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Lead Story: £Ix Delhi Boor< Publishers
Keep the Oldest Faith in Print 20
Ethnobotany: S.K. Jain, Champion of
India's Sacred Plants 26
Language: Has this Bengali Researcher
Deciphered the Indus Valley Script? 32
Archeology: Valley Boys-Indus, That Is 34
Festivals: Malaysia's Fervid Tai Pusam 35
Toys: Barbie Doll Struts in Cool Saris 36


Insight: Th&Mystical Art of Seeing and

Ivt~rpret!ng the Human Aura 28
Ayurveda: Turmeric, Yellow Elixir 38
Women: beihis Mayor, Up Close 39
ParenUng: Touchpoints Of Childhood
CuU;ure: McCluskieganj's Anglo-Indians
Publisher's Desk: Our Aura Re.veals
Eniotional and Karmic Conditions 10
Lettens I 12
My Turn: We Need Faith in God 13
Healing: AIDS: What Is the Truth? 44
Minister's Message: Just say "N9: to
Nagging Negative Thoughts 50
Dlaspora 7 Mews in Brief 49
Quotes &Quips 17 Digital Dharma 56
Evolutions 39


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An Audio Library
To the Editor Press International, a
Of Inspired Talks
(e-mail) Daily News Summary
Rudraksha-Sacred Peace and Power
Astavakra Bita
Commentary by
Swami Chinmayananda.
A lucid dialogue between the teen-
ager sage Astavakra and his disciple,
Experience the power, peace
and purifying influence of
the sacred rukrasha seed.

"Even if one holds merely one

the King-seer Janaka, dealing with
the seeker's mystical experiences. Rudraksha seed purified and
surcharged with Shakti, he
Taco Bell Oil for Keeps
443 pg • US$1O plus $3.75 postg
Chinmaya Publications
560 Bridgetown Pike
uplifts his twenty-one genera-
tions, attains to heaven and
Ballyhoo O the Oriental Institute's

resides there with respect." UKESH RAJ OF VENTURA, palm-leaf manuscripts is a re-
Langhorne, PA 19053-720l USA. -Srimad Devi Bhagavatam M California ordered a veg-
gie "bean burrito" at a local
markable oil formulation creat-
Tel: 888-CMW-READ or 215-396-0390 ed a thousand years ago. It was
Choose from among a great Taco Bell Mexican fast-food made to preserve a manuscript
variety of high quality beads restaurant.. After one bite, he left by the great Vaishnava
and malas: was shocked to find he ham saint, Raman'Uja, in the town of
been given a "beefburrito"- Melkote. A local disciple eager
Deities Gilded in 24 K. Gold • rudraksha • sandalwood ground beef stuffed in a tortilla . to preserve the saint's work
• tulsi • crystal beads, and more. "Eating'the cow, it was really a mixed a complex solution of oil,
Ganapati sitting (or danCing), Ram devastating experience, so much Deteriorating home of the Oriental Research Institute in Mysore flowers and other plants to soak
Darbar, Lakshmi, Shiva-Parvati, We guarantee the authenticity and purity of all our so that I had to go to a psychia- the palm leaves. B. V. Narasim-
Durga, Shirdi Sai Baba, Hanuman, products. Send for a free catalog. trist. I couldn't sleep," Rai said. POSTERITY hachar, a descendant of the in-
Santoshi Ma, Tirupati Balaji, Vishnu, ventor, today supplies oil to the
Shiva Nataraj, Krishna, Krishna with
Cow. 3 to 5" (7 to 12 cm) high. $19.95
Jai Hanuman International Ltd.
808 S. 2nd st. ( PO Box 1764 )
Treasure House in Danger Institute and others in South
India, charging only for the oil
to $39.95. $3.50 shipping. Catalog. Fairfield, IA 52556-3607 USA ISMANAGEMENT, LACK OF FUNDS AND A SLOWLY potpourri's ingredients. And
Discounts for retailers and temples.
Nirvana Collection
94 Route 416, Campbell Hall, NY
Tel: 800-379-6439 or 515-472-2448
M crumbling building are threatening the very preserva-
tion of 650,000 ancient manuscripts housed at the Ori-
ental Research Institute in Mysore. It was established in 18g1
Ramanujas original manu-
script? It lies well-preserved in
Narasimhachar's shrine room.
10916 USA • Tel: 800-374-2304 or by the Maharaja of Mysore, Chamaraja Wodeyar, to preserve
914-294-1498 • Fax 914-294-3870. Wholesale opportunities available. the literary treasures of his erstwhile kingdom-which included
such items as a rare copy of the ancient Arthashastra. A
scathing article in The Week magazine from Kerala charges that
He complained that Taco Bell the institute cannot even keep its roof repaired, and the result-
didn't even refund the price dif- ing leaks are threatening the manuscripts. Scholars complain
ference between die beef burri- that salaries are low and promotions nonexistent. They say the
to and its cheaper bean replace- institute has difficulty even getting Sanskrit works properly
ment. Rai has sued the proofread. In 1985 the Ford Foundation provided a $70,000 mi-
company for emotional distress, crofilm camera to record the manuscripts, but it has never been
medical expenses and to recov- used for lack of a trained cameraman. The constant change of
er the cost: of traveling tq India directors hampers attempts at any improvement.
for purification in the Ganges.

YOGA The Power of Conscious Bre.ath- fornia audience. Four

ing in Hatha Yoga. What sets dancing mothers and
For E:ve'ryone this book apart from others on
hatha yoga is Vasanthis broad
their daughters partici-
pated. Amrapali Am-
y DREAM IS TO LET PEO- approach. Beyou young or old, begaokar and daughtelt
M ple know that"conscious
breathing and yoga are basically
male or female, thin or fat, you'll
find something here to easily
Anjani of Los Angeles
danced Kathak; Hema
very simplle, yet profoundly put into practice and improve Rajagopalan and
powerful healing skills that can your life. Years ago Bhat herse1f daughter Kritika of
be practiced by anyone," writes delved into hatha yoga to over- Moms aT).d daughters dance together ' Chicago, as well as
Vasanthi Bhat in her new book, <orne the results of a serious Mythili Kumar and
auto accident. She DANCE daughters Rasik and Malavika of
then began to teach San Francisco performed
others and 22 years A Family Affair Bharata Natyam; while Ramaa
later has thousands of Bharadvaj and daughter Sweta
grateful students' to ANDE MANTRAM" IS TItE of Los Angeles danced Kuchipu-
V national anthem of India
and means "Mother, I bow to
di. The troupe has performed
once so far to a sell-out crowd
CALIFORNIA 95129 USA you." It is also the name of a and may be persuaded to en-
unfque mother-daughter dance thrall audiences with
Bhat's new book program which charmed a Cali- additional concerts.

LearII1 Kriya Yoga from a Realized Master Summer Programs at Arsha Vidya, '98
The Kriya Yoga Institute wel- June 12-14-Meditation Retreat
Singapore Jam comes sincere seekers to learn June 20-28-Children's Camp
the authentic Kriya Yoga med- July-Aug-Week-long family retreats
itation technique. The God-
Sorderly to the max, ... except

for one area. Every week thou-

realized living master of the
original Kriya lineage, Pararna-
with Swami Dayananda,Vedanta,
meditation, yoga, chanting, music,
and fun for the kids.
sands of foreign workers, most- hamsa Hariharananda teaches Beautiful temple, nice accommoda-
1y from India and Bangladesh, . at the Institute. Paramaharnsaji tions, delicious vegetarian meals.
converg~ on the city-state's tiny attained the supreme pulseless Call or write for schedule:
Little India district to shop, and breathless state of nirvi- Arsha Vidya Gurukulam
chat, eat and catch up with kalpa samadhi in 1948. PO Box 1059, Saylorsburg, PA 18353-
news from home. It's a colorful 9200 USA • 717-992-2339 ext. 210
scene, but some locals say the Kriya Yoga is a direct gift
throng is a menace to traffic from God, and was taught by
and distul'bs the peace. "They Krishna to Arjuna (Gita 4:1-2).
walk as if this is India," said • The modern revival of Kriya
Indian children from different religions hold a sign 0tharmony on a f estival boat at Dal Lake, Kashmir shopper M. Prakash, complain- Yoga began in 1861 when Babaji initiated Lahiri Mahasaya. Kunda/ini Yoga fol' the West
ing about their carefree atti- Swami Shriyukteshwar, a realized disciple of Lahiri Baba,
DIVERSITY tion, followed by wage labor. tudes. But the workers, mostly initiated Paramahamsa Hariharananda into original Kriya A classic by Swami Sivananda Radha

Bi~est-Ever Survey of India '

Only 20% of Indians are vege- building laborers, argUe simply Yoga. Hariharanandaji also received direct teachings from now in its 20th year, offering ques-
tarians, though India has overall that Singapore needs them "and Paramahamsa Yogananda. tions for reflection, self-knowledge
one of the lowest meat con- there is nowhere else to meet. YOGA ;"
and the discovery of one's potential.
ID YOU KNOW THAT HIN- of India. Project editor Kumar sumption rates in the world. Initiation is available at the Institute on Saturdays at 9 am. Also: exercises to refine your senses, WEST
Ddus and Muslims in India
share 97 percent of their cul-
Suresh Singh says it is the "first
complete sur\(ey of the human
Dowry is found lin 1,850 com-
munities (all Hindu, Sikh or
Monthly ten-day intensives are offered. Direct initiation is
also available at more than 25 centers countrywide by monks
focus your mind, cultivate your
imagination and clarify your inner
tural values? In fact, this is true surface in the country." Diversi- Jain), but is almost absent and yogacharyas of this lineage. power. Free catalog:
with most religions in India, ex- ty is the catchword: India is among the lower castes. Di- Timeless Books, PO Box 3543 HT
plaining why h?Imony general- home to more than 4,600 com- vorce is permissible iJ;t 3,800 Kriya Yoga Institute • 24757 SW 167th Ave Spokane, WA 99220-3543 USA
ly prevails. There are more star- munities, which speak a whop- , communities, and remarriage Homestead, FL 33031-1364, USA. Tel.: 305-247-1960 Tel: 800-251-
tling findings in the 1985~1995, ping 325 languages and have for both divorcees and widows Fax: 305-248-1951 • • 9273. Tel/fax: 509-838-6652
ethnographic survey, possibly 80,000 different cultural and in the same number. Smoking
the world's largest, conducted ethnic identities! India's leading bee dies (hand-rolled cigarettes)
by the Anthropological Survey occupation is settle<;l cultiva- is the most addictive habit. Singapore's sky and skyline

THE VEDAS Having examined the worlds gained by deeds, the wise
seeker should become indifferent to them, for the eternal
cannot be attained by work. To know that, let him ap-
Wedding / Rental Facilities
God's Word, proach with humility a Guru who is learned in the scrip- Barsana oham, Ausdn, Texas
tures and established in the Brahman. To such a seeker, EtY0Y your important event at Sarsana vitam, situated on 200 acres of
Sages'Voices whose.mind is tranquil and senses controlled, and who scenic land 16 miles southwest of Austin, Texas. Flowering gardens,
has approached him in the proper manner, let the learned
wildflower meadows, Prem Sarovar pond, ~ovardhan Hill, R.adha Kund,
May I attain to Vishnu's Guru impart the science of Brahman through which the
true, imperishable being is realized. reflection pools and fountains create a beautiful environment for ...
glorious mansion where the
faithful rejoice, where, close ATHARVA VEDA, MUNDAKA UPANISHAD 1.2.1 ....'3
Weddings, yoga retreats, youth camps, seminars, special occasions
beside the Strider, within
his highest footstep springs Within him is fire, within him is drink, within him both
the well of purest honey? earth and heaven. He is the sun which views the whole • Wedding Hall
RIG VEDA 1.154.5 world, he is indeed light itself-the long-haired ascetic. 2,600 sq. ft.
RIG VEDA 10.136.1
I breathe out strongly like • Mandap
the wind while clasping The man who realizes the atman, knowing, '1 am He," what • Vegetarian Kitchen
unto myself all worlds, all craving or what urge could cause him to cling to the body? 900 sq. ft.
things that are. I tower above the earth, above the heavens, SHUKLA YAJUR VEDA, BRlHADARANYAKA UPANISHAD 4.4.12

so mighty am I in my power and splendor! • Dining Hall

RIG VEDA, DEVI SUKTA 10.125.8 Know that all this, whatever moves in this moving world, 3,400 sq. ft.
is enveloped by God. Therefore find your enjoyment in
Girded by the wind, they have donned ocher mud for a renunciation. Do not covet what belongs to others. • Accommodations:
garment. So soon as the Gods have entered within them, SHUKLA YAJUR VEDA , !SA UPANISHAD 1 Private rooms w/bath
they follow the wings of the wind, these silent ascetics. The Vedas are the divinely revealed and most revered scriptures, Double/family rooms Overnight accommodations are also available
RIG VEDA 10.136 .• sruff, of Hinduism, likened to the Torah (2 ,000 BeE), Bible New Tes- Dormatories for those who would like to participate in
tament (zoo eEl, Koran (600 eE) or ZendAvesta (600 BeE). They are Barsana Vham ashram and Temple programs.
only four in number, Rig, Yajur, Sarna, and Atharoa and include over
100,000 verses. The oldest portions date back as far as 6 ,000 BCE.


PUBLISHER'S DESK The aura tells all: A guru and his devotees mdiate the brilliant
hues of cognition and divine love. Yellow predominates in -&he auras
of a teacher and her students. An arguing couple ditplay the black-

To the.Psychic,. Nothing ish red shadEs of mmpant anger and hurtfulness. Persistent colors
become part of the inner aum. (Giant 3' by S' full-color, educational
.posters of the Publisher's Desk original art are available for US$gg.)

Is Reaily Ever Hidden interplay of colors, each separate, with one flOwing through the
other at different rates of vibration.
Color and sounds interrelated bring down form, for the atomic
structure of form, when broken down to its most refmed aspect,
equals sound. All aspects of color qualify themselves as emotions
Everyone's emotional memories are registered in of people, ot only instinctive, but intellectual and superconscious.
These are registered in the atmospheric condition of the inner
their inner aura as various shades and hues of color plane as various combinations of colors, shades and hues.
In a yoga gathering, a student once asked: "When you see colors
inside of people, is this the. aura?" No, this is not the outer aura,
BY SATGURU SIVAYA SUBRAMUNIYASWAMI which extends three or four feet out from the physical body and is
constantly changing. That inner aura portrays tense sub-subcon-
ANY YEARS AGO, IN THE LATE FIFTIES, understanding of karma, scious tendencies, desires and reactionary conditions that have
while listening to seekers unfold from knowing little about dhar- gone to seed and often do not change for years on end. The more
their subconscious deep-rooted problems ma and the other basics of changeable outer aura is affected by the static inner aura which
created from unfulfilled desires and not- Hinduism. profoundly influences a persons daily feelings and thoughts. The /
so-happy experiences, I began to see Seeing that a seeker's interplay between the two is an underlying force of human life.
pictures form in the deep inner aura of their as- inner aura was holding a When the third eye opens in this capacity, people begin to look
tral body. These patterns, or vasanas, were por- darker color, a deep blue like plastic images with colors streaming through them. Suppose,
trayed in complex arrangements of several colors. or reddish black, would for example, a person became extremely upset over an unfair hap-
The inner aura, I discovered, is imbedded within prompt my question: pening. The congested pmnas remain vibrating in the inner aura
the chest and torso. This experience was most "What do you have on until cleared. Such an experience could be brought again to the
amazing when it first began to happen, but it your mind?" They would surface (the conscious mind), relived through conversation, and
wasn't long before it was easy to understand ex- say, "Nothing." I would say, the congestion unleashed and dissipated through the outer auric
actly how each coloF related to a deep-seated "Oh, you have something field from the core of the inner aura itself
emotional memory pattern. Looking like "mod- on your mind. What is it?" Hindu seers of ancient times used the term vasana to name
ern art," the colors interrelated with the seeker's They would say, "Not a deep-seated subconscious traits or tendencies that shape one's be-
emotional experiences, stress pressures, repressions arn;l thing." Soon the dark, congested area lief's, attitudes and motivations. Vasanas can be positive or nega-
reactionary con'ditions built up over the years. As time went on, wouln slowly begin to move up froll} the tive. One of the best methods for dissolving troublesome vasanas,
this siddhi was perfected. solar plexus into the chest. I would then is the practice of burning confessions, or even long letters to loved
A negative reactionary condition lodged in this sub-subcon-. say, "There must be something on your ones or acquaintances, describing pains, expressing confusions and
scious, inner aura is seen as shades of deep, heavy gray, or brown- mind that you are remembering that registering complaints and long-held hurts. In San,skrit, I call this
ish, greenish black. This would appear in the torso of the body bothered you when you were about the Vasana Daha Tantra, meaning "subconscious purification by
from the neck down to the waist. A happy experience is seen as twelve years old, or fourteen or sixteen." fire." Writing down problems and burning them in any ordinary
blue, yellow, pink an'd all the lighter hues. By observing auras time They would say, "I can't think of a thing." fire brings them from the subconscious into the external mind,
and time again, while listening to many hundreds of devotees tell But when 'the dark congestion reached releasing the supressed emotion as the fire consumes the paper.
their subconscious stories, all through the sixties, the accuracy was the throat area, automatically they This is a magical healing process, and one of the few methops I
astoupding. By simply looking at their inner aura, it becam~ easier would start talking. The problem would have found for actually clearing up the inner aura.
and easier to,know almost at a glance what was going to be said pop right into their eonscious mind, and Truly, we are progressing very well along the San Marga, the
next-not the very words, but the nature of the condition that )'las they would tell everything about the straight path to perfection. What is perfection? By perfection, we
to be unfolded. I later found that when a negative condition situation until the dark congestion slow- mean two things: first, strength of character-self control and ex-
cleared, the spir:itual pmnas lightened the cq!ors to almost a bril- ly changed into a bright yellow. At this . periencing life's adventures in love and understanding; and second"
liancy, and the seeker was lifted into a beautiful, high state of con- point, you would notice tp.ey had a pre- having a pure heart and love, of God as the ever-giving life energy
templation. Some even experienced the clear white light for the liminary understanding of the experi- in all beings. We gain strength of character by understanding the
first time, and others saw their entire body filled with light. This ence to which they had been reacting. unfailing law of karma-that nothing can happen to us, good, bSld
only happened when the dar~r shades of color were dissolved In studying color we find that the < or mixed, but that we have set the pmnas into motion that eventu-
fr m the sub of the subconscious state of mind, the home of deep- emotjon of jealousy bursts forth bMckish ally maI1ifest every experience. In understanding this divine law,
seated impressions of past exper¢ nce. This means that some of the green. ~ emotion of fear gives forth many shades of gray. and creates a devotional atmospher~ and orange is the color of we conquer 4..1J.rt feelings, resentment, anger and all the uncOlnfort-
emotion was lifted from the experience. They usually remained in Deeply congested states give forth black, indicating depression and activity created by desire to serve selflessly. Blackish red on the able emotions of life. Next, we accept the fact that all manifested
a high state of consciousness until they started to react to having . the desire for security. Brown indicates the magnetic, pmnic forces' other hane! indicates repressed lust and sensual desire. life is in motion because of the pmnas that have manifested into
told me their story, then began to relive the PJroblems and recreate of nature. A deep desire of greed would produce brown. Deep The primary colors, red, blue and yellow, are the basic force form and that those pmnas are emanating right from the
some of the darker colors, clouding the white light and returning to blue indicates religious devotion without knowledge, something colors of the great prism of life. Actinic, or spiritual, force hitting Godhead, every minute of every hour of every day. It is all that
the mental-emotional state where they started. like blind faith. Light brue indicates knowlegeable devotional prac- the most sensitive odic force fields blends tHese colors into myriad simple. But in today's comp1ex world we sometimes lose sight of
1n the beginning years of yoga in America, in the middle of this tices. The color yellow indicates the richness of a purified intellec- hues In the inner and outer aura. In the inner plane of conscious- Sanatana Dharma's truths.
century, this occurred more than often: a yoga student would tual knowing. PUFple indicates bringing spiritual teachings down ness, each color is separate and distinct within itself, even while At times like thes.e, when we stumble on the path, dark, troubled
reach the clear white light through clearing sub-subconscious con- through the intellect and expounding them on the physical plane, intermingling, for colors stand alone just as sounds vibrate simulta- emotions add their dismal colors to our static inner aura. It is now
ditions, then recreate the subconscious congestion over ruid over whereas lavender is indicative of the higher spiritual teachings neously in the same atmosphere in this plane of consciousness. time to stimulate heartfelt forgiveness and be diligent in daily sad-
agaiR. Why did this happen? Because of wrong knowledge~no . held inside on the higher mental plane. Pink is refined emotion Should one be able to see sound waves, they would register as an hana. Once the problem is mown, we can correct it!


