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astr0, Black Triangles, abductions and the Forever Men of ATS

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posted on Jul, 25 2014 @ 12:47 PM
To those of Above Top Secret who have been following the efforts I have been posting inside your
forums, this is for you.
For those who have not followed my writings, well, I apologise for being a little secretive. I have
good reasons I assure you. I hope this goes some way to correcting this.
My name is Astr0, and for forty years I have worked inside a programme the conspiracy field calls
'The Big Black Triangles'.
That is correct, those 'super massive' 'UFOs' seen over cities world wide with regularity that
seems to defy a common / sensible 'mission purpose'. Today, I write one last time and in one
place, what is happening, and why.
The Unit is now called Romeo Kilo, which is shorthand for 'Re-learnt knowledge'. Our Officers call
themselves 'RK's'. One unit, under a unified direction. So where did it all start?
It started with a find in a remote mineral rich area of the globe when an artefact from antiquity was
dug from its resting place deep underground. Smooth as glass, resisted all efforts to image with
x-rays, damage with hammers and tools, explore further than just laying a hand on the surface.
Not knowing what it was, who crafted it, it was taken to a storage area and placed under a heavy
wrap. It wasn't a secret as such, just an inconvenience to historians such was its amazing
A large black triangular stone.
World war 2 and our first steps.
The UK and USA worked together on the Manhattan project - this needs no introduction. They
also worked together on RADAR. One without the other would of been no use, but together at the
same period of history? unique signatures of man kinds material and scientific development. 1947
was an explosive year, literally.
Why is this important? because of what came next.
During the active detonation testing phases of nuclear weapons, it was rationalised that this
explosive force would make an ideal propulsion if it could be focused, directed if you will, to a
beneficial use. The theory AND practical side of graphite ablation under the stress of a nuclear
detonation was covered, fully understood and deemed highly effective. A lid was put on it tight. So
the team approached those in power.
'We cannot be seen to be utilising a nuclear powered space craft inside of the earths atmosphere.
The political storm from other nations under the flight path alone would close us down, the
massed rioting and permanent presence at any test and evaluation centre of Soviet led agitators
would preclude any and all further flights'.
'you want this hidden?'
'Hide what?'
The Conversation that started the entire effort of clandestine research and development of
PROJECT GATEWAY was the effort to develop and build a station outside of earths atmosphere.
In the beginning we utilised high altitude balloons which carried aloft rockets to take a team and
payload to orbit. It was our rationalisation that a constant flow of smaller launches high over the

oceans would draw little or no attention to the project. We were correct.

Space habitat EDEN was completed.
We started small. A three man crew, 600 feet long, ablative disk and magnetic delivery system
made 'up there'. What we couldn't produce ourselves we had delivered. A proof of concept
vehicle. It was decided that we would take Orion to the dark side of the moon and detonate our
first pulse in its shadow. Safety and secrecy dictated the need.
The prototype worked so well in testing that ORION SPRINT was green lit for us.
1800 yards long, 14 crew members, disk grown, milled, polished and perfected all off world. From
her first to 33rd flight, she performed faultlessly.
Her 34th mission was a full speed sprint to the Oort cloud, and beyond. Away she went. Fully
fuelled, fully equipped. 18 months she was gone.
ORION SPRINT exploration teams were born.
On Terra firma then, a project to create super heavy lift vehicles was frantically underway. So was
disinformation and 'other projects' to muddy the waters. Well, not so much muddy but turn jet
black with a hint of midnight at the edges. We understood clearly the price our nations would pay
if this was found out by the Soviet Union and Chinese (you have to remember this was at the
apex of the Cold war)
On a parallel track our teams took to the world of academia, racing to find and acquire the finest
psychologists, scientists, Drs to research the human mind. We need to adapt it, control it, utilise
it, erase it.
I understand that it is a touchy subject but it was and is much needed. We needed access to a
vast computational ability that computers just could not deliver. The sleeping mind however could.
( I will come back to this later as it is important).
We had deaths along the way, injuries, crashes, but it was worth it. It was a trail blazing success
story. Materials, fabrication techniques, power plants, medical technology, mining, the absolute
treasure trove of knowledge pushed us to make leaps and bounds undreamt of even a few years
before. Then we needed more scientific reach, so Canada, New Zealand and Australian research
staff were approached (as well as military personnel).
The project swelled to Five nations, five teams, 11 Military oversight Officers (two from each
nation, one permanent 'black ball' who could stop a project or start a project as a 'swaying vote'
and scientists. Orion Sprint brought each journey new and greater understanding, and blurred the
notion of nationhood until we realised we had become without aim, a single thriving entity. The
decision was taken to mould our efforts under one over reaching umbrella.
Project RK, Romeo Kilos 'Re-learnt knowledge', was born.
The USS KRAKEN is the latest and final nuclear vessel.
Motto: Silent, Unseen, With Honour.

