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Resume | Vasanthakumar | zvasanth@gmail.

com | +91 9940354540

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Career Objective:
A skilled programmer seeking the senior software engineer (or) team leader position
in .NET/Web and always likes to stick with Microsofts upcoming technologies and benefit
Professional Summary:
3+ years of experience in software development and maintenance in windows and web
applications using Microsoft and Adobe Tools & Technologies
Specialist in ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server, HTML, CSS, Java Script, AJAX, Web Service
Knowledge in .NET Framework 3.0, Design Patterns, ETL, Data Warehouse, Data
Mining, and passion on learning new technologies
Creator of the website
M.C.A Master of Computer Applications (University Student Regular 77.55%)
Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, India
B.Sc. Computer Science,
Thiruvalluvar Arts & Science College, Madras University, India
Professional Experience:
Freelance Developer & Open Source Development

Jul 2007-Till date

Software Engineer at N-Tier Business Solutions (P) Ltd, Chennai

Feb 2006-Jun 2007

Software Engineer at Bee Soft Systems (P) Ltd, Chennai

Jun 2004-Feb 2006

Technical Skills:


Server Side Technologies


Client Side Scripting Languages

VBScript, JavaScript, ActionScript

Presentation Web Technologies


Database Management Systems

Access, SQL Server 2005 (Integration Services, Analysis

Service & Reporting Service), Oracle, MySQL, DB2

Web Design

Photoshop, Dream Weaver, Flash

Methodologies & Source Control

Agile, XP, Scrum, Lean, VSS, Win CVS, Perforce


Flex, BizTalk, MATLAB, UML, SEO, Google Tools

Personal Profile:
First Name


Last Name



+91 9940354540



Passport No.


Driving License No.


Date Of Birth


Marital Status




Address for communication:

28, First Floor, KVB Garden,
RA Puram, Manthaveli,
Chennai 600 028

1. Contacts Reader
Project profile
: C#.NET library, ASP.NET Test Application, Greater leverage of HTTP Protocol
Team size
Responsibility : Architected this project from start to finish also creation of the idea bubbling
web site. Includes Domain Registration, Web Hosting, Logo Design, Web Design,
HTML, CSS, Java Script, Content Writing, SEO, Article writing, C# Coding,
ASP.NET coding, Dream Weaver, Fiddler
More info
Project description
A C# library used to retrieve the address book from the mail websites using users credentials
through http protocol. It supports Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, and Rediffmail. This can be
used in social networking sites to send mass mail invitation.
Key features/notes
Web service & Testimonial
My contribution to the open source world
A first free open source project on internet using .NET technology for contacts reader
800+ downloads last 60 days all over the world
2. Gold Mine & ITSM - CRM Application
Project profile
: N-Tier Business Solutions
: Front Range Solutions
: C#.NET Windows Application based on Orion and Fusion Framework, C#
coding, Work Flow Coding, Visual Studio 2005
Team size
: 70, including clients people
Responsibility : Client interaction, Bug fixing based on the release management, resolving
customer escalated issues and future extension.
More info
Project description
A GoldMine is a CRM Enterprise application; created based on the ORION and FUSION API
(custom framework designed to develop any kind of application dynamically and full support
for business objects & relationships developed by frontrange solutions). A metadata driven
application helps to win and retain customers and sales. Basically it dealt with Relationship
Management, Sales Management, Marketing Management and Customer Support.
Key features/notes
Used XP/Agile/Scrum software development methodology
A very big project more than 100 projects in this solution. Used many of the best third
party tools, includes Infragistic Controls, Netrix Html Editor, Aspose PDF generation
control, Dundas Chart Controls
Involved in .net framework 3.0 Workflow Foundation test application
3. Earthquake Forecasting - A Multi Parametric Approach:
Project profile
: Freelance Project for Senthilkumar, Blaise Pascal University, France
: C#, ASP.NET, MATLAB M-Files, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Team size
Responsibility : Client Interaction, Design, Code, Development, Test
More info
Project description
An on-going earthquake/Volcano prediction PhD-research based on multiple factors. It
includes: Electric and Magnetic Fields, Gas Emissions, Water Level Changes, Surface
Deformations and Seismicity
Key features/notes
HDF Access through M-Files
MATLAB and .NET Integration

4. Online Invoicing System:

Project profile
: Bee Soft Systems
Technologies : ASP.NET 1.1, C#, SQL Server 2000
Team Size
Responsibility : Analysis, Design & Enhancement
More Info
Project description
IProInvoice is an online invoicing system that is used to create electronic invoices online and
sent it through email. Customers can pay the invoices online using different payment methods.
It has the following user hierarchy, Global Admin --> Business Admin --> Customers
Key features/notes
EPN Payment Gateway System
Automated Recurring Payments
SQL Server Jobs
Web services used to send E-Mails
5. List of Projects:
Here is a list of projects involved for companies/ freelance/ own-interest.
Technologies used:HTML, CSS, Java Script, ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, XML as data store, MS
Access, SQL Server, Web Services, Dream weaver, Photoshop, Flash, Visual Studio, VSS
ASP.NET Websites:
Easy Image VB.NET Windows Application:
An image creating windows application in VB.NET 1.1. Full leverage of GDI+
Menu Maker VB 6.0 Windows Application:
A simple JavaScript menu creating software in VB 6.0. The output is piece of HTML, JavaScript,
and CSS.
SignSource Dynamic Flash Site:
A complete flash site. Actionscript as front-end, ASP.NET as back-end, XML as database. Admin
pages update the latest products in data store; then the client side ActionScript reads and
beautify the xml data and makes the flash site dynamic.
XML Handler C#.NET Library
Xml Handler.NET is a C# 2.0 library/middle layer to help developers to store data as XML-file
without the knowledge the XML Concepts. Precisely saying, it can act as a middle layer to
support Add, Select with condition, Insert, Update, and Delete operations with Commit and
Rollback. It supports most of the operations supported by the Dataset.
Flv Converter C#.NET Library
FLV converter is used to convert to any media format to FLV format by using FFMEG Tool.
Generally used by social networking sites to convert any media format to flv format on-the-fly
while user uploads the file. The first free open source product on the internet in ASP.NET(C#)
Policy Patrol ASP.NET interface for windows application
Policy Patrol Web: A web based application to support the policy patrol windows application.
A policy portal App. (developed by red earth software) is email filtering software. It allows
users to manage their own spam messages and receive daily spam quarantine reports. Works
with Exchange and Lotus Domino. Check for additional projects at: . And many projects.
Available upon request