And Proud of It! Analyzirig the Differences Your Kenya correspondent wore a sari but I


coyer with such zeal and fascination. The
article from the PUBLISHER'S D~SK and the
EDITORIAL in Dec., '97 issue made me
more inclined to choose Buddhism over
Hinduism because Buddha went to a great
deal of trouble and suffering while Hin-
no hindi and the ones from the United States
w~e neither sari nor hindi. This perhaps
y.rould not be so surprising in a context of
day-to-day life. But for HINDUISM TODAY,
Sureness'in Faith Will
question why I've been celeb~ating Christ-
mas for the last 15 years when I'm proud to
be a Hindu. This prompted us to have some
serious family discussions and nliturally led
duism was in place (Dharmic Differences,
INSIGHT, Feb., '98). In effect, was he saying
this religion I was raised in is horrible-so I
must seek out the real one? Or dO we have
could they not have found more traditional
and appropriate portraits of themselves?,
There is nothing like a sari for combining el-
egance and modesty. And the bindi is re- HINDU RENAISSANCE TEAM
Surely Lead Us to,God
to, the family gathering for prayer and sat- Buddha demonizing Hinduism, which quired of apHindu women except widows.
sang at our home. • might point to his egoism-which he was Perhaps our daughters of Bharat need to be HINDUISM TODAY was founded January 5, 1979, It is the noblest element of our existence,
AJITAPATEL not supposed to have? HINDUISM TODAY reminded of who they really are and where by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, for the
MISSION VIEJO, CALIFORNIA, US shows distinct differences under an indis- they have come from. They are not Euro- following purposes: 1. To foster Hindu solidarity
as a unity in diversity amo~g all sects and lin-
removing all forms of hurdles in our life
tinct banner, both religions coming off as pean Christians. They should not seek to be
Outreach Is Needed very noble, adding fodder to the 'question, more like them. My wife just came into'the eages; 2. 'Ib inform and inspire Hindus world-
HINDUISM TODAY SHOULD HAVE A CORRE- why would Buddha seek as he did? room. She is wearing pants and a blouse. I wide and people interested ~I). Hinduism; 3. To BY SIVANANDINI DURAISWAMY
spondent in the land of Lord Jagannath and am reminded that she has not worn a bindi dispel myths, illusions and misinformation
about Hinduism; 4. To protect, preserve and
the venue of 'one of the four pithams (mon- HUACHUCA CITY, ARIZONA, US- for years except when we go to temple or an TRAVELLER SETS OUT understanding, while doubt
" promote the sacred Vedas and the ~indu reli-
asteries) established by Adi Sankara. Orissa , Indian social function. Perhaps I should early one day 9n a long sheds uncertainty through life,
gion; 5. To nurture and monitor the ongoing
has the highest demographic percentage of start by narrowing the focus of my concerns _ _ J - - - " ' - J with the hope creating misunderstanding and
spiritual Hindu renaissance. We invite our read-
Hindus in India after tiny Himachal Pra- HINDU TEXTS AND PHILOSOPHY ACKNOWL- closer to home. ers to share these purposes with us by writing that it will be through unrest. In moments of doubt
desh. Your readers qright want to hear regu- edge that the Divine may be both imma- ADITYAN letters, contributing reports and articles on pleasant and verdant pastures. and despair, it is faith that sheds
larly from this area variously known as nent and transcendent. However, individual GAiTHERS~URG, MARYLAND, US events, sending news clippings and encouraging The day is still young and the light and comes to our rescue.
KalingalUtkallKosal Pradesh. Hindus are known to hold more dogmatic ollie s to subscribe. sky qear. The crisp landscape This flame must burri every
VYOMAKHIL views. In fact, some Vaishnavas even insist lies before him as if painted moment, especially as We move
SAMBALPUR, OIUSSA, INDIA that Yaishnavism is not a part of Hinduism Holy Couplets for Kids with the light strokes of a brush. forward in life, radiating beauti-
Publisher: 'Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami
since Hinduism admits Gods other than WHAT A FANTASTIC IDEA TO TEACH Admin. Dir.: Paramacharya,Bodhinathaswami But as he proceeds he suddenly ful positive qualities and helping
Useful Hints. Vishnu. The Buddha, in tea9hing l:y.s guide- Tirokural td the children through pictures Editor-in-Chief Acharya Palaniswami realizes that he is losing his way, us to walk without fear or doubt.
I JUST WANTED TO PRAISE YOU FO'R PRO- lines for right living, described only the with verses (The Weaver, INSIGHT, Mar., Publisher's Aide: Acharya Ceyonswami and after a while finds hinlself in a desolate When the problems of life take the better
viding a good source of information and transcendent nature of the Divine. Howev- '98). Is it possible to undertake' a mammoth Deputy Edl1tor: Acharya Kumarswami and arid area bereft of pastures and trees. of us, we seek consolation and help from
news on Hinduism. I have just married into er, I do not know of any writing in which he project to take one Kural from each of the Managing Editor: Sannyasi Arumugaswami The scorching sand is beneath his feet and outside and forget to look within. "Have
a Hindu family and am eager to learn about denied the possibility of the immanent. The 133 or 108 Chapters (Artha & Dharma) ex- Graphics [;lirector: Sannyasi Natarajaswami the blazing sun above, blinding and choking faith in God and in yourself," were the
my new culture and religion. In Phoenix, immanent was simply not relevant in his plairung it with beautiful pictures in HIN- Mauritius Editor: Sannyasi Murugaswami him. The ronely tracts of the arid sands magnetic words of Swami Vivekananda,
Arizona, this can be difficult. We don't even frame of reference. Consequently, followers DUISM TODAY? It can be sponsored by the Mauritius Staff Writer: Sannyasi Devaswami
haunt him and the hoot of the owl frightens based on the c<;Jnception of the Divinity in
Prod.lPromotion Manager: Sannyasi Kathirswami
have a temple. The article on proper con- of the Buddha, depending on what he had readers who are interested in doing this so- Man Jging Ed. 's Aide: Tyagi Saravananathaswami him. He despairs.and is frightened that he man which should help us to tap our faith
duct (Cues and Clues, INSIGHT, Sept. , '97) spoken and written for guidance, could cial service. I am afraid that the children who Dep. Managing Ed.: Tyagi Klrrttikeyanathaswami may have to pursue this journey forever. Within and enter into the inner realm of
really helped me to enjoy my visit in India, only know of the transcendent. Some Bud- are growing in this land who are more at- Editor-in-Chiefs Aide: Yogi Yuganatha But as he moves forward, the sun goes life where the Atman resides.
where my husband and I were married in a dliists groups have devised their own icons tracted to the Western influences may fail to Advertising Manager: Sadhaka Jothinatha down and his senses come back to him. In life we realize that a; we have faith in
Hindu wedding ceremony. His family was to represent the immanent. The natur.e of incorporate our ancient wisdom. SubSCription Manager: Sad,haka Adinatha Who is this traveller and what is this ourselves, we bring the outer-material
honored and impressed that I knew how to the human being is such that while some A. BALASUBRAMANIAN
Graphics Director Aide: Sivananda Katir desert through which he moves? I am the world and the inner spiritual world togeth-
conduct myself in a temple and in the home. people need the comforting presence of the AUBURN,ALABAMA,US Correspondents: Gowri Shankar & Anandhi ~a­ traveller, the human being, the pilgrim of er. Strangely, the outer material life then
It also took away my ~iety and allowed me immanent CreatorlProtector, others only chan<4an, Chennai; Choodamarii Shivaram, Banga- eternity in my sojourn on Earth. The • becomes more beautiful, acquiring a
lore; Rajiv Malik, Prabha Prabhakar Bhardwaj, Man-
to enjoy my temple visits. find a transcendent Divinity to be mean- gala Prasad Mohanty, Delhi; Y S. Gopalakrishnan, desert is the wheel ofsamsara-the life of granrleur that is influenced by the iDner
AMBER SUKUMARAN ingful and logical. All religions would do News for Indonesians Kerala; Basudeb Dhar, Bangladesh; Archana Dongre, births and deaths which seems never end- .spirituality; and we in turn become calm,
MESA, ARIZONA, us well to allow for this diversity in human na- THE INDONESIAN HINDUS NEED TO FIND Los Angeles; Lavina Melwani, New York; Dr. Hari ing. There are time.s when life was too big peaceful and steadfast-attributes that
" ture ~d acknowledge both forms of the Di- more information concerning their fellow Bansh Jha, Nepal; Parasram Ramoutar, Anil Mahabir, for me, when all things conspired to frus- make one truly beautifuL
viJ?-e. Mankind should be taught to rejoice in "Hindu communities and activities all over Trinidad; Dr. Devananda Tandavan, Chicago; Y G. rate, obstruct and destroy, and I felt that I Thus, when sorraw and misfortune, fear ,
Iran Letter Heartening our similarities instead of battling over our the world. HINDUISM JODAY is very useful in Julie Rajan, Philadelphia; Shikha Malaviya, Mllmeso- had lost my bearings. I felt lonely and lost and gepression come our way, our faith in
I READ THE BEAUTIFUL LETTER TO HIN- differences. increasing understanding and sohdarity of ta; Rajesh Jantilal, South Africa; Tara Katir, Hawaii deep within me. In such a situation, experi- God and in ourselves should not waver.
DUISM T ODAY (LETTERS, Mar., '98) from Artists: A. Manivelu, S. Rajam
S.Y SINGAM Hindus, especially youth in this country. ence taught me that I can only pick up and There are no chance happenings in this
Cartoonists: Barry Geller, David Lourie, Mario de
Iran telling about interest in Hinduism and PENANG, MALAYSIA 1. NYOMAN NURJAYA Miranda, Manick Sorcar, Gary L. Stair,'Bob Thaves keep moving with faith and courage even world. It is our karma working itself out.
mysticism among some Iranians. If it is au- " MALANG, INDONESIA though I may not know where ~ am going. During the dark moment as we cross the
Photo Contributors: Thomas L. Kelly, St~phen P.
thentic, it is indeed heartening that some Huyler, Dev Raj Agrawal, Pha! S. Girota, Tilny Stone But as I moved on, the sun did set oij the scorching desert tracts of our life, genuine
Iranians are looking outside of their own re- Example Begins at Home Images, Photobank, Art Wolfe Inc., Gordon Wiltsie, scorching sands, due to some collected faith is the greatest reformer which accom-
ligion for spirituality. Ram Swarup, in his I HAVE JUST READ YOUR "WOMEN OF VI- Indivar Siv<Ulathan merits of the earlier births, and my faith plishes miracles. Therefore, instead of re- ,
Le~terswith writers name, address and daytime
seminal A Hindu View of Christianity and sion" article (PUBLISHER'S DESK, Jan., '98) phone number, shoul<il. be sent to: Web Maste'rs: Deva Seyon, Sadhunathan Nadesan and confidence gave me a feeling of relief belling against these adverse odds, we
Islam, argues that a reawakened Hinduism and r was struck by the depth of commit- Letters, HINDUISM TDDlY Scanning: \Tlicram Patel, New York t Each one of us is a weary traveller who is should try to convert them into benefits,
can help the world rediscover its religious ment and the breadth of interest and ability 107 Kaholalele Road Distribution: USA: Ingram Periodicals, N;ew Leaf, , tossed in the sea of samsara, and during from evil into good, which will make the
past. I pray that we can reach out to these KAPAA, HAWAII, 96746-9304 USA EBSCQ Subscription Services, Indo-US Beoks, One
displayed by the women you featuT'ed. I was Source, Ubiquity, Total Circulation Services. Cana- our sojourn on Earth we must strengthen process calm and peacefuL
seekers in Iran and encourage them. also struck and dismayed by the level of as- or faxed to: (808) 822-4351 our faith in the Lord.
or e-mailed to: da: Gordon and Gotch. Europe: SWETS Subscrip-
JULIE BINDER MAiTRA similation into the majority ~ulture dis- , tion Service. MalaYsia and Singapore: Sanathana Faith and doubt are the two sides of the MRS. SIVANANDINI DURAISWAMY, 60, is the
WARRENTOWN, VIRGINIA, US played by the women who had left the Letters may be edited for space and clarity and may Dharma Publications. South Africa: Atlas Printers same coin. TIie flame of faith sheds light coordinating secretary to the Minister of
" homeland. Only the two ladies from India appear in electronic versions of HINDUISM TODAY. Printer: Banta Publications Group, Kansas City upon our life, emiching it by bringing true Cultural and Religious Affairs of Sri Lanka.
wore their bindis (also known as pottu). ..... INDICATES LEITERS RECEIVED VIA E-MAIL



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verses from Vedas, Agamas and other holy texts, 165 South Indian paintings, 40 original graphics, a 40-
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Lanka which extoll Siva, the satguru, dharma and
A tasteful arrangement of BATIK: THE MASTER OF YOGA IN SAMADHI
the path to Self Realization. Ideal for the shrine
South Indian and Sri Sage Yogaswami ofJaffna (1872-1964) was satguru of
Lankan dishes perfected room or the work place· By Usha
Sri Lanka for 50 years. He urged each seeker to "Know
in homes and temples as Pathmanabhan and Radha Ramji.
thy Self by thyself:' The
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This Vedic epiphany tells the story of the universal rhythms of
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but the most important -..... --
....-...... .I" n
Saioitt Hindu ~:::,.
nature, history and humanity.
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- guru is the one who
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Panikkar-the fruit of twelve swami, publisher of
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'1 he unc.ultured, whenever th~y go." .
Swamii Chinmayananda (1917-1993), Vedantist writer, lecturer and Hindu renaissance founder of Chin maya M~ion International

boatman and he ferries us across the river!"

IF THe1~ IS sue'"
A Tt-tING AS Narrated by Baba Muktananda and retold
~E'N('A1NATION, I t:.NOIJI by Swami Prakashananda
- - - {'OMe 'Ae~ AS! Serious sport has nothing to do with fair
~=::::::;;;.~ play. It is bound up with hatred, jealousy,
wHAT! boastfulness, disregard of all rules and
sadistic pleasure in witnessing violence. In
other words, it is war minus the shooting.
British writer George Orwell (1903-1950), ;'
I see God walking in every human form. human beings are ·a round to enjoy it. expressing his opinion of modem competi-
When I meet different peop!e, I say to Swami Beyondananda tive sports
• my elf, "God in the form of the saint, God
in the form of the sinner, God in the fonft The world looks like a mathematical equa-
of the righteous, God in the form of the tion which, turn it how you will, balances
unrighteous." Sri RamalCrishna (1836- itself Every secret is told, every crime is
1886), gum of Swami Vivekananda punished, every virtue rewarded, every
wrong redressed, in silence and certainty.
That's because Hinduism, historically A quotJ by American poet Ralph Waldo
speaking, is the world's only non-prophet Emerson,.l,lOsted on a website following a
religion. Wry response from a little-known jury's judgment against Anandtz Chu1'ch
swami when asked for an explanation of and its leader, J. Donald Walters, AKA
the apparent poverty found in India Swami 'Kriyananda (see Evolutions, P.46)
It was a pleading look, as if they were ask- Once a m~ acquired the power to walk on
1998 WORLD ~OUR ing me not to put thenhin the pot. British
chef Simoln Beavis, who quit his job at..a
water. A'real saint met him and asked how
long it took him to acquire this power. The
seafdod restaurant because he refused, on man replied proudly that it had taken ~m DID YOU KNOW?
Tokyo, Japan May 24-27 81 -35-382-6523 grounds of cruelty, to boil live lobsters . 17 years. The saint, laughing, replied, "In
Seattle, WA May 29-June 2 206-329-4008 17 years you have acquired a power worth
"COW Pie" Power
Peace on Earth is inevitable. I just hope we 25 cents. Since we just give a quarter to the OW DUNG IS AN ANTISEPTIc! NOT
San Ramon, CA June 4-16 510-537-9417 only is it free from bacteria, it does
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l REMAIN UNA1iACHED dung every year. Most is used as fertil-
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izer and some to prepare vibhuti, holy
Chicago,ll June 30-July 2 630-325-9867 ash. In villages it is still the principal
source of cooking fuel. Dried dung is
Washington, D.C. July 4-5 301 -590-0634
odorless and produces a slow, even
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L -_______________~f~
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: ~
N __I~
, 9~,~
, ~a_y_
, __
P_A_R_' _A_M
_' _A_M_,_H_,S~A__Y_O~'~
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__A_N~D~A_______________~ 19

QUA ,L I T yeO N SCI a U s shiram ManohaIial Publishers Pvt. Ltd., the of Tulsidas and dozens of linguistic and
present name." Buddhistic tomes (the latter follOWing Bud-

MlJlnshiram In the '70s' the older sons jOined and a

new strategy was fashioned whereby 19th
century texts whose copyrights had ex-
dhism's global surge of popularity). The
famil.};. is on a rolL Ashok's brother's two
sons, Ashok and Pankaj, have joined the

