one of the fun things about
this game. Also Gulpin can remember any old move your pokemon used to know
completely free of charge, so if you are unsure how a move will perform in
a dungeon, just re-learn it, go try it out, if you don't like it, go back to
Gulpin and swap it for another move. Make sure to experiment alot as linking
moves and choosing your movesets are a lot of fun!

3b. Controls
These controls will only be for Pokemon Blue for the DS as that is what
this walkthrough is written for. If you are playing Red, the buttons
may be different for you.
Directional Pad - Move your Pokemon around
A button - Confirm, basic attack
B button - Holding will cause your Pokemon to run, can also bring up
the menu when standing still
X button - Brings up the menu
Y button - Holding this will bring up the grid, and allow you to turn
around within your current square (very useful)
R button - Holding this will only allow you to walk diagnolly (helpful
to conserve your belly and footsteps)
L button - Used in conjunction with A
L + A buttons - Holding L and pressing A will use the Special Move you
"Set" in the "Moves" option under the menu
B + A buttons - Will speed up the passage of time allowing your pokemon
to regenerate life quickly, at the cost of belly loss.
4a. Choosing your Starter/Partner
When you begin the game for the first time you will be asked some
Personality questions. These questions, no matter how awkward they
may be, are in for a purpose. In this game you are a pokemon, and
these questions are to judge your personality and pick the pokemon
closest to your personality.
After you finish answering the questions you will be assigned a pokemon.
This will be your main character throughout the main storyline, so
make sure you are happy with your choice. After the main storyline
is finished you can swap your leader at anytime, and are able to catch
all of the other starters who you did not choose. If you want to choose
a specific pokemon then you will have to shoot for a specific
personality, reference below.
# ### Pokemon:



Male Personality:

Female Personality:






**** = That pokemon is unavailable to that gender, as the final

question you answer asks what your gender is.
Note: If you are a male and really like Espeon and want Eevee as your
starter (just an example), from what I have noticed throughout playing
through the game, there has not been any gender-defining moments. So
it's ok to aim for the pokemon you really want without worrying about
your gender.
Note: If you are having trouble getting the pokemon you want for a
starter, I would recommend referring to this guide, it is very in-depth
and very useful for how to answer the questions you are given.
After taking the personality test I came up as a Mudkip, but as my
favorite pokemon of all-time was a Charizard, I redid the test until
I got Charmander as my starter.
After you have your starter chosen, you are then asked to choose a
partner pokemon. This pokemon is just as important as your starter
as he will tag along with you on every mission until you finish with
the main storyline. You will want to choose a partner who complements
your starter well.
Possible Partners: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, Chikorita,
Cyndaquil, Totodile, Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip
Note: You cannot choose a partner of the same element as your starter.
Example: Charmander starter cannot choose Charmander, Cyndaquil or Torchic
as a partner.
Example 2: Psyduck starter cannot choose Squirtle, Totodile or Mudkip
as a partner.
Recommendations for Partners:
# ### Starter:

Recommended partners:


Grass-Type or Pikachu






Any (Can depend on what you plan to evolve it into)

Water-Type or Pikachu
Grass-Type or Pikachu

I will try to be a little more specific once I experiment more with the
possible combinations, for now those are mostly just elemental combos
that complement one-another fairly well (Fire's weakness is Water so
I reccomended a grass or electric-type to counter).
Personally I chose Pikachu to partner up with my Charmander, it turned
out to be a fairly good team. Charizard has heat wave, great room-wide
move and Pikachu had Quick Attack (allowing him to attack from behind)
and Thunderbolt (AE 1 square attack).
Honestly any combination will work, these are just to try and give you
the easiest time through the main storyline. If your favorite pokemon
are Chikorita and Torchic, don't let what I said stop you.
Also this is one of the few games where you are forced to choose a name for
your pokemon (like how you named you had to name your trainer in the other
games). To start off you will name your partner. If you are really
retentive about names, then decide now if you will ever evolve your
partner (evolution is optional) and after you decide, give it the name of
that pokemon u plan to evolve it into.
Once you have your starter and partner chosen, it's time to being the
5a. Walkthrough
To start off the game you will see your chosen partner wake you up. You
will awaken as a *gasp* Pokemon (the one your personality matched). Then
your partner will ask you who you are, and you will respond with a human.
Your partner won't believe it since your outer appearance is now that of
a pokemon. While your mind boggles at the infinite questions of the
Metamorphosis (waking up as another creature) your partner will ask you for
your name.
Note: Your main and starter are the only 2 pokemon in the game you are
forced to nickname, so do not pull out a book of baby names just yet.
No matter what name you pick, your partner will laugh at it and get a good
chuckle at your expense. But it wouldn't be much of a game without trouble
and plenty of that there is as you hear a voice shouting for help. Enter
Butterfree, your first "Client". His baby Butterfree fell into a cavern
thanks to a fissure opening into the ground. The pokemon inside the
fissure were violent to this peace-loving Butterfree so he came looking
for help and stumbled upon your triumphant peace-loving duo. Your partner
will be quite suprised that Butterfree was attacked by fellow pokemon and
while the Butterfree frets, your partner will suggest you 2 go help the
poor Caterpie out. As the standup team you are, you depart on your first

5b. Tiny Woods
Your first dungeon, and a great place to get your feet wet. The game should
be providing you with tips as you progress. The first thin I would
recommend doing is opening your menu with B, choosing Moves with A,
choosing a good attack move (Tackle, Water Gun, Ember, Low Kick, whatever)
and hitting A on that, and choosing the Set option. This sets that move
to be used whenever you hold L and press A in conjunction with one another.
Just continue on down the 3 levels, picking up whatever items you see and
using your moves on pokemon. It is likely you will gain a level in here
and get some much needed stat boost. Use this dungeon to help yourself
get used to the controls, maneuvers and attacks. This dungeon is only 4
levels inhabited by Pidgeys, Sunkerns, Wurmples, and Exeggcutes. When you
are finished with a floor, just head to the stairs and descend downward.
Once you reach the 4th and final floor, you will enter a large circular
room where a crying and scared Caterpie awaits.
After Caterpie is rescued and stares at your hero adoringly, Butterfree
thanks your daring team with a reward of an Oran Berry, Pecha Berry and
Rawst Berry
Note: Even if you return to Tiny Woods after unlocking Friend Areas,
you can not ever recruit pokemon here.
Once that is all said and done your partner will offer you to come with
him since you have no place to go, and you graciously accept his offer.
Your hero will be very happy with his new place to live (and base of
operations as it's your Rescue Team's base). Your partner will explain
about your mailbox and some natural disasters, then ask you about forming
a rescue team with him. The obvious choice to move on is "Form a rescue
team", if you "Refuse" your partner will just flip out saying what a
smashing job you did and continue offering until you accept anyway.
You will get to now name your Rescue Team, I won't give any pointers, but
try to be creative. After which you and your partner will get some good
nights rest.
Your starter will wakeup still sleepy, so just navigate him back into the
bed and save your game if you want. When you awaken you will meet your
partner outside and take your "Rescue Team Starter Set" out of the mailbox.
Which will contain the basics, your Rescue Team badge for rescuing, your
toolbox for holding items and some Pokemon News. Pelipper will arrive
soon after with some mail (he will deliver mail daily as long as your
mailbox is not currently full, 4 is the maximum). Navigate to the front
of the mailbox and open it up for your first official rescue job. Accept
it and off you go to Thunderwave Cave.
5c. Thunderwave Cave
When you arrive you will meet your clients, some Magnemites, outside the
cave and they will tell you their friends are on the B6F or Basement 6th
floor. Just like Tiny woods the 6th floor will contain just the objective

so you need to make it through 5 floors of wild rampaging pokemon to

complete this rescue.
Like Tiny Woods, this dungeon is still what I would consider, part of the
tutorial. So make sure to take your time, explore around and test out
moves and how enemies react to your movement. If you find yourself very
injured, you can always hold A+B for quick life regen, but remember it
will eat away at your belly.
After 5 floors of fighting it out, you will come to the Magnemite who
have accidentaly been stuck together, after rescuing them you will be
back outside the cavern watching the 4 Magnemite rejoicing. In their
happiness they will hand you 500 poke, a Reviver Seed and a Rawst Berry
for a reward.
Back at your base you will drift off into dreamland, pay attention to your
dreams as he will have quite a few of them throughout the adventure.
At this point you will awaken, go outside and your teammate will drag
you through town giving you a tour of everything there is to see and do.
If you are still confused about any of the shops, you can refer above to
the Game Basics section.
After your tour of town, you will want to do an optional mission, so pick
one up at the bulletin board, head south from your Rescue Base, and
get to rescuing those pokemon.
Note: Your toolbox is probably packed at this point, so you can head to
Kangaskhan's bank and store some items to free up room for more.
Once you get some missions done, you will find yourself dreaming again,
but an earthquake will interrupt you before you find anything out. When
you awaken, Dugtrio will be waiting to ask for your help to retrieve his
baby Diglett. To make matters worse Diglett was abducted by Skarmory
and taken to the top of Mt. Steel, so off you go!
Note: Before you start heading on new missions, you will want to make
sure your toolbox is stocked with items that may help you. Usually
at this point I like to have an Oran Berry or 2, an Apple or 2, and
a Reviver Seed (in case of accidents) with me.

5d. Mt. Steel
This is it, it is Mt. Steel and Skarmory is waiting up top with Diglett.
This dungeon is 9 floors, if you did not do any side leveling you are
going to have a very tough time here. I entered at lvl 8 and already
was forced to use my Reviver Seed before even making it to the 2nd floor.
You will probably want to be at least level 10 before giving this place
a serious attempt and having some Oran Berrys and Reviver Seeds will help.
If you do manage to make it to the top Skarmory is waiting with Diglett.
Try to use elements that counter Steel (Fire is great) or Flying (Electric).
If you are having trouble with Skarmory have your leader backup and let your
partner take the blunt of Skarmory's blows while you stand back throwing
Gravelerocks. This strategy works fairly well for most of the main storyline.

