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Rizky Anthoni



Book title

: Hypothermia


: Arnaldur Indridason


: Harvill Secker


: 2007

Number of pages

: 313


: Mystery

Book Code


Inspector Erlendur is the outstanding character in the story; he is a detective who

investigating Maria who is found dead and hanging by rope in her cottage. Maria really
believes about life after death since her and Leonora -her mother- often talk about it,
moreover Maria and Leonora make a pact that if Leonora pass away then she will give
sign to Maria if life after death is truly exist. While Erlendur investigating, he founds it
is not suicide incident, but it is a murdered. It is Baldvin, Marias husband who
suspected as the murderer.
The interesting part of the story is about a life after death things, when Leonora
promised that if there is life after death, then she will give sign to Maria by do
something with Leonoras favorite book such fall it from the book shelf though in the
story the reality it was Baldvin who fall the book deliberately. It is interesting for me
because it make me thinking and maybe I will also talk about it with my friend or my
family to make a promise that who die first and there is really exist an afterlife then give
a sign to whom still alive between us. The existence of afterlife is a case that people
who are still living in this world really have no experience about it. Of course in my
religion I believe there is afterlife, such heaven, hell and judgment day; but I curious
about where my soul would gone, whether is there a life after I die while waiting for the
judgment day.
There is some point of the story that is confusing when on some dialogues the
author doesnt refer the sayings of some character clearly. When there is a long
dialogue, the saying refers confuse me and make me guess who said it. For example, in
some long dialogue between two people usually one character said one sentence and the
other one reply, but in the story sometime one character said and then the character said
a sentence again with no refers who said it then the other character reply with no refers
who said it again, it could be the first character or the other character who said it.
Maybe it is not a big problem and I can guess by logical thinking, but it is a little
confusing for me.
The part of the story I dislike is the story at the ending which the case is
unresolved when Erlendur found that Maria is not do a suicide but it is Baldvin who
murder him by the evidence that Erlendur investigate, the story is ending there with
unsolved case with Baldvin who is guilty then Erlendur leaves and let the case as

suicide though he know it was murdered. I expect more that if it was a murdered case so
Erlendur should arrests Baldvin.
There is some part of the story that I feel my personal experience or my personal
thought, when Eva Linds Erlendurs Daughter- really frustrated about the fights
between her parents even when she tries to reconcile her parents it still didnt work. I
ever feel it even it just a little fight, then my parents not talk for few day it was very sad
and frustrated moments for me. I think almost every child is very unpleasant experience
about a parents fight.
If I had a chance to change the story, I would change the ending that although
the reality is a murdered but the mystery of afterlife is still haunting. Maybe I change
the story that after Maria died then Baldvin looks the book fall from the bookshelf that
Maria told before it is a sign from the afterlife from her mother. I think it is the more
mysterious ending with no omitting the afterlife things and it will very interesting for
the readers that make they have a question in their mind about the ending.
The larger issue of the story is the murderer that covered as a suicide that related
to mystic occurrence. Maria is very fascinated about afterlife and want to meet her
mother in afterlife then he share about it with Baldvin and ask him to do temporary
death experiment to her as he know Baldvin is a doctor and know about that method.
Then, Baldvin makes Marias heartbeat stopped by soak her in cold water which that
situation people called as Hypothermia, after that Baldvin should wake him with
defibrillator but he dont do it because Baldvin want Maria dies as he and Karolina who
is his affair wants to take the inheritance of Maria.
What I have learned from the story is solve any case or problem not from one
perspective but should see from other perspectives tough it seems not logical but it
might help to solve the problem. Likely in the story when Erlendur investigates the case
from afterlife perspectives and deliberately he find the truth with that perspective.

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