Melnoharlal pired-lN. Faraqurhar's Modem Religious

Movements of India is an example-were
reprinted in fresh editions. It worked, and
bus,iness. His third son is in the US, training
to be a graphics designer. Ashok told us,
"We expect him to join us on his return. My
such classic resources became their bread own son is 18 now and seems inclined to-
The road from devasta-
,. and butter. In recent years MunshiI:am has wards the business. Let us wait and see
put together some truly extraof.dinary what he decides. Children must enjoy full
tion to consummation, works, among them Bhishma's 17-volume freedom. In an,y event, I have no doubt that
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English Mahabharata, the complete works MUNSHIRAM MANOHARLAL PUBLISHERS, 54 RANI JA:ANSI
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company was begun by Manohar
Chand who named it Meherchand and Lax-
mandas ... Chand: a widely-respected literary
figure, nad translated the Granth Sahib,
Sikhism's holy book, into English. The
Moti.lal Banarsidass
British decorated him for his ground-break-
ing work., and the company slowly expand-
India's rel~giously ropt'ed book-making magnate
ed. Soon his books were being
sold at the premier bookshops all HROUGH THE PAST THIRT¥
over the country. Munshiram s years we monks at HINDUISM
current director, Mr. Ashok Jain, TOD~Y in Hawaii have amassed
relates his family's remarkable , so many books that we recent-
tale of.)oss and recovery. "La- 1y had to buy a used 40-foot shW-
PUB LIS H I N G . hore was the center of educa- ping container to serve as a library
tion, and our publishing house annex. Browsing there in prepara-

Book"Barons of Delh"i
and bookshops specialized in tion fOli this article, no name
Indology. Books were produced flashed before our vision more of-
with meticulous. quality con- ten than Motilal13anarsidass, the
sciousness. We did not care for largest of Delhis publishers, serv-
quantily, bJt aimed only to ing up the creme de la creme ofIn-
make beautiful books. It re- dian wisdom, especially scripture,
mained a flourishing family through the worlds widest distrib-
Decades-old publishing dynasties protect, promote and preserve dharma business until the partition. ution' network for Indian books.
"Then, on the eve of Pakistan's Printing in India is an arduous
independence, August 14, 1947, process, done mostly by hand. So
INTERVIEWS AND REPORTING BY printing tree back to 1870. Both companies cluded sales to any but libraries, wealthy in- our business premises and each volume is a treasure, and in
PRABHA BHARDWAJ, NEW DELHI were begun in Lahore prior to India!; parti- dividuals and foreigners. If a survey was con- house were completely burned this case, one of love.
PEAKING OF THINGS TRANSCEN- tion, and botp. have set the admirable Indian ducted in Delhi, Gita Press would likely down. That day we lost every- Motilal was founded in 1903 by
dental and divine, an Indian sage printing standard. "We could publish any- show the greatest sales and prove to be the thing. Luckily, we all had been Mr. Motilal and son Banarsidass
once advised, "It's not in books, you meaningless tra~h to turn a profit," suggests publisher that most people read from daily- evacuated earlier to Amritsar. in Lahore. At Motilal's transition
fool." True enough of Truth, but Naresh Gupta of Indian Books Centre and Sri that is, a chapter {rom the Gita or Ramayana. Later kindly Muslim neighbors at an eaIiy age, his younger broth-
when it comes to matters of culture Satguru Publications, which began in 1976. Suruchi Prakasfian, the publisher manqged helped our father to escape sF\fe- er, L¥ Sunderlal Jain, stepped in.
and history, books are the surest 'jUter all, it is the same paper, the same ink by a trust set up by the Rashtriya Sevak ly across the border. Our family Later, Mr. Shantilal Jain joined the
repository of a nation's intellect and ide~fity. and the same technology. But we choose to Sangh, also produces cheap books for t~ was again united, but with no effort. Mter partition, the Punjabi
While other nations publish tons of trash, publish serious, religious and useful books." masses. Both publish many works in Hindi. business or assets. family started fresh in Varanasi,
India, in keeping with her con~ervative soul, Explaining the inception of the Sanskrit spe- The publishers described here have a dis- "In 1948, we sold the jewelry then moved headquarters to Del-
se'ems to prefer a more traditional st.r1e. Wit- cialization of Nag Publications, Surendra tinctly different outlook. As we spoke, each my grandmother had brought hi in 1958. Shantilal's five sons
ness the leading book publishe~ in Delhi, .Pratap recalls, "My father had a dtlep love of exuded a sense of poise, dignity and pride of with her from Lahore, and with now each handle different aspects
each and everyone committed to preserving Sanskrit. And because original texts in San- achievement. In response to the idea of that money steps were taken to of the business, with the youngest Present heir: Moti/al Banarsidass; Rajeev Prakash Jain
the Hindu literary legacy, ancient and mod- skrit were largely unavailable, he decided to "missing the mass market," Abhinav's Shakti' re-establish the business. Be- looking after exports. Senior son
ern. The religious resolve of the six publish- publish them himself, fully knowing that the Malik countered that "Quality and long life cause we were ~ll-known pub- . and head of the firm, Rajeev Praka§>h Jain, main clients are res.earchers and universi-
ers that HINDUISM TODAY spo~e to in Febru- volume of sales would be very low." is the key to salability. Our buyers look for lishers with a good reputation, it says, "Our mottos are 'Do not diverSify' and ties," Rajeev explains. "Indian scholars are
ary is more than superficial spiritual fervor. Indeed, high volume sales is not an expec- quality, and price does not bother them. was easy to restart. Our services 'Do not spoil the long-established r~uta­ dependent upon libraries because they can-
It'l"s a family covenant. Within each clan ex- tation of any of these publishers. Sunil Gup- That is how we are able to sustain ourselves." to the literary world were recog- tion.' Commercial viability is not our prima- not afford to buy personal copies. It is a pity
ists an unspoken contract that gently binds ta points out, "The books are mostly in Eng- tn the spirit of objective reporting and nized, and the business flour- ry concern. The company has a firm policy: that people who have the money do not wish
sons to continuing the patrilineal trade. lish. But the masses are not English literate." disclosure, it should be noted that Hi- ished once again. if we think a book should be publiShed, we to read, and the serious readers do not have
The pious publishing giAnt Motilal Banar- Only eight percent of all Indians speak any malayan Academy, publisher of this maga- "I:ti the 1950S my father do not worry about the cost. The company is the means to buy books. Th~ country has an
sidass traces its heritag&back to 1903, and English. Also,. until the recent upsurge of In- zine, has on-going projects with four of the reestablished the family busi- able to absorb the extra expense." interesting pattern. In Western India, Maha-
Munshiram Manoharlal tracks their family dia's middle tIass, book prices generally pre- publishers reported on in this article. ness under the banner of Mun- "Because our books are scholarly, our rashtra and in the South, most people are vo-
20 HINDUISM TOD A.Y M Y , 1998
racious readers. Calcuttians are real book ars, libraries and specialized orga- line of handmade paper prod-
lovers. When we have exhibitions, if they nizations. Our books are meant to ucts which were specifically de-
cannot afford to buy a book, they 'o/ill come be used by num~rous readers. Most signed and marketed for export.
several times just to see and' feel them. They go to collectors or to reference The products include writing
start saving, maybe for a year, and then buy desks." paper and matching e9velopes
the, book during the ne¥t exhibition." Malik is a graduate of mathemat- decorated with various Indian
Publishing, Rajeev affirms, is "in our ics who later specialized in arts and motifs, including iconographic
blood. It's in our genes." Irs a family effort, religion. His career began at the In- depictions of Hindu' Gods like
"We all live under one roof and eat from one dian Institute of Public Opinion: Ganesha. A very popular series
common kitchen. You may term it as the During thiS'time, his interest in an- carries symbols of the different
family culture or hierarchy, but only the cient history developed, and he be- rasis (astrological birth" signs).
males work in the business. Our daughters came a partner in the Young Asia Ateev's division has won prizes
get married and go with their husbands, Publications company in 1965. In from the governmen't of India
who have their own businesses. They all are 1972, he quit his job and became a and awards from the Federation
married into very well-to-do families. My full-time independent ~ublisher. of Publishers.
son, trained in ~ondon in printing technolo- Although he has had no formal Shakti Malik himself is im-
gy, has started his own company, ' Excell training in publishing, his success pressively tall and stocky, but
Publishers, which produces books on man- has been explosive, and he has nev- holds a demure countenance.
agerrtent. I think we have a bright future." er doubted his decision. He feels ' He radiates a profound satisfac-
He explains, "We follow the Jain religion, that his venture into publishing is tion· with his station in life.
but this is not reflected in our publishing. "God's will" and maintains that Along with the security of hav-
Rather, we are known the world over for our "The customer is God." ing a thriving business, of being
specialization in ancient Indian and specifi- Certainly, God was smiling on his own boss and of having the
cally Hindu culture, religion, tantra, art and Malik when his first book, Iconog- ' sure suppoJ:.t of his son, Shakti
philosophy." But, "We pu~lish a lot on reli- Founding father: Abhinav's Shakti Malik raphy of Vishnu, was launched in Malik is also enjoying personal
gion in general, which includes Jainism and 1973. It was priced at RS 75 , which edification. He couldn't resist Brothers bound: The founders of Sri Satguru Publications, Naresh and Sunil Gupta
B'1Iddhism. Hindu sacred literature is in San- AR T'S ARCHIVISTS was quite high at ttat time, but 400 copies telling how he learned about ,
skrit, Buddhism is in Pali, and Jainism is in sold on· the first day. Although record sales the Tamil saint, Tiruvalluvar. "I DHARMA DRIVEN
Prakriti. So we have earned a name for our-
selves as publishers of those three languages.
Lately we have covered Buddhism exten-
Abhinav like that have never been repeated, Malik
has also not been disappointed. "Whatever
we choose to publish sells well," he rejoices.
Another reason Malik is a satisfied salesman
had never heard of him," Malik
reveal~d. "But he is immensely
popular among Tamilians. In Inclian Books Centre
sively. Our largest selec1!ion is Tibetan." his Tirukural, he has· written
From behind his desk amidst stacks of
books, Rajeev told HINDUISM TODAY, "We
Beginning his own is that, as he proudly declares, "There is no
black money. All our income is accounted
extensively about the various
distribute in the US, South Asia and the UK. tradi tion of exc~nence for, and we pay accurate taxes. We have
duties and responsibilities of
the different stages of life-
Men with a mission to make meaningful books
There is a MotHal Books Ltd. in Oxford to peace of Illind and contentment, unlike something like Manu's works in
whom we have given full autonomy. For the some businesses." the North. Careful inquiry on ELIGIOUS FERVOR FUELS THE TWO beginning, we had to look for titles, but now
last 25 years we have had Indian shops op- ITH A LITTLE SOLE SEARCHING, Questioned on the profitability of his the thesis of Tirukural reveals erudite and gregarious brothers who that we have our reputation, authors ap-
erating in Calcutta, Chennai, Bangalore and is, plodding along the back plethora of titles on sp~cialized Indian and that the primary aim of our life pilot Sri Satguru Publications, the
of Delhi's Hauz Khas Market, Hindu topics, such as The Yoga Tradition of proach us. We consider the novelty, content
Mumbai, in addition to our branches at Pat- is to realize the divine inner self
na and Varanasi." ¥otilal is a significant you know where to look and whom the Mysore Palace, Zardo.~i: Glittering Gold
publishing arm of Indian Books Cen- and language and ask ~urselves, would this
and simultaneous1y to be able to tre. "God willed us into this business ~' be suitable for the general reader or acade-
supplier to the Delhi office of the US Li- to ask, you can find the ramshackle building Embroidery, Costumes of the Rulers of Me- lead our mundane life without Naresh and Sunil Gupta, the proprietors and micians only? Thus different criteria are
brary of Congress, which procures Indian that houses the humble offices of Shakti Ma- war and Secret Power of Tantrik Breathing, misery and difficulty. I have managers, concur conclUSively. "We are reli- used for different subjects."
books for distribution to libraries and insti- lik, proprietor and managing director of Ab- Malik conceded, "True, there is not much published two translations thus gious, and this is our destiny," adds Naresh.
tutions around the world. Praising Motilal, hinav Publications. With one look at an Ab- monetary gain in this genre- but' I am fully Being the newest publisher in Delhi, it is
far. First is Readings from "Our wish is that our books will in some fitting that they have taken the lead in the
Honerable Chief Justice Mohan of Karnata- hinav book: however, you would never· committed to it." He was silent for a moment, Thirukkural, by G.N. Das, and way uplift, inspire or educate the reader. But
ka said while opening the Bangalore branch, believe that it caple from these hidden head- then added, "I have strong faith in religion in freshest market-internet sales. Their home
the second is Ambrosia of at least 'jIe know that they are not leading page on the world wide web-www.ibcin-
"I will not call them mere publishers. Tliey quarters. Each Abhinav opus is a stylish and all its forms, and therefore I expect our titles Thirukkural, by Swarniji Iraian- anyone astray." Sunil chimes in, "We fully greatly enhanced their export
are explorers who find the gems of Hindu vivid Indian cultural archive, and Malik to be successfu~. At least, we do break e,.ven ban. All this work enhances. my expec,t that they will help people to follow sales. But, according to Naresh, the brothers
thought and present them to the world." makes no disclaimers for his standards. "We wjth our publications on Hinduism." status, • and J am becoming the right path." have noticed that "In the last two to three
Reflecting on trends he hopes their books are not aiming at the man on the streets," he Malik stresses that Abhinav is "purely ~ known 'as a specialist in this True to their calling, their debut book was years the Indian market has grown su'bstan-
will counteract, Rajeev offered, "Today, Indi- certifies. "Our readership consists of schol- family business," and he takes great pride field. What would you call this, the Shiv Samhita. Later, they released major tially, and there is vast potential. Earlier, we
ans are religious only at face, that his son, Ateev Malik, a if not the providence of God?" works such as the 7-volume antltology of
; commerce graduate, is con- never concentrated on sales in India."
villue, not from within. Life is Shakti Malik's faith in Hin- Mimamsakosah, by Swami Kevalananda When asked if their parents lived with
going at such a pace that no-
body stops to think about it.
Production at a Glance tributing his talents to the
team. The father remembers
duism holds his hope for the fu- Sataswati, and the complete Encyclopedia them, Naresh, in a sudden break from his
ture. He told HINDUISM TODAY, "I of Indian Philosophy. 'AS we are Hindus," cool corporate compos)lre, quipped a terse
Poverty and the Western influ- his recruiting, "I was in dint am a born-Hindu, and I believe explains Naresh, "we publish about Ayurve-
YEAR TITLES NEW TITLES "No." Then he sallied, "We live with them,
ences are definitely ruinin~ FOUNDED IN PRINT PER YEAR PRINT RUN need of help due to expansion, that Hinduism i~ not changing. .da, Vastushastra and all the sacred sciences
and it was perfectly natural to and there is a vast cljfference. They are the
our culture. Modern women Munshiram 18 0 1,500 50-60 1,000-5,000 For centuries, the teaehings have which are allied to Hinduism."
7 have him join me." head of our family, which is one unit. We do
are no longer humble. They endured, and the religion is ad- While they look to their Lord for inspira-
Motilal 19 03 2,000 150 500-2,000 But as soon as he was put in not worry about the future in heated com-
wish to carve their own niche vancing. Its traditions and teach- tion, they rely on God-given manage'ment
charge of Abhinav's exports, petition with others. For we wish to main-
in society, with their own style, Abhlnav 1972 375 25 1,000 ings insure its surv.ival. So there skills for success. "We are in business to pub-
Ateev implemented innovative tain a religious household. We believe that
which is far refnoved from the shall always be opportunity to lish books for sale, not to fill shelvJs in our
Nag 1975 500 80-100 700- 1,000 ideas that unfolded new direc- we each have our karmas to live through and
traditional way." ..; prosper under its umbrella." ..; stores,'" qsserts SuniL "It is our policy not to dharma to fulfilL Thus we a}e content." ..;
Satguru 1976 600 40-60 tions for the ongoing publishing accept subsidies, so the title has to be ab-
INDIA. TEL: gl-1l-291-1g8S activities. Ateev introduced a t UO 016 INDlA. TEL: 91-11- 666--387 solutely saleable," Naresh elaborates. "In the
SHAKTI NAGAR, DELHI 110007 INDIA. TEL: 91-11-712-6497