Once Skarmory is defeated Diglett is safe and you are free to head back.
After you are back in town, Friend Areas will be unlocked, after short
talk with Magenemite/Wigglytuff. Now you can buy some Friend Areas and
pickup some new recruits.
The storyline will continue in a few days of doing optional missions
just like after Thunderwave Cave.
5e. Sinister Woods
After a few days have passed, your friend Caterpie from the start of the
game will come to your base asking for help. Metapod is in trouble at
the end of the Sinister Woods and needs your help. As he is telling you
about this Gengar's Team Meanies steps in and decides they will do the
job as well. The race is on! (It's not actually a race, no matter how
long you take or how many days pass you will still make it in time).
Sinister Woods is 13 Floors and packed with grass-types, if you have a
Fire-type starter or partner this dungeon should be fairly easy for you.
Just make sure that your team is adequate leveled (low teens should be
fairly safe). After making it through 12 Floors, Team Meanies will do
battle with you on the 13th. This is your first team battle so hope you
picked up a good teammate (you can do this with your 2 starters, but I
found a 3rd helps alot, Sudowoodo was a personal favorite at this point).
The 3v3 battle will commence, none of the opponents have alot of life,
your team should be able to 2-3 shot em (1 turn if the enemy is in range
of multiple teammates). The biggest threat is Gengar, but even so I
saved him for last as his 2 partners seem to have less life and are more
easily killed (easier to predict one enemies dmg output than 3). If you
are having trouble with this battle you may need to do a little leveling
or bring more items (starting the fight off with a Gravelerock is a great
way to do damage before the enemies are in range).
After you rescue Metapod, a grateful Caterpie thanks you outside your base
and you get a feeling of accomplishment beating Team Meanies into the ground
of course. When you awaken from your slumber, head to the Town Square to
watch a scene of Jumpluff begging Shiftry for help. When Shiftry is
pressured into leaving you have a few days to pass, so do some optional
missions and level up a little until Jumpluff comes to visit asking for
your help since Shiftry never came back.
5f. Silent Chasm
Theres a Jumpluff stuck in there, and its your job to get him out! As long
as you have been keeping up on your leveling this dungeon should be alot
easier than Sinister Woods was, due to the fact that its only 10 Floors
(9 packed with enemies) and there is a nice suprise awaiting you on the 10th
The enemies shouldn't be too hard, there won't be anything life or death
coming up so you can take your time, pickup a new teammate or 2 and loot
the items up. When you reach the 10th Floor, bum bum buuuuuum, enter
Zapdos who has taken Shiftry. You may have rescued Jumpluff but Zapdos

flies off to Mt. Thunder with Shiftry in his claws and of course it will
be your job to go after him and save him. Head back to Town Square to
watch everyone worry about Shiftry, and your team and Team Alakazam will
decide to go try and help Shiftry. When you are ready (check toolbox, do
any optional missions, etc.) then head down from your base and off to
Mt. Thunder.
5g. Mt. Thunder
When you arrive at Mt. Thunder your partner will be wondering where
Alakazam's team went, then speak of how tough fighting Zapdos sounds.
No matter how scared he is he'll get over it and the two of you will
be ready for quite a battle.
10 Floors later (the 11th Floor) is where a Save Point is, if you manage
to reach this point your PP and Belly are both completely refilled and
you can save your game. After the Save Point there are only 3 levels
to go with Zapdos awaiting you on the 3rd.
When you reach the summit, your partner will challenge Zapdos to come
out and fight. He will stand up for the captive Shiftry, Zapdos will
answer your challenge and soon the battle for Shiftry will commence.
Note: You cannot catch Zapdos until after the main storyline is complete
so don't waste hours trying to catch him!
-Submitted by Gentlecat482
On the way up to Zapdos I recruited a level 14 Electrike and when I finally
reached Zapdos he made this fight all too easy. Electrike just absorbed
all the Electric-type attacks, while me and my partner beat him easily.
After you defeat Zapdos he will submit and you are allowed to rescue the
captive Shiftry. Alakazam's team will showup and cover for you, then
Alakazam will reveal that he knows your hero is a human in pokemon form
and tell you to meet Xatu at the top of the Great Canyon. So you
decide to sleep on it and will head out in the morning.
For Recruiting purposes: Zapdos is lvl 45 when recruited.
5h. Great Canyon
When you awaken it's time to head to the Hill of the Ancients in the
Great Canyon. You and your partner will have a little heart to heart
outside your base before deciding to depart and find out what happened
to you.
Note: If you have done no side missions to level up yet, now is a great
time to do so, once you complete Great Canyon you won't be able to
do missions or access the town for awhile. If you want to be fairly
comfortable try to lvl up somewhere around 15-20.
This dungeon is a fairly straight forward 12 floor dungeon with Xatu
waiting on the 13th Floor for you to arrive. You will not have to fight

him, when you arrive it will trigger more storyline. A comical scene
where you and your partner try to get Xatu's attention will ensue. Once
you do have his attention he will tell you that you are a human (which
should be obvious by now). Then he will tell you that you becoming a
pokemon is related to the disasters. This just deepens the mystery of
you becoming a pokemon, but then Xatu tells you he feels the world's
destruction coming closer everyday. Once you see Gengar dropping in
you will be asked to save and then a long journey will begin once you
head to the Town Square.
If you get lost here, just goto Town Square to hear some storyline, they
will direct you up to Whiscash to hear the Ninetales Legend. After
just head back to your base where you will talk with your partner then
goto sleep and meet Gardevoir in your dreams. After you awaken just
head to the Town Square for the story to continue on. Let the running
of the pokemon begin! (you will understand once you reach this point)
5i. Lapis Cave
You are now a fugitive and your pokemon are running for their lives.
Luckily as they are catching up to you, you find a dungeon out of the
way and decide to enter it.
Note: While you are away from town, the save stones allow you to access
your bank and save your game.
This dungeon is only 14 floors with no boss awaiting you at the end and
shouldn't be too much trouble for your team, especially if you did some
leveling before Great Canyon like I suggested. Once you emerge from the
dungeon your partner will be tired, and notice a "Mountain of Fire" which
is even more disheartening, but the pokemon hounding you are catching up
so its away you go!
5j. Mt. Blaze
Before entering Mt. Blaze there is a save point that allows you to also
access your storage. When you walk up to the cavern you are given the
choice of Mt. Blaze or Rocky Path. Rocky Path is a 4 level dungeon
implemented for those who did not level up before now. If you are too
low level for Mt. Blaze you can run Rocky Path a few times to level up
and gather a few items before entering Mt. Blaze. When you feel you are
fully prepared, choose Mt. Blaze.
Mt. Blaze is a total of 15 Floors, once you pass the 12th Floor there is
a save point waiting you before the final 3 Floors. Make sure to save
as the boss, Moltres, is no cakewalk. This dungeon is packed with
Fire-type pokemon along with lava spots (Fire-type like Charmander can
walk on those). If you do manage to get all the way to the top, Moltres
will be waiting for you on the 3rd Floor after the save point.
When you reach the peak your partner will notice the lava level has risen
most likely due to the recent natural disasters. Your partner will want
to get out of here very quickly, but Moltres has other plans since the
Mountain is shrieking in agony to him and he believes you are the cause.

To defeat Moltres you will most likely want to use a strategy close to
the one you used to defeat Zapdos. Stepping back and throwing items
while your partner takes a beating works, either that or infect Moltres
with a status effect through Sleep Seed, Thunder Wave, Disable, or
something along those lines. If you can keep him under a status effect
for most of the battle you should win fairly easy.
After you defeat Moltres he doesn't want to giveup but your partner will
try to explain what's going on in the world, and why you ended up here
in the first place. Moltres will believe you and allow you passage as
long as you promise him that you will find the reason behind the
disasters and stop them from happening.
For Recruiting purposes: Moltres is lvl 52 when recruited.
When you pass Mt. Blaze your partner will be panting for breath once again
and talk about how far you managed to come, but you still have a long
way to go because Alakazam's team can catch you. So, it's off on your
adventure again.
After trekking it out through the frozen snows of the north, you will
come across an Absol in the middle of nowhere. The Absol will prance
away and you will come across a save point as the 2 of you continue on.
5k. Frosty Forest
After you finish with your storage/save point then you can head north and
have the choice of either Frosty Forest or Snow Path. Snow Path is
another 4 Floor dungeon that is just a side path to level up and gather
some items if you did none of this before your quick departure from town.
If you need to do any level'ing run Snow Path a few times, but when you
are ready for Frosty Forest continue reading.
Frosty Forest is the ice equivalent of Mt. Thunder and Mt. Blaze, which
can only mean one thing...Articuno lies in wait at the end. You can
expect almost the same setup as the previous dungeons, 9 levels of
Ice-type (and a few assorted, like Rock/Steel/etc.) enemies then a save
point where the 10th Floor would be. Unlike before there will be 5
levels after the save point with Articuno awaiting you on the 5th.
After 5 levels you will see some talking, don't let the voice scare you
just continue on determined! If you manage to make it to Articuno use
the same strategy you did on the previous birds (Status effects, or
ranged attacks with your teammate taking the blunt of the blows).
When you finally manage to force Articuno to submit, your partner will
beg him to let you pass. Articuno will describe the recent problems
that the forest's ice has been having lately and will not allow you to
pass. Articuno will continue getting worked up until Absol inteferes
and explains to Articuno what is truly happening. Articuno will then let
you pass as long as you try to prevent the calamities from continuing.
After discussing with you about the calamities Absol will decide to join
you in your quest.
For Recruiting purposes: Articuno is lvl 53 when recruited.

As the three of you walk along a frozen path discussing things, Gardevoir
will appear and tell you to continue on to meet Ninetales at Mt. Freeze
peak. So, off you go!
5l. Mt. Freeze
When you arrive there will be yet another save point here waiting for you
so prepare your gear (you won't be fighting a boss so you won't need items
like Sleep Seeds here). Once you are fully prepared and ready to move on
head north into the cavern where you will be given a choices between
Mt. Freeze and Snow Path. Snow Path, is the same 4 level dungeon covered
in the Frosty Forest section above. When you are prepared to move on
choose Mt. Freeze.
Mt. Freeze is a total of 20 Floors, after 15 Floors of Normal, Dragon and
Water-Type monsters you will find a save point. The Final 4 Floors are
inhabited purely by Glalie (Ice-Type) so if you have a Fire-Type with
you this should be fairly easy. With Absol now on your team this
dungeon shouldnt cause you any more trouble than usual, just remember
that floors in this dungeon tend to be fairly large so it may take awhile
to reach the save point (you may want to bring 2 Apples or so).
The Ninetales you have been searching for will be waiting for you on the
5th floor after the save point. Before you find him Alakazam's team
manages to catch up to you and your 2 teams will faceoff (you will not
control this fight). While your 2 teams crash Ninetales will appear and
explain that your pokemon is not the human from the legend. You will
learn more about the curse and the Gardevoir that appears to you here
before finding out the earthquakes will awaken Groudon. Alakazam's team
will leave to quell Groudon since your team would be no match for him.
After Mt. Freeze it will flash back to town, where Gengar is still trying
to keep the town riled up against you. Then Pelipper will deliver a note
from Alakazam proving your innocence and all shall be well.
Now its back to completing optional missions! If you barely managed to
make it through Mt. Freeze alive, you will want to do quite a bit of
leveling. Mid 20-s (25 or so) should be fairly safe before moving on.
Just continue completing missions until you have a dream about Gardevoir
again. The next morning a Wynaut should appear outside your base and
ask you to look at his notice on the Bulletin Board. The mission should
be called "Punish Bad Mankey!" accept this mission to continue on with
the storyline.
5m. Uproar Forest
Once you accept Wynaut's mission you will now have Uproar Forest unlocked
and ready to adventure to. If you around lvl 25, this dungeon should be
very easy for you. Just make sure to bring standard items, and an apple
or 2. This dungeon is a total of 10 Floors.
Note: This is the best dungeon in the game to gather Gummies (Green and
Grass). So if you are in need of stat increase (after storyline)
or want some easy IQ for your party, then come here with X-Ray Specs

on and gather up the items.

