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The Business and Management Educational Institution of STMIK TEKNOKRAT



I. Warming Up
Observe these pictures, which one is more similar to the environment in which you


What kind of
appear in picture I

business that can be

until III

Is there any relation between Business and Environment?

Give your opinion!
English For Business II


The Business and Management Educational Institution of STMIK TEKNOKRAT

Yes, there is ..
No, there is not .

II. Practice
I. a. Complete this table with your own words, what is the advantage of business
and effect of environment. Dont forget to mention the kind of business!
Advantage of Business


Effect in environment.
Compare your answer with your friend!

In groups, discuss the following activity! The class divided into two, both has
different ideas.
A. You are the local authority in your village. To reduce the urbanization
Flow, you plan to establish a pulp company so as to provide jobs for the
local people.
B. You are group of village society who does not agree about the plan. Because so
many trees have to cut it can cause water pollution.
Include the following points in your discussion
The societys life is very poor
The pulp company will increase the villagers income and it will raise their welfare
Location and facilities provided by the company
(You can add your own point)

English For Business II


The Business and Management Educational Institution of STMIK TEKNOKRAT

II. a. Use your knowledge to predict what companies must done to save our
Public concern
1. Plastic wrappers pollute
The environment.

Company action
a. Ask customer to bring basket.
b. Start using paper packaging
c. Limited the customer purchase

2. The ozone layer is disappearing

a. Produce ozone safe product.

b. Forbid people to use hair spray
c. Break all the glasses house

3. Plastic bottles take years

to disintegrates

a. Ask customer to pay deposit on

b. Use plastics bottle still
c. Start to use glass bottles again

4. Breathing other peoples

Cigarettes smoke

a. Close the cigarette factory

b. Tell the customer to stop
c. Make no-smoking sections in
public service

5. The level of lead in the environment

a. Makes cars that use lead-free gas

b. Stop producing cars
c. Limited the use of cars

6. Make a summary about Business and Environment. It can cause both good or bad
effect. You can observe the surrounding around your neighborhood.
Then report it to the class !
In my neighborhood, there is .
Because of this, there are bad and good effect .
The bad are..
The good ..
III. Reading
English For Business II


The Business and Management Educational Institution of STMIK TEKNOKRAT


In todays world, thousands of jobs are available. Global needs have mushroomed as
developed and developing societies work towards a better future for the in habitants of this earth.
New scientific processes and modern technology have been created to answer these needs. As
communication and information bring the world together in sharing of all this knowledge,
manifold options in terms of careers and job opportunities have opened up for todays
generations. Today, the problem often faced by the young person deciding on a career is not as
simple as it may have been in the past, simply because the greater the number to shoose from, the
harder it becomes to make a choice.
Imagine that all kinds of Jobs were available to us. Would we not then be hard put to make
up our minds?
Fortunately, no one can really have access to all of the different jobs available on the market.
For one thing, everyone usually considers jobs that are to his or her own interest. And, for
another, there is no way that all job facilities and opportunities can be had by everyone.
Nevertheless, anyone choosing a career should be aware of the immense variety of jobs in
existence. Everyone should realize that more choices may actually be available than those he or
she may have in mind or perhaps even know about. There may be many more occupations that
people might never have heard of and so may never even consider when making choices, and yet
it might be just those occupations which open up golden opportunities for the individual person.
What Influences me?

When we think about doing something with our lives, we may not always get or turn out to
be what we want. The reason is that getting there is not always completely dependent on
ourselves alone. We may all have our ideals and our ambitions, but we dont always end up with
the same ideals or ambitions because of many factors that we have to take into consideration.
Do you have any idea of what those factors may be?
In fact, sometimes, they are so important that we may even make 180 degree changes in our
careers and life styles because of them. They are such as; people around us, family attitudes,
tradition, and environment.

English For Business II


The Business and Management Educational Institution of STMIK TEKNOKRAT

Find the words in the above text which have similar meaning to the following. You
can find it in dictionary.
1. Production, distribution and sale of goods/service.
2. Creation of services / changing material into product.
3. Product
4. Exchange of product / service for money.
5. Services
6. Profit / surplus
7. Goal
8. Classified
9. For instance
10. Product moved from factory to market place.
Answer these questions !
1. What can be classified as good? and service?
2. Can you mention the various part of business?
3. Whats business mean traditionally?

English For Business II