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the age of '75, ,the whole responsi- there is no problem. I am very happy that
bility for the family and the busi- we 1!wo brothers, with our families, are
fell on me," recalls Surendra working and living together. Our biggest
Pratap of Nag Publishers. Surendra and his wealth-.l.s our sanskars: manners, tradition
brother Narendra now guide the company. and culture." The Yoga of Spiritual Devotion
"Qur field of concentration," Surendra The Nag publishing family hails from A Modern Translation of the Narada Bhakti Sutras
states, "is the Vedas and Vedic epics, such as MirZ'a pur district of Uttar Pradesh. Suren- Prem Prakash· ISBN 0-89281-664-3
the Puranas, Smritis, Brahmin Granth, as dra's father, Nagsharan Singh, was born on $12.95 pb ·160 pages, 5% x 8'/4
well as works in astrology, dictionaries, liter- the festival day of Nag Panchami. He "Prem Prakash 's book offers a sensitive introduction to the devotional path by a Western
ature, philosophy an9. ancient Sanskrit. We worked. with Leader Press at Allahabad, practitioner. He makes the ancient Bhakti-Sutra come alive for modern Yoga students who
do not limit ourselve~ to Hinduism alone but then moved to Patna where he printed the wist) to cultivate the beauty and power of the heart."
include Buddhist and other religious works." daily Search Light. Coming to 'Delhi, he Georg Feuerstein,
Nag publications include all of the Maha- worked as a manager with Motilal Banarsi- author of Lucid Waking and The Shambhala Encyclopedia of Yoga
purar;as, Vedas, Nine Gems of Sanskrit Lit- dass for 20 y~ars. In 1975, with his two sons,
eratwre, Siddhanta Darpana and Complete he started Nag Publishing, naming it after. Tht:! Philosophy of Classical Yoga
Plays of Bhasa in their original Sanskrit as the auspicious d.ay of his birth. Georg Feuerstein· 0-89281-603-1
well as Geographical Survey of the Puranas, "My father," Surendra explains, "wanted to $12.95 pb ·152 pages, 5% x 8'/4
Science and Technology in the Vedas, Medi- publish Sanskrit text, fully knowing that the This is the first comprehensive and systematic analytical
volume of sales would be very low. It took study of the major philosophical concepts of classical yoga. THo c.o.x Ft.,rslri.
cinal Plants of India and several Sanskrit-
English dictionaries. two to three years before any returns came. ". . . certainly one of the most profound and original
There was no hint of hesitation for Sur- Our enduring strategy is that Sanskrit texts OF PATANjALl
contributions to the understanding of classical yoga."
endra to take the helm aft~ his father's never get outdated." The brothers have a Mircea Eliade,
passing. He relates, "I am a graduate in com- Board of Editors who advis ~ on new titles. author of Yoga: Immortality and Freedom
merce, and from my early days t was inter- ''Additionally there are four or flYe profes- National treasure: Sri SUa Ram Gael
ested in what my father was doing. I joined sors who write," says Surendra. Tht:! Yoga-Sutra of Pataiijali
him when we started this new business and There is a gracious comraderie among all hours a day, N.S. Rajaram and Arun Shourie" A N,ew Translation and Commentary
have had no regrets and have never looked the Delhi publishers. Surendra confirms, are other great Indian authors represented Gemg Feuerstein· 0-89281-262-1
back. I knew I had to hold everything to- "There are many publishers in our neld, but here, along with Vamadeva Shastri (David $14.95 pb • 192 pages, 5 % x 8 '/4
gether," he told I;IINDUISM TODAY·over a cup we maintain a healthy competition and have Frawley) and Koenraad Elst. Their collec- Approximately two thousand years old , the Yoga-Sutra of Patafijali is the landmark
of'Indian tea. "That is the mean1'ng of fami- cordial relations." It was a sure sign when a tive efforts have substantially impacted scripture of classical yoga. In his book the author provides a faithful and informed
ly and business. Otherwise, our father's representative of Motilal Banarsidass escort- resurgent Hindu organizations such as the rendering of the sutras, making this a work no serious student of yoga should be without.
forty years of experience would be lost. My ed us from their headquarters to the Nag RSS, VHP, the political party BJ'P, and Hin-
goal was to move ahead with the family. I Publishing offices: ' ..., dus and Hindu friends outside India. "..; Available at bookstores, or order from Inner Traditions, P.O. Box 388, Rochester, VT 05767 1-800-246-8648
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24 HINDUISM TOD A.Y MAY , 1998 25

forest in Meghalaya is the only orig- said never to shrink.
inal and virgin forest left in that re- Rice and seeds such as sesame are associ-
gion, and it harbors hundreds of ated with many rites. When proper statues
rare and unique plants. are la9king for puja to the navagraha, the
Sac;:ed groves are believed to b~ nine planets of Hindu astrology, Brahmin
the abode of certain deities or spir- priE(sts may invoke each planet by using the
its. For example, the sacred groves specific seed, spice or dal that is ritually as-
in the western ghat in Maharasht ra sociated with it.
are belie;"ed to be the abode of For the performance of havana, or homa,
deities and spirits such as Kalkai, the Vedic fire ceremony, the twigs of five
Shirkai, Waghjai, Gangoba, Ramr species-Banyan tree, Bilva, mango, Pakur
Shiv,)3him, Nagnath and many oth- (Ficus lacor) ~d Peepul-are recommend-
ers. Usually there are no temples for ed. Certain regions in South India substitute
these deities. Rather, a few vermil- mango, Pakur and Peepul with Palas, Deo-
ion-smeared stones at the base of a dar and Chandana. Of all the aboY-e, mango '
tree demarcate the spot as sacred, twigs are preferred. Bamboo is associated
and there the folk worship and place with the Brahmin threadfceremony and fot
flowers and their varied offerings. worship of ancestors. Leaves of mango,
Some trees are believed to have Ashok and plantain (banana) are the most
originated from-bodies or limbs of -common materials for decorating places for
Gods. The Peepul, or Bo-tree, was sacred rituals and for festivals. The coconut
born from the body of Lord Vishnu. or a fruiting branch of the Supari (Areca nut
Palas, Flame of the forest, was born palm) are also commonly used.
from the body of Brghma. Amla Saving grace: The faith of the tribal and
(Emblic myrobalan) rose from tears rural folk in the sanctity ana: utilitarian na-
of Brahma and the Rudraksha (Blue ture of these plants has directly resulted not
RESERVNI'ION THROUGH DOCUMEN- years old, acknowledged this fact. In marble tree) grew from tears shed only in their veneration, but in their preser-
and education." This is the Iggl he described how India is ''A by Siva. Harada (Chebulic myrobal- Towering torch: ~amphor comes from this regal tree vation as well. Traditional taboos have effec-
modus operandi of Dr. S.K Jain, the nation blessed with an extremely di- an) evolved from a drop of nectar ti~ely protected the purity and biodiversity
retired yet tireless defender of India's in- verse flora but likewise an extraordi- spilled onto Earth 1;>y the Gods. It i:s believed Chandana, sandalwood, is aIl10ng the elite of the environment and have enforced strict
finitely useful and especially sacred plants I narily large l{opulation of tribals who that Lord Brahma was born on a lotus, and and most ...renowned of sacred trees. The indigenous conservation. Yet due to urban-
and trees. Jain, nOID73 'and still very active still have an unequalled, rich knowl- it is commonly known that Tulsi (holy basil) wood is rubbed on stone and the paste is ization and the pressures of population,
in the field, is the Scientist Emeritus of the edge of the properties of their ambi- is worshiped as an incarnation of the fiance widely used for anointing the forehead as many sacred plants are rapidly becoming en-
National Botanical Research Institute in ent vegetations." In India, this deep of Lord Krishna. well as for incense and in ayurvedic prepa- dangered. The socio-religious rules that re-
Lucknow. He began in the early Ig60s by knowledge of and faith in plants, ani- Some plants have become venerable only rations. Temple deities are also bathed with strict or. regulate the collection of plant parts,
studying the e'thnobotany of the Adivasi mals . and forests has largely con- in recent times, as the species itself has the paste. The famous Murugan temple at even for or use in homa and other rites, have
tribals in central India, in what then was an tributed to natural conservation of been introduced into India in the last one or Tiruttani, Tamil Nadu, has a rare stick of been a self-regulating mechanism between
unprecedented effort. His objective was to the environment and its biodiversity. two centllries. Shivlingi (the Canonball tree) sandalwood. Ihs ground for paste used in the human and plant kingdoms. Our genera-
record in scientific detail the' tribals' medic- There is hardlY any sphere of hu- is a popular example. The name is due to the the temple rituals, which is then given to tion must be committed to preserve these
inal use of plants. Later, his sister, a scholar man activity in India where sacred rese-fublance to the shape of a Sivalinga of devotees. This special paste is lauded to have traditions of conservation for posterity. wi
of the Vedas, reveale(i to him how the same plants do not play ~Tole. Even nonbe- the stamens that protrude and bend like the curative powers. But the mystery of thi.s DR. S.K. JAIN, INSTITUTE OF ETHNOBIOLOGY, NATIONAL
plants are described'in the Vedas. His inter- lievers who usually scorn at "mythol- hood of a snake over the stigma. temple cure is that the stick of sandalwood is BOTANICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE, LUCKNOW 22600 INDIA.
est germinated, and soon his resear,ch blos- ogy" and "magic-o-religious" beliefs
somed to include recording how and why are likely to pray at a parv cular tree
India:s flora are found to be sacred. With or offer certain specific flowers when WOHSHIP rounding Siva Nataraja is often
this ilual objective, he served the Botanical it comes to helping their ailing kith decorated with Datum flowers.
Survey of India for nearly three decades
and was its director for almost seven years.
and kin. In my book, Dictionary of
Indian Folk Medicine and Ethnob- In tlJardens of the Gods Lakshmi: Flowers of Padma
(lotus) and Parijata; fruits of
He initiated a1}d organized broad-based otany (l~gl, De,ep Publications, ])Jew AmZa (Emblic myrobalan),
ethnobotanical studies in several parts of Delhi), I have enumerated some INDU SCRIPTURES PRO and the plants that are specifi- K.ela (plantain); Bilva.
the country and coordinated all-India re- 2,500 species and 15,000 folk uses oJ vide some general cally associated with them. Durga: Amra (mango), pome-
search projects in endangered species and plants in India. But there is much guidelines for the use of Jasmine, pomegranate and granate, Asoka, Bilva, rice,
ethonobotany. His work attrqcted funding more knowledge yet to be codified. plants in worship. 1. Bakula are acceptable for turmeric, plantain, Mana (Alo-
fr'bm the Ford Foundation and the -Smith- Apart from individual plants, some Flower buds should not be of- all deities. casia indica) and barley
sonian Institution of the US. At ;(he request whole forest patches are considered fered. 2. Flowers found on the Brahma: Vata (Banyan tree ). Saraswati: Padma flowers;
of HINDUISM TODAY, Dr. Jain introduces hallowed. These sacred groves are ground should not be offerred, Vishnu: Leaves of Tulsi (sacred leaves of Dub (Bermuda grass).
this vast subject. known locally as vanrai, and there' with the two exceptions, Pari- Basil) and Vata; flowers of Kali: Curhal (Shoe-flower).
are hundreds of large and small van- jata (coral jasmine) and Baku- Parijata. Taboo for Vishnu are Rama and Jagannath: Tulsi.
DR. S.K. JAIN, LUCKNOW rai in India. A study has revealed the la (Elengi tree). 3. Red flowers Datura (thorn apple ) and Krishna: Tulsi, Kadamb(~
HE EXTENT TO WHICH PLANTS IN iN- presence of several hundred such are preferred for Goddesses, Shivalingi (canonball tree ). (Wild Cinchona).
dia are used in worship and medicine is groves in the state of Maharashtra but with lotus, rose and kaner Shiva: Bilva (Bael fruit tree), Ganesha: Ikh (sugarcane),
unrivaled. The closest match would alone. Some areas, like the Mawflong (oleander), all colors are con- Kachnar (Bauhinia), Ak white Ak.
. perhaps oe the forest and mountain- sidered equal. (Crown flower), Datura, Arnal- Sun: Bilva. @

dwelling tribals of Central and South Amer- Bird's eye view: (from top), Indian The following is a list of tas (Golden shower tree), Kan- Moon: Sim (Sarcostema Vata: Aerial roots of t he
ica. .Retired Harvard University professor Banyan fruits; the Peepul tree; sub- Gods, Goddesses and planets er. The circle of flames sur- acidum), Kapur (camphor). massive Indian Banyan
Richard Evans Schultes, who is now over go tle flowers of Sandalwood


INSIGHT sions, has an aura of its own deep within the outer aura that we have Reading: Man Visible and Invisible, C.W Leadbeater, The Theosophical Publishing House, 306 West Gen-
been describing. It is seen "within" the physical body itself and is evea Road, Wheaton, lllinois 60187 USA. Hands of Light, Barbara Ann Brennan, Bantam Books, 666 FIfth

The Colors of 0
Avenue, New York, New York 10103 USA. The Raiment of Light, AStudy of the Human Aura, David Tans-
different from the daily emotional-intellectual aura which appears ley, Routledge & Kegan Paul, Ltd., II New Fetter Lane, London, EC4P 4EE, London, United Kingdom.
around the physical body as a result of awareness being in one area
of the mind or another. All the reactionary conditions of our past yourself Your aura is now brownish with murky, dirty green, possi-
which are currently reacting in our subconscious mind are reflect- bly accented with black and red sparks. To counteract this heavi-
ed in the colors of this inner subconscious aura. ness, just add white. Visualize white light flooding out from the cen-

The big question always arises, "How do we know whether or not ter of your spine into and through your aura. Visualize violet rays
we are seeing an aura, or if it is just our imagination?" The colors flooding into your new white aura, invigorating and cutting through
around the person are first seen within your own mind. You would the darkness. When you go, as pure awareness, right into the center
not clearly see them around their physical body. Later, after becom- of your spine and flood white mind-substance out into your aura,
ing adjusted to this new form of sight, you may see colors around the white mixes with the black, and gray appears in your aura. Im-
an individual's physical body. Where dp these colors come from? mediately you experience fear, but this emotion soon passes as more
All things in the mind are sound and color. Look around you white enters the aura. The gray soon disappears. As still more white
How the mystic art of perceiving and observe each vibratory rate of every physical object as enters the aura, the flamilng red of anger turns to the pink shades of
haMng a sound as well as a color. Everything is sound. Every- tolerance and compassion. The dark browns and the murky dark
auras can help you appreciate thing is color. Everything is shape. Therefore, in the refined green of jealousy turn to the emerald green of confidence and hu-
areas of the mind, all things are color and all things are sound, mility. A feeling of peace and contentment comes as the new colors
others and enhance your life recognizable through the sixth sense of the all-seeing eye. react back on the emotions. It takes but a little effort on your part,
This faculty is always awake. You only have to learn how to be a little concentration, persistence and faith in your ability to change
aware of and use it, in a similar way an artist must learn to your own mood by a positive effort of will. You have no doubt ex-
HE HUMAN AURA EXTENDS OUT AROUND THE dIstinguish with his physical eyes between one perienced difficulty in getting up in the morning. What is
from three to four feet, even from five to shade of color and another and between the ___---_~ the remedy for this? Flood your aura with red, of i
dimensions in a painting. The mystic learns course. A nice, bright red. It doesn't take much ef-
six feet in the case of more evolved souls. It is how to use his already developed sixth fort to visualize the color red. You will know
made up of a variety of vibratory rates or colors. sense, his third eye. It is used all the that you have succeeded when all of a sudden
time, constantly, day in and day out, your physical vitality awakens and you feel
Each area of the mind that awareness flows though not consciously. For example, invigorated and ready to jump up for a
through reflects a change in these vibratory rates of someone may walk into your home. wonderful day. All of us at one time or
You look at them and say, "You are another experience mental laziness.
colors in the human aura. When you have developed not feelling very well today. You seem What is the remedy? Simply flood your
a certain psychic sight, by seeing through the eyes of disturbed." How do you know? In- aura with yellow by visualizing yellow
side yourself you are seeing their light all around you, and soon you will
the soul, you will be able to look at a person, see the aura. If they enter looking bright and be drawn into the thinking area of the
aura around him and know immediately the area of shiny, you know how they feel inside mind and be able to progressively pur-
because you see their aura. sue your studies. Visualizing orange
the instinctive, intellectual or superconscious mind Some people are born with psychic strengthens your intellectual aggressive-
he is aware in at that particular time. sight and maintain it throughout their ness because red is added to the yellow.
lifetime. As this faculty was developed If your child is crying uncontrollably
For instance, if someone's awareness was flowing through the realms in a prior birth, the wisdom and un- and you can't get to sleep, what color would
of depression, that is, the area within the vast mind substance that derstanding of its proper use comes you bless him with? Would you get angry and
contains the vibratory rate of depression, his aura would look rather naturally to them. But more commonly, yell, "Why don't you go to sleep! I told you,
gray, dim and dismal. If he was aware in the feeling of a beautiful love psychic sight develops slowly, almost im- you're disturbing your father!" Flashes of red? The
for all humanity, his aura would look light blue, fringed and tinged perceptively, through an unbroken continu- child would be terrified. No, you would harmonize the
With yellow. However, if his love for humanity was of a superficial, ity of sadhana. Through the unveiling grace of child's emotions with shades of blue and pale green. Beating,
emotional nature, being more idle talk and emotion than sub-super- Lord Siva we are allowed to see what needs to be seen at berating and insulting of children does permanent damage to their
conscious compassion, his aura would be pink or reddish, telling you the proper time in our life when we can sustain the resul- aura. C. W. Leadbeater described one case of a child tormented by
there was still a lot of instinctive fire, and should an upsetting cir- tant reactions. Generally, if you do have this awakened in- a teacher. "The child's aura changed and twisted about horribly, and
cumstance occur, he could easily forget about universal love and be- ner perception of auras, you would only notice someone's when it was still again, all the beautiful little shoots of lovely color
come quite angry. Then the pink would turn to flaming red streaked aura if it were peculiarly dull or strongly radiant. A mystic had disappeared, and in their place were innumerable little scars,
with black. After this, if he were to feel remorseful about the emo- II: who has control of this faculty does not generally see auras harm done which could not be cancelled in the present life." The
tional upheaval, the aura would turn to dark blue, and you could ~ all of the time, but just when he wants to. colors of deep red, representing suppressed anger, and the grays and
hardly see his face for the deep blue mist that would form around his ..; AlUric cleansing: You as a devotee have often gone to the black of fear and hatred would now permanently predominate.
body. If awareness was flowing through the area of the mind of infe- II: temple with your problems and placed them at the feet of the You can familiarize yourself with the individual physical, mental
riority and jealousy, the aura would be dark grayish-green in color. ~ Deity. In the unseen world of the Devaloka what actually hap- and spiritual effect of each color by simply looking at one color af-
Someone with healing inclinations would have a pale green aura. A 2- pens is that the Deity and His many devas work with your prob- ter another and experiencing the results. Each color and the emo-
student increasing his intellectual knowledge would have an aura of lems by working with your aura, most especially the inner aura, by tions it reflects are like two sides of the same coin. Learn them so
brilliant yellow. The combinations are almost endless. A depiction by contemporary clairooyant Barbara Brennan of the disintegrating or clearing up any congestion they find. From the in- well that the thought of one immediately brings the idea of the oth-
Several colors often appear in the aura at the same time. For ex- astral or emotional body's moving energy fields of myriad colors. ner sanctum, they lighten the darker colors, which were created by er. For example, how do you feel when you enter a room that is
ample, the red of suppressed desire and seething anger might ap- traveling through troubled states of mind, infusing them with rays painted blue? White? Yellow? Place before you a piece of paper of
pear along with the yellow of intellectual involvement. This person's the brilliancy of subsuperconscious realms. His aura will take on of white and violet light. We rarely see this happening, but we can the color you wish to visualize. Look at the paper and then close
head would be surrounded in yellow, and the lower part of his body shades of light blue and light yellow interlaced with white. Then as certainly feel it, and we depart the temple feeling relieved and freed your eyes and try to see the exact same color in your mind. Then
streaked in red. Even a touch of very dark green might appear, he moves into superconsciousness, rays of light from the central from congestion and worry. open your eyes and look at the paper again and, with eyes still open,
showing that jealousy caused his anger. A devotee sitting in medita- source of energy will begin to emerge from the core of his spine and You can also flood your aura with rays of white and violet light, turn your head away from the paper and try to see the color in your
tion, diligently working within himself, will in the course of half an flood out through his aura and penetrate the atmosphere of the just like the Deities and devas do. If you are in a negative mood be- conscious mind. Literally fill your mind with the color of the paper.
hour change the colors of his aura from three to four to five times, room. You feel his presence as darshan. The sub of the subconscious cause of having just become angry with somebody because you After you have accomplished this exercise with one color, repeat it
as he moves his awareness from the instinctive-intellectual areas into mind, the home of deep-seated, often emotionally charged impres- were jeallous of them, there is a remedy that you can perform for with another, then another and then another.