This dungeon will be mostly filled with Grass-Type pokemon and should prove
no real challenge for your team (especially if you have a Fire-Type with
you). After 9 Floors of clearing, the 10th Floor is where the Mankeys are
awaiting you.
Note: If you found any Chestnuts on the 9th Floor, make sure to make room
in your toolbox for them. You will find out why they are useful
soon enough.
On the 10th Floor you have to fight a team of 3 Mankeys (remember your battle
with Gengar's team). This fight should prove no real difficulty and after
you force the Mankeys to submit you will head back to your base to talk to
the waiting Wynaut. After some dialogue the Mankey gang you beat up will
arrive on the scene and see the chestnut the Wynaut gave you. You will peel
the chestnut, and give to the Mankey gang who will then begin work on your
Rescue Base. After a short period they tire and require more chestnuts (2
in total). The only place to get chestnuts is on the 9th Floor of Uproar
Forest so it's back there you go.
Once you gather the 2 chestnuts the Mankey gangs job will be finished, but
they won't like that, so they will try to destroy your base so they can
rebuild it for you. After this scene is finished, it's time to go back
to completing optional missions.
5n. Magma Cavern
-This part of the guide was actually submitted by iluv2draw123 and edited
by myself, thank you for taking the time.
It's been many days after Alakazam's team went down to duke it out with
Groudon, and the people of Pokemon Square start to worry, so a town meeting
is called. Blastoise, Octillery, and Golem agree to go down and save
Alakazam's team. Here you might want to do optonal missions in places where
high level Pokemon are because you're about to go down there as well. Level
up to about Lv. 27 because this is going to be a rough brawl. Anyway, after
a day or two, the rescue party comes back wiped out. After an inspiring
speech your partner gives, rescue teams of all sorts gather their pride and
march down into Magma Cavern.
This dungeon is the largest dungeon yet. after 23 levels of pure terror,
a save statue awaits you, followed by another 2 levels until you finally
come upon Tyrannitar and Charizard who say Alakazam is still duking it out
with Groudon. You go up to Alakazam and with a flash of light he is gone but
out comes Groudon, the continent Pokemon. Now comes a tough fight just use
the previous boss strategies and you should be able to pull out a win.
-This strategy for Groudon submitted by arcticb0i
Items Required: Gravelerock x 40 (Minimum)
Reviver Seed x 5 (Minimum)
Oran Berry x 2 (Minimum, one held by partner, one held by
Party Members: Charmander Lvl 26 (Me)
Pikachu Lvl 26 (Partner)

Absol Lvl 26
Align your party in such a way that Absol is the ONLY ONE taking damage from
Groudon. This means that the formation should be in the shape of an "L",
where the straight line consists of (in order) Groudon, Absol and Charmander
while Pikachu is standing right of Charmander. Set Gravelerocks as a shortcut
item and just keep spamming them in the direction of Groudon. If Absol
dies/is hurt, chances are it'll heal itself or get healed by Pikachu.
Otherwise, a Reviver Seed will automatically come into effect and revives
Absol. At this rate, Groudon will be gone faster than you can say "Jack
Once the battle is finished, Groudon disappears and Alakazam appears on the
floor. Tyranitar and Charizard come up to you and you five leave the dungeon
For Recruiting purposes: Groudon is lvl 37 when recruited.
Everyone greets you when you return. Suddenly, Xatu (who you met on Hill of
the Ancients) uses telekinesis to tell everyone a meteor is heading straight
towards the planet! I will tell you about that in the next section.
5o. Sky Tower
-This part of the guide was actually submitted by Legends334 and edited
by myself, thank you for taking the time.
This is the final chapter in your epic storyline, and what a challenge it
is. 25 large floors of monsters (some ghosts so watch the walls), then a
save point and then nine more floors of horror with Rayquaza awaiting your
arrival on the ninth.
To get here you will need the 'Teleport Gem' from Xatu. To get it, go to the
dungeons list, click Sky Tower, and you'll meet Xatu at the peak of Great
Canyon again. You'll use the Gem and be teleported to Sky Tower's 1st Floor.
(Why can't they just teleport to the top?) You'll want to be levels 30 - 35
or else... TRAIN!! Anything lower may be doable, but you will be relying alot
on pure luck then. If you're a Water-type, great! (I was a Mudkip) You can
also have a Water-type partner. Try to get a TM for Ice Beam (from Mt.
Freeze or Frosty Forest. I found mine in Sky Tower) try for 2 of them if
you can. For the last nine floors, you will be facing a barrage of
Salamence, Metagross, Flygon, Tropius, and incredibly annoying Aerodactyl.
Make sure to bring out all the stops for this dungeon as it is very difficult
on your first run through. Reviver Seeds, Oran Berrys, Max Elixirs, Statusinducing Seeds, quite a few Apples, etc.
Best way to beat Raquaza...
Mudkip (me)
Cyndaquil (partner)
Absol (partner 2)
Reviver Seed x5 (minimum)
Silver Spike/Gravelrock x25 each (minimum)
Oran Berry x7 (minimum)

Link box x2(minimum)

Max elixer x3 (minimum)
Sleep Seed x4 (minimum)
My Strategy using the above setup:
Keep throwing Silver Spikes, and Gravelrocks (Use Ice Beam if you have it,
it's super effective). When he gets 3 grids away start to link all your and
your partner's moves together. Then resume throwing your silver spikes.
When he's right in front of you, use those linked moves! Make sure you're
holding an oran berry just in case he uses Dragon Claw for massive damage.
If you're partner is running low on hp throw an oran berry at him and
he/she'll use it automatically (if they were holding one they'll use that
automatically also). Make an 'L' shape again so that Absol is the only
one taking damage. Try to position yourself behind Absol. If Rayquaza
starts doing heavy damage, throw a Sleep Seed at him to induce Sleep. When
he wakes up throw another one and he'll be dead before you can say
"I like Applesauce!" (Literally)
Once the mighty Rayquaza submits, be prepared for one fantastic ending (but
don't be sad, the game will continue on).
For Recruiting purposes: Rayquaza is lvl 45 when recruited.
-Following strategy submitted by .:starfox:. .
I had a Charmander, a Mudkip, an Absol and a Shuppet (note that I recruited
the shuppet in the dungeon) and I had 6 reviver seeds, 10 max elixirs and
the rest was pretty standard setup.
I used the TM Secret Power on my Charmander and Ice Beam on Mudkip.
That made this way too easy!!! Secret Power paralyzed Rayquaza and Ice Beam
made his HP drop like a rock! (Ice Beam is super effective)
Note: If you want to come here after the main storyline you will need the HM
Fly from Wyvern Hill.

6a. After the Storyline
Now that you have beat the main storyline of the game, and are probably
basking in its infinte glory, there is still much for your rescue team
to accomplish. Plenty of new dungeons to unlock, tons of pokemon to
catch and other suprises await you as the game now opens up for exploration.
6b. Dungeons automatically unlocked
When you finish with the main storyline and are ready to enter a dungeon,
you may notice you have quite a few more options. Just by completing
the storyline these new dungeons are now available to you.

6b1. Luminous Cave (How to Evolve)
A part of the shattered meteor has unlocked this cave north of the Town
Square in Wishcash Pond. The only way to enter this cavern is by having
a single pokemon in your party (the pokemon you want to evolve) then by
entering the cavern. You will notice that there is a giant glowing
crystal which will ask you if you want to evolve your pokemon. As long
as you meet the pre-requisites of that evolution you may evolve your
pokemon at anytime here. If you are unsure if your pokemon is ready to
evolve or even can evolve open the Menu, choose Team, choose the Pokemon
you want, choose Summary and tap over to the final menu screen, at the
bottom it will say Evolution: and either Not now, No more or Possible.
Note: If your partner is still following you around, go complete a mission
or a dungeon, the problem should fix itself afterwards.
6b2. Solar Cave
If you don't have Solar Cave unlocked, goto the Town Square and talk to
the following people in this order. First Medicham, then Lombre, then
finally Whishcash who should give you HM Dive.
HM Heaven, this cave contains HMs located on Floors 10, 15 and 20, but
they are guarded by locked doors or surrounded by water, so you will
need to find keys and have a water pokemon to snag them all. Keys are
also found in this dungeon.
HM Dive is located on floor 10, a Link Cable will be here if you already
have it, you need a key to reach it.
HM Waterfall is located on floor 15, a Link Cable will be here if you
already have it, you need a key to reach it.
HM Surf is located on floor 20, a Link Cable will be here if you already
have one, you need the ability to cross water to reach it.
6b3. Waterfall Pond
This dungeon is home to alot of significant water pokemon, including 3
starters. Mudkip on Floors 1-3, Totodile on Floors 6-10 and Squirtle
on Floors 8-12. The dungeon is a total of 19 Floors and also contains
one version-specific pokemon to each version. Magikarp exclusive to
Blue on Floors 7-11 and Feebas exclusive to Red on Floors 16-19. If
you want more details on catching both in your version head down to the
"Catching them all" section.
Note: To enter you will need the HM Waterfall, which is found in Solar
Cave, more details right above.

6c. Dungeons unlocked through Friend Areas

Some dungeons are unlocked purely through purchasing or earning Friend
Areas. This section is dedicated to those dungeons.
6c1. Wyvern Hill
This dungeon is unlocked once you complete an optional mission with the
Friend Area Dragon Cave as the reward. This dungeon is 30 levels with
the infamous HM Fly located on the 30th floor behind a locked door, make
sure to bring a key. A great place to catch dragon pokemon like Bagon
and Dratini.
6c2. Darknight Relic
Were you looking for a good Ghost pokemon to add to your team? Well look
no further, Darknight Relic is 15 floors of pure Ghost-type pokemon (I
hate fighting them so much). Make sure you don't let them trap you in
hallways while they attack from the walls. To unlock this dungeon you
need to purchase the Friend Area Conceal Forest from Wigglytuff.
Something that can help you counter the Ghost-types is wearing a Pierce Band
and then you can successfully throw items at them.
6c3. Desert Region
This dungeon is unlocked by purchasing the Friend Area Sizzling Desert
from Wigglytuff. It is a standard 20 Floor dungeon filled with mostly
Ground-type Pokemon. Some examples of pokemon you will encounter here
are Sandshrew, Trapinch, Nosepass, Baltoy, Gligar and more.
6c4. Southern Cavern
Southern Cavern is available after completing an optional mission with
the reward being the Rock Cave Friend Area. This dungeon is 50 levels
of mostly Rock/Ground pokemon. If you were looking to recruit all the
starters Cubone can only be found here from Floors 5-10. Also this
dungeon is home to the very rare Metal Coat, located on floors 49 and
50. Some pokemon you will expect to see here are Geodude, Diglett,
Vibrava, Larvitar, Rhyhorn, and a few others along with their evolved
forms. This is also the only place to catch Larvitar if you wanted
a Tyranitar for yourself and Pupitars, when recruited here, join you
as a lvl 35 (Larvitar is only lvl 28).
6c5. Grand Sea

This dungeon is unlocked by purchasing the Quiet Sea Friend Area from
Wigglytuff. To enter it will require you to have the HM Dive or a water
pokemon who knows Dive with you. This dungeon is filled with water-type
pokemon along with the occasional Dragonite. The rare Mantine can be
found on the 30th Floor only, but it can only be found in the Red version
to start. If you own the blue version you need to enter a Wonder Mail
code and complete the mission before Mantines will start to appear for
you. More detail on the version-specific pokemon in the "Catch em All"
6c6. Unown Relic
This dungeon is unlocked by purchasing both Ancient Chamber AN and Ancient
Chamber O? from Wigglytuff. As the title suggests, this entire dungeon
is filled with Unowns, all 11 Floors of it. There isn't really anything
special here other than alot of Unowns for you to recruit and add to your
collection of party members.
6c7. Far-Off Sea
This dungeon is unlocked by purchasing the Quiet Sea Friend Area from
Wigglytuff. To enter you will need both the HM Dive and a water pokemon
with you. Also as a sidenote, you cannot switch your party leader in
this dungeon. It is a total of 75 Floors filled with mostly Water-Type
pokemon. This dungeon has a few pokemon that can only be recruited here
such as Lapras. Also the Tight Belt can be found in this dungeon.
6d. New dungeons you can unlock
There are plenty of dungeons that are possible to be unlocked after you
finish the storyline, this section will try to cover them all for you.
6d1. Howling Forest
This dungeon can actually be completed before the credits, but as it's
optional and unlikely you will without a Wonder Mail Code it will be
covered here.
This dungeon is unlocked by completing a Wonder Mail mission that has
the reward of the friend Area "Sky Blue Plains" soon after there should
be a rescue missions up on the Bulletin Board by Smeargle to rescue
him from Howling Forest. Once you accept this mission this dungeon
becomes available to you. Smeargle will automatically join you after

6d2. Stormy Sea
This dungeon is fairly easy to unlock, all you need to do is first talk
to Medicham and Lombre in the Town Square, then after go up to Whiscash
Pond and talk to Wishcash himself, he should award you with the HM Dive
which unlocks this dungeon.
40 Floors of water pokemon and you must have the HM dive in your toolbox
or have a water pokemon who you taught dive to with you to enter. Your
reward for braving this 40 level dungeon is a battle with Kyogre at the
bottom, he has approximately a 50% chance to join your team and will come
with his own friend area, so your hard work is well worth it.
For Recruiting purposes: Kyogre is lvl 25 when recruited.
6d3. Fiery Field
Once you obtain HM Surf
a Spinda should appear
mirage pokemon. After
Feather which you must
and after meeting with

from the 20th floor of Solar Cave, the next day

in Pokemon Square who will talk about meeting the
a lengthy discussion he will hand you the Clear
take to Xatu. Go back and scale the Great Canyon
Xatu this dungeon is now open for exploration.

You will need Surf HM or a pokemon who knows surf to enter this dungeon,
you are also forced to save your game before entering. This is a 30
floor dungeon with Entei located at the end (you cannot catch him on
your first clear). Once you defeat him he will dye your feather a Red
Color and you will now have access to Lightning Field.
For Recruiting purposes: Entei is lvl 45 when recruited.
6d4. Lightning Field
After defeating Entei this dungeon is now open for exploration, but like
Fiery Field you must have Surf in some way with you and are forced to
save your game before entering.
This is another 30 floor dungeon with Raikou waiting for you at the end
(he cannot be caught on your first clear), after you manage to defeat
Raikou he will dye your feather a Yellow (now its Red and Yellow woot)
and this will give you access to Northwind Field.
For Recruiting purposes: Raikou is lvl 45 when recruited.
6d5. Northwind Field
Once 2 dogs have been downed by your unstoppable team, you will have this
dungeon open to you, like the previous 2 Fields you need Surf and will
be forced to save on entry.

Suprise, suprise, 30 levels with the

the bottom. If you manage to force
your feather a 3rd color turning it
you access to the Mirage Pokemon at

final dog Suicune awaiting you at

Suicune to submit, he will grant
into the "Sunset Feather" grating

For Recruiting purposes: Suicune is lvl 45 when recruited.

6d6. Mt. Faraway
Now that you have defeated all 3 dogs, it is time to put your skills to
the test and to climb Mt. Faraway. This dungeon will also require Surf
and a save before entering.
This dungeon, unlike the fields, is 40 levels and a bit harder, so be
prepared for a bit of a trek upwards. If you bring a key with you from
Solar Cave it is possible to nab yourself a rare Friend Bow inside a
locked door on the 30th floor (you definitly want this Bow). Waiting
for you on the 40th floor is Ho-oh the legendary bird. Ho-oh shouldn't
be too difficult for you to defeat if you managed to brave all 39 previous
levels of Mt. Faraway.
Note: Ho-oh's recruit % is 99.9, but you cannot recruit him the first time
you fight with him. So come back a 2nd time with body size of 2 or
less and make sure your party leader gets the final blow (can make
your partner "Get Away" under tactics for guaranteed final blow).
For Recruiting purposes: Ho-oh is lvl 50 when recruited.
6d7. Buried Relic
After you have cleared the Stormy Sea, you should receive a mail in you
mailbox about the Buried Relic. All you have to do after that is head
to the Town Square and talk to Shiftry and Lombre to unlock this massive
Note: Make sure you have an open spot in your mailbox for the mail you are
to receive (maximum of 4 letters can sit idle in your box at one time).
This dungeon will probably be the first 99 level dungeon you experience.
You will also be forced to save before entry, so make sure to have an
Escape Orb in case you run into trouble. Also you will want a way to
defend against Monster Houses and Traps as this dungeon is packed with
What makes this dungeon really special is being home to a few HM's and
multiple legendaries. On the 15th Floor is Regirock who, when defeated,
drops the Rock Parts for your toolbox. The 25th Floor holds Regice who
holds the Ice Parts and 35th Floor houses Registeel who holds the Steel
Parts. If you gather all 3 of these parts in your inventory they will
mesh together to create the Music Box. As long as you hold the Music
Box in your toolbox (do not use it) Mew can appear anywhere between the
levels of 36-99. He may appear multiple times per dungeon clear and
may transform into other pokemon, so keep an eye on your log at the bottom

for "Mew has transformed". Be wary, he is fairly weak and 1-shottable

so make sure to have him next to your party leader before attacking, also
he is very very hard to catch and will drive some insane, so be prepared
to spend quite awhile trying to catch this very cute and rare psychic
Note: If you want to recruit Mew, you need to purchase the Final Island
Friend Area from Wigglytuff first.
The Hm's located here are Rock Smash, Strength, Flash and Cut. Rock Smash
is on the 45th Floor and requires a Key, Strength is on the 60th Floor and
requires a pokemon that knows Rock Smash or the ability to pass through
walls, Flash is on the 70th Floor and requires a key, and Cut is on the
80th Floor and requires a key, Rock Smash and the ability to cross water.



Regirock is lvl 18 when recruited.

Regice is lvl 23 when recruited.
Registeel is lvl 25 when recruited.
Mew is lvl 40 when recruited.

6d8. Northern Range
Northern Range will be available once you have both the HM Surf and have
purchased the Friend Area Southern Island from Wigglytuff. This dungeon
is down here as it ties in closely with Pitfall Valley and wanted the two
of them to be right next to each other.
Once you have the above criteria met, you should awaken at your HQ the next
day, and after walking outside to inspect what is going on a blur will zoom
by stealing all of Kecleons supplies. As the hero of this Town you decide
to depart to where it flew off to...Northern Range.
This is a 25 level dungeon, it should not be too difficult at this point,
but still take normal precautions. After you reach the 25th floor you will
meet with the thief, the legendary Latios. You must fight him in a battle
and hopefully win. If you manage to down this bird he will tell you he
only stole supplies to try to rescue his sister Latias from Pitfall Valley.
As the upstanding citizens you are you decide to help out this poor bird.
6d9. Pitfall Valley
Another 25 level dungeon unlocked after defeating Latios. This dungeon is
a step up in difficulty but nothing your team shouldn't be able to handle.
All you need to do is descend the 25 floors, rescue Latias (no boss fight)
and use the "Teleport Gem" to head back to town. Once Latias is reunited
with her brother the 2 Lati@s will offer to join your Rescue Team which
I hope you graciously accept.
For Recruiting purposes: Latias is lvl 29 when recruited.
For Recruiting purposes: Latios is lvl 30 when recruited.
6d10. Western Cave

Once you go back to Mt. Faraway and recruit Ho-oh on your team an event
will be started once you arrive back at your Rescue Team base. This was
my personal favorite event as it involves Mewtwo, and just how it was
portrayed. After it's over head to the town square where the Charizard
and Blastoise you saw will come up to you injured letting you know about
Western Cave. This will unlock the cave for exploration, to head here
all you need is the HM Surf or a water pokemon who knows it.
This cave is 99 Floors and the first place where I really felt handicapped
Belly-wise. I should have put a Stamina Band on my leader (who knows
Trap Seer or I'd wear No-Stick Cap). What I did to counter the hunger
issues, was pickup every berry/seed I saw, and ate them (each gives 5
Belly back), except for seeds that confuse you. Also I found a Kecleon
shop 20-30 floors up, that had 4 Gummies all cheap which I could easily
afford (Gummies give alot of belly and I was forced to eat a few of em).
The Gummies along with the Berrys/Seeds and the 2 Huge Apples I brought
managed to easily get me to Floor 98, in fact my Belly was full when I
found Floor 99's stairs so I sat near the stairs utilizing A+B and let
some Charizards and Blastoises come to me for some nice exp.
This dungeon is my favorite place in the game to level, some prefer the
1-room monster houses in Silver Trench, but just one clear here I
accumulated approximately 10 levels (went from mid-60s to mid-70s).
There is nowhere in the game that can match that experience as far as
I know.
Mewtwo is waiting for you at the end, but if your stats are buffed and
you managed to make it through all 98 previous floors of those difficult
pokemon, he should be a pushover for you.
Note: Mewtwo's recruit % is 99.9, but you cannot recruit him until the
2nd time you encounter him. Also his body size is 1 which makes
him that much easier to recruit since you can bring 3 pokemon as
long as their body sizes don't hit the maximum total of 6.
For Recruiting purposes: Mewtwo is lvl 40 when recruited.
6d11. Silver Trench
Once you have cleared Stormy Sea, recruited the Lati@s combo and managed
to befriend all 3 legendary birds, you may unlock this dungeon. The
next morning when you awaken, head over to the Town Square and talk to
Alakazam. He will mention a disturbance by where the legendary birds
Friend Area is located. So what do you do? You head left of your base
and visit one of the legendary birds. They will give you the Whirl
Symbol allowing you access to the Silver Trench. Also to enter you will
need the HM Dive and a water pokemon in your party.
Silver Trench is 99 Floors packed with mostly Water-type pokemon and the
legendary bird Lugia waiting at the end. Lugia (unlike most legendaries)
can be recruited on your first clear and has a 99.9% base chance of
There is one thing that everyone will remember after clearing this dungeon
and that is the one-room floors. Just like when you use a One-Room Orb

the entire floor is one giant box filled with monsters. If you have
an ability that hits the entire room, like Heat Wave, these floors are
a great way to get some experience. This dungeon isnt too difficult
compared to some of the other 99 floors especially being forced to bring
a water pokemon you can walk across the deep water if you see a shortcut
to the stairs. Just bring the usual toolbox setup you usually bring for
a 99 Floor with a few extra apples and you should have no problem clearing
this dungeon.
For a 99 Floor I usually bring an Escape Orb, No-Stick Cap (if my leader
does not have Trap Seer), 2x Huge Apples, Max Elixir and a Reviver Seed.
This dungeon seemed to have a shortage of food when I went so I brought
an extra Huge Apple (would recommend 4 total if you are unfamiliar with
these 99 Floor dungeons). Maybe it was just bad luck for me but this
dungeon does seriously lack food so make sure to bring enough to get you
For Recruiting purposes: Lugia is lvl 30 when recruited.
6d12. Meteor Cave
After befriending Lugia, Meteor Cave will be available to you. This
dungeon is unique in the fact that it contains only 1 pokemon, the
legendary Deoxys. The dungeon is filled with different Deoxys mirages
of his 4 types, Normal, Attack, Defense and Speed. Each floor you must
defeat the Deoxys mirage before the stairs are unlocked, and you are
allowed to progress to the next floor. The dungeon is a total of 20
Floors with Deoxys awaiting you on the 20th.
Deoxys shouldn't be difficult for you at this point, but he does have a
very low recruit %. His base recruit chance is -10%, thats a negative,
so even with a lvl 90+ leader, Friend Bow and Lucario Rank, you still
only have a 24% chance to recruit him. You may be spending awhile here
getting yourself a Deoxys.
For Recruiting purposes: Deoxys is lvl 35 when recruited.
6d13. Joyous Tower
This dungeon is automatically available from your dungeon list after
saving the Lati@s duo and obtaining the Sky Blue Plains Friend Area.
This is a 99 Floor dungeon, with no reason to ever finish all 99 Floors.
This is one of the "Level 1" dungeons in the game, where your pokemons
level is temporarily set back to 1. The main reason you will find yourself
inside of this dungeon is to recruit its list of pokemon that can only
be found here. Also, if you want anything from the Kecleon shops
here your money is reduced to 0 when you enter, so you will have to find
money as you go. Final note, there is a required save before entry, so
you will most likely want to bring an Escape Orb.
Note: Kecelon shops here have a chance of having the Friend Bow for sale.
Some examples are: Pichu, Wurmple, Cyndaquil, Bulbasaur, Treecko, Torchic,
and many others. Other than the pokemon to recruit, there is not much

reason to venture in here much.

6d14. Purity Forest
Like Joyous Tower, this dungeon is unlocked after saving the Lati@s duo
and obtaining the Sky Blue Plains Friend Area. This is another 99 Floor
dungeon where your level is temporarily set to 1 (you may level inside
the dungeon). This dungeon also prohibits you bringing any companions,
items, money and no pokemon inside can be befriended. This is probably
one of the most frustrating dungeons you will find in this game, as
your survival is based almost entirely on how lucky you are with item
If you do manage to make it through all 98 Floors, then Celebi will
be waiting for you on the 99th Floor and will automatically be recruited
into your party. Celebi is the only reason worth braving this dungeon
and it will probably cause you hours and hours of frustration working on
For Recruiting purposes: Celebi is lvl 45 when recruited.
Tips for Purity Forest Submitted by TheDarkPaladin9
Tip 1- Try and find a Pass Scarf. They really do wonders(especially in
Monster Houses)
Tip 2- Try and find a full supply of Apples and Big Apples(for the scarf)
Tip 3- Try and find four Frustration TMs. They really help through out the
whole dingeon.
I have figured these out by myself. I have also recruited Celebi with these
6d15. Wish Cave
Once you have the Lati@s duo and Sky Blue Plains Friend Area, you need to
head to Whiscash's pond and look for Medicham and Ekans from Team Meanies.
Talk to them, then complete optional missions, then go talk to them again.
Complete more missions, then only Ekans will be left, head to the Pelipper
Bulletin Board and look for a rescue request from Medicham to unlock this
To enter you will need HM Surf, money will be reduced to 0, level will be
temporarily reduced to 1 and you will be forced to save before entering.
This is another 99 Floor dungeon where your level will be set back to 1.
Something to make the entire dungeon easier on you is giving your leader
the Tight Belt and spending some time leveling up, especially on the
Skarmory floors. If you are just here for Medicham, make sure to do some
leveling on your way up so you can't get yourself into too much trouble.
Some pokemon like Togepi can only be found here also, so you will need
to probably come back to recruit some.

If you lose your Wish Stone, you can find another on the 50th Floor. If,
when you reach the 99th Floor, you have the Wish Stone on you, Jirachi
can grant you a wish. If you get him to grant you a wish, you can still
come back to recruit him. When you are ready, defeat Jirachi and he
will join you with his 99.9% recruit rate (make sure leader gets final
blow, etc.). Some of you won't want to brave this dungeon more than once
to get wishes, and can just recruit him on the first attempt and never
have to worry about scaling all 99 Floors again.
For Recruiting purposes: Jirachi is lvl 40 when recruited.
6d16. Murky Cave
If you have cleared Stormy Sea and completed the mission to rescue Medicham
from Wish Cave, then the next morning Gengar will come see you. He will
first ask to be taken to Mt. Freeze to see Ninetales.
Note: Ghost pokemon are frustrating escorts!
When you arrive you will find out Gengar was actually the human from the
legend who was transformed into a pokemon. After pleading with Ninetales
he will tell Gengar to goto Murky Cave to find the answer if he can
be transformed back into a human. So it's off to another escort mission.
Murky Cave is now unlocked for you! It's a 20 floor dungeon (19 with
enemies) and escorting Gengar may be a little frustrating since some of
the opponents are ghosts and will attack him through walls. If you do
manage to make it down to the 20th Floor, Gengar will be judged and after
a long conversation Gardevoir will be released from the curse he took under
the condition that he will not remember Gengar or anything that happened.
The next morning if you head into the Town Square you can recruit Gardevoir
to join your team (he will join as lvl 5).
6e. Catching them all
As in other pokemon games there are ways to "Catch" or in this case "Recruit"
them all, this section is dedicated purely to the information of hard to find
or acquire pokemon. So, for those of you who are just looking to have all 386
for that "completionist" feeling, then this section is for you.
6e1. Version-Specific Pokemon
There are quite a bit of version-specific pokemon, but there are ways
to bridge that gap. Below are some Wonder Mail codes, along with the
location they take place at (so you know if you can accomplish them),
along with the rest of the information about them. Once you complete that
Job, the pokemon that was unlocked will now appear in the wild in the same
areas it has been in the opposing game.

(M) = Male symbol

(F) = Female Symbol
(...) = The triple dots
**Red-Specific pokemon for Blue:**
Unlocks Milotic in Blue:
Title: Take me!
Milotic has been waiting forever
Please escort me there!
Client: Quilava
Objective: Escort to Milotic.
Place: Thunderwave Cave B3F
Difficulty: D
Reward: TM Dig + ?
Wonder Mail: 1?N9 X3+? ?+65
+!?Q +470 S0?W
Unlocks Porygon in Blue:
Title: Hurry!
Porygon s been gone a long time!
A rescue is urgently needed!
Client: Hypno
Objective: Find Porygon.
Place: Magma Cavern B15F
Difficulty: B
Reward: 400 Poke
Wonder Mail: F?43 4?T? 429H
90?7 H56R 8K?(f)
Unlocks Feebas in Blue:
Title: Deliver one Cheri Berry.
Cheri Berry wanted to test effects.
Please help! Reward offered!
Client: Feebas
Objective: Deliver Cheri Berry.
Place: Grand Sea B9F
Difficulty: B
Reward: Trawl Orb
Wonder Mail: X?7P (F)?+? ?XP6
RJ?Q FJC5 ?W??
Unlocks Mantine in Blue:
Title: Please take me with you!
I want to meet with Mantine.
Please take me there with you!
Client: Kirlia
Objective: Escort to Mantine.
Place: Tiny Woods B3F
Difficulty: D
Reward: 200 Poke
Wonder Mail: 4??N 22(...)? ?Q6J
H3?(M) 8470 JN?W
Unlocks Roselia in Blue:
Title: I m in trouble


I m simply no good at fighting.

Why? Why is everyone attacking me?
Client: Roselia
Objective: Help me.
Place: Tiny Woods B2F
Difficulty: E
Reward: 100 Poke
Wonder Mail: F?4N +WT? ?+6N
FR?J F?66 85?W
Unlocks Plusle in Blue:
Title: Please take me with you!
I want to meet with Plusle.
Please escort me there!
Client: Minun
Objective: Escort to Plusle.
Place: Thunderwave Cave B5F
Difficulty: D
Reward: 400 Poke
Wonder Mail: F?RP F?(...)? 4+7?
(...)R?H 64?0 R???
The above "Locations" were submitted by Leisurejason. Then DKII,
took it one step further by adding in all of the information on each
mission, nicely done and thank you.
**Blue-Specific pokemon for Red:**
Unlocks Porygon2 in Red:
Wonder Mail: 1?7C 6CF? ?!91
T3?9 -N7R C??N
Wonder Mail: F?5N -QF? ?+6!
?H?? F?6R 69?W
Unlocks Minun in Red:
Wonder Mail: F?RP F?(...)? 4+7?
(...)R?H 64?0 R???
Unlocks Magikarp in Red:
Wonder Mail: X??S ??X? 468?
(F)+?? 9756 SY??
Unlocks Aipom in Red:
Wonder Mail: 4?N(...) W3+? ??P?
(M)M?P 2?60 M(...)?W
Unlocks Lapras in Red:
Wonder Mail: F?J? 690? 4Q6C
C!?? 8?66 8Q?(F)

These Red codes have been tested and working, thanks FlygonBreloom.
6e2. Dungeon-Specific Pokemon
This section is all about where pokemon can be found only in a single
dungeon, like how Bulbasaur (while a starter choice) can only be found
in Joyous Tower. Also as a note, if you are out trying to recruit these
pokemon, recruiting a Bulbasaur is going to be MUCH easier than trying
to recruit an Ivysaur due to their base %'s. Just like how recruiting
a Blastoise is .1% (if lvl 100, Friend Bow and Lucario) while recruiting
a Squirtle is 45.7% under the same conditions. If a pokemon is missing
from this list, than it can be found in multiple dungeons or it can
only be found through evolution (check next section).
### - Pokemon - Dungeon, Floors X-X

Bulbasaur - Joyous Tower, Floors 1-5

Ivysaur - Western Cave, Floors 19-27
Charmander - Fiery Field, Floors 5-8
Charmeleon - Fiery Field, Floors 26-29
Squirtle - Waterfall Pond, Floors 8-12
Wartortle - Northwind Field, Floors 27-29
Blastoise - Western Cave, Floors 89-98
Caterpie - Wish Cave, Floors 2-4
Metapod - Joyous Tower, Floors 7-8
Kakuna - Joyous Tower, Floors 9-13
Pidgey - Howling Forest, Floors 9-13
Pidgeotto - Mt. Thunder, Floors 2-5
Ekans - Western Cave, Floors 3-5
Pikachu - Lightning Field, Floors 6-10
Nidoran(F) - Thunderwave Cave, Floors 1-3
Clefairy - Joyous Tower, Floors 9-14
Vulpix - Fiery Field, Floors 1-4
Gloom - Silent Chasm, Floors 1-9
Paras - Silent Chasm, Floors 7-9
Meowth - Western Cave, Floors 3-6
Psyduck - Joyous Tower, Floors 9-12
Mankey - Uproar Forest, Floors 8-9
Bellsprout - Wish Cave, Floors 1-3
Ponyta - Joyous Tower, Floors 57-59
Exeggcute - Howling Forest, Floor 14
Cubone - Southern Cavern, Floors 5-10
Lickitung - Western Cave, Floors 37-44
Chansey - Joyous Tower, Floors 50, 60, 77
Kangaskhan - Western Cave, Floors 13-19
Goldeen - Waterfall Pond, Floors 1-5
Magikarp - Waterfall Pond, Floors 7-11
Lapras - Far-Off Sea, Floors 45-50
Eevee - Joyous Tower, Floors 12-17
Porygon - Buried Relic, Floors 5-10
Snorlax - Howling Forest, Floors 11-14
Articuno - Frosty Grotto, Floor 5
Zapdos - Mt. Thunder Peak, Floor 3
Moltres - Mt. Blaze Peak, Floor 3
Dragonair - Wyvern Hill, Floors 12-20
Mewtwo - Western Cave, Floor 99
Mew - Buried Relic, Floors 36-98

--End of original 151-152


Chikorita - Joyous Tower, Floors 8-11

Bayleef - Western Cave, Floors 20-27
Cyndaquil - Joyous Tower, Floors 13-17
Quilava - Fiery Field, Floors 15-24
Sentret - Sinister Woods, Floors 3-6
Chinchou - Silver Trench, Floors 70-79
Pichu - Joyous Tower, Floors 3-6
Cleffa - Wish Cave, Floors 1-4
Togepi - Wish Cave, Floors 5-10
Mareep - Lightning Field, Floors 1-5
Flaaffy - Lightning Field, Floors 7-13
Marill - Wish Cave, Floors 4-6
Sudowoodo - Sinister Woods, Floors 1-4
Hoppip - Pitfall Valley, Floors 4-8
Aipom - Uproar Forest, Floors 1-6
Sunkern - Wish Cave, Floors 1-3
Girafarig - Solar Cave, Floors 1-4
Snubbull - Western Cave, Floors 1-3
Sneasel - Buried Relic, Floors 1-4
Remoraid - Silver Trench, Floors 50-59
Delibird - Northwind Field, Floors 17-25
Mantine - Grand Sea, Floor 30
Tyrogued - Mt. Steel, Floors 5-8
Smoochum - Joyous Tower, Floors 21-25
Miltank - Western Cave, Floors 10, 20, 30, 40, 50-53, 60-98
Raikou - Lightning Field, Floor 30
Entei - Fiery Field, Floor 30
Suicune - Northwind Field, Floor 30
Larvitar - Southern Cavern, Floors 16-26
Lugia - Silver Trench, Floor 99
Ho-oh - Mt. Faraway, Floor 40
Celebi - Purity Forest, Floor 99

--End of next 100-252


Treecko - Joyous Tower, Floors 1-4

Grovyle - Western Cave, Floors 38-49
Torchic - Joyous Tower, Floors 11-15
Combusken - Fiery Field, Floors 22-29
Mudkip - Waterfall Pond, Floors 1-3
Swampert - Western Cave, Floors 79-88
Zigzagoon - Mt. Steel, Floors 1-5
Wurmple - Joyous Tower, Floors 1-2
Silcoon - Sinister Woods, Floors 4-6
Lotad - Waterfall Pond, Floors 1-3
Lombre - Waterfall Pond, Floors 13-16
Nuzleaf - Uproar Forest, Floors 5-9
Taillow - Joyous Tower, Floors 2-4
Ralts - Wish Cave, Floors 11-13
Kirlia - Solar Cave, Floors 10-15
Surskit - Waterfall Pond, Floors 4-7
Loudred - Howling Forest, Floors 9-14
Makuhita - Buried Relic, Floors 30-34
Skitty - Joyous Tower, Floors 24-28
Sableye - Darknight Relic, Floors 1-15
Volbeat - Northwind Field, Floors 1-6
Roselia - Uproar Forest, Floors 4-7


Gulpin - Buried Relic, Floors 14, 16-19

Spinda - Joyous Tower, Floors 5-7
Barboach - Waterfall Pond, Floors 1-5
Corphish - Waterfall Pond, Floors 6-12
Lileep - Silver Trench, Floors 80-89
Cradily - Silver Trench, Floors 90-98
Feebas - Waterfall Pond, Floors 16-19
Castform - Mt. Faraway, Floors 20-29
Relicanth - Silver Trench, Floors 80-89
Regirock - Buried Relic, Floor 15
Regice - Buried Relic, Floor 25
Registeel - Buried Relic, Floor 35
Latias - Pitfall Valley, Floor 25
Latios - Northern Range, Floor 25
Kyogre - Stormy Sea, Floor 40
Groudon - Magma Cavern Pit, Floor 3
Rayquaza - Sky Tower Summit, Floor 9
Jirachi - Wish Cave, Floor 99
Deoxys - Meteor Cave, Floor 20

6e3. Pokemon Through Evolution Only
This section is about getting those pokemon that can only join your team
through evolving another pokemon. Even if you see these pokemon out in
dungeons, you cannot recruit them. They can only be on your team if evolved
from another pokemon.

Venusaur - Evolves from Ivysaur at lvl 32

Charizard - Evolves from Charmeleon at lvl 36
Butterfree - Evolves from Metapod at lvl 10
Beedrill - Evolves from Kakuna at lvl 10
Pidgeot - Evolves from Pidgeotto at lvl 36
Raticate - Evolves from Rattata at lvl 20
Fearow - Evolves from Spearow at lvl 20
Arbok - Evolves from Ekans at lvl 22
Raichu - Evolves from Pikachu using Thunderstone
Sandslash - Evolves from Sandshwer at lvl 22
Nidoqueen - Evolves from Nidorina using Moonstone
Nidoking - Evolves from Nidorino using Moonstone
Clefable - Evolves from Clefairy using Moonstone
Ninetales - Evolves from Vulpix using Firestone
Wigglytuff - Evolves from Jigglypuff using Moonstone
Vileplume - Evolves from Gloom using Leafstone
Parasect - Evolves from Paras at lvl 24
Venomoth - Evolves from Venonat at lvl 31
Dugtrio - Evolves from Diglett at lvl 26
Persian - Evolves from Meowth at lvl 28
Golduck - Evolves from Psyduck at lvl 33
Primeape - Evolves from Mankey at lvl 28
Arcanine - Evolves from Growlithe using Firestone
Poliwrath - Evolves from Poliwhirl using Waterstone
Alakazam - Evolves from Kadabra using Link Cable
Machamp - Evolves from Machoke using Link Cable
Weepinbell - Evolves from Bellsprout at lvl 21
Victreebell - Evolves from Weepinbell using Leafstone
Rapidash - Evolves from Ponyta at lvl 40
Slowbro - Evolves from Slowpoke at lvl 37


Magneton - Evolves from Magnemite at lvl 30

Dodrio - Evolves from Doduo at lvl 31
Dewgong - Evolves from Seel at lvl 34
Muk - Evolves from Grimer at lvl 38
Cloyster - Evolves from Shellder using Waterstone
Gengar - Evolves from Haunter using Link Cable
Hypno - Evolves from Drowzee at lvl 26
Kingler - Evolves from Krabby at lvl 28
Electrode - Evolves from Voltorb at lvl 30
Exeggutor - Evolves from Exeggcute using Leafstone
Marowak - Evolves from Cubone at lvl 28
Hitmonlee - Evolves from Tyrogue at lvl 20 when Attack > Defense
Hitmonchan - Evolves from Tyrogue at lvl 20 when Attack < Defense
Weezing - Evolves from Koffing at lvl 35
Rhydon - Evolves from Rhyhorn at lvl 42
Seaking - Evolves from Goldeen at lvl 33
Starmie - Evolves from Staryu using Waterstone
Jynx - Evolves from Smoochum at lvl 30
Electabuzz - Evolves from Elekid at lvl 30
Magmar - Evolves from Magby at lvl 30
Gyarados - Evolves from Magikarp at lvl 20
Vaporeon - Evolves from Eevee using Waterstone
Jolteon - Evolves from Eevee using Thunderstone
Flareon - Evolves from Eevee using Firestone
Omastar - Evolves from Omanyte at lvl 40
Kabutops - Evolves from Kabuto at lvl 40
Dragonite - Evolves from Dragonair at lvl 55

--End of original 151-154


Meganium - Evolves from Bayleef at lvl 32

Typhlosion - Evolves from Quilava at lvl 36
Feraligatr - Evolves from Croconaw at lvl 30
Furret - Evolves from Sentret at lvl 15
Noctowl - Evolves from Hoothoot at lvl 20
Ledian - Evolves from Ledyba at lvl 18
Ariados - Evolves from Spinarak at lvl 22
Crobat - Evolves from Golbat at 5 Stars of IQ
Lanturn - Evolves from Chinchou at lvl 27
Togetic - Evolves from Togepi at 5 Stars of IQ
Xatu - Evolves from Natu at lvl 25
Ampharos - Evolves from Flaaffy at lvl 30
Bellossom - Evolves from Gloom using the Sunstone
Azumarill - Evolves from Marill at lvl 18
Politoed - Evolves from Poliwhirl using the King's Rock and Link Cable
Jumpluff - Evolves from Skiploom at lvl 27
Sunflora - Evolves from Sunkern using the Sunstone
Quagsire - Evolves from Wooper at lvl 20
Espeon - Evolves from Eevee at 4 Stars of IQ and using the Sun Ribbon
Umbreon - Evolves from Eevee at 4 Stars of IQ and using the Lunar Ribbon
Slowking - Evolves from Slowpoke using the King's Rock and Link Cable
Wobbuffet - Evolves from Wynaut at lvl 15
Forretress - Evolves from Pineco at lvl 31
Steelix - Evolves from Onix using the Metal Coat and Link Cable
Granbull - Evolves from Snubbull at lvl 23
Scizor - Evolves from Scyther using the Metal Coat and Link Cable
Ursaring - Evolves from Teddiursa at lvl 30
Magcargo - Evolves from Slugma at lvl 38
Piloswine - Evolves from Swinub at lvl 33
Houndoom - Evolves from Houndour at lvl 24


Kingdra Donphan Hitmontop

Blissey Tyranitar

Evolves from Seadra using the Dragon Scale and Link Cable
Evolves from Phanpy at lvl 25
- Evolves from Tygorue at lvl 20 when Attack = Defense
Evolves from Chansey at 5 Stars of IQ
- Evolves from Pupitar at lvl 55

--End of next 100-254


Sceptile - Evolves from Grovyle at lvl 36

Blaziken - Evolves from Combusken at lvl 36
Mightyena - Evolves from Poochyena at lvl 18
Linoone - Evolves from Zigzagoon at lvl 20
Beautifly - Evolves from Silcoon at lvl 10
Dustox - Evolves from Cascoon at lvl 10
Ludicolo - Evolves from Lombre using Waterstone
Swellow - Evolves from Taillow at lvl 22
Pelipper - Evolves from Wingull at lvl 25
Gardevoir - Evolves from Kirlia at lvl 30
Masquerain - Evolves from Surskit at lvl 22
Breloom - Evolves from Shroomish at lvl 23
Slaking - Evolves from Vigoroth at lvl 36
Ninjask - Evolves from Nincada at lvl 20
Shedinja - Created when Nincada evolves to Ninjask
Exploud - Evolves from Loudred at lvl 40
Hariyama - Evolves from Makuhita at lvl 24
Delcatty - Evolves from Skitty using Moonstone
Aggron - Evolves from Lairon at lvl 42
Medicham - Evolves from Meditite at lvl 37
Manectric - Evolves from Electrike at lvl 26
Swalot - Evolves from Gulpin at lvl 26
Sharpedo - Evolves from Carvanha at lvl 30
Wailord - Evolves from Wailmer at lvl 40
Camerupt - Evolves from Numel at lvl 33
Grumpig - Evolves from Spoink at lvl 32
Flygon - Evolves from Vibrava at lvl 45
Cacturne - Evolves from Cacnea at lvl 32
Altaria - Evolves from Swablu at lvl 35
Whiscash - Evolves from Barboach at lvl 30
Crawdaunt - Evolves from Corphish at lvl 30
Claydol - Evolves from Baltoy at lvl 36
Armaldo - Evolves from Anorith at lvl 40
Milotic - Evolves from Feebas using Beauty Scarf
Banette - Evolves from Shuppet at lvl 37
Dusclops - Evolves from Duskull at lvl 37
Glalie - Evolves from Snorunt at lvl 42
Walrein - Evolves from Sealeo at lvl 44
Huntail - Evolves from Clamperl using Deepseatooth and Link Cable
Gorebyss - Evolves from Clamperl using Deepseascale and Link Cable
Salamence - Evolves from Shelgon at lvl 50
Metagross - Evolves from Metang at lvl 45

If you want more detailed information on locations, recruit #'s, potential

moves/HM's, and more about pokemon you can refer to a guide written by
Terence Fergusson. He did a fantastic job documenting all this
information and putting it into a well-written format.
It's located there, just use Ctrl+F to find the pokemon you are interested

6f. Reward Statues
You may or may not know, but there are 4 statues you can get that sit
outside of your Rescue Team base. They serve no special purpose other
then the prestige they bring, but they are still something fun to try
for. There are a total of 4 statues and here is how to get them.
Bonsly Figure - Complete the 17 "Type" mazes in the Makuhita Dojo (The
Team Mazes are not counted in this)
Lucario Figure - Get the Lucario Rescue Rank
Mime Jr. Figure - Through a Wonder Mail mission
Weavile Figure - Through a Wonder Mail mission
I won't go into depth on any of these, but a good Makuhita Dojo FAQ is
located here:
Along with a good Wonder Mail FAQ (should contain the passwords needed)
is located here:
The first is done by Dalent67 and the second done by ZombieInfection,
nicely done guys.
6g. Unknown Dungeon Mode
-This section submitted by FlygonBreloom
When you are near someone that has a DS that is set to Unknown Dungeon
Mode and you also have your DS set to Unknown Dungeon Mode, they will
react to one another and both people of you receive free items. I haven't
been able to test this with multiple or different people though or keep it
in Mystery dungeon Mode with another person for very long but, basically it
gives you free items if you acivate it with another person around (That also
has Mystey Dungeon).
Also of note Unknown Dungeon can be repeated an infinite number of times.
7a. FAQ
Q: You FAQ is missing _______
A: You can send it to me using the "Contact Me" information below, just
make sure that I can interpret what the email is about by the subject
or it may be deleted right away as I get alot of spam and if your
email is just "Hi" with an unknown address I may delete it thinking

it's spam. I will appreciate any assistance though.

Q: How many pokemon are recruitable in this game?
A: All 386 are implemented and recruitable, along with hints to other
pokemon not included (such as Munchlax and Lucario).
Q: My pokemon is XX level why can't I evolve yet?
A: You may evolve after the main storyline is over inside of a cave
that opens in town. You may only bring 1 pokemon into the cave at a
time. Do a ctrl+F "Luminous Cave" for more details.
If I get anymore emails asking how to evolve I will not reply as
it's clearly stated multiple times in this FAQ/Walkthrough how to,
and it shows me you put no effort forward to look for the answer
yourself before emailing me.
Q: How do I change my leader?
A: You must first goto the Friend Area of the pokemon you want to make
leader, then choose Join Team, then Make Leader. This pokemon is now
your leader and your previous leader is still in your party.
Q: Why won't XX event start for me, even though according to your guide it
should have started.
A: Make sure you have completed any previous events as you may not be able
to be working on multiple events at once (Example: Complete the feather
to meet the mirage pokemon, and Unlocking Silver Trench).
Q: Where is a great place to get Gummies?
A: Uproar forest if you aren't looking for any in particular, bring some
X-Ray Specs so you can find them easier on each floor, it nets the
most (Grass/Green Gummies).
Q: Why can't I catch XX pokemon?
A: First goto Wigglytuff and make sure you have that pokemon's Friend
Area unlocked, once you have that you have to realize some pokemon
have very very low chances, even in the negatives to be recruited.
To counter this you will need a high leader level, high team rank,
Friend Bow equipped and have your leader deliver the killing blow.
Q: Why is it when I go back to capture a legendary bird, Groudon or
Rayquaza I cannot reach them?
A: You must not be attempting to complete a mission or the dungeon will
end right at the "Save Point" area and you will not have access to
that dungeons "Peak".

Q: Pokemon X has a 100% recruit chance yet I can't recruit him, why?
A: This means either your party is too big (some legendaries are 4 body
size so you can only bring up to 2 body size with you) or your team
leader did not get the final blow on the pokemon. Also the pokemon
you are trying to catch needs to be adjacent to you.
Q: I just evolved my pokemon and he didn't have the option of learning
any moves his evolved form should have learned on this level or on
previous levels, why?
A: Gulpin is the man, at the end of my Game Basics, I tried to give a
quick overview of what Gulpin's shop can do for you, and my favorite
option is the "Remember" option. Unlike linking Remember is completely
free of charge, and allows you to re-learn any move that your pokmeon
has already learned or should have already learned. Good example is
evolving Charmander to Charizard, Charizard should have learned Heat
Wave on lvl 1, but as you are most likely above lvl 36 it's not really
an option. But, what you can do, is goto Gulpin and choose to relearn
Heat Wave for another ability (lets say Scratcth). Let's say you
don't like Heat Wave and want Scratch back, you can just head right
back to Gulpin's shop and Remember Scratch for free again, make sure
to experiment with movesets as changing them around is completely free.
Q: Where do I get HM ____?
A: Dive - Whiscash gives it to you, if you lose it then Solar Cave 10th
Floor, requires a Key
Waterfall - Solar Cave 15th Floor, requires a Key
Surf - Solar Cave 20th Floor, requires ability to cross water
Fly - Wyvern Hill 30th Floor, requires a Key
Rock Smash - Buried Relic 45th Floor, requires a Key
Strength - Buried Relic 60th Floor, requires Rock Smash (ability)
Flash - Buried Relic 70th Floor, requires a Key
Cut - Buried Relic 80th Floor, requires a Key, ability to cross water
and Rock Smash
Q: Where do I get keys to get the HMs?
A: Keys are located in Solar Cave, Desert Region and Western Cave
Q: If I lost HM ___ from dying, can I get a new one?
A: Yes, you can retrieve the new HM from the exact spot you found the
old one. The only exception to this is HM Dive, as the first one
you get is from Whiscash, but subsequent Dives will be found on the
10th Floor of Solar Cave.
Q: Where do I get XX Evolution item (Stones included)?
A: Sun Stone and Moon Stone are both found in Solar Cave on Floors 1,
10, and 16 (for both stones)
Water Stone on the 29th Floor of Northwind Field
Thunder Stone on the 29th Floor of Lightning Field
Fire Stone on the 29th Floor of Fiery Field

Leaf Stone, King's Rock and Up-Grade can only be found in Wish Cave
Shops and then only on specific Floors.
Deepseascale and Deepseatooth are both found in Grand Sea on Floors 15
(for scale) and 25 (for tooth)
Beauty Scarf is found on the 59th Floor of Western Cave, requires a Key
Dragonscale is on the 29th Floor of Wvyern Hill
Link Cables are easiest found in Solar Cave behind the locked doors as
long as you already have the HM's they contain
Lunar Ribbon is on the 20th Floor of Northwind Field
Sun Ribbon is on the 20th Floor of Wyvern Hill
Metal Coat is on the 49th and 50th Floors of Southern Cavern
Q: Where is the fastest place to level up?
A: Fastest place to level up that I have seen is either the popular 1-room
Monster Houses of Lugia's Silver Trench or spending some time on
Floors 40-60 and 89-98 in Western Cave where most enemies (Skarmory,
Absol, Tyranitar, Alakazam, Charizard, Blastoise) all give over 1000
experience each when killed by a move, and if you manage to get a monster
house of them you are looking at upwards of 5000-6000 experience from
just that room. If you manage to nab yourself a Tight Belt you can
spend alot more time on these floors just farming the experience.
Submitted by Sixftdwarf:
Just wanted to let you know I found a neat little trick. If you use a
One Room Orb on a floor with a monster house, the whole floor becomes
a monster house. A useful trick if you're trying to level, but not as
useful if you're barely surviving, like I was at the time I discovered
Q: Where do I get the Friend Bow?
A: The easiest place to get it, in my opinion, is bringing a key to Mt.
Faraway on the 30th Floor, you can also get them from Kecleon shops
in Joyous Tower. The Friend Bow increases your chance to recruit a
pokemon by 10% when equipped.
Q: Where do I get the Tight Belt?
A: The Tight Belt is a very rare item that can only be found in a few
specific spots. It can appear randomly on Floors 1-5 and 51-54 of
Far-off Sea, but the chances are low, Floors 1, 4, 20, 21, 50 and 60
of Purity Forest and Floors 1-4 of Marvelous Sea. It can also be found
in Purity Forest shops and as a Buried item in Far-Off Sea.
Q: What are Buried Items?
A: Buried items may only be found by smashing walls with Rock Smash or
having a pokemon with the ability Pickup along, he will have a chance
of picking up a Buried item every level. Also a Ghost pokemon while
traveling through walls can pickup Buried items. Personally, I've had
a very hard time getting Buried Items, hopefully you have better luck.
--Submitted by OmegaDestroyer

-I had a Swampert equipped with a Mobility/Mobile Scarf, and he walked

over a part of a wall and found a (TM) Giga Drain hidden in the wall, so
I was thinking Ghost-type pokemon as well as pokemon using the Mobile
Scarf may be able to simply walk over a buried item in a wall to pick it
I'd also note that Ghost/Mobile are a more efficient way of getting to
the items that need Rock Smash, such as the HMs in Buried Relic.
--Some more notes on Buried Items
On average I would say there are 3-6 items per floor with 4-5 being the norm,
don't stop looking after only 3 items.
The Pickup ability is not required as Linone does not seem to find any
uniquely buried items upon entering a new floor, but from what I have heard
he can.
When breaking the walls, have both of your pokemon mobile, breaking them 2
at a time is much more efficient.
An item will eventually appear and you can interact with the item as you see
fit (picking it up, using it, throwing it, etc.)
After knowing all of this, just systematically remove all the walls on every
level (this will not work on boss levels such as the Regi's) and reap the
Q: Where is Mew?
A: Mew appears in Buried Relic between 36th Floor and 99th Floor as long
as you carry the Music Box in your Toolbox (Do not Use it, just have
it with you). He may appear more than once between those floors, but
he can only appear when you reach the floor (he will be one of the
original red dots and cannot come in if you wait). Sometimes he will
use Transform and you will see "Mew used Transform" at the bottom
which is an easy tipoff he is on this floor, but he will not always
use it and his recruit chance is low so let the hunting begin!
Q: Where did Skarmory go? He disappeared from Mt. Steel.
A: Skarmory can only be caught in Wish Cave (Floor 35+) or Western Cave,
(Floor 40-49)so you probably will not have a Skarmory of your own
for quite awhile.
Q: Why can't I catch the legendary birds?
A: They can only be caught after the main storyline is over, they also
have a body size of 4, so make sure not to bring more than 2 body
size with you. Finally, they do not have 100% recruit chance so be
prepared to spend a little while trying to catch all 3.
Q: What happens when you spend a very long time on a specific floor?
A: There is actually a system built in, that there is a limited number
of turns you can spend on a single dungeon floor. If you are

approaching that number, you will see messages about a wind blowing
or a mysterious pokemon. If you see those messages it's a hint to
find the stairs asap, as if you stay on a floor for the maximum amount
of turns you will be blown out of the dungeon (same circumstances as
if you had died, losing items, etc.). This applies to every dungeon
so don't loiter around too long.
Q: What is the best pokemon to bring into a level 1 dungeon?
A: It all comes down to personal preference, I would personally recommend
Charizard (it may not level super fast, but it doesn't level as slow
as others like Blastoise). His 4 level 1 abilities including Heat
Wave are very useful and his stats are fantastic.
If you have a personal preference you can e-mail me about it and I'll
post your preference and why as long as it's valid reasoning.
Q: Why can't I catch a Kecleon?
A: First since his base recruit chance is -33.9% you must be lvl 90+ with
Friend Bow equipped to get the maximum 34% boost bringing your recruit
chance up to 0.1% or 1 in 1000. The Kecleons are lvl 90 and can have
any of their possible power-up moves. Another note is they move
twice for every one of your turns, so if they can reach you in a
single turn, they can also attack you.
You will want to come very prepared for this, bringing at least 10
Reviver Seeds, an Escape Orb, Friend Bow, X-Ray Specs and maybe some
Oran Berries. You will also want to come alone as your partners will
just waste Reviver Seeds, and your leader needs to get the final blow
to recruit one anyway. Silver Thorns are a great way to damage them
if they are standing far away, so you can also bring some of those.
To engage the Kecleons you must first steal from their shop. Before
you attempt this make sure you know where the stairs are as you will
want to make a break for them once you finally do catch a Kecleon
(Escape Orbs are disabled on the floor you are fighting Kecleons).
Once engaged, Kecleons will continue to spawn for eternity coming to
fight. Since the recruit chance is 1 in 1000 be prepared to spend
awhile attempting this, use the X-Ray Specs to find their shops on
each floor.
Note: If the Kecleons turn you into a decoy (by using Substitute) you
can still attack and recruit them, but they will completely
ignore you until it wears off.
Q: How do I get the dungeons Marvelous Sea, Oddity Cave, Remains Island,
and Fantasy Strait, also what is so special about them?
A: They are unlocked through Wonder Mail Codes! The following codes are
straight from ZombieInfection's Walkthrough located here:
Fantasy Strait:

Client: Jigglypuff
Objective: Find Pikachu.
Place: Fantasy Strait B1F
Difficulty: B
Reward: Red Gummi
Wonder Mail:
??M1 CJY? 44?P
HF?8 7J6R (...)M?1
Marvelous Sea:
Client: Jigglypuff
Objective: Find Pikachu.
Place: Marvelous Sea B1F
Difficulty: B
Reward: Red Gummi
Wonder Mail:
??MH CJ(...)? 44?P
CF?8 7J6R (...)M?1
Oddity Cave:
Client: Jigglypuff
Objective: Find Pikachu.
Place: Oddity Cave B1F
Difficulty: B
Reward: Red Gummi
Wonder Mail:
??MS CJ(...)? 44?P
MF?8 7J6R (...)M?1
Remains Island:
Client: Jigglypuff
Objective: Find Pikachu.
Place: Remains Island B1F
Difficulty: B
Reward: Red Gummi
Wonder Mail:
??M4 CJY? 44?P
CF?8 7J6R (...)M?1
The sad thing is, they aren't
pokemon, but they are fun to
seem to have high appearance
That in itself is worth your

really all that special, they have no new

venture through. I've also noted that they
rates for some of the rarer items in the game.
time to explore them.

Note: These dungeons have between 15-25 Floors each, so they are not too

8a. Contact Me

You can direct any questions/comments to but if your
question is already answered somewhere in this guide I will most likely
not respond to you. If you have any good contributions don't hesitate
to send in.
My name is Joe, I'm 20 and tend to work quite a bit, I'm doing my best
to write this guide asap due to none being out there and everyone
looking for one. I have a bit of free time and really do want to hear
people's ideas and opinions, just long insulting emails are no fun and
will waste my time, so please try to keep the information/questions
intelligent and useful. It will be much appreciated.
Starting December 1st I will be at a new job, and my replies to your many
emails will most likely go unheeded. If you have any questions my apologies
if I do not respond for weeks at a time until I am fully setup.
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