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Christian Notes

Volume 1 Number 3 January 2010

Weogufka Second Baptist Church

A New Year is here!
Brother Brandon Baird Bain Culver, Chairman
Pastor Deacon’s Ministry

Burrrrr!! Cold weather is here, but What does the “New Year” actually
things are heating up here at the church. I mean? I think people are looking back
am so excited about Children’s Church over the previous year resolving to do
and all the opportunities it will bring us better the next time around. Without
as a church family. Big thanks to Jesus this would not be possible. We all
everyone helping in this endeavor. You want a renewed hope for a better
all mean the world to me!! tomorrow, but there’s only one way,
The new year brings about a chance of through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.
reflection, as well as a chance to move Please pray for our ministry at Second
forward. I thank God for all the blessings Baptist Church as we reach out to the
we received in 2009, especially all the community offering new programs for a
lives we have seen saved. I am thankful New Year.
for all the new families God has brought
us recently. I know 2010 is going to be Paul Dunsieth, Director
even better. If we stand in one mind and Sunday School
one accord, and believe that God ca do
great things. He will!!!!!!!! Begin today It is always a good time to study the Bible
praying that God will move in a mighty so you can live a better life, and prepare
way. “Ask and you shall receive. Seek yourself with knowledge to help others in
and you shall find. Knock and the door need. Join us each Sunday for lessons and
shall be opened unto you. study time in Sunday School. You’ll get
a blessing and increase your knowledge
God Bless of the Bible.
Brandon Baird Paul Dunsieth

Special Events

Ladies Day Out...January 23, 2010

2 Volume 1 Number 3 January 2010

Kelley Wright, Secretary Of Special Interest

Women on Mission
Our church is blessed with children, and
The final tally for the Lottie Moon young adults. Just give them a contest to
Christmas Offering was $1,050.00. win, they all step up to do the Lord’s
Praise God! Thank you for being so work. Just watch out for those socks,
generous this year. I know sometimes they’ll all be asking for your change in
finances can get tight but you have shown March. What a blessing!
that you can’t out give God. He will
surely bless you for it. Our kids and Children’s Church
youth really did a great job raising Darlene Greene, Assistant
money. We will do something similar to
the Sock it to Missions Contest for the Children’s Church Lesson Schedule
Annie Armstrong Easter Offering
beginning in March. January 3rd Darlene’s Team
God Bless, January 10th Karen’s Team
Kelley January 17th Brooke’s Team
January 24th Brenda’s Team
Kelley Wright, Director January 31st No Children’s Church
Special Services

Happy New Year! Hard to believe isn’t

it? I want to personally thank everyone February 7th Darlene’s Team
who helped make Christmas at Weogufka February 14th Karen’s Team
2nd Baptist just wonderful! There were February 21st Brooke’s Team
those who sewed costumes, built the February 28th Brenda’s Team
Christmas float, lead the choir, worked
with the children and puppets, and went Darlene’s Team: Darlene, Amanda,Sonya
Christmas caroling. Everyone pitched in (205-280-6243)
to help and I appreciate each one of you. Karen’s Team: Morgan, Karen, Quint
Our next special service will be the (245-7370)
Valentine Banquet on February 14th at Brooke’s Team: Brooke, Greta, Pam S.
5:00 pm. We are in the process of getting (249-3910)
prices for the food and securing a Brenda’s Team: Brenda, Paul
speaker. Watch the bulletin for more (245-7349)
information and plan on coming to NOTE: If you swap a week with
receive “God’s Valentine to You.” someone let Brooke know in advance.
Kelley Wright
3 Volume 1 Number 3 January 2010

Musical Notes Children’s Corner

Denise Adams Brenda Dunsieth

Welcome to the New Year! The choir The Puppet Place

took off a few weeks of practice after our
Christmas presentation. We will The puppeteers are: LeAnn Kelley, Zeb
hopefully resume practice this week and Baird, Austin Bryant, Courtney Bryant,
begin some new songs. It won’t be long Jessica Hallman, Brandon Adams, Kaddy
before we begin practice for our Easter Kemp, Morgan Varner, and Karen
presentation, as Easter comes the first Varner. Myles Varner is our Sound Man.
Sunday in April this year. We encourage We’re practicing for yet another program.
anyone wishing to praise the Lord Just watch for the announcement! Until
through song, to join the choir. We look then, keep us in your prayers.
forward to seeing new members this year.
Puppets For Christ
Make a joyful noise unto the Lord Brenda Dunsieth
Denise Adams
Church Fund Raiser
Lynn Varner, Leader “Play Ground Project”
Ladies Discipleship Training
We’re still asking for your help in raising
On January 23 beginning at 10:00am the funds necessary to build a
our church will host a Ladies Conference “Playground” at our church.
entitled “New Year...New You.” Our Our goal is $3,000.00
guest speaker will be Ms. Jan Morris. The church will be accepting “tax”
Testimony will be given by Ms. Rachel deductible donations. Just see any
Turney and our Praise & Worship leader Deacon, the Pastor, or Ms. Linda Palmer
will be Ms. Judy Stocks. In order to get a to make your donations.
court for lunch, we need to know how And we still have those traditional Cook
many will be attending by January 18th. Books to sell. We are encouraging our
Please let me know if you are planning to members to “sign out” and sell a number
attend and how many guests you will be of Cook Books to help with the fund
bringing. There is no charge but we will raising. Please call Brooke Baird, who
take a love offering to help with the has been elected the Director of the Play
expenses. There is a flyer attached to the Ground Project, at 249-3910, to help
Newsletter. Ladies, please join us, you with this much needed fund raiser.
will receive a blessing like no other.

Thank you,
Lynn Varner
4 Volume 1 Number 3 January 2010

Business Meetings Story Time, Poems, Articles

Business meetings are held the second I am me! In all the world, there is no one
Monday of every month at 6:00 pm. exactly like me.
Please bring a covered dish for supper Everything that comes out of me is
and fellowship before the meeting. authentically mine because I alone choose
The next meeting is Monday, January it. I own everything about me. My body,
11th. my feelings, my mouth, my voice, all my
actions, it’s me.
Yoder’s Family Traditions I own my fantasies, my dreams, my
hopes, my fears. I own all my successes,
Debe Hooley from Yoder’s Family failures and mistakes.
Traditions and Gifts is offering various Because I own all of me, I can become
craft classes at her shop. We encourage personally acquainted with ME. By
you to stop by and visit Debe. See her doing this, I can love me and be friendly
collection of unique jams and jellies and with me.
much more. Call Debe at 245-7345 I know there are things about me that
puzzle me, but as long as I am friendly
Neighborhood Watch and loving to myself, I can courageously
and hopefully look for solutions to the
The monthly meeting for the Community failures in me. How ever I look or sound,
Neighborhood Watch is held on the 3rd whatever I say and do, whatever I think
Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm in the and feel at any given moment is
Weogufka School Lunchroom. All area authentically me!
residents are invited to attend. Just bring If sometimes the way I look or sound turn
a covered dish for supper. out to be unfitting, I can discard that
which is unfitting, keep the rest, and
invent something new for me.
I can see, hear, feel, think, say and do...I
have the will to survive, to choose to be
close to others, to work and to make
sense and order out of the world of
people and things outside of me. I own
me and for what that is worth I love me
and I AM OKAY because God made me!

God Bless