Protecting your aura: Each color has its own special protective come angry with someone, they are actually cursing you astrally, or
qualities, which can be chosen to counteract or balance out the par- you them. This is because powerful vibrations of red and black,
AModern ticular vibrations you are or will be experiencing. Let's take the ex-
ample of protecting yourself from the auric emanations of persons
grays and. muddy, brownish greens are being sent from one person to
another. Truly, this hurts, and bad karma is made.
The Occult
Psychic's Hands who are ill, a condition you will encounter if you visit a hospital. You
can easily counteract this influence by flooding your aura with col-
Our holy scriptures tell us that we must purify our intellects. That World of C.W.
means that we must lighten up the colors that are within our sub-
of Light ors of health and physical strength. This will not only protect you, conscious and sub of the subconscious mind. When the intellect is Leadbeater
but it will also improve the condition of those around you. How do finally purified, the outer aura shows many pastel colors in and
S A CHILD, BARBARA you do this? Become aware of your spine and visualize a stream of through it. The permanent, inner aura will be filled with beautiful . N HIS BOOK MAN VISIBLE
Brennan would prac- white light in its center, from the base to the top of your head. Then patterns of golden yellow, blue and lavender. But once the intellect and Invisible, published in
tice walking blindfold mentally draw from this pure white light warm red and vibrant is purified, good mental maintenance must occur daily so that con- 1925, the great psychic
in the woods of her pink. As a healing power, visualize pale green surrounding the pa- gested areas are not recreated out of habit. This is the great value of and theosophist, C. W
family's Wisconsin farm. "I tient, a color many modern hospitals have adopted to invoke healing. a regulated religious life and daily sadhana. Leadbeater, illustrated and
would feel the trees long be- To increase your vitality even more, visualize yourself effortlessly To keep the colors of our subconscious and sub-subconscious re- explained at length his pro-
fore I could touch them," she performing some strenuous physical or athletic feat, and you will fined, our religion tells us to go on a long pilgrimage once a year. found experience of the hu-
recalls. "They were larger soon feel the energy rising within you. This melllS we take our inner aura that has been building up man aura. His was not a new
than they appeared to the Bright oranges and yellows will bring a new energy which will en- through the year and place it at the feet of the Deity at some far-off discovery But in the past
visible eye." She learned to Barbara Brennan's psychic hance your intellect and protect you from being overpowered by the temple. While on the pilgrimage, we are able to collect all its colors, such psychic revelations, C. W Leadbeater
see this energy field, as well sense assists her in healings intellectual force of someone else. This is also a way to help over- emotions and deep feelings and leave them, along with our offering which have been experienced
as that around small animals. coming shyness. Surrounded by a vibrant aura, charged with bright of fruit and flowers, at the God's holy feet to be disintegrated by by individuals of all religions, gate and verify the worlds
Later in life she earned a c. W Leadbeater, which con- orange and yellow, you are a secure and confident individual, able Him. To keep the colors of our subconscious and sub-subconscious were kept secret, passed pri- beyond the physical plane.
master's degree in atmospher- firmed her experiences. to enter into discussion with a new self-assurance. The vibrations of refined, our religion tells us to read scriptures daily because their vately from guru to diSciple. "I am perfectly aware that
ic physics and then worked Her clairvoyant ability to others tend to rebound from your aura. You are relaxed and friend- high-minded thoughts and concepts bring purple, lavender, pink Leadbeater and his fellow the world at large is not yet
for NASA for a number of see auras helped her counsel- ly, and intelligence pours forth uninhibitedly from you. and yellow into our aura. theosophists, Annie Besant convinced of the existence of
years. Unsatisfied, she trained ing work immensely, for she The colors used to harmonize and protect the emotional nature To keep the colors of our subconscious and sub-subconscious re- and Madam Blavatsky, had this power of clairvoyant
as a counselor and started was able to diagnose physical, are light blue and violet. By flooding your aura with beautiful sky fined, our religion tells us to perform puja daily to personally invoke advanced clairvoyant abilities, sight," wrote Leadbeater. "But
helping people. Her forgotten emotional, mental and spiri- blue and vivid violet, you quiet your own lower emotions and feel- the higher beings in the Devaloka at our own home shrine and ob- and were among the fIrst to I also know that all who have
ability to see energy fields tual difficulties just by ob- ings and become impervious to the negative feelings and moods of tain their blessings. It may interest you to know that such blessings put in writing and attempt to really studied the question
returned. '1 became skeptical serving the aura of her those around you. With the advent of these colors, your individual lighten not only the aura of each one in the household but also the illustrate the human aura, the have found the evidence for it
and confused. Were they patients. Especially she could awareness is transported into the more refined, uplifting realms of physical building itself To keep the colors of our subconscious and chakras and thought forms. irresistible. To those who are
really there? Did they have see how a person's disease the superconscious mind. Always remember that by flooding your sub-subconscious refined, our religion tells us to provide the essen- At about the same time, Swa- daily in the habit of exercis-
meaning? Was it wishful was actually caused by emo- aura with bright sky-blue and lavender you are automatically build- tial sacraments in life for the children so that the permanent im- mi Panchadasi of India came ing this higher vision in a
thinking, or was I experienc- tional and mental blocks. ing an armor to protect yourself from their lower feelings and pas- pressions of these special combinations of color and sound are to America and published in hundred different ways, the
ing another dimension of Some of what she has seen is sions, such as anger, jealousy, hatred and lust. So, now make a study placed into the inner aura of the sub-subconscious mind and added 1912 The Human Aura, an denial of the majority that
reality that had meaning, was depicted in the paintings of bright, clear blues and violets and select the ones that appeal to to the ones that are already there from previous impressions. equally profound exposition. such sight is possible natural-
orderly and was very helpful below. As with other clairvoy- you the most. Intuitively you will know which shades are best for E XCERPTED F ROM M E RGING WITH SIVA Leadbeater sought not to ly seems ridiculous. It is as if
in understanding my present ants, who can always be you. Beautiful shades of blue and violets will always be found in the By SATGURU SIVAYA S UBRAM UNIYASWAMI establish a new religion. Ra- a blind man came up to us
life circumstances and, in found among the general auras of successful teachers, missionaries, social workers and those ther, he wrote, he wanted to and assured us there was no
fact, life as a whole." She per- population, she teaches that who work among those of lesser emotional and mental refinement Fro·m · C~w:·Leaiiiie·aierjs ·pe·rcePtiiiii·s;·i·T~· ~~;~·~f~· ~~ti~~;;i· ····· · awaken "the inner faculties as such thing as ordinary physi-
severed and sought out the anyone can develop the abili- than their own. When someone becomes angry at you, or you be- person, with the lower portions betraying selfishness. 2. A wave of yet latent in the majority of cal sight, and that we were
esoteric literature, such as ty; indeed, everyone already "strong and perfectly pure affection sweeping over a person. »
mankind" so that each person
B~~~; · T~·h~~~ ·~~;~·~ ·~~ri~~~~d· bY ·~~~t~p~;~;;Y ·d~i~~Y~ · deluded in supposing that we
that of the great theosophist, possesses it to some extent. J. Intense anger. 4. A person "in love.» Lust and j ealousy show in could independently investi- possessed this faculty"
ant Barbara Ann Brennan in her counseling and healing work. the lower half, affection and devotion in the upper areas.

Normal aura Pregnant woman Musician performing Child playing

Strong feelings Anger turned inward Anger expressed Result of cocaine use

Dramatic decli
8indh and resu
Punjab and Ha
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What's the Deal About a Cr 1 MAY , 1 9 98 HIN D U I SM


and are about an inch square. On the 4,200 so far recov-
ere(a there are 400 different signs with the average text just
five signs long. Many have numbers on the sides or back
leading Jha and Rajaram to believe them a kind of library in~

ptic Seal?
ex cru:d system. The image and words, they sugges!
Collaborators: (above) Dr: N.' bbreVlated statement of subject which then require
Jha of West Bengal, a school c:J ive verbal explanation or bhasya- the same style fo
principal and Sanskrit scholar, • .J
o ter Sanskrit literature. Below are Jhas proposed rel
skillfully deciphered the Indus '"
< ;;anskrit transliteration and English translation for
script. Dr: N. Rajaram (left), a . '"

mathematician, linguist and en- "<

gineer in the field of artifiCial in- "'o
telligence and robotics, verified
and publicized J~a's work. ...'"
inah suretiih vapvagha volJ,ha
"< "Ish~ara, who~e creative "Indra as Lord of Waters
'" force fills the universe" who washes away sins"

Cracking the Indus Valley Code J

area in 1500 BeE py an invasion of Aryans that there was some rt.:
from the north and west. They therefore as- the Indus script and the
sumed the script to be an ancient form of a of Brahmi, the predeces
Two bold researchers say th~ ancient seals have surrendered their secrets Dravidian language, perhaps Tamil. All at- Devanagiri script. In an ~
tempts to provide a Dravidian interpretation relation, Jha compared a
Isadyattal). maral). arka sruti
for the script have failed. But in the last ten from all languages and I
"Ishvara who controls "prayer for the SI
years, a strong minority of scholars and oth- dance of siInilar charactl
HAVE WORKED WFrH OUTSTANDING ings. After ' a careful examination of his ed in the Indian press in November, 1997, forces of destruction"
ers have challengea the Aryan Invasion the- found that letters of m
scientists at NASA, including Nobel work, the American Vedic scholar Vamade: but most scholars have yet to even hear of it, ory as wrong and proposed that the people scripts were related to I n ' - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -....!
laureates," Dr. N.S. Rajaram told HIN- va Shastri (David Frawley) and N.S. Ra- much less study Jhas, book. of the Indus Valley are the ancestors of peo- By,painstaking cross-nationship
. between ly hit upon the'meaning of ir
DUISM TODAY. "Never have I met a ge- jaram, both experts in the Indus civilization, Is it reasonable that an unknown scholar ple irho live in India today. Accepting this
nius like Dr., Natwar Jha. His com- believe his reading to be substantially cor- working in a rural part o.,f West Bengal could - - - - - - - - -.. .,Iflost ancient forms boIs, and found words from tb
point of view, Jha proceeded on the as-
mand of l'1u1guage and ability to rect. By applying Jhas method~ they found make such a breakthrough? At least two of to the Sanskrit the seals. After several hundrl
sumption the seals were in an ancient form
correlate details is astounding." Jha's prodi- they could independently read a large num- the great decipherments of history-Egypt- of Sanskrit. OIIOI!1~1a~:J-?g feat of cor- rived at a relatively consist
gious abilities may well earn him a coveted ber of seals. The breakthrough was report- ian hieroglyphics and MinoaI} "Linear B" . characters translation that anyone can a
Jha decided to search for Vedic words on
pla~e in history as the man who script-were cracked by outside the seals. In this he was helped .by an an- job is to verify and refine his
firtally deciphered the confound- amateurs. Thomas Young, a bril- cient work known as the Nighantu. It is a With Dr. N.S. Rajar
ing script of the Indus Valley civ- liant English doctor and physi- glossar~ of Sanskrit words compiled by the
ilization. The remains of that civ-
ilization wer:e discovered by
Alphabetic Parallels cist, deciphered hieroglyphics
on the famed Rosetta Stone in
sage Yaska. Jha also found that the "Shanti
Parva" of the Mahabharata (the ancient his- TEMPLE ROAD, BASAVANAGUDI. 1

British explorers in 1875 in what Indus sign:" Consonant "K" Equivalent signs In 1815. The Linear B script was tory of India) preserves an account of Yas-
is now Pakistan. Yet, much about other languages: deciphered only in 1952 byJ he ka's search for older, "buried" glossaries-
the people who inhabited these Stages of Development: determined amateur Michael perhaps the seals-in compiling his own.
urban centers remains in the. dark + "k" In Brahml Ventris, a British architect. Out-
because the script they used, earllestl ~ + ..... )I "k" In Phoenician
, siders, in fact, have a decided
From this Jha concluded that some of the
seals must contain words found in Yaskas Stage 1: 7000-
specimens of which are available seals + N X X advantage over those logically Nighantu. This conclusion was critical, for it Beginnings of
on 4,000 small soapstone seals, ~ "k" In Hlmyarltlc more qualified for the work, for greatly narrowed what he was looking for. farming comrr
has long baffled scholars. to )I K " ~ they do not share the prejudices The Nighantu is a late Vedic work, dealing Stage 2: 4300-
Natwar Jha, a 58-year-olp Ve- latest ~ 'fI 41 "k" In Aramaic and misconceptions which may with the words of ancillary ~dic texts. The Developed far
dic scholar and paleographer have taken deep root among entire Rig Veda would already have been in pastoral coron:
[.rom West Bengal, may have One of Jha's decipherment strategies was to relate the Indus scholars. . existence for thousands of'years at the time ,.
1'ound the solution to the great script to other ancient scripts. Here the symbol (in several The first and biggest miscon- the seals were produced. ~ Stage 3: 3200-
o Agricultural SI
problem. In a slim volume of 60 forms) identified as 'X " is related to Brahmi (Sanskrit's pre- ception corrected by Jha con- It has long been known that there was a ...
pages titled' Vedic Glossary on Devanagari script), plus Phoenician, Himyaritic and Aramaic cerned who inhabited the Indus correspondence between the Indus 'script "
< SOcieties, urba
Indus Seals, Jha has provided (Chaldean)-all Semitic languages of the Middle East. This Valley. Most scholars believe it and characters iriother ancient scripts of the ~ Stage 4: 2600-
both the key to the ancient script means our English "K" dates back to the Indus Valley! was a Dravidian-speaking peo- Indian sub-continent and neighboring re- ~ The big leap. j
as well as a large number of read- ple who were driven out of the gions. Especially it had been demonstrated town planning
scripts emerge
32 lj:INDUISM TOElAY MAY , 1998 ". Stage 5: 2500-
Indus in full b
Sf:Iu(a 8: '2.000-
. chapter'on religion in The Earliest Civiliza-
ARCHAEOLOGY tion of South Asia deals extensively with fire
.. altars, built in such a way that the worship-

Fixing •
per can sit facing the east [an important
point for the fire altars described in the
Vedas-all allow the worshipper to f:ee east].

History On the date of the Vedas

The river Saraswati was a major river both
in the Vedas and in the Harappan civiliza-
tion, flowing from the Himalayan m6.untains
B. B. Lal's book buries to th¥ Bay of Bengal. [Long thought mythi-
cal, it was recently rediscover~d in the
the Aryan Invasion deserts of Rajasthan from satellite images].
The sites at Kalibangan were ruined around
myth by. exhuming 1900 BeE due to the drying up of Saraswati
India's true antiquity [caused by massive climatic changes and
shifts in the Earth's surface]' The Vedas
must date before that. Sanskrit probably ex-
HE OUTSTANDING FEATURE OF isted 2000 years before 1900 BeE [putting
" Professor Lal's book, <' says famed the origi'n of Sanskrit before 4000 BeE]. It
can easily take two millenniums for a lan-
historian Shiva G. Bajpai, "is that in
one volume you have the l1WSt compre- guage to originate and develop to the level of
hensive and up-to-date treatment of all versifying and compositions in meters.
the major archaeolggical sites of the Pointed penance: Steven Tan, one of many Chinese who joined the festival, ~ith spears
Indus-Saraswati civilization." Lal's book, On Natwar' Jha's Indus seal translations
The Earliest Civilization of South Asia, de- I have not evaluated his book [see page 32, CELEBRATION
lineates in 300 pages of readable text, as well in which Jha claims to have translated the

Malaysia~s Piercing Praxis

as abundant photographs of excavated sights seals,]. When it came out, my book was al-
and artifacts, an extensive and engaging ac- ready in print. But, I have devoted an entire
count of the Indus Valley Givilization's chro- chapter to the "Script and Language" in my
nology, ecof!omy, religion, socio-politioal book, and I have shown how the methodolo- '"
stratification, script as well as causes of de- gy of various scholars, the ones who are try- Ever-yone in the country joins in Tai Pusam
cline and legacy. HINDUISM TODAY corre- ing to read Sanskrit in it, and others who
spondent, Archana Dongre interviewed the want to read Proto-Dravidian in it, have gone
learned author'and seasoned archaeologist, wrong. The simple test is that there should FISH HOOKS EMBEDDED IN helped induce the trance, removed the
nqw 76, both in Los Angeles and in Delhi. be uniformity. Wliatevet value you give to a backs and spears piercing their skewers. Devotees claim to feel no pain and
symbol it-should be uniform throughout. hundreds of thousands of little blood comes out of the wounds. When
On the Aryan Invasion theory lVl'U'''fSl'''' Hindus marched toward a the hooks and spears are removed, the only
The Indus civilization came to a peak from .. On tHe nature of the script prehi toric cave today in an annual ritual of sign of the flagellation' is rednes~ and slight
2600 BeE to 1900 Br;E. Marauding Aryans The Harappan script is neither logographic, -penance. The festival known as Tai Pusaro bruising. "It is all faith and belief in God,"
[war-like tribes from central Asia, central to that is, comprised of pictures which corre- was brought to Malaysia in the 19th century said temple priest Krishna Vadyar.
an invasion theory long believed by Western sponded to words, nor alphabetic, that is by Indian immigrants who came to work on Before Tai Fusam, devotees fast for three
Indologists] can no longer be held responsi- comprised of letters which formed words. It rubber estates and in government offices. In to 48 days. During that time, they meditate
ble for the destruction of the Harappan civ- Indus Valley, the earli~st civiliza- may have been at some transitional stage be- Malaysia, the pilgrimage drew one million daily and avoid food and drink throughout
ilizat-ion. Perhaps climactic changes, envi- tion of South Asia, people from tween the logo graphic and the alphabetic, people today-devotees and camera-snap- the day. They avoid alcohol and foods, such
ronmental degradation and a steep fall in varied races and regions, even perhap~nearer the latter [a conclusion also ping onlookers alike-to a temple at the Batu as onions, believed to arouse sexual desire.
trade robbed the civilization of its affluence. outside of the continent. Skele- reached'by Jha]. Caves {Mst north of the capital, Kuala Only then, they say, are they prepared on the
tons -excavated indicate that, the LumRur. day itself to slip into a pain-defying trance.
On why the Aryan Invasion is stili taught population comprised Mediter- On his per'sonal religious beliefs Near the foothills of the temple, a penitent All around the temple,),endors sold tinsel,
No overnight change is possible for many raneans, Caucasoids, Armenoid:1, I do not believe in external rituals like ha- carried a 100-p0p?d kavadi up the 272 steps fresh flowers, fruit and religious itemS. The
teachers and scholars. Let them first realize Alpines, Australoids and Mon- vana (fire worship) or puja, but in the con- to the top. The kavadi, a metal frame cocoon- ground was littered with offerings to the
that there was no evidence of Aryan inva- goloids [meaning people from as stant search for the ultimate truth through ing the penitents body, is attached With hun- Gods, such as bananas and smashed co-
sion. Also let them understand that the ge- far away as China and Europe one's own experience, swanubhava. I was dreds of thin hooks and steel shafts. An esti- conuts. The air was scented by jasmine and
ography of the Rig Veda coincide:s with that were living in Indus Valley r. initiated many years ago by Gurudeva R. D. mated 9,000 people carried it at the festival. rose, and contemporary Tamil movie sound-
of Harappan civilization. The equation of Ranade, wno was a professor of philosophy A stream.....of trance-induced devotees fol- tracks blared on speakE7s.
Harappans being Dravidians [that is, the On yajna fire worship , and later vice chancellor of the Allahabad lowed the path up the temple steps today to Some of this year's pilgrims said they were
present residents of South India who speak Fire altars [which figure promi- University. I also believe in ~editation and -pay homage to their deity, Lord Muruga. praying for fertility, fl good harvest, a pass-
Tamil, Telugu and related Dravidian lan- nently in the ancient Vedic texts] yoga. Meditation and yoga practices enable Their foteheads, tongues and cheeks were ing grade on school examinations. Others
guages] does not exist. Max MulJer's theory have been found in Banawali, one tg have a tensionless,'quiet mind. The pierced with spears,. some as wide as travel from near and far just to watch. An-
tHat the Harappans were driven away to the Saraswati River: This false-color satellite photo shows Lothal and Kalibangan cities of mental energy is conserved. I believe in un- broomstick handles. Everywhere, bal5. men drew Kaminski of Britain described the fes-
south by marauding Aryans does not hold the missing five-mile-wide river-now dry the Indus Valley. They are found conditional, complete surrender to the God's smeared in holy ash and saffron powder and tival as "quite gruesome but compelling." 'At
true, also because we do not have a single in houses and also in public wish. Then you are free from problems._ women' draped in orange saris 'chanted first I thought I saw a man walking on stilts,"
Harappan site in South India, south of the On who lived in Indus Valley I places. In Kalibangan, a [0W of seven fire al- PROF. B.B. L~F-7 HAUZ KHAS ENCLAVE, NEW DELHI
"Murugg, Muruga" amid the sweltering Kaminski said. "But when he got closer I
rive); Godavari [as would be expected if the The flourishing trade, affluence, social or- tars has been found in the southern half of IS AVAILABLE FROM ARYAN BOOKS INTERNA,:fIONAL , 4378/4B heat and thundering beat of drums. saw.he was walking on ax blades."
der and a lifestyle of luxury had attracted to the "Citadel," major part of the city. My POOJA APARTMENT~. 4 , ANSARI RO.AgE~~~~o~:JiN~~ After about two hours, priests, who By Alvin Ung, Associated Press
Harappans were pushed to the South].



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Worlds most popular doll gets a Hindu makeover the traditional folk dance dress of the Indi-
an state of Manipur. The red skirt is deco-
rated with gold brocade, and the doll loaded Advertising in Hinduism Today
COLLABORATIVE EFFORT BETWEEN retains a cult .following among adults, one with authentic jewelry includes a gold neck-
US toy giant MatteI and the Indian sign ' of which is that nearly every major . lace, head dress, gold anklets and red and We have ads for every budget, from $25 for a 20-word
company Leo Toys has resulted in clothes designer, such as Oscar de la Renta, yellow bangles. The B~arata Natyam doll is classified to spectacular two- or three-page color foldouts.
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troduced in 1996, ehch doll sold for Rs. 600 The "Expressions in India" series is part Swapna (the real-life dancer) was miffed by Maharishi International Uni versity 1971-1 995 Hinduism Today Advertising
in India (about uS$15). ProductioJ! ended of a global effort by MatteI begun'in 1981 to MatteI's appropriation of her name, and the
last year, and now they are hot collector's produce accurate ethnic dolls that success- doll was immediately withdrawn from pro-
items,., claiming a premium price in Ameri- fully transpl(int Barbie into every race and duction.
MAllARISm 107 Kaholalele Road • Kapaa, Hawaii. 96746-9304 USA
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Barbie, for the non-cognoscenti, is a foot- her native look lpld dress, that is, blond hair, doll is attired in the style of the state of Pun- UNIVERSITY OF E-mail:

high plastic doll first introduced by MatteI pink sunglasses, pink mini-skirt, pink bi- 1ab, with a satin yellow sarong-like skirt or
toys in 1959. They've since sold a mind-bog- . cycle, and tanned, tall and
gling one billion dolls, making Barbie the ' handsome boy-friend, Ken.
i.ungi that has pinklfuc}1sia
flowers and a gold brocade
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has owned a Barbie by age el~ven. in 1987, but not Ken (an ex- elry. The last doll, Roopvati Academic Excellence
. Even though the dolls are "just a tQy," and act clone of actor Robert Rajasthani, is of the style of Consciousness and Creativity • special events where you wish to draw local
intended for five- to eleven-yeq[-old girls, Redford, incidentally), wh~ Rajasthan, and is especially or international participants: conferences,
Barbie has become, since her introduction flopped among young Indian elaborate, ineluding an over- High Quality of Life kumbabhishekams, retreats, seminars, lecture/
forty years ago, a kind of barometer of girls not used to el1e idea of size nose ring that would be' darshan tours by religious leaders, or pilgrimage/
American attitudes toward women. For ex- having a boy friend. Manu- eight inches in diameter in Graduate and undergraduate programs in a sightseeing tours
ample, MatteI's decision in late 1997 to mod- facturers adjusted Barbie to real life. MatteI has created broad range of disciplines. All-vegetarian • books, periodicals, videos and audios of wisdom,
ify. the doll's appearance resulted in a froht- look more Indian, with dark .., dolls in the regional dress of food. Drug-free, crime-free, alcohol-free vision, practical spirituality, ayurveda, India,
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Barbie is a "fashion doll," intended to ful- boyfriend Ken ready to do SOURCES: KAY's COLLECTIBLES, 2 0 8
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, if women are being exploited, the responsi-
self the amazing health benefits of this in-
AYURVEDA expensive, common spice." Against arthritis bility for this also lies in iliemselves. Re-
and other tissue infl~atory illnesses, the garding children, today pare'nts encourage
The Yellow·- Miracle Root
, '
ad correctly explains, turmeric is as effec-
tive as hydrocortisone, and with none of the
drug's side-effects.
and feel proud when their young children
sing obscene film songs and emulate film
actors and actresses. But what looks like a
Turmeric is alow-cost cure for what ails you Western researchers are rediscovering
properties already familiar to Ayurveda:
blessing at this point becomes a ourse later
in lif~. We must encclurage and inspire our
age-abating antioxidant, digestive enhancer, girls to become like Rhani, the noble
liver protector, blood purifier, antiseptic, Queen of Jhansi. But uhfortunately we en-
anti-swelling, cholesterol buster, skin toner courage them to emulate films stars like
and anti-cancerous. More uses are being Madhuri Dixit. I feel the mother is to be
discovered as researchers experiment with blamed for this. Mother is the first guru of
curcuminoids, turmeric's active chemical in- the child and can transform her completely.
gredient. '
Two eager researcRers were so enamored On her message to youtlf'
with the spice that they applied for and re- have the capacity to get things done.
ceived in 1995 an exclusive US patent for its You can realize your golden dreams. Wher-
use on wounds. Thanks to a protest by the • ever you go, in whatever sphere you work,
Indian government's Council for Scientific Lioness of Hindu dharma: Shakuntala Arya's strong religiOUS will vitalizes her role as rrwyor you can bring about a revolution, because
and Industrial Research, the 'patent was your blood is hot, your youth is full 'of en-
thrown out last August on the grounds of WOMEN OF VISION iliusiasm. Youth must pledge to not give or I
"prior art" or existing public knowledge. take dowry. The girl must also say she will
Haridra in Sanskrit, Curcuma longa
botanically, turmeric is a small plant closely
related to ginger. Its bright yellow, ginger-
.duJ~ling_ Spir.i t " Politics not marry someone who is interested in
dowry. Secondly, youth must always keep
the religious viewpoint. When I visit other
like roots are ground into a paste or powder. countries, I tell Hindu youth to never forget
It is used in cuisines as varied as Indian and
Delhis mayor finds strength in daily ritual worship their Indian culture and Hindu roots. Re-
Italian. The plant is sacred to Hindus, in- member that ultimately it is our Indian cul-
digenous to India and an essential part of its ture which will see us through life. Run-
society. In temples, turmeric water is used ROM A DISTANCE, SHAKUNTALA ARYA, while those whose doors are closed and ning after Western culture will not take us
daily in ritual ablution of the Deities. The 69, looks like an ordinary PUnJabi faces covered with blankets are deprived anywhere. It is like the deer who looks for
powder mixed with unpolished rice is an , housewife, not at all like the rrwyor of of it. I work on writing books for awhile, the good smell outside himself, whereas it
important offering during puja. _I Delhi-the world's twenty-first largest perform 2Q yoga postures, yagna and only is corning from his own stomach. Today
Kumkurrw (literally "red-red"), that dis- city. The Bharatiya Janata Party tapped then take 19reakfast. After breakfast, my Westerners come to India with much inter-
tinctive for~head mark of pious Hindus, is o her for the post bi1$ed on her years of politi- time belongs completely to the ·people. est, as they are .fed up with materialism.
turmeric turned red by mixing with lime. It cal in.,volvement, even though she had never
is common practice among women to apply actually held office. Deeply religiOUS and On her role as mayor On systems of family
turmeric paste before ~ bath to cleanse and hardworking, Mrs. Arya is hailed as an en- My first priority is to attend religious func- I prefer the joint family system. Grandpar-
revitalize the skin. At home, turmeric is ergetic fOl-ce-her first mission was to clean tions, then political. Even while performing ents living in the home witl shower the
used in many recipes fQ[ flavor and as a up Delhi's streets, possi~ly the world's most mayoral duties, I never miss daily fire wor- grandchildren with love and affection, fa-
preservative in making pickles. intimidating piece ofhoosekeeping. To see ship, whether traveling on the train or miliarize them with our ancient, rich cul-
"E. Coli or Salmonella bacteria don't stand what rrwkes this unique leader tick, w e/sent abroad. One time while in another country, ture, and look after their health and char-
a chance against even a pinch of,turmeric," our HINDUISM TODAY correspondent, in the hotel I performed yagna, and due to acter, all of which will lead to better
says Dr. Sodhi. At his clinic in Bellevue, Rajiv Mqlik, to interview her in Delhi. the smoke, sireI!s started wailing. It was a development of the children. When both
Washington, he liberally prescribes turmer- panic! The hotel staff ran in. I explained .the parents are working, they cannot give
ic to treat a kaleidoscope of problems, from On family religious upbringing everything to them, I pointed to the vessel due time and attention to the kids.
Iheartburn, liver and kidney disorders to My father belonged to the army, but de- in which yagna is performed, which is part
surgical trauma~ not to mention arthritis, "It spite this he never wavered from dharma. of my travel kit, and from which the smoke On Indian women .
iS,my favorite herb. The only other herb that We all arose at 4AM:-even the two-year was emanating. The staff left smiling. Indiqn women are sacrifice and penance
comes close to turmerics wide reaching C'l: old. After arising, our whole family per- personified. Their shyness is accepted as a
pabilities is ginger. Also, there are no side formed hatha yoga postures, then partici- On corruption virtue the world over. They are deeply ryli-
effects." A medicinal dose is a teaspoon a o pated in yagna, ritual fire worship. Without Those of us who talk of removing corrup- gious. And they keep away from sinful ac-
day with e~ch meal. A
. yagn'a and a baili, no breakfast was al- ., tion from public life must first r~move it tions. They make many sacrifices for their
More research on turmeric's power is un- lowed. Father took us to Arya SamaJ:reli- from our own life. We must see whe(e we children, husband and society.
derway, including its effect on cancer. Dr. gious gatherings, and to meetings ad- personally stand in this matter. For in-
Spice seller: Newar vendor with bags of turmeric in a Kathrrwndu, Nepal, rrwrketplace
Sodhi said a study in India linked the low dressed by prominent saints. Listening was stance, we five people who are present [for On Hinduism
from my bike on a downhill trail, I badly rate of cancer among Indians to their use of not enough-after returning home my fa- this interview1must today pledge to never Someone who believes in God is as much a
HINK "NATURAL HEALING," AND YOU ther had us repeat it in writing. ' accept or give bribes. Even not offering Hindu as someone who doesn't. Hinduism
scraped my skin from elbow to shoulder. I turmeric. He recommends that turmeric be
likely conju;e an image 'of rare herbal bribes is a brave move in todays times. is s6 liberal. But I treat only that individual
applied turmeric and ghee paste to the used raw to treat ailments. If cooked or
extracts with exotic names. But don't Un- On hffi' daily morning schedule as a Hindu who loves his own culture, who
wound, and it healed completely in ten days. heated, it looses its effectiveness.
derestimate the curative powers of com- The US$3 per pound kitchen spice is just I still arise at 4AM, the Brahma Muhurta On abuse of women and children loves ffirery particle of the earth to which
mon spices. Case in point: turmeric. Just I don't even have a scar to show from it."
as effective as the far more costly 500 mil- period. The Rig Veda says that prana Before becoming mayor, I was president of he belongs, where he was born. He'IIlust
consider the uhassuming yellow root's magi- Turmeric is gaining ground in the Ameri-
ligram tablets (at $90 a pound) or the even vayu-the vital, life-giving energy of the a body for th~ struggle of women's rights. treat all the rivers of iliis country, Ganga,
cal effect on wounds. Ayurvedic doctor can health' market. An ad from the Indiana
more expensive standardized extracts of air-flows at this time. Those who inhale In many cases we found that the wife her- Yamuna and Saraswati, as his moiliers. He
Virendra Sodhi told HINDUISM TODAY: "I had Botanic Gardens hypes, "Joint pain? Try for
relief with .... Turmeric! Discover for your- curcumin. ....J this prana remain healthy and blissful, self was exploiting her husband. I feel that does not even want to crush an ant. ~
a bad bicycle accident some time ago. Falling
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• teaching, not punishment." tual successor to her late husband, Sant
We all know parents are a Keshavadas. She
'€hild's first role model. So if Mom assumes the man- ;;:
leaves home to worK, the child's tle of guru of "<
Sri Panchaksharl mind is taught that one-on-one
love and teaching from a mother
Vishwa Shanti
Ashram in Banga- <

doesn't come first, making money lore, India, and "z<

Sahlto Moho
does. Brazelton realizes this, and responsibility to ,;

in interviews with newspapers propagate Ke-
flatly promotes a viewpoint hotly shavadass teach- "'o"
Rudra Yagom criticized: "Mothers really need
to stay home with their babies.
Every' day home is a gift to your
ings worldwide
through the
The new leader

Temple of Cosmic Religion.

child. If they want to work, moth-
NGy 22-25# 1998 ers better split themselves in two. HELD LIABLE: California's Ananda
India Cultural Center & Temple Friend to kids: Brazelton knows their biological clock We're not family and child-ori- Church by a county jury on February
Eads, Tennessee, USA (Near Memphis) ented in our society. We are the 6, 1998, for fraud and emotional dis-
doubt and late-niglit vigils. least supportive country in terms of par- tress. Anne-Marie Bertolucci, 34, was
The book is a guided map to just about ents." "He's never been a champion of work- awarded US$625,000 in compensatory
You are cordially invited to participate in this holy maha yagam, every situation a parent encounters-from ing moms," says Judsen Culbreth, editor of damages. Anan-
undertaken with the blessings and patronage of Satguru Sivaya bed-weWng to imaginary friend~ and deal- Working Mother magazine. das spiritual
Subramuniyaswami of Saiva Siddhanta Church-with his matha- ing ~ith loss and death. Each of Touchpoints explores speciftc issues of head, J. Donald
vasi Acharya Kumarswami, Tyagi Saravananathaswami and velopmental markers signify "toucJ.ipoints: child-rearing in the first six years: siQ.ling ri- Walters (AKA
Brahmachari Nilakantha in attendence-all for the peace predictable times occurring just before a valry, crying, tantrums, waking at night, ly- Swami Kriyanan-
surge of rapid growth in any line of develop- ing, television and more. Brazelton sees da), 72, was or-
and prosperity of mankind.
ment-motor, cognitive or emotional- these as expressions of the child's emerging dered February
Registration fees: All days $501 . One day $201 . when, for a short time, the child'S behavior struggle for autonomy and offers solutions in 19 to pay addi-
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face. What a chance for understanding the REDDING , MASSACHUSETTS 100146, USA
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to postulate an infectious cause. Immune Three more conditions were recently
HEALING systems of patients are depressed by pro- added to the AIDS category: cervical carci-
longecl.;and chronic use of street drugs. noma, recurrent pneumonia' and tuberculo-
Dietary deficiency further depress~s the

AI DS: The epidemic

sis. These three occurred for many years
immune system. Sex-stimulating drugs,and before the AIDS controversy and seem to
anal sex add to it. Eventually a patient has have nothing in common with the otner
typical Il).arkers of AIDS-weight loss, de- diseases, except to raise statistics. All of
. pression, dementia, fever and other oppor-

That May Not Be

this causes a UN rep'ort of "30 million in-
tunistic i~fections-because the immune fections" to be very misleading.
system is so weakened that it cannot recov- The World Health Organization and
er from these assaults. He may easily test others have entirely different criteria. The
positive for HIV for any of these reasons, WHO does not require any HIV positivity
Unconventional sexual activity, harmful drugs' not because he has contracted "HIV." Once
he is given immunosuppressive prescription
to diagnose AIDS. Wasting of the body and
presence of dementia (mental deteriora-
and toxi~ remedies can explain this disease drugs as therapy and the vicious cycle of
immunosuppression is started, it continues
tion) are far more important. It seems there
is a different political agElnda for each defi-
until there is real and very serious illness, nit.lon as given by various organizations.
BY, DEVANANDA TANDAVAN, M.D . which is .then called AIDS. Estimates of HIV/ AIDS patients in India
Common criteria of inflanlIDatory dis- and Africa are large. AIDS in Africa fol-
ECEMBER 1,1997, spite the fact its correlation ease are not present in AIDS; researchers lows different diagnostic rules and probably
marked World AIDS' with Kaposi's Sarcoma has increasingly accept the idea that AIDS is has nothing to do with bIIV: Because of
Day. A United Nations been known for years. Doctors not an infection. Transmission is unlike any differences in lifestyle, there are different ;'
agency gravely an- must be skillful in recording a infection known. Support for this comes risk factors for those nations. It is difficult
nounced that AIDS has patient's history, for the patient from studies of pregnant women. Infants to test correctly in these areas, except in
struck the world much harder often lies about drugs and sex are born with AIDS symptoms if the moth>- larger medical centers. Statistics are also
than previously thought-30 mil- habits-causing the doctor to er is a chronic drug user and HIV - , but suspect because of indiscriminate use of
lion people are 'now infected miss obvious correlations be- with no sy mptoms if she is not a chronic the terms HIV and AIDS. Doctors do not
with f,UV: For the last two tween their physical condition drug user even .though she is HIV+. That hesitate to guess the number of people
months we have explored the and their lifestyle. means drug use is the cause of the child's with disease. Most of these '/\IDS" patients
position of a minority of doctors Anal sex does not cause AIDS symptoms, not an infectious agent. are ill because of starvation.
and medical researchers who believe AIDS AIDS, as some claim. But it does cause Other questions: Aside from issues of Treatment and prevention: Alternative
is not an epi<~emic in the traditional sense. immune suppression, in two ways: by the definition, transmission, etc., is the value of treatment shows good results in the small
We have explained that no one has proven act itself and by absorption of semen and the "viral load" test to "monitor" progress of number of heroic patients who have used
scientifically that HIV causes MDS, that sperm trat is deposited in the rectum. One a patient's disease. By manipulating a pa- it. Herbals, homeopathic remedies, mas-
the common HIV test can yield positive of the rectum's natural functions is to ab- tient's blood sample, doctors look for cells sage, supplemented nutrition, acupuncture
results for many conditions completely sorb fluids from the bowel, and this is one or fragments that are assumed fo be part of and reasonable exercise are combined ac-
unrelated to AIDS and that the potent toxic way abnormal·proteins infiltrate the blood the HIV virus. When found, these are cording to the patient's needs. As the im-
drugs, such as AZT, used to treat HIV +, are stream, leading to immune suppression. magnified, again by manipulation, to give a mune system is stimulated, improvement
alone quite capable of killing a patient. Fluids flow just the opposite in vaginal number supposedly corresponding to the occurs gradually; as long as all use of toxic
This month we complete our appraisal of insemination-foreign protein is not ab- total virus present in the body. There are and street drugs is stopped. Recently news-
this point of view with a discussion of the sorbed, .but either moved up and into the many deficiencies in the test as discussed papers reported that AIDS deaths are de-
various risk factors which can cause a uterus or down and out of the body. Also, in Reappraising AIDS, edited by Paul creasing, attributed to new mugs. There is
breakdown of the immune system, and rough sex can damage rectum membranes Philpott. His conclusion is that the vfral no real assessment of the "cocktail" drugs
with further aspects of AIDS statistics, so that direct entry into the blood is possi- load test has not been properly standard- at this time. These cocktails still contain
transmission and treatment. ble by fluids. At the same time ized, hence wor~hless as an aid to therapy. the AZT-type DNA terminators and' pro-
Risks: After years of study, researchers many, if not most, of these encounters are Published numbers for AIDS are confus- .tease inhibitors; both are highly toxic.
still find that AIDS is predominantly a associated with jmmunosuppressing pop- ing. The United Nations generates consoli- Louis Pasteur was a major figure in med-
male homosexual disease. The only females pers. This helps explain why heterosexual dated figures, but agencies report to the UN icine's germ theory. He said, "Terrain is
shown to have t~e disease were intravenous " transmission of the disease is uncommon differently-some report only HIV+ cases, more important than the germ." In other •
drug users (including probable use of amyl (unless anal sex is used). The HIV status of others report HIV + and full AIDS. A few words, if the body's immune system is de-
or butyl nitrate-"poppers," a powerful people using anal sex seems to be equally report only full blown AIDS cases. Then pressed, almost any germ, regardless of
stimulant) or recipients of anal sex. Kaposi's divided between positive and negative, and the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) potency, may cause illness. A good example
Sarcoma (a cancer associated p,rith AIDS) no predictions can be made as to the level HIV+ and half testing HIV-. They report- often with dried blood upon therp.. These uses cumulative statistics, meaning the total of this is that the tubercle bacillus is every-
uhtil recently was solely a male condition. of increased immunosuppre~sion. ed, "Nowhere have we been able to find drugs cause a marked depression of the. number of people with AIDS ea,ch year are where in our environment, yet few of us
It now appears in females, and "Zhen accu- Other risk factors for developing AIDS any evidence whatsoever that transfusion immune system-the greater and lo~ger the added to the totals for all previous y~s­ contract tuberculosis. If we choose a
rate histori.'es are obtained, the females are are use of street drugs and some prescrip- of HIV ever caused any disease." use, the more depression. It was shown in ignoring the fact that the same person may lifestyle of good nutrition, moderate exer-
shown to be either intravenous drug users, tion drugs; intravenous use of street drugs Many legal and illegal drugs can suppress' 1908 by Terry and Pellens that long habitu- be counted in more than one year. cise and sensible sexual life, avoiding street
sleeping and sharing needles with intra- and sharing of needles; recipients of blood the immune system, including cocaine, ated users of "recreational" drugs develop A further complication is that the CDC drugs, and are wary of toxic prescribed
venous drug users, or having anal sex. transfusion (possibly for hemophiliacs); or nitrite inhalants, amphetamines, barbitu- AIDS-like symptoms of weight Idss, demen- frequently changes definitions. In 1981 drugs, we shall not need to fear AIDS.
There is a strong correlation between use other methods of getting a foreign protein rates, ethyl chloride inhalers, phenylcycli- tia, fevers, mouth infections, endocarditis only 12 diseases qualified as AIDS, with no •
of'poppers and Kaposi's Sarcom'il. It is seen into the blood stream. Starvation or malnu- dine, heroin, marijuana and medically and pneumonias. This was long befdre HIV mention of HIV positivity or CD-T 4 cell DR. TANDAVAN, 78, retired nuclearp hysi-
in persons who test both positive and nega- trition often cause immunosuppression. pre-scribed drugs of the DNA terminator was found or the term AIDS used. counts. In 1985 seven more diseases were cian and hospital staff president, lives in
tive for HIV: Poppers heighten the sexual Testing positive for HIV is not one of type which are toxic and designed to kill We must conclude that the condition added, plus a requirement of being HIV+. Chicago, where he specializes in alternative
experience and relax the anal sphincter- these risk Factors. Ward, et al, (1989) stud- cells. The hazard of these drugs is called AIDS may be explained directly by In 1993 four more diseases were added, healing arts. Visit his home page at the
this being a strong reason for its use, de- ied a group of paired patients, half testing increased by frequent sharing of needles, the individual's lifestyle. There is no need with a further stipulation on CD-T 4 count. HINDUISM TODAY w ebsite.


The Jlyurvedic Institute Writings and Music of Sri Chinmoy
Dr. Vasant Lad, Ayurvedic We offer a wide selection of
Physician and Director of the Sri Chinmoy's music, inspira-
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Program, seminars and pri- questions asked by seekers.
vate consultations.
New and unique book! Diana,
Yearly C:;urriculum: Princess of Wales, Empress
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assessment (Winter). her meetings and personal
• III: Intra. to management of correspondence with Sri
imbalances (Spring). Chinmoy • 124 pages
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chology, Herbology, Pulse Reading, Sanskrit, Jyotish, etc. this book, Sri Chinmoy takes you, with simplicity and clarity,
Surrounding Iraivan Temple is an from the first stages of concentration and meditation through
• Panchakarma-purification and rejuvenation by licensed staff:
Where do I belongP: Her gaze on an English tea set and arms in Indian bangles, oil massage, herbal steam, cleansing diet, herbal therapy, etc. the advanced practice of contemplation • 261 pages
extraordinary botanical garden $22.95 plus $2.25 shipping. /
an Tracy Christensen idles while her parents share afternoon tea in McCluskiega11j, India • Ayur-yoga-integrating Ayurveda and Yoga for the purpose
of returning each person to his or her balanced state.
paradise, providing an area of
• Ayurvedic and Western herbs, extracts, oils, books, audio Call for a free catalog with over 70 books, audio and video
and video tapes and a quarterly journal. tapes, CDs and more:
contemplative, natural beauty.

Pilgrims enjoy groves of plumeria, Between Two Worlds Write/call for our mail order catalog and information:
The Ayuvedic Institute • PO Box 23445
Albuquerque, NM 87192-1445 USA
Heart-Light Distributors
PO. Box 85464-H· Seattle, WA 98145-1464 USA
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konrai, hibiscus, heliconia, native Fax: 206-527-2099
Tel: 505-291-9698. Fax: 505-294-7572
Bharat's Anglo-Indians struggle with identity
Hawaiian plant species and more.

At the entrance to the 5 I -acre . CCLUSKIEGANJ, A HAMLET OF DE- der the British would end. Young Anglo-In-
crepit brick and neglected gardens, is dians migrated to Britain, Australia and
inhabited by people 'whose mixture Canada. "Nqtionwide, the number of Anglo-
sanctuary is Americas only forest of

healing rudraksha trees. Send US$ 12

of identities has left them uncertain
of a place in their homeland ever since Indi-
Indians has dwindled from 300,000 in 1947
to 150,000," said Hedwig Michael Rego, who
an independence. Timothy McCluskie, of represents them in Inp.ia's national parlia- VEDIC MONK - TEACHER - AUTHOR
to purchase a single-bead necklace Indo-Irish parentage, carved this niche for ment. Government job quotas for Anglo-In-

of a sacred rudraksha, and receive as

himself and others like him in the 1930S
when the Indian national movement accel-
dians have been abando~d, and legislative
quotas end in three years. "Who will hear
Spirit of Ayurvedic Healing Tour
erated. Those who feared they were neither our voice then?" Rego said.
our gift another bead to plant at British enough to emigrate to Britain 'nor In- Despite their pale skin, "the Br;itish treat-
dian enough ,to stay welcomed the enclave. ed us as third class citizens," said Cameron. *ekend Workshop Program
home to grow your own tree. McCluskie sought out this spot in the cool Indians treated them with contempt. "We
hills 625 miles east of New Delhi and saw in them the remnants of the British Keynote Address All-Day Workshq/J HalfDa,y Satsung
named it McCluskieganj. "Ganj" means alley Raj," said Deepak Singh, an Indian school- Healing Through
in Urdu, but translates roughly to "neighbor- teacher in Mc€luskieganj. In that, Ayurvedic Approach Charitable Program
hood." Nearly 400 families of Anglo-Indians, many families clung to their ties to the colo- Cognitzve Memory to Women 5 Care for Cancer Patients
E-mail: a catchall phrase in India for everyone of nial rulers, speaking only English at home,
http://www. HinduismToday. mixed European and Indian ancestry, had striving to mimic the lifestyle of upper class Group Invocation of settled here by the time the British left In- Brits. Their English guaranteed them jobs Personal & Cosmic
dia's shores in 1947. In McClpskieganj's hey- in the Briti~h-run civil service and military. Sound
day "We had dance parties, picni~ and a lot Now, few know Indian languages well 1998 Us. CONFERENCE LOCATIONS
of social gatherings," recalls D. R. Cameron, enough to compete in the job market, Rego May 21, 23, 25 San Francisco, CA - Mind/Body Saminars (530)887-7402
RUDRAKSHA a 68-year-old retired army captain. Their
status and fortune have declined in the 50
said. Cameron said Anglo-Indians depended'
on government jobs, failing to develop as
May 24 Sacramento, CA - The Event Center (530)887-7402
May 29-31 Sante Fe, NM - The Sterling Institute (505)984-3223
years India has been independent. Only 20 entrepreneurs. A.K. Raphael, a 78-year-old
FOREST Anglo-Indian families, mostly elderly, are retired police officer, blames it all on inde-
June 5-7 Omaha, NE - Omaha Yoga and Bodywork Center
June 12-14 New York City, NY - Source of Life Center
left in McCluskieganj. pendence. "India has gone down hill since
Homes are deserted. Weekly services at inCtependence. Prime Minister Jawaharlal June 20 Saylorsburg, PA - Arsha Vidya Gurukulam (212)932-1658
SAN MARGA IRAlVAN TEMPLE the Anglican and Catholic churches draw Nehru had very good ideas, hut most of
only a few worshipers. At independence,
KAPAA. HI 96746-9304 USA panic gripped many Anglo-Indians who August 16-21 Intermediate Pancha Karma: Wise Earth School, Asheville, NC (704)258-9999
feared that die favors they had enjoyed un- By Ashok Sharma, Associated Press Oct. 23-25, Nov. 6-8 Ayurvedic Sadhanas: Open Center, .New York, NY (212)219-2527
Sivananda Ashram Yoga Camp

Natarcq Books-5,OOO Titles

g~~~~ . .t<M~~~. .
Established by
Swami Vishnu-
devananda in 1962
and located amidst
The Major Distributor of
books from India.

A sampling from our catalog:

A repprtedl proposal by the British p op BRITAIN'S 1.5-MILLION-STRONG Muslim com-
pants believe laughter is an effective thera-
group'Spice Girls to perform in front of a munity smiled in January when Education py to ease tension and stress.
250 acres of peace-
• Shiva: An Introduction. l,ooo-year-old Hindu temple, known for its Secretary David Blunkett agreed for the
ful forest in the
Pattanaik. US$19.95 erotic sculptures, has sparked outrage £irst time to state funding of Islamic INDIA'S CENTRAL GOVERNMENT IS being urged
Laurentian moun-
• Srimad Bhagavata Maha- among In'dian artists and conservationists. schools. "It marks an important step in New to provide immediate relief for 32,000 Re-
tains, 1 hour north
purana: With Sanskrit text Geeta Chanch:an, classical Indian dance ex- Labor Partys promise to build an equal, in- ang tribals forced out of their homeland,
of Montreal. Year-
and English translation, ponent, said the show should be stoIfped clusive society," said Iqbal Sacranie d{ the Mizoram, in January by the Mizoram Stu-
round program
2 vols. set. $55.00 bec~yse it would undermine the sanctity of UK Action Committee on Islamic Affairs. dents Associatlon, a Christian-backed mili-
includes morning
• Understanding Your Puja . the temple in the central Indian t1lwn of Britain has for years funded Christian and tant group. Terrorists burned houses, de-
and evening
Better. B. Dwarka. $4.95 Khajuraho. "The eroticism of Khajuraho is Jewish schools. Are Hindu schools next? stroyed crops and assaulted Reang women.
meditations and two yoga classes.
• Devatma Shakti: Kundalini part of the larger Hindu view of the cycli- The tribal community fled to bordering vil- ."
Divine Power. Swami cality of life. The Spice Girls' profile does BRITISH AIRWAYS now wears a s-ari, and lages; where they are now living in miser-
• June 27-July 25: Childrens' Summer Yoga Camp
• June 28-July 4: Vedic Architecture, with Dr. V. Ganapati Vishnu Tirtha. $8.95 not match that of the temple. Eroticism :K1eera Mehta helped them put it on. :En an able conditions. Over 40 people have died
Sthapati, founder and research director of the Vastu Vedic • Mantrapushpam (in Sanskrit). Swami Dev Rupanand. without spirituality becomes pornography." effort to defreeze their stiffness, the popu- so fill of hunger, cold and disease.
Research Foundation, Madras, India $15.00 lar airline is painting traditional destgns
• Shri Rudram De-Coded: Mystery of Vedas Revealed, DEBATESrO"ER C~ONING escalated recently from across the world-a tartan from Scot- ~N AN ATTEMPT TO PROMOTE TAMIL, the Tamil
• July 5-Aug. 2: Yoga Teacher's Training course
Mantras and Medicines for Healing. Shubhakaran. $35.00 when Cnic:ago physicist Richard Seed an- land, an Egyptian tent panel, a sari from Nadu government recently ordered temple
• Aug. 2-9: Bhagavata Saptaham wi Sant Venu Gopal
• Aadi Shankara's Bhajagovindam. Krishnamani. $18.00 noun~ed he would try to clone a human. India-on the -: puja ritual be conducted in the local Tamil
• August 17-23: Vandana Shiva, director of Research • Handbook ofVastu. B. Niranjan Babu. $9.95 US senators quickly introduced legislation tails of their languagf? Presently, most mantras are I
Foundationfor Science, Technology & Ecology, Dehradun, • Kundalini Tantra. Satyananda Saraswati. $16.95 that would ban publicly..or privately funded planes. Airline chanted in Sanskrit, the traditional lan-
India and Andrew Kimbrell, founder National Center for • Rabindranath Tagore: A Biography. Kripalani. $25.00 cloning of human cells. Meanwhile, Scottish bosses flew to guage of the Gods. A commi'ttee has been
scientist Ian Wilmut, cloner of the sheep, Paithan, India formed to assure that each translated word
Technological Assessment, Washington, DC
Nataraj Books Dolly, admitted to a remote possibility of and found a color- is purely Tamil, with no Sanskrit influ-
Sivananda Ashram Yoga Camp • 673 8th Avenue
Val Morin, PQ, JOT 2RO Canada. • Tel: 800-263-9642 7073 Brookfield Plaza. Springfield, VA 22150-2915 USA error. Dolly shocked the world because she ful sari ~tyled by ep.ce-likely an impossible task, as there are
(from Canada), 800-783-9642 (from USA), 819-322-3226 Tel: 1-703-455-4996. Fax: 1-703-912-9052 had Meen cloned from a cell of an adult Mehta. A designer so many Sanskrit terms in Tamil.
Fax 819-312-5876 • E-mail: email: . sheep-meaning a .human could he cloned for 22 years,
Please ask for our free catalog • Visa/MC accepted. from, say, fl, piece of hair. Since Dolly's Mehta, 4?-' AN ARRANGED MARRIAGE RECEIVED major
mother (her twin? clone?) was pregnant says, "This IS even British flying colors coverage and favorable opinion in a Denver,
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ when the cell was taken, Wilmut said,
"there is a remofe possibility. the cell came
better tlian having
someone wear it."
USA, newspaper. A huge page-one photo
showed Shashi Mehti, the groom, and his
from her fi~tus instead." Scientists have bride, Soudhamini, having a feet washing

"/"~"/I' rJ ~ ~~ (?6u&~
been able to clone mammals from fetal cells TWO US PHYSICISTS prese nted a new study in a traditional wedding ritual at a Hindu
for two decades. Using tlfat method, US re- based upon photographs taken aboard temple. The couple was introduced by
searchers-have cloned a small herd of ge- NASA's Polar spacecraft as further proof of Soudhamini's
netically engineered calves in Texas. their ll-year-old theory tliat thousands of sister via the
hous~-sized ice comets disintegrate in the Internet, but
Decisions un new nationallab-eling rules for ' Earth's atmosphere each day and are the , the match was
(D/q?(//f%d ()/~ US organic foods-a $3.5 billion industry- source of most of the Earth's water. The not approved
were delayed in February with protests revolutionary theory is pooh-poohed by op- until horo-
770·973·2614 that products produced or processed using ponents who claim the photographs show scopes were
Atlanta April 10·12
Dallas April 14-16 972-702-9900 irradiation, genetic engi- nothing but camera noise. shown to be
Houston April 17-19
April 20-22
713-526 - 5491
210-434 - 1738
~ j...... Beering and sewage compatible.
San Antonio

505-986·3881 ~ ~~ sludge fertilizer could Alarmln~ statistics published by the New The article's Hindu wedding on front page ,
Bhagavati Santa Fe April 24·26

Phoenix April 27·29 602·502·8888 ~ be allowed by the York Times show 500,000 US kids use author, Jean
L.A. April 30-May 4 818-955-7946
Santa Barbara May 5 805-957 - 4901 , rules to be labeled . Prozaf and other anti-depressant drugs. Torkelson, attended the wedding. She com-

~~. ,:~~t~~~~~~~l~~pe
San Francisco May 7·9 510-482-8201 Only one in a hundred children ages two to mented that "the couple ;pas awfully happy
Portland May 10-12 503-297-2181
nineteen eats a qiet meeting minimal gov- Sunday. When they were 'United in a Hindu
Sri Sri Sri Seattle
West Coast Retreat
May 13·14
May 15·17
425·391-9582 . complained, "If the ernment standards. Instead of receiving the ceremony of petals, fire, water and thrown
Boulder May 19·20 303-786-7437 rice, it was enough to give romantic chance
May 22-24 708-481-4984
proposed rules are adopt- recommended ten percent of calor'es from
Ann Arbor May 25-26 517-522-8114 ed as written, consumers will fats and sugar, youth receive 40 percent. A [that is, love matches] a bad name."
Toronto May 28-30 416-598·3331 lose all faith in the 'organic' label." That report from India states that urban Indians
Vijayeswari Pittsburgh June 1·2
green sym601 above isn't meant to label or- likewise foll0w a highly malnourished diet LEADERS OF NINE WORLDJAITHS met with the
Maryland June 3·4 301·977-5666
Philad e lphia June 5-7 610-933-6019 ganic food. It has been approved by the US far overloaded with sugars, oils and fat. World Bank's president in London mid-
New Jersey June 8 908-479-1037
Boston June 9-11 617-354-0865 Food and DrB.g Administrati~n for red Febrttary for talks 01} poverty and develop-
East Coast Retreat June 12-14 914-941·3659 meat packaging. It means the meat has OVER 7,000 PEOPLE FROM ACROSS India guf- ment policies. The meeting brought togeth-
Devi New York June 15-18
June 22·24
been 'n-radiated to elimina1:e harmful mi- fawed together Januar)' 11 to celebrate er representatives from the Bahai,
"World Laughter Day." Participants r~ged
London. England
croorganisms. Purists are aghast at the mis- Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jain, Jewish,

leading symbol, as they considEjr irradiation from little children to old men and women Muslim, Sikh and Taoist religions to discuss
birth, Sri Karunamayi has been revered as an incarnation of the Divine Mother, Sarasvati, with all its hazar€l.ous side-effects to be . who assembled in Mumbai's Mahalakshmi how respect for different cultural values
about as far from" 'organic" as one can get. Race c'o.urse. Laughter Club International, and faiths could be incorporated into devel-
Goddess of Knowledge, Music and the Arts. On behalf of humanity, She meditated in a remote forest for which organized the event, said the partici- opment programs.
ten years. Come. Receive Her guidance in meditation and human values. Experience the fullness of
48 ~~==========r=================================================~
\~Dm~~~ _ _ ~~~iMl
Shiva Process Meditation Course Moneesh Resources - Gifts and Books
MINISTER'S MESSAGE rious inner voice that doubts, questions and
depresses him. What a wonder! Where Self-inquiry is the yoga of the For the past 18
does this come from? wBen our outer ene- razor's edge, the path for the years, we have

How to Become th:e

mies revile us, they are nowhere near as 21st century. developed an ex-
effective as our own negative self-talk. I call The unique SHIVA PROCESS tensive collection
these negative thoughts of self-attack "tear- method allows us to speak the of gifts, statues and
• ing thoughts" and "shrinking thoughts," truth w ith compassion, to be

Lord of Our',Mind
books to support
be.c ause they literhlly tear into our hearts kind w ithout being weak. you in your spirit-
and shrink us from Divinity to diminished ' SWAMI SHANKARANANDA of ual upliftment.
personhood. They s~, "I am no good." "That the Shiva Ashram near
person is better than I am." "I am stupid." Melbourne, Australia shares • A broad collec-
"No one loves me." "I am far from God." his br illiant method in 2 tion of spiritual
We must identify negative, «tearing fboughts,n . Tearing thoughts are always accompanied correspondence courses: texts of all tradi-
by negative feeling. Conversely, the pres- tions, esp. Hindu-Vedas, Upanishads, Sutras, Puranas, etc.
look them in the eye and stop believing them ence of depression and unhappiness sounds • CORRESPONDENCE COURSE 1: • The finest rudraksha malas, custom made-gold-filled,
. . the alert: "tearing thottghts in the vicinity!"
...As yogis, our job is to ferret out these tear-
(6 months ). Complete basic
14k gold, with silver etc. • A wide collection of wrist or

BY SWAMI SHANKARANANDA ing thoughts, look them in the eye and stop instruction for successful meditation.
necklace malas in various stones and styles • Statues of
deities: Ganesha, Krishna, Shiva Nataraj, etc. • Posters,
believing them. Our goal may be the state • CORRESPONDENCE COURSE 2: SHIVA PROCESS MEDITATION calendars and notecards of deities from the finest artists-all
EFORE MY TRIP TO INDIA IN 1970, I WAS AN ACADE- beyond the mind, but we live, work and FOR EXPERIENCED MEDITATORS (6 months). Step by step in- sizes • Puja and meditation items: Incense, prayer shawls,
in the field: of literature. I considered myself the relate in the world of words, and 'we must struction in self-inquiry the SHIVA PROCESS way. wool meditation asanas, cushions and more
.epitolme of the Western contemporary man. An "in- learn how to make our way in it. • Alternative health care remedies and books: ayurvedic
~ tP II P('nl" I " I used my mind fairly effectively, but I Negative thoughts create tension within Both courses include a complimentary SHIVA PROCESS and herbal preparations, essential oils and related books
no idea how it worked, nor how to deal with the body. By a disciplined inquiry into Guided Meditation CD or cassette tape. Pr ice: US$125 p er • Apparel: hatha yoga T-shirts and mats, meditation clothes,
negative emotional states. My intellect was often my friend, these points of tension, they can be course (money order, bank checks, VisalMasterCard accepted ) kurtas and dhotis
but also often my enemy. Seeking a deeper truth I looked for released. Such self-inquiry involves an inner
a teacher. After many adventures, I found him in the siddha search for the sources of our suffering and Shiva Ashram, 27 Tower Road Call or write for our free catalog!
mastel:", Swami Muktananda, and spent many years with him. beyond them to the Self Where are we Mt. Eliza, Victoria, Australia 3930
One day, early in my stay with him, I was having a difficult holding a wrong understanding? Where are Phone: 03-9775-2568 • Fax: 03-9775-2591 110neesh Resources
time. He came up to me while I was working in the ashram we lacking in faith or operating from fear? E-mail: 467 Brickman Rd. , Hurleyville, NY 12747-5314 USA
garden and stood nose to Rose, an inch from my face. He Such questions are only for the brave, but Call or send us an email for a free catalogue. Tel: 914-434-8990 • Fax: 914-435-0018
whispered t~e five-syllaBle mantra Om Namah Sivaya to me. eventually we discover that at the very
He said, "Repeat this twenty-four hours a day; meditate intensely center of our ignorance is the peace and illumination of the Self
for four hours a day!" I began the practice, and in less than a day I Lord Krishna said, "0 Arjuna, be a yogi and fight!" To .be a yogi
was experiencing a powerful joy bubbling in my hear .
This was my first experience of the yogic process of introjection,
eJqllained by Maharishi Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras (II 33-4); re-
means to use our free will again and again, moment to moment.
The philosdpher Henri Bergson saiQ, "Consciousness wakens as
soon as the possibility of choice becomes available." A Sufi qawaali
R.V. VEDTM If you are suffering
from burn out, want to
placing unsuitable thoughts with better ones. Better· thoughts in- says: "Choose this or choose that." The choice is ours-upliftment AYURVEDIC NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS build muscles, boost
clude mantras, affirmations like "I am worthy," mahavakyas or or despair. A yogi must always choose in the dVection of his immunity, increase
great scriptural statements like "I am That," and prayer and invo- Divinity. BY AYURVEDIC PHYSICIANS strength and stamina,
R.U. Vedic Energy for
cation. The import~t thing to understand is that the heart of yoga Once a seeker was having a difficult time stru~ling with his
lies in the conscious'choice you can make to uplift your mind.
The philosophy of Kashmir Saivism introduces the concept of
ego and his negative matrikas. He went to his guru and asked, "0
Guruji, how can I deal with the negativity of my mind?" The guru
BALANCE YOUR DOSHAS men & women is a
blend of herbs that
11'l4trika. A rough modern equivalent for matrika might be "self- said, "You control your thought. Do not think, 'I am a sinner,' helps to improve
talk,'',the thoughts we have in our inner consciousness. Som~ ma- don't even think, 'I am a King.' Think: 'I am Siva, I am the Self, I R HEALTH AND LONGEVITYTM physical and mental governed by contracting forces of separation and negation am Consciousness.' Keep up such practice and eventually you will performance.
and leads us to states of suffering, while the higher kind of matrika be absorbed into Consciousness itself." In that moment the seeker
soars with mantric power and connects us to the Divine. A person understood that the heart of the matter is to identify with the - Natural Intestinal Cleanser
lost in illusion i~ tossed up and down on this,guixotic stream of highest prot of our nature, the Divine, and not the limited ego. I A unique blend of
matrika, his mind moving in dark habitual spaces, relieved some- Divinity is always at han<;l., closer than our own heartbeat. Beyond
EXTRA STRENGTHTM - Nutritional Ayurvedic herbs to help
times by a ray of light when things in the world work out briefly. the highest matri'ka, and flowing directly from it, there is only th lSupp~[)rt for proper Cholesterol levels nutritionaUy support
Matrika literally means "the unknown mother." She is the dark silence of the Absolute. The untrammeled heart of Siva is the optimum physical,
womb of all possible meaning~ uttering from the depths of con- - Ayurvedic Liver mental, and spiritual
sCiousness. Only the yogi can become the "Lord of Matrika." He
source and also the destination of all , matrika. '
_ Nutritional ......·ftft,"'_ rA;;"·C.~"'.l',,,,,,,,,,..d health & balance.
empowers himself, choosing to n;love away from contracted nega- Kamatone™ is a total
tive thought forms that bring fear, anger and sorrow, and towards system tonic and
peace and joy. , rejuvenating formula ,
The essence of sadhana, or spiritual practice, is to work with for men.
your own thought and feeling~ The first thing to do is to observe
how your mind works. Watch it in action' and reaction. Reflect on R.U. VED INC.
yoUr own consciousness. This Will reveal facts about your inner 2115· 112th AVE. NE
world that may have escaped your notice. Think of a rock: it sits BELLEVUE, WA 98004.2946 USA
quietly, fully eXhibiting its "rockness" without a doubt or confu- SWAMI SHANKARANANDA, 55, heads the Shim Ashram near Mel- IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE
sion. Even my dog, Bhakti, is certain about who she is and. what bourne, Australia. He leads retreats and offers a course introducing CALL US AT
are her needs. Only a human being comes equipped with a myste- the "Shiva Process," a contemplative tool f or living in the world. 1-800-925-1371 /425-637·1400
OR SEND A FAX AT 1-425-451.2670
50 HINDUISM TOD A,Y M Y, 1998 51

Hindu Businessmen's Association Trust Iraivan Temple Endowment MathavasiMerucalFund

Vel Alahan $266.71 Anonymous $32.60 Gowri Nadason $60.00 :
Paramaseeven Canagasaby $22.95 Kriya Haran $197.00 Matthew Wieczork $1 1.00
MISSION STATEMENT Vel Mahalingum $22.25 Edwin Hawk $943. 12 Total $71.00
Manogaran Mardemootoo $75.23 Toshadeva Lynam Guhan $9.80 Mathavasi Travel Fund
Vishwanaden Moorooven $4.50 Loganatha Shivam $600.00
Erase nthira n Poonjolai $75.00
Hindu Heritage Endowment is a publicly supported, charitable organization'recognized as tax Nathan Palani $28 .92 Saiva Siddhanta Church $9,607.82
Total $75 .00
I Total $420.56 Gokula Vani $70.00
exempt by the IRS on April 22, 1994. Its employer ID ~umber is 99-0308924. FO,1J.ndeg by Satguru Vayudeva &Peshala Varadan $1,592.67 Nepal Kumari Goddess Endowment
Hindu Orphanage Fund
Selva rajah Vengadesan $1,534.25 Wendy Schuljan $10.00
Clive Fetzer $40.00
Total $14,587.26 Total $10.00
Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, its philanthropic mission is to provide secure, professionally man- Madhusudan Kanhai $51.00
Ramakumar & Sailaja Kos uru $20.00 Kauai Aadheenam Annual Archana Fund Saiva Agamas 'frnst
aged financial support for institutions and-religious leaders of all lineages of Sanatana Dhar~a. Bhavani Param $10.70 Soondiren Arnasalon $26.42 Matthew Wieczork $10.00
V Srikanth $100.00 Vijayam Arnasalon $51.16 Total $10.00
Adi Srikantha $6.75 Arnravaddee Kownden $26.42 Sundari Peruman Memorial Fund
Gokula Vani $75 .00 Toshadeva Lynam Guhan $288.48
APRIL RONOR PROFILE Matthew Wieczork $33.00 Arnbika Manickavel $24.64
Markandeya Peruman $50.00
Total $50.00
Total $336.45 Dhanya Nadesan $11 9.50
"This morning the temperature was _1 0F. As I walked to work, the full Pakion Vedee Raday $62.84 Thank You Gurudeva Fund
Hinduism Today Endowment 'frnst
moon was so clear and so brilliant in the darkened skies. The branches Joanne Baryla $25.00
Selvarajah Vengadesan $225.00 Adi Alahan $51.00
Devasiva Veylan $26.22 Anonymo us $784.74
of the birch trees looked like they were made of crystals, with the hoar Robert Sorrells $18.00
Saravan Veylan $36.06 Shyamadeva Dandapani $101.00
Total $43.00
frost clinging to them. God's beauty ansi grace seem to be so perva- Shivani Vinayaga $47.69 Barry Giles $200.00
Hinduism Today Distribution Fund Small Gifts to Fund $80.01 Andrzej & Beatriz Kraja $50.00
sive. It was everywhere I looked." So write,s,.Anchorage, Alaska, com- Himalayan Academy $1,238.00 Total $1,0 14.44 Appasamy Kuppusamy $101.00
mercial realtor Shyamadeva Dandapani. Hinduism has found a warm Soondiren Am asalon $29.24 Kauai Aadheenam Monastic Endowment Toshadeva Lynam Guhan $20.34

home in the frozen north; Shyamadeva and his wife Peshanidevi

Appamal Athimulam $49.25
Kailash Sivam Dhaksinamurthi $166.67
Sivan Murr uga ppa Naicken $11 4.32
Darrick Nordmeier
Deva Seyon
Kumaren Nataraja $8.79
report that about nin~ty Hindu families meet regularly in Anchorage Ravindra Doorgiat $63.52
Ramsamy Natarajan $17.53
Vayudeva Varadan $36.00
Diksha Katir $208.65 John William Wooten $20.00
for satsang and cultural events. Their ultimate goal is a Hindu temple N.A. Pethu Raja $98.55
Amravaddee Kownden $53.97 Bernard Carvalho $20.00
Rajini Raja $12.33
, for families of the area. On a recent pilgrimage to India, Shyamadeva Toshadeva Lynam Guhan $141.38 Glenn Carvalho $40.00
Devarajen Selen Samoo $45.69
Ka rtikeyen Manick $6 1.56 Monica Evslin $50.00
was inspired to help create the Tirumular Saniddhi Preservation Trust, an endowment that will Sinniah Sivagnanasuntharam $52.69
Valavandan Manickavel $98.55 Total $1,6 15.08
Total $349.90
permanently support an anci~nt shrine in Ti.n;tvavaduthurai, Tamil Nadu. He reports that the fund Kamala Mootoosamy $5 1.27 Tirumular Sannidhi Preservation Trust
Kanthasamy Pillaiyar $110.00 Kumbhalavalai Pillaiyar Temple End.
is growing steadily and encourages others to start funds for temples and shrines that are close to Shyamadeva Dandapani $25.00
Suguneswary Ponniah $51. 18 lndra Dhaksi namurthi $101.00
Total $25.00
Logadassen Raday $209.69 Total $1 01.00
their heart. ;' Kevin Pillay Samoo $26.85 Tirunavakkarasu Nayanar Gurukulam End.
Nadesan Family Lord Murugan Shum Fund
Ramsamy Pillay Sa moo $229.85 Peshala Varadan $25.00
Dhanya Nadesan $1,008.00
Nanthakumar Satgunasingam $197.85 Small Gifts to Fund 3.70
FUND OF THE MONTH Sabapathipillai Srikantha $100.00
Total $1,008.00
Total $28.70
Gokula Vani $70.00 Loving Ganesha Distribution Fund Gifts to Pay Premiums on Previously Gifted
More than 800 pages long and weighing in at Selvarajah Vengadesan $700.00 Eric Mitchell $10.00 Insurance Policies
2.81bs, Lovitlg Ganesha, in the world of books, Tara Anjali Veylan $111.50 Total $10.00 Anonymous $12,762.00
Small Gifts to Fund $47.36 Malaysian Hindu Youth Educational Fund Total $12,762.00
is much like its namesake, portly and full of Total $4,045.00
Jeyasreedharan $40.00 Total Recent Contrib. $36,602.39
knowledge. At once simple, deep and practical, Total $40.00
this books teaches in ever so many ways that
Lord Ganesha's grace can be 'attained by sin-
cere devotion, song, prayer and meditation. INVESTMENT MANAGERS AND CONSULTANTS: Franklin Management Inc.; First Hawaiian Bank,
Touching the hearts of Hindus around the Trust & Investment Division; Brandes Investment Partners, Inc.; Pacific Century Trust (Bank of
world, it has inspired the creation of its own Hawaii); Alvin G. Buchignani, Esq., attorney; and Nathan palani, CPA. HHE is a member of the
endowment fund, The Loving Ganesha Council on Foundations, an association of 1,500 foundations which interprets relevant law, inte~­
Distribution Fund, to provide free distribution national and domestic, and gccounting, management and investment principles.
to libraries and ashrams. A permanent endow-
ment, it'will make the book availab~e to I WANT TO PAlITIOPATE. WHERE SHOULD I SEND MY DONATION? You can send your gift to
Hindus of each successive geReration as they begin to mature and to seek profound insights into an existing fund, create a new endowment or request information through the address below.
at\d knowledge of their spiritual heritage. (For infprmation on Loving Ganesha, call or write Credit card gifts may be made directly by E-mail. Or, use the HHE tear-out card in this magazine.
Himalayan Academy, 107 Kaholale/e Road, Kapaa, HI 96746-9304, USA 808-822-3152 ext. 238.) to join our family of benefactors who are Strengthening Hinduism Worldwide. Thank you.
insurance protection for your family and can also provide valuable income for
your heirs that is: 1. free of income taxes; 2. free of the probate process; 3. free 107 Kaholalele Road
from the claims of creditors and; 4. free of estate taxes (with proper planning). Kapaa, Hawaji, 96746-9304 USA
In addition, if you use life insurance to create endowments for social and reli- Tel: (800) 890-1008, Ext. 235
gious charities, the premiums can be tax deductible. Niraj P. Baxi of NPB Estate Outside US: (808) 822-31§2, Ext. 235
Planning, San Francisco, 1-800-686-8436. Fax: (808) 822-4351
As a public service, HHE occasionally will offer the opiniop s of various financial planners. However, it endorses neither these advisors nor their
counsel, and recommends that all individuals seek professlOnal adVICe from severa! sources before making Important long-term deCislOns.
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