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Spring Fest in association with WIPRO presents INDIA CALLING, a case study presentation
based on a social problem statement. An event for the students and faculty alike as
young minds present their ideas that has both financial and social goals integrated to
its purpose!
Participants need to be socially motivated and practical in their approach. India is
Indeed Calling.
1) It is a team event, with a maximum of 5 and minimum of 2 members per team.
2) All participating teams need to submit an abstract of their presentation by 10th january.
3) In the prelims, teams need to submit a presentation in pdf format (online
submission on website).
4) Presentation should have a maximum of 30 pictures accompanied by captions and
slogans, as well as a 500 word policy proposal.
5) Mark distribution(Prelims):
a. Pictures, Slogans & Captions(Content) - 40%
b. Pictures, Slogans & Captions(Projection of topic) - 20%
c. Presentation - 20%
d. Policy proposal - 20%
6) Finalists will be selected on the basis of prelims and shall be notified within 5 days of
end of submission.

1) Finals will be a conference where each team will advocate for their respective
2) The order of turns will be decided by draw of lots.
3) Each team will get 10 minutes to present.
4) After each teams turn, 10 minutes will be allotted for cross questioning where the
other teams can argue over the feasibility of the solution presented.
5) The performance in the conference will be evaluated on the basis of:
I. Content presented in 10 minutes 50%
II. Response for questions posed 30%
III. Questions asked 20%
The decision of judges will be final and binding.

Sustainable Manufacturing and Job Creation

Over time many global organizations treat sustainability as an important objective in
determining their strategy and operations. A sustainable economy framework should
provide proper balance between the economy, society and environment. A balanced
environment should support Leadership, Business process culture and Technology.
You can present the case study considering the below questions:

What are your views on sustainable manufacturing and job creation?

What differentiates sustainable manufacturing?
Does sustainable manufacturing increase operational efficiency?
How does it enhance job creation in the future?
Does it help reach out to a new base of customers and increase competitive
Does it enhance and strengthen brand and reputation?
Does it build long term business goals?

A case study should tell the story of:

Specific business need or organisational objective being addressed.

Approach developed to meet this challenge/business need.
Activities and their implementation.
Outcomes and measurable impacts of the activities
The results to which the outcomes are sustainable and were achieved in a
cost efficient manner.
The results to which the outcomes are sustainable
Important point & other factors of influence
Additional Information (If any)
Photographs and Graphics:

Case Study Summary:

80 -100 words outlining the objectives of the activity, key actions and outcomes
Case Study Detail:
Up to 500 words providing an overview of the activity addressing the bullet points
below. Include discussion on any challenges and difficulties that arose.
Links to URLS can be included.
Practicality and ease of implementation along with the social impact created shall be the
major Judging criteria.