# To answer then, why did I mention the artefact at the beginning of this small piece? because of
what happened when it detected radar and nuclear pulses inside earths atmosphere.
It took in more power from the surroundings than it was normally doing (we didn't of course know
this at the time, it was just a curiosity), and then to our utter absolute shock, she switched herself
on and started talking.
Who she was, what she was, where she was from, what she needed from us and in return, what
help we get from her.
Let me be very clear to you all here and now - she is not an alien artefact. She was made by
humans in deep pre-history. We are RK's, 'Re-learners of Knowledge'. She simply had a blue
print, a plan, a mission critical list for us to carry out and we were slap bang in the right time, right
space, right situation to carry out the activities on the list.

She started small. 'Go here, retrieve this artefact'. So small vessels were sent to specific points
into the solar system, and we would find further instructions, and more importantly, caches of
materials. Very advanced, very old, materials.
She guided us to the Oort cloud, and then beyond.
With what we found hidden across our solar system were able to leap ahead of current thought
and technology, developing for our teams the 'Big Black Triangles' to make surface to space
access as simple as driving a car from one street to another.
under guidance we were shown how to make a triangular system that interlocked with a square
'airlock' craft. This craft took four triangles to a 'wing', and after the eight was attached, it became
a super massive 'phoenix lights' chevron.

posted on Jul, 25 2014 @ 12:49 PM
There are many types now - manned, unmanned, supply, experimentation, and escape pods of a
diamond shaped nature. Mr Pope had one briefly on his wall.
How do they go so fast? they simply create a vacuum corridor upon which to fly down. There is
no air resistence at all, and like a bar of soap through water, slip away, silently whilst turning on
their active camo to bend light. Fast and opaque.
People then ask 'why then fly over a city so low and slow'. Well, you see, we utilise your dreams.
You are our computational device par excellence.
Let me explain. The human being can do some thing no artificial intelligence (we can develop at
this present time) can do; Dream.
The low triangle then has a crew of Scientific Experimentation Support on board. It is there role to
broadcast the required frequencies to 'train and capture' your sleeping self. Over a period of
weeks we will add more and more detail to the signal until it is all absorbed. Then we get you to
'Sleep On It'. Tens of thousands at a time, millions for complex proplems, billions for specific
urgent needs #.
# Example 1 - Photon mapping for a past event. Every photon of light has to be captured 'now',
and its path reversed. To do this requires tens of thousands at once. When this is done, we
simply 'project' the results into visual images once more and replay 'history'.
# Example 2 - Calculating a faster than light path. This requires utmost precision. Utmost
It was difficult, dangerous, then absurdly easy once we trained the brains of humanity to
constantly in the back ground run a star map simulation. All the time, awake, asleep, no matter, its
running in the deep reccesses of your brain. We simply fly over to where we have sleeping
'Forever men' (I will add to this soon) and get them to show us the way through.
This brings me to 'abductions and clones'. A very sore subject for many, but unavoidable.
We need twins, lots and lots of twins and here is why. They can communicate vast distances
instantly with one another when subjected to sensory deprivation and deep cerebral stimulation.
In short, twin A can be on Eden or off of Saturn, twin B can be sat off of a galaxy 100 light years
from us, and yet the message we get 'A' to dream about is picked up by 'B' instantly.
Unbreakable, unjammable, instant deep space communications.

Problem is, we need to keep the master copy (the abducted human) safe and well. Many an
abductee from our programme can tell you of times they should of died and a miracle saved
them. We work hard to keep you alive as your signature needs to stay active for your clones to
survive. You die, they die. We thought about taking you all and making you live off world in a
habitat, but it failed as it wasn't your 'ordinary life' and thus did you great harm.
So, the sleeping masses all converge onto a Forever Man ( a human who can dream in such a
manner that they can twist and condense billions of dreams into one massive super fast
message), who then transfers this knowledge to Sleeper A (via an SES triangle) in a truly vivid
extraordinary 'dream', and the message / result is relayed in microseconds.
Then the ship follows the results. Its so accurate now that we haven't lost a single faster than light
ship since 1989.
This then is why our BBTs are over your cities so much. Broadcasting, lifting, keeping watch,
relaying information.
The outcome.
We followed our instructions to the letter, never faltering, always going forward. The result? we
found the four pillars of humanity. We appeared one light year from the solar systems edges, and
'rang the bell'.
It was a shocking moment, as 'we' here on Earth had been lost to the annals of prehistory to even
these four super advanced variants of mankind. We did not look at all like any of them who
I was shocked. So were they to put it mildly. The area of space that had been quarantined had
drifted to mythological status, the zone kept clear of all sentient life out of respect if you will. Our
world had become a myth, but there we were, the fifth and final piece of humanities history. (yes
vast amounts of radio and other signals have left this planet, but the joke was, no one was
looking for some thing so primative).
Then we needed our own refuge in deep space, our own home. It was a chance find by USS
Neptune that lead us to our perfect home. We named her Olympus.
So why are we still here on earth 70 years later? because we are populating our worlds through
multi generational breeding programmes, and need the sleepers. When we have enough
sleepers of our own to plot our pathways, we will bow out and remove ourselves. Why will
weabandon earth?
In 2044 we approach the 100th year of our effort, and still, still the leaders of the world every
decade we come to them, pleading, begging for you all to be allowed into the fold, and every
decade they refuse. Why?
Control. 'How would we maintain control over them when we have no control over you'.
In 2044 we will offer one last chance to step up, to release everything we have seeded into the
worlds technological base, release all the vehicles and propulsion systems we have shown and
gifted to make interstellar travel as easy as a flight to another city.
If they refuse, we of Olympus will have to become the Fifth arm of humanity, and the Earth will be
left to do as it sees fit. Without the quarantine that kept the planet safe for over quarter of a million
To the three dozen Forever Men I have been exchanging messages with, guiding and helping:

