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Friday Jan 09, 2015



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January 09, 2015

'She Was Our Little Miracle' - Parents' Tears For

Baby Girl At Centre Of Homicide Investigation
The parents of the 1-year-old girl at the
centre of a homicide inquiry have paid
tribute to her, describing her as "our
little miracle".
Aaliyah Ashlyn Chand, who was born
in New Zealand and is of Indian decent,
died at Christchurch Hospital at 8.30pm
on Wednesday, with her parents, Anjani
and Dev, by her bedside.
She was admitted to hospital on
Tuesday night suffering serious head
injuries, sparking a major police
investigation. She was taken to the
hospital by her regular babysitter with
help from a neighbour.
Mr and Mrs Chand posted a moving
tribute to Aaliyah, who had just days
earlier celebrated her first birthday.
"No matter what you said or did, one
look at that cute face and you were off
the hook. No one could ever stay mad
at you. Rarely ever did you fuss or cry,"
the tribute read.
"You learned how to say mama; it
was so special to me. No matter how
much they made fun of it, I didn't care
because you knew my name and called
me it constantly.
"Seeing your little smile, even if it was
just one look, and even the coldest
heart would be warmed. Just one look,
that's all it took. No matter if you were
young or old, short or tall, she'd love
you with no problem at all.
"I never imagined what life would be
without you here, so why did life have
to play out this way?"
The tribute tells of the emotion in
seeing her in a casket, looking "so
peaceful just like you were sleeping".
"I know I must be strong, not for me
but for everyone else. Without you
here none of us know what to do. You
were taken from our lives way too fast.
Come back please, our little Munni, we
miss you.
"You were our little miracle, but now
you are our angel in the sky watching

A photo of Aaliyah Chand posted on the tribute site

over each one of us. Love from Anjani
& Dev, Isabel, Anisha, Ishaan and
Police are awaiting the results of a post
mortem that was carried out yesterday.
"This is a tragic time for the family,"
Detective Senior Sergeant Anderson said.
Detectives and forensic teams have
completed their examination of the

babysitter's property on Worcester St

and the parents' address in Addington.
"We are not in a position to release any
more information relating to this active
investigation at this time."
Christchurch's tight-knit Fijian-Indian
community said they were looking to
rally around the girl's parents.
The Christchurch Fiji Association


was shocked to learn that the family

involved was of Fijian-Indian heritage.
Spokesman Vinesh Prakash said they
were phoning around to check if
anyone knew them and to see if they
could provide the parents with support.
"Usually we know one another, but
we haven't heard who these people are
yet," Mr Prakash said.

Friday Jan 09, 2015

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Fiji News

Friday Jan 09, 2015

$60m Plus - Stefan Pichler Tusshar Kapoor, Ali Asgar

And Zarine Khan In Fiji

Fiji Airways Group Limited is

confident its previous declaration of
best in history financial results would
be released following its board meeting
scheduled on February 23.
Fiji Airways managing director/chief
executive, Stefan Pichler, who leaves
for his homeland, Germany at month
end to lead Air Berlin, presented a brief
on its expectations.
Our current forecast of our operating
result is that it will exceed the $60
million barrier significantly, Mr
Pichler said.
This includes an even stronger result
from operations as well as the negative
impact of a stronger United States
dollar and a weaker Australian dollar.
While the best in history results
were tabled in 2004 when it was still
operating as Air Pacific Limited, Mr
Pichler said the target was to achieve

$25.5 million operating profit.

This is simply driven by a strong and
cost efficient operation as well as very
good sales across our entire network,
he said.
It is negatively impacted by the
revaluation of our ECA loan (European
export credit agencies) for the new
aircraft where we have suffered from a
strong US dollar.
But our team has overcome all this and
outperformed all our expectations.
I am very happy that those results
will enable us to propose to the Board
another profit share for our eligible
staff as well as a dividend for our
So, everybody will be a winner while
Fiji Airways Group wins.
Fiji Airways best results yet were in
2004, which was $24 million, when the
airline traded as Air Pacific Limited.

