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A Publication of Saint Andrews Assyrian Church of the East-Glenview, Illinois

WINTER- 2014
Feast of the
Nativity of our
Lord and Savior Jesus
According to the Liturgical Calendar of
the Church of the East The Birth of our
Lord Jesus Christ is one of the seven
Lordly Feasts of the Holy Church. These
Lordly Feasts are Christmas (Nativity),
Epiphany, Resurrection, Ascension, Pentecost, Revelation and Finding of the
Cross. All these Feasts of the Lord are
equally venerated with special prayer
services and the celebration of the Holy
Eucharist. The Feast of the Nativity of our
Lord Jesus Christ is also known as the
Birth of our Lord in the flesh or the Feast
of the Incarnation of Christ. The Nativity
of our Lord Jesus Christ means He came
down from heaven, became a man and
was born of blessed Mary in order to
save us from the snares Satan, sin and
Biblical Story:
The story of the Birth of Jesus Christ is
genuinely recorded in the Sacred Scriptures. The beautiful story of the conception and birth of the Lord Jesus Christ is
written by both Evangelists Saints Matthew and Luke. (Matthew 1:18-25 and
Luke 2:1-20) The story of the birth of Jesus
Christ is different from all other stories. It
will always remain alive and no matter
how many times a person hears it will
never lose its delight joy.

way to Bethlehem of Judea. Since
both Mary and Joseph were from
the household of King David, they
had to travel to the city of David
At this time it was almost a due date for
the blessed Mary to give birth to our
Lord Jesus Christ. Many people who
were the descendants of King David
traveled to Bethlehem to register in the
census. In the small town of Bethlehem
there was not enough room for all the
travelers to stay. Thus Blessed Mary
and Joseph could not find a vacant
place in any inn for their staying while
they are in Bethlehem. Joseph and
blessed Mary had no other choice than
to stay in a cave which was used by
shepherds to shelter their animals during the time of severe weather. The
Lord and creator of the whole world
had no room on earth to be born. Finally it was here in this cave that blessed
Mary gave birth to the King of Kings,
Jesus Christ. The baby Jesus was
wrapped in the swaddling clothes and
laid in the manger were he could be
protected from being crumpled under
the feet of animals. It is written in the
Sacred Scriptures:
8 And there were shepherds living out
in the fields nearby, keeping watch
over their flocks at night. 9 An angel of
the Lord appeared to them, and the
glory of the Lord shone around them,
and they were terrified. 10 But the angel said to them, Do not be afraid. I
bring you good news that will cause
great joy for all the people. 11 Today in
the town of David a Savior has been
born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.
12 This will be a sign to you: You will
find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying
in a manger.13 Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared
with the angel, praising God and saying, 14 Glory to God in the highest
heaven, and on earth peace to those on
whom his favor rests.

According to Saint Luke Emperor Augustus Caesar ordered that a census be taken in all the lands under his political authority. He wanted to know how many
people are living in his empire so he
could collect taxes from them. It was decreed that everyone had to go to the town
in which he\she was born to register for
the census. This forced the blessed Mary Once the heavenly beings were finand Joseph to travel from Nazareth all the ished singing and glorifying God, they

left and the bright light of the Lord that
shone around them, began to diminish and
the whole area became dark. The shepherds were frightened by what they had
experienced. After the Angles left the field,
the shepherds immediately left their flocks
in the field and went to Bethlehem. They
wanted to be sure what the Angles had told
them is true. Arriving to Bethlehem, they
found Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus
wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.
They fell down to their knees and worshipped Him. It is written:
15When the angels had left them and
gone into heaven, the shepherds said to one
another, Lets go to Bethlehem and see this
thing that has happened, which the Lord has
told us about. (Luke 2:8-15)
According to the tradition of the Church of
the East twelve distinguished people most
possibly Kings, sons of kings and people
who had hold high positions in the Persian
empire came from the East for they were
foretold by their prophet about the birth of
the king of Kings. Their prophet told them
once you see a star shining in the East know
that a new King has been born to the Jews,
go and worship Him. The wise men once
they saw the star shining in the sky they
followed it till went and stood above were
the baby Jesus was laid.
The governor of Judea at the time of the
birth of Jesus was King Herod. He was indeed a very cruel man. Everyone living in
Judea was afraid of him. People hated him.
As soon as King Herod heard that some wise
men have come from the east looking for a
king of Kings who has been born to the
Jews. Herod secretly invited these wise
men to his own palace and asked them to go
search for the child and once they have
found him should inform him so that he, too,
could go and worship the new King of the
Jews. There was one thing on Herods lips
and another in his heart. The intention of
Herod was not indeed to worship the newly
born King but rather to kill him. So he was
lying to the wise men. .

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Christmas in
According to my
mother, the Christmas traditions Assyrians practiced in
Baghdad less than a
century ago were
both similar and
different than the
traditions Assyrians have in Chicago.
Making sure the house was as clean as
possible was essential in an Assyrian
household. To prepare for Christmas,
young girls would go house-to-house to
make Assyrian cookies, known as
kelecheh, for their neighbors and relatives. It was not Christmas unless
kelecheh were made. Baking kelecheh
had a process of its own. Since stoves
only had burners and no ovens, the women would place the kelecheh in a giant
tray after they were molded, and walk
them over to the local bakery with the
help of brothers and fathers to be baked.
The women would sometimes balance the
trays of kelecheh on their heads as they
made the trip. At the bakery they would
either wait for the baker to cook the
kelecheh, or they would be told to come
back to pick them up in 30 minutes. After
the kelecheh were baked, they would be
brought back home to cool off.
Parents did not buy presents for their
children, as that custom was not common.
Instead, children received a new outfit as
a present. For some, parents would give
their children money, which was spent on
chocolate, ice cream and other sweets.
On Christmas Eve, families would walk to
the nearby church for mass at night. The
kelecheh were brought to the church to
be enjoyed after mass, along with chai.
The socializing would continue after
church as family members and neighbors
would stay up late talking and eating.
On Christmas Day, families would eat
breakfast together. They spent the day
visiting relatives, wishing them a Merry
Christmas. Each household visited would
be given a gift, usually a box of chocolate
or liquor. Since there was school the next
day, children would request a day off to
continue visiting relatives.
Christmas in Baghdad centered on the
appreciation of ones family, along with
never forgetting the reason for the holiday: the birth of Christ.
By Ramsen Shamon

Copyright 2014 by Assyrian Church of the East

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Think Bible in Your Everyday Life

Believe to receive!!! You can do more,
have more, and be more if you believe
for more. Enlarge your vision, because
God has more in store for you. He says:
Truly I tell you, if you have faith as
small as a mustard seed, you can say to
this mountain, 'Move from here to there,'
and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you." (Mathew 17:20)

Make good choices in life. Make a choice to go with God and

make Godly choices!! He says I have set before you today
life and prosperity, and death and adversity; in that I command you today to love the Lord your God, to walk in His
ways and to keep His commandments. (Deuteronomy 14:16)
By: Mariam Amro

Think victoriously! You cant dream of

victory while your thoughts are centered
on defeat. Its written in the New Testament: Peter said to
Him, "Lord, if it is You, command me to come to You on the water." And He said, "Come!" And Peter got out of the boat, and
walked on the water and came toward Jesus. But seeing the
wind, he became frightened, and beginning to sink, he cried
out, "Lord, save me!"
Ive heard an American preacher say in a sermon Quit talking
about what you cant do and start talking about what God can
do a remarkably profound quote reflecting what is written in
(Psalm 56:11)In God I trust and am not afraid. What can man
do to me? .
Going through tough times? Dare to declare Gods favor in your
life. I have Gods favor! I am a child of the most-high God. God
will bring along people who will go out of their way to help me.
Exactly like Gods favor rained on Joseph during hopeless
times when he was thrown in a well. From being sold into slavery in Egypt; to leading Egypts agricultural affairs. The bible
says: So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through
faith (Galatians 3:26).
Yet again; you are a child of God; so dare ask boldly!! Ask God
for what you want. Dont think that God is too busy doing other
things to respond to your trivial request. You have not because
you ask not!! Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you
will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who
asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it
will be opened. (Mathew 7:7)
Self-esteem is very important! You speak, you act, and react
based on who you think you are. Rejoice and triumph for you
are made in the image of the most-high God. Accept yourself
the way God made you. Start seeing yourself the way He sees
you. For He says: So God created mankind in His own image,
in the image of God He created them; male and female He created them. (Genesis 1:27)
God blessed our father Abraham so he can be a blessing for
others. We are his descendants and we inherited those blessings to bless generations to come! He took him outside and
said, Look up at the sky and count the stars-if indeed you can
count them. Then he said to him, So shall your offspring
be. (Genesis 15:5)
In a time of need, pain, disappointment and hurt, trust God and
have faith in him! For he says Instead of your shame you will
have a double portion (Isaiah 61:7)

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Some Remarks on the Sign of

the Cross:
When we talk to
our Father in Heaven, we often begin
and end our prayer with: Glory to
the Father and to
the Son and to the
Holy Spirit. Amen.
In the Assyrian
Church of the East and all Apostolic
Christians will sign themselves with the
thumb, forefinger and middle finger creating a Trinity, and the two remain finger
rest upon the cheek of the hand; beginning by kissing the symbol of the Holy
Trinity, saying In the Name of the Father, and continuing up to the forehead,
and thence to the heart, saying and of
the Son, and, to the right shoulder, and
of the Holy, to the left should Spirit.
This action of the believer states to the
world and to the Christians everywhere
that a manual prayer has been offered
unto God the Lord of all, by simply showing that we petition God to . . . let the
words of my mouth and the thoughts of my
mind, and the meditation of my heart be
acceptable unto Thee, O LORD, my
strength and Redeemer. . . Amen. (Psalm
This practice, according to the forefathers
begins with glory proceeding from the
mouth, glorifying the Holy and Almighty
God who is in the Highest heights, and to
the Son who had descended from the
Heights on High, and dwelt among us;
and He gave the Holy Spirit to those of the
priesthood at His Right Hand. And, in
turn gives holiness to those of the Kingdom of the left hand.
This act is absence in the liturgical commentators because it has been recited
quietly (in soft voice) by the priest

body, in Galatians 6:17, as his referring to

the sign of the cross.
The Trinitarian formula (also known as the
Holy Trinity), taken from Matthew 28:19,
is referring to the three individuated
persons ( qnume)
of God. God has a
single nature ( kyana) that is made up
of three separate individuated-persons:
Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The three
individuated-persons are all equal in
might, power and glory and without a

By Father William Toma

The Spirit of
the Spirit of Giving
So here we are
again, our favorite
time of year, Christmas....that magical
time of Santa, toys,
children, trees, and oh yeah! the time
of the smell of cookies (Cade
We also know that
Christmas is a time for giving and
receiving, a time to remember others
less fortunate than ourselves.
It is the time that remind all of us of
the main reason for given and receiving which is how God gave us His
only begotten Son our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Sometimes we get
busy with whom to buy a gift for,
what to buy, or where to buy also,
whether our gift will be acceptable,
likable, and appreciated.
though all these thoughts are important, but more importantly is to
cherish that moment to remind us and
to look back at the love of the Holy
Father in heaven who bestowed upon
all of us His Mercy and Grace with the
miracle birth of Jesus Christ truly is
the priceless gift!

The priest begins with sign of the cross,

which is possibly a Latin influence.

Also, lets continue to teach our Children that giving is as important as

receiving and lets plant this seed in
them so that when they grow they
carry this tradition to their children
and the next generation; God gift to
humanity is baby Jesus to be born for
all to have another chance in the everlasting life, accept Him and His free
gift and you shall not perish but to
live forever. Amen.

It is one of the seven Sacraments of the

Church that is recited to be strengthened
with all power to celebrate the Divine

Merry Christmas and may God repay

all of you with joy and happiness.

The sign of the cross is: a confession of

faith (mini-creed: you are professing your
belief in the Father, and in the Son and in
the Holy Spirit.); a renewal of baptism
and a mark of discipleship (Luke 9:23).

By: Suzana Yalda

Some scholars interpret St. Paul's saying

that he bears the marks of Christ on his
Copyright 2014 by Assyrian Church of the East

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The mission.

Honor and glorify God the father, the Son and the Holy
Spirit and make Him known. Preach His word (The
Gospel) through the Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian
Church of the East, established by the teachings of our
Lords Disciples and the Churchs Saints, Patriarchs,
Bishops and Priests, as the source of the good news.
Teach the Assyrian Language (Neo-Aramaic), one of
our Lords main Languages, to our Children and educate them on the importance of speaking and preserving it.

Saint Andrews Church Committee

Saint Andrews Committees:

Church Senior Pastor Father George Toma.
Deacons: Norman Israel, Elbron Odisho, Adnan David,
Sargon Kesso, Edison Youkhana, George Antar, Yousef Mikhael,
Sabir, George Baezo, Thompson Esho, Alfret Shamoun, Elie Antar.
Committees Chairman (David Arkis).
Building Director/Manager (Interim-David Arkis): Younes Zaia,
Namrood Khamis, Louzan Odisho, Rema Shamoun, Elona Bahram,
Paul Rehana, Peter Amaden, Ray Kando, Youkhana Youkhana,
Zaya Youkhana, Saliba Abraham, Anwar Haido, George
Co-Chairman (Jack Youna).
Secretary (Ban Youna).
Treasurer Chairman (Gilbert Khosrabowdi): Sargon Yosip, Mariam Lazar, Najla Mikhail, Bushra yalda, Edna Allhaverdi, Diana
Shamoun, Karolin Moshi
Accountant (Julie Kako).
Memorial wall: Al Puccinelli, Nadia Warda.
Youth Directors: Nina Youabb, Karolin Moshi, Robert Thomas.
Ladies Auxiliary Chairwoman (Catrina Khamou): Doreen Haider, Sonia Khammo, Layla Youkhana, Bassima Sorisho, Magie Zaya, Jane
Hana, Jenny, Nada Younan, Mariam.
Choir Chairwoman (Najat Marcos): Saad Yalda, Elie Antar, Jena Kena.
Education-Jennifer Younan, Deacon Adnan David, Souad Timatyos, Nirona Shino, Dr. Michael, Juliana Thomas, Mike Micho, Youbert
Bahram, Helen Yousif, Nwyia Garmo, Bronica Amrahi, Connie Shakro, Kristy Andrews, Queen Ishay, Raquel Youkhana, Stephanie
Andrews, Claudia Shakro, Neeran Shmoel, Hewi Arkis, Rami Gorges.
Youth Choir- Jena Kena, Sargon Yalda.
Sports (Vacant).
Public Relations (Vacant).
Ushers Chairman (Michael Michael): Albert Youel, Youkhana Youkhana, Ramzi Odich, George Danyel, Gilbert Gewargis, Abrahim
Lazar, Robert Thomas, Zaya.
Visitation Chairman (Deacon Norman Israel): Anderious Youkhana.
Special Events Chairperson (Vacant): Suzana Yalda, Julie Kako, Hewi Adaay, Sargon Yalda, Neeran Shmoel, Tanya Khamo, Doreen
Haider, Diana Esho.
Maintenance Chairman (Musa Moshy): William Younan, Anderious Youkhana, Ashor Tamo (IT), Manny Yalda (IT), Yalda Kako (IT),
Ashor Khoshaba (Sound System), Tony Atou (Sound System), Mounir Shamoon (Sound System).
Media Chairman (Billy George): Hani Shawel, Robert Thomas, Hewi Arkis, Dani Shamoun, Ramsin George, Amer Kasso, Albert Lazar,
Benyamin Odisho, Saliba Abraham.

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The wise men followed the star and finally
the Star led them to where Jesus and His
mother blessed Mary were residing. On
finding Jesus Christ the Wise Men fell
down on their knees and worshipped
Him. They opened their treasurers and
presented their gifts to Jesus. These gifts
were gold as for the King, frankincense as
for God, and myrrh as for His death and
sacrifice. After the Wise Men fulfilled the
main purpose of their trip, paying respect
to the newly born King, the Angle of God
warned them in a dream not to return to
Herod but rather take a different route to
their country, Because Herod wanted to
harm baby Jesus. We learn from both the
Liturgy of the Church and the Holy Bible
that all creation is participating in the
birth of Jesus Christ. The angels praised
God with their song; Glory to God in the
highest the heavens gave the star to
guide people towards the place where
Jesus was laid. The Wise Men gave their
gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to
baby Jesus. The poor shepherds gave
their praise and admiration; the earth
provides the cave where Jesus was born,
and finally humankind gave him the virginal womb of the blessed Mary. It is written in the prayer book of the Holy
What is worthy for your grace, O; the
only begotten, God the Word. Because
you have humbled and revealed yourself
in the first fruit of our nature for our Salvation. For the creations which were made
by your signal. Through the first fruit unto
you, we offer thanksgiving. From the
Angles praise, from heaven the bright
Star. From the Magi gifts. From the shepherds worship. From the earth you have
chosen a cave. And from the desert the
Manger. And from our race the Holy and
virgin mother. From all the creation you
are worshipped of Christ have Mercy on
us. (Khudra Volume1 page 176)
The liturgical celebration of the Feast of
the Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ:
The liturgical calendar of the Church of
the East starts with the four weeks of Hallowing season and ends with the four
weeks of Advent season. Four weeks signifies four corners of the Holy Cross. Thus
the Liturgical Calendar as all the Spiritual
Services and celebration of the Holy Sacraments start with the sign of the Holy
Cross and concludes with the sign of the
Holy Cross. The Feast of the birth of our
Lord Jesus Christ just as the Feast of the
Holy Resurrection is preceded with a period of preparation by fasting for twenty
five days. The fast begins on December
1st and ends on December 25th with the

celebration of the Feast of Nativity of our

Lord Jesus Christ.
On the First Sunday of Advent during
Night prayers, we pray the following:
Praise the Lord with a new song: He hath
chosen her be a dwelling place. The Virgin, the begetter of Christ, the glorified
abode of The Holy Spirit, by her The Lord
of all, willed, in order to renew the image
which had been corrupted; An edict was
sent forth from the highest, which had
been sealed with His Being which has no
beginning; In it (the edict of) peace and
tranquility was marked for the earthly and
the heavenly for they have been freed
from error: I am Gabriel who stand before That Awesome Greatness, to serve
(to minister unto). The Father has sent me
to bring good tidings to you. Tidings
which delights the whole world. You shall
receive The Miraculous conception, the
Power of The Spirit will form within your
womb: To become the dwelling place of
His Mystery: and in Him, those above and
those below are reconciled: They shall
confess unto Him, saying, The Savior of
all, glory be unto Thee.
On the Second Sunday of Advent during
Night prayers, we pray the following:
God is faithful to His Words; The LORD
swore and He will not lie: God declared
and promised unto Abraham from the
beginning; that by your seed shall all the
sinful nations be blessed; that they are
dead in their sin; and, lost in error that HE
is The One gathers them and heals their
wounds; as the Prophet saw before all
ages; that He shall take our pain and will
bury our affliction; and, because of this
we cry out saying: Glory be to The Son of
the LORD of all.
On the Third Sunday of Advent during
Night prayers, we pray the following:
Proclaim HIS salvation from day to day:
Your birth had been proclaimed from
Gabriel to Mary, in haste the assemblies
of the Highest descended, singing glory,
and rejoiced because of the good hope
which came to humankind; and, because
peace and tranquility, was promised to
those above and those below; for they
were freed from the slavery of corruption,
and on our behalf, they confessed, One
Hidden Being, Who made peace between
us. On the Fourth Sunday of Advent during Night prayers, we pray the following:
Then, (HE) spoke in visions with His righteous one, in the beginning of days: The
Holy Prophets examined and then revealed unto us about Thy birth from the
beginning: The Great King of Glory, Jesus
our Savior. That from the House of David
you were seen. Thy conception is filled
with wonder, and thy giving birth is mi-

raculous. And with hope and joy thou has

filled world. Blessed is the womb which
hath carried Thy glorious splendor. And
blessed are the breasts which suckled
and reared Thee; The heir and The Son
and the Lord of all creation, blessed is the
day, O my Lord of Thy Annunciation.
The relationship between the Old and the
New Covenant: On all the four Sundays of
the Advent season the liturgical readings
stress the relationship between the Old
and the New Covenant.
On Christmas Day the liturgy celebrates
the birth of Christ in Bethlehem of Judea
in December twenty five. In one of the
Hymns of the Sanctuary the Holy Church
prays and acknowledges that Jesus was
indeed born in the Month of December
from the Virgin Mary. It is written:
He causes the winds to blow and the waters to flow:
In the month of Kanon
(December), In which the earth does not
yield fruits, the LORD desired to show the
fruit of the Virgin which was the cause of
all good things and the good hope of all
creatures. And HE is the True Light,
Christ the LORD of all, worshiped with His
Father and His Holy Spirit.
Traditionally The twelve days after the
Feast of the Holy Nativity of our Lord were
marked in the Liturgical calendar of the
Holy Church as the commemoration of
the Massacre of the 12,000 Innocents infants.
On the Second Sunday after Christmas
the Holy Church celebrates the presentation of our Lord in the temple and the Circumcision ceremony. In one of the Hymns
the Holy Church recalls the meeting of
the Holy family with Simon the righteous
man who was informed by the Holy Spirit
that he would not test death till he had
seen the Lord. This Prophecy was fulfilled
according to the plan of God. When the
blessed Mary and Joseph brought in the
baby Jesus to do for him what the custom
of the Law required, Simeon the righteous
took the lord Jesus in his arms and
praised God.
The advent season concludes with the
Feast of Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ,
but the spirit of joy of the birth of our lord
Jesus Christ extends up to the celebration
of the Feast of Baptism of Jesus from John
the Baptist in the Jorden river. This Feast
liturgically is known as the Holy Feast of
Theophany or Epiphany because on this
day the Mystery of the Holy Trinity which
was hidden from the beginning of the
world is revealed in the Jorden River.
Written by:
Cor- bishop George Toma
Saint Andrews parish priest
Advent 2014

Copyright 2014 by Assyrian Church of the East

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Isaiah 7:14 Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign. Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and
shall call his name Immanuel.

Assyrian Church of the East, Eastern Dio)cese, Executive council (Mutwa

Some of 2014 projects:

Standing L-R: Rafik Ishaya, Ashor Shamas, Youssef Namroud,

Albert Malik, Walton Mirza, Ossie Toma, David Arkis.
Sitting L-R: Nineveh Gewargis, Grace Abraham, Hani Khiziran
(VP), Youkhana, Youabb (P), Joe Jacobs, Flora Haji, Julie Kako

Taxes exempt the Saint Andrews Northbrook land (IN

Develop ideas for Saint Andrews Northbrook land. (IN
)Saint Andrews loan refinance (COMPLETED
)Saint Andrews Daycare (IN PROGRESS
)Saint George Water bill exemption (COMPLETED
)Saint George House Tax exemption (COMPLETED
)Saint George House development (STUDIED
)Saint George Parishioners bus (PURCHASED
)Saint Marys Classes project (IN PROGRESS
)501c3 application processing (COMPLETED



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Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian
Church of the East Churches and
Parishes in the world

The power of Prayers

a story you should

Eastern Diocese of United States,

Bishop Mar Paulus Benjamin: 9
Churches, 9 Parishes, 10 Priests.

A Gift from MOM!....A true story that brought tears of happiness

to many who heard it!
Illinois diocese (Mutwa) special
events committee organizes a
fundraiser car raffle every year
and this year the winner was no
stranger to the church community.
At the drawing event the diocesan bishop
announces the winner name and in front of
the hundreds of the gatherers who flocked
the parking lot at Mart Mariam Assyrian
Church in Roselle, IL. Here is the interview we had with a member of the winning family Jaklin Zaya!
Q) How did you learn about being the winner?
A) Mar Paulus called my parents house on
the event day and asked to speak to my dad
who had won the car. My father was just
as surprised because he did not know about
the raffle since the raffle ticket was purchased by mom in my fathers name.

Western Diocese of United States,

California-Bishop Mar Awa Royel: 7
Churches, 8 Parishes, 8 Priests.

God about my mom and I heard from her.

Canada, Bishop Mar Emmanuel Yosip: 4 Churches, 5 Parishes, 5 Priests.

Q) Did you get the car yet?
A) Yes I did get the car. I was privileged to
Europe, Bishop Mar Odisho Oraham:
have His Grace Mar Paulus say a prayer on
3 Churches, 16 Parishes, 12 Priests.
the car before I drove it for the first time.
Australia & Lebanon, Metropolitan
Q) What are you planning to do with this Mar Meelis Zaia: 10 Churches, 12 Parcar?
ishes, 14 Priests. 2 Elementary, 1
A) I will cherish this gift forever as a sign High school & 1 Retirement Home.
that my mom is still spiritually with us at
Inida & UAE, Metropolitan Mar
all times
Aprem Mooken, Bishop Mar Yohannan Yoseph, & Bishop Mar Awgin
Interview conducted by:
Koriakose : 31 Churches, 30 Parishes,
David Arkis
49 Priests.

Matthew 1:21 She will bear a

Q) What was your reaction when you
son, and you shall call his
heard the news?
A) It was very emotional to the entire fam- name Jesus, for he will save
ily because my mom had passed away just his people from their sins.
prior to the raffle being drawn.

Q) You write on your social media page..

THANK You MOM For THE Beautiful
GIFT That you gave my dad and I. You
definitely answered my prayers How are
your feeling now that almighty God heard
your prayers?
A) I feel that through this gift my mom
sent me and my father, God answered my
prayers and my mom is still with us spiritually.

Western Diocese of United States,

Arizona/Nevada-Bishop Mar Aprim
Khamis: 5 Churches, 8 Parishes, 8

Matthew 1:23 Behold, the

virgin shall conceive and
bear a son, and they shall
call his name Immanuel (which means, God with

Syria, Bishop Mar Aprem Nathniel: 32

Churches, 32 Parishes, 11 Priests. 1
Elementary School.
Iran, Bishop Mar Narsai Benyamin: 84
Churches, 4 Parishes, 2 Priests.
Iraq, Baghdad & Erbil, Mar Gewargis
Sliwa: 16 Churches, 14 Parishes, 13
Priests, 3 Schools.
Iraq-Dohuk, Mar Isaac Yosip: 40
Churches, 8 Parishes, 8 Priests.
Russia, Metropolitan Mar Gewargis
Sliwa: 7 Churches, 3 Parishes, 3

Luke 1:30-31 And the angel

said to her, Do not be
afraid, Mary, for you have
found favor with God. And
behold, you will conceive in
your womb and bear a son,
Q) What do you say to the power of pray- and you shall call his name


Compiled by:
David Arkis

Q) Did this strength your faith in God?

A) Yes, it did as I always asked God
through prayers to hear from my mom and
that she is with us and hears my calling to

A) If you ask your shall receive, I asked

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I Open at the Close

By: Juliana Thomas

Ecclesiastes is the short book in the bible that does not get too much fame but everyone knows it by the famous chapter 3, There is a time for everything, and a season for every
activity under the heavens. I usually go to it when I am getting inpatient about the things I
have been requesting to God.
When I was reading Ecclesiastes chapter 7:8, The end of a matter is better
than its beginning. It reminded me of the opening and closing of many seasons of my life.
How I wish many seasons of my life did not have to end like going to school, playing on playgrounds, or even living by the corn fields in Indiana. I guess like many others I sometimes forget that these ending
seasons mean that a new beginning is shortly coming. With the coming of winter we know that this is an end to
warm summer nights, bonfires, and wearing shorts, but winter is the beginning of sledding, hot chocolate, and most
importantly cuddling by a warm fire.
So what ending season did Christ birth signal? It meant that the season of darkness was closed, the season
of waiting was over, and the season of suffering has been brought to an end. Growing up I always heard that Christmas meant a new beginning but I like to push this thought even further and say that this beginning could only have
happened when another season closed. Mary and Joseph had to go through many trials and battles. Through death
threats, long journeys, weather, and a lack of resources, it may have seemed like their tumultuous season would
never end. It wasnt until their final battle on Christmas day that their mission was completed and vows accomplished. The golden ball finally opened, a baby appeared that would bring them out of the darkness and into
eternal life.
So how do I use this illustration in my life today? As I read the rest of Ecclesiastes I couldnt help but wonder
why the writer (King Solomon) seemed to be so upset. There are 7 primary items to his frustration regarding the
meaninglessness of everything; wisdom is meaningless (chapter 1), pleasures are meaningless (chapter 2), folly is
meaningless (chapter 2), toil is meaningless (chapter 2), advancement is meaningless (chapter 4), riches are meaningless (chapter 5), youth and vigor are meaningless (chapter 11). This is surprising coming from the most wealthy,
wise, and prosperous king in all of Israels history. If everything in this world, according to King Solomon, is meaningless than what does have meaning? What is King Solomon getting at? A potential answer could be that the immaculate conception of Mary would not be meaningful if it were not for the birth of Christ, the birth of Christ would
not be meaningful if it were not for the resurrection. What brings meaning to our life is God and the fulfillment of his
God gives each one of us a mission and a promise through the opening and closing of many different seasons. Mary and Joseph fulfilled their missions by helping to bring Jesus Christ into the world, and King Solomon realized that even with all of his riches, wisdom, and pleasures, his mission can only be completed by fulfilling his
vow to God and obeying the true King. Some seasons in your life will be difficult, some will be joyous, and yet some
others will leave you feeling alone and tired. In all things rejoice, especially during Christmas, the time of darkness
is over, your new season is coming, and your rewards are waiting to be received. Remember that the new season
can only Open at the Close.

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well with other adult team member, and be available to the professional developments that are conducted with all teachers.
We have a wonderful staff of volunteer teachers that plan weekly lesson
plans. They are always willing to set up appointments with parents to discuss student progress. Please remember to thank them for their service
when you have the opportunity!

St. Andrews Education Department

As we approach the year

2015, we continue to prepare for the success of
students at St. Andrews
Parish School! Our stuby Jennifer Younan
dents are working on
reading and writing in
language classes. In bible study, they are working on the Catechism of the Church and bible
stories related to the sermons offered on
Look for new report cards to be issued in the
beginning of January. They will cover the
beginning of the school year up until December 19th. The next marking period will
begin January 9th as the new semester begins. It will run until the end of the school
year in late May.
Backpacks have been in for a couple of
weeks. We have been distributing them as
registrations are finalized with the Education
Office. Please feel free to come by the office
and confirm your registration completion if
your child has not received a backpack yet.
In January, we will be making rounds to remind parents of the registration process if
needed. All students are welcome and we
will make every effort to work with families
to help assist in the registration process.
Some parents have been asking about the
budget use from registration fees. This past
year, we were able to purchase pull down
screens, projectors and office equipment for
the education programs. In the near future,
we will be adding more projectors, smart
board technology, laptops, and hopefully a
laminator and book binder. Our plan is to
deduct the price of the backpacks from next
years fees if parents do not need replacements. So, please remind your children to
take good care of them. We will be working
on ideas to tag bags to make them more
easily identified as a 2015/16 registration
Due to the recent influx of young students,
we are actively seeking volunteer teachers
to join our team. We are interested in discussing St. Andrews volunteer opportunity
with you at any time. All teachers are required to keep consistent attendance, work

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