Travel well my friends, may your enlightenment bring you great comfort and knowledge.
To those who travelled down the rabbit hole with me - Enjoy the view when you catch the Green
Rabbit. She is worth the struggle, I promise.
posted on Jul, 25 2014 @ 01:13 PM

originally posted by: Astr0

The project swelled to Five nations, five teams, 11 Military oversight Officers (two from each

5 x 2 = 10
What'd I miss?
Awesome story, though.
Nevermind. "one 'black ball'"
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posted on Jul, 25 2014 @ 01:25 PM
I knew it, Gary mckinnon did see this stuff...
posted on Jul, 25 2014 @ 01:43 PM
a reply to: Astr0
If you would kindly pick me up before I die All ill take is a sketch pad and clothing on my back...If
it's up to my LEADERSHIP then you are just more smoke.
posted on Jul, 25 2014 @ 01:52 PM
a reply to: Astr0
As many S & F's as I can give you my friend.


posted on Jul, 25 2014 @ 01:54 PM

Count me in...and Thanks for saving me those 4 times I should have died.
posted on Jul, 25 2014 @ 01:56 PM
wow..... mind blown....i enjoyed that read....
posted on Jul, 25 2014 @ 02:01 PM
How does Roswell, the Cash-Landrum incident and the Rendlesham Forest incident fit into all of
posted on Jul, 25 2014 @ 02:05 PM
Great read, your story held my attention. My interest usually does not make it through these kind
of stories so I gave you a star and flag.
posted on Jul, 25 2014 @ 02:05 PM
Hope to hear more soon....?
posted on Jul, 25 2014 @ 02:15 PM
a reply to: Astr0
More, more, more!!
Love this thread, very interesting information!
I saw a black triangle hovering silently over my backyard in the mid 90's with 4 or 5 of my friends
and will never forget it.

posted on Jul, 25 2014 @ 02:17 PM
I'm in, just send me one of the smaller crafts so I can go out exploring. Just beam me out when
you get here to deliver my ship. Just use my cellphone as a tracking device, it is a reliable way of
tracking me cause I don't let anyone have access to it, and I always have it with me.
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posted on Jul, 25 2014 @ 02:21 PM
Thanks for the summary of the hints... and I must say, I want very much to believe this... and it
coalesces many little "maybe facts" that many have heard through the years... though I can't
remember the Arthur C. Clarke /Kubrik-esque "monolith" before in the UFO/breakaway civ lore...
it takes the place of the Roswell crash as the main initial source? Ancient AI?
As long as you've taken the leap... care to engage the curious regarding our origins/ the RK?...
heh... this will be soundly ridiculed by most anyway... why not?
And, again, if true, the self styled lords of earthly misery have some 'splainin ta do.
So ...if total fantasy by some bored savant, bravo, sir. If true... (fumbles for dusty bottle of Scotch)
posted on Jul, 25 2014 @ 02:21 PM
originally posted by: drneville
I knew it, Gary mckinnon did see this stuff...

He found far more than he has ever said, and I do not blame him.
The Americans though wanted him not for what he found, but where and how he found it. Why?
Because they didn't and still don't know who was on the other side talking him through the door
I'll be honest, he was found by some thing that wanted finding.
posted on Jul, 25 2014 @ 02:24 PM
Just one question...
Why divulge this information on a commercial site? Interesting read however!

sorry, one more question...

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posted on Jul, 25 2014 @ 02:34 PM
Thanks for everything Astr0. I can't say that enough. I hope you aren't leaving are you?
posted on Jul, 25 2014 @ 02:35 PM
So how exactly does a cloned set of twins die if the original person dies?
It's an intriguing story but I can't believe it. Sorry, I'm just not feeling that gullible today. Maybe
next time.
posted on Jul, 25 2014 @ 02:39 PM
a reply to: Astr0
This would make a cool film or episode of The Twilight Zone.

posted on Jul, 25 2014 @ 02:40 PM
originally posted by: Astr0
Let me be very clear to you all here and now - she is not an alien artefact.

Did you recover her, or is she deep underground, or what?