170 Contraband
Confiscated In 2014

The Fiji Corrections Service confiscated

170 contraband smuggled into its
facilities by inmates and visitors in
2014. This prompted the organization
to implement innovative approaches
to curb the problem. Cigarettes, cell
phones and marijuana are just some
of the contraband smuggled into
the Fiji Corrections facilities. The
Fiji Corrections Service now warn
smugglers to refrain from such activity
which is having an implication on the
rehabilitation of inmates. If they
are caught with contraband they are
stripped away with certain privileges
they must be enjoying. So of course
this is an eye opener for any inmates
if they really want to stay within the
regulations that we have in place,
they must adhere to the rules that
we have set in place, said Kuini
Waqasavou - Public Relations OfficerFiji Corrections Services. According to

the Fiji Corrections Service, majority

of the smuggling incidences involved
family members of inmates who
Waqasavou says, should assist with
rehabilitation instead. This
of course hinders progress with the
inmates. We want to try and change the
mind-set of inmates so that when they
go back to their communities, they
go back as changed people The Fiji
Corrections Service had implemented
strategies to address the smuggling
of contraband. We have introduced
a program where inmates can now go
home for the weekend and return to
the institutions at a given date. Another
strategy we have in place is we started
giving inmates phone privileges where
they are able to call their loved ones
-of course at certain allocated time
Waqasavou says, there has been a sharp
decline in the number of contraband
cases as a result.

Woman Charged With Fraud

A woman charged with five counts

of obtaining financial advantage
by deception, appeared in the Suva
Magistrates Court.
It is alleged that Sharmila Devi,
between 2009 and 2010 promised five

people that she will arrange visas for

them to travel abroad and demanded
$2000 each from them.
The case has been adjourned to the
24th of next month for trial.
Her bail has been extended.




Tusshar Kapoor, Zarine Khan, and Ali Asgar (Kissing Dadi

from Comedy Night with Kapil Show)
Actors and entertainers like Tusshar
Kapoor, Zarine Khan, and Ali Asgar jet
into Nadi International Airport for two
top shows in Fiji.
They will perform in the Bula Desi
Bollywood shows in Suva on Thursday
and Nadi on Friday night.
Event manager Vineel Nand said the
stars arrived today via Hong Kong.
Tusshar Kapoor would perform 17
dance moves in one act (song and
dance) and change into seven different
costumes during the act. This is a
record for any Bollywood star.
We would be having a magic show
during the break to entertain public,
said the event manager.
Mr Nand said the show would also
feature local dancers who would join
the two Bollywood actors on stage.
Bollywood choreographer Ganesh
Hiwarkar who had worked with wellknown actors in Bollywood had been
teaching the Masti Art and Dance
Group on the dance moves the two
show that would be this week.
If you decide to see these stars in India,
you will spend thousands of dollars to
meet them only if you are lucky. Here,
you can meet them at dinner and could
be entertained by them, right in front of
you, he said.
Mr Nand said that this was a chance for
people of Fiji to come in numbers and
see these stars for real rather than on
The show would be held on January 9
at the Vodafone Arena in Suva and at
Prince Charles Park in Nadi on January
Kapoor, the son of Bollywood
superstar, actor Jeetendra and producer

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Shobha Kapoor has acted in over 30

films and was liked for his comic roles
in the sequels of Golmaal.
Khan, a model turned actress made
her Bollywood debut opposite Salman
Khan in Veer in 2013 and has also acted
in movies like Ready and Houseful 2.
Also arriving with the pair are Ali
Asgar - the famous comedian from the
Comedy Nights with Kapil television
show, Indian vocalist and guitarist
Lucky String and Australian MC,
He said the artists will be accorded a
traditional Fijian welcome at Sabeto
Village in the evening where they will
also get to learn about the indigenous
way of life here.
The stars are looking forward to this
event and they are really excited to
learn about the Fijian way of life and
the cultures that exist here."
Mishra said they will also be holding
two ticketed events prior to the shows
to allow the Fijian audience to meet the
stars in person over dinner and drinks.
This is the first time this is done in
Fiji. Normally people just watch the
stars perform but cannot meet them in
person. We have organised two press
conferences and ticketed meet and
greet events for the members of the
public where they can mingle freely
with the artists, enjoy dinner, take
photos and so on.
Tickets are $120."
"The shows are affordably priced as
well with tickets ranging from $20 for
the Suva show and $15 for the Nadi
show. We will give the audiences 3 and
half hours of solid entertainment," he

Friday Jan 09, 2015

Fiji News

Mushroom Project Set Up

On Suva

Herbal Association of Fiji has called

on Ministry of Agriculture to help set
up a mushroom project in the Central/
Eastern Division much like the one in
the West.
Association president, Humphrey
Chang, after reading of the China-Fiji
UNCAO Technology Co-operation
Project said something similar should
be done in the capital.
Currently the project is only set up at
the Legalega Research Station in Nadi.
Mr Chang said the Association said
this may consider a long term strategy
but could be facilitated under a PublicPrivate Partnership.
I have forwarded the letter to the
Ministry of Agriculture seeking their
help, Mr Chang said.
Mr Chang said the request was made
with the consideration of taking into
account the Eastern/Central Divisions
dense population.
I am hopeful that the Agriculture
Ministry will be forthcoming and helpfull in this regard.
He said the association was very

Fort Collins, Judith

Cefkin, Named U.S.
Ambassador To Fiji

impressed with the news published by

this newspaper over the weekend.
So we wonder if arrangement could
be made for a continuous supply of this
grade of mushroom including other
variety of mushrooms to be delivered
to Suva, he added.
We would be grateful if some
indicative price could be levied to 4
enable us to advise our members
including the public of the availability
of this miracle herbal remedial 4
If facilitated, Mr Chang added he could
provide a portion of his land to pilot
the project on this side of the country
in Nausori.
Juncao Fiji Center manager Zhansen
Lin has welcomed the idea to extend Judith Cefkin, who grew up in Fort
the project to other areas in the country. Collins, began her new post as U.S.
This product is for the people of Fiji Ambassador to Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru,
and it is for sale at the moment from Tonga and Tuvalu last week.
our centre at a cheap rate compared to The career member of the Senior
having a middle man, said Mr Lin.
Foreign Service, Cefkin was previously
At the moment the important thing is senior advisor to Burma, according to
the right training for the local farmers the U.S. Department of State. Cefkin
and our focus is there at the moment. entered the Foreign Service in 1983,

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and has previously served posts in

Thailand, Mexico City, Paris, Manila
and Bosnia and Herzegovina, according
to her Department of State profile.
Cefkin has also served various foreign
affairs posts in Washington. Prior
to joining the Foreign Service, she
worked as a television news producer
in Denver and Houston.

Friday Jan 09, 2015

Security Force To Work

With Limited Resources

The Ministry of National Security,

Immigration and Defense has set out a
clear plan for the Fiji Police Force.
Defense Minister Timoci Natuva said
limited resources will not be an excuse.
The Ministry of National Security,
Immigration and Defence knows its
role fully well to maintaining the
country a safe destination not only for
tourists but for its citizens as well.
Despite limited resources the Minister
for Immigration, National Security and
Defense Timoci Natuva is confident
our security agencies will continue to
deliver high level of service.
In order to have a secure
environment we need everyone to
work together we have a very limited
resources and police officers all
around Fiji and we need the public
to work closely with them to show

the World that Fiji is a very secure

place for the investors to come and
for the tourist market as we try to
reach for the 1 million mark in the
next couple of years said Natuva
For our law enforcers, they would need
strong support from the general public
for a crime free environment.
If we have to look after our people
then it has to be a collaborate effort
by the Police, by the stakeholders,
by the people that is a huge task as
this is our concern at this point in
time said Isikeli Vuniwaqa Acting
Commissioner of Police
Strategically we are looking at
planning for the next 5 years with the
help of the Ministry of Defence but
internally there are lots of in house
training that needs to be taken on
board, said Vuniwaqa.

Additional Networks For


Fiji Airways will strengthen its

network to major destinations with the
acquisition of a new A330-300 next
In a statement the airline said the
formal acquisition process for the new
aircraft from CIT, a global commercial
aviation financing company, had been
"The brand new A330-300 is expected
to be delivered in December 2015 and
will increase Fiji Airways current widebody fleet, which includes three A330200s," the airline said in a statement.
"The 300 series aircraft will offer 40
more seats than the current 200 series
while all other aircraft features will
be similar. This includes a 24-seat
business class cabin featuring angled
lie flat seats, in seat power supply
and large personal entertainment
There will be 289 seats in the economy
class with individual entertainment
screens and power supply for charging

Fiji Airways managing director and
CEO Stefan Pichler said the airline was
excited to get a fourth wide-body A330
into the Fiji Airways fleet.
"The 300 series will offer us excellent
opportunities to maximize yields on
our popular long-haul routes, whilst
ensuring our usual customer comfort
and service features," Mr Pichler said.
"This acquisition is also integral to our
plans to grow our network by adding
another long-haul destination in Asia.
We're in the process of selecting the
new route and aim to utilize this A330
on it."
According to the vice-president
and senior regional director of CIT
Commercial Air, Asia Pacific, Robert
Lamoureux, Fiji Airways is its first
customer in the South Pacific region.
"We are positive that the new 242T
MTOW variant will complement well
with Fiji's existing A330 fleet," Mr
Lamoureux said.

Mani Family Living In


THE Mani family of Ratu Mara

Rd, Nabua are living in fear after
experiencing a landslide that took half
of their house with it.
Vidya Mani and her two children
Vanisha 14 and Lawrence 9 were
woken at 9am when their bathroom
Ms Mani, a single parent, believes that
the heavy downpour on Sunday night
caused the landslide.
"My two kids were still sleeping and I
was on my way to the bathroom when I
heard a loud noise.
"I panicked when I saw the soil and the

mud all over the bathroom and half of

our house collapsed," Ms Mani said.
She said as soon as she saw what
happened, she called her children and
they rushed out of the house.
Ms Mani said the experience they went
through was something they would
never forget.
She said it was the first time they had
felt so scared adding they could not
believe that they were safe.
"My two kids and I were lucky because
the incident happened in the morning.
If it happened in the night. I don't know
what would have happened to us."

Fiji News

Friday Jan 09, 2015

Advice On Changes In Social Welfare


The Ministry for Women, Children

and Poverty Alleviation says that as of
January 2015, there will be changes in
the payment of different social welfare
These changes have been factored based
on the 2015 Budget allocation: With
Governments increased allocation for
Food Voucher Programme (FVP), the
monthly Food Voucher Payment will
increase from $30 to $50 as of January,
Clients are reminded to bring in their
identification cards for the collection
of the food vouchers. The recipients
for Poverty Benefit Scheme (PBS)
allowances particularly those receiving
$60 and more, are advised that their
monthly allowances would reduce by
$10. Currently the Ministry is assisting
more than 18,000 people through this
The monthly payment under the Social
Pension Scheme (SPS) will also
increase from $30 to $50 from January
2015. Through Governments reform,
the age eligibility for Social Pension
Scheme has been reduced from 70 to
68 from July 2015. The Social Pension
Scheme provides pensions for persons
aged 68 years and over who do not have
any form of income or pension, or who


have never been beneficiaries of any

superannuation schemes like FNPF,
After Care Fund, Ex-Servicemen.
Currently the Ministry is assisting
11,615 senior citizens through its
Social Pension Scheme.
The three other major social welfare
programs namely, the Care and

Protection, Bus Fare Subsidy and the

Welfare Graduation Programme will
also continue in 2015.
The disabled and elderly aged 60years
and above will also continue to be
assisted with an allocation of $150,000
for the Bus Fare Subsidies to ease
the costs of travel. Currently 42,475

individuals continue to be assisted by

this initiative, with more to be covered
next year.
The Care and Protection Program has
budgetary allocation of $2 million. This
allowance provides for the care and
support of children of single mothers,
prisoners, those cared for by family
members or guardians and children in
Residential Homes such as Dilkusha
Girls Home, Homes of Hope, Lomani
Au Childrens Home and St. Meenas
Home to name a few. It also caters
for children living with Disabilities.
Currently, there are more than 5000
children benefiting from this program
and the Ministry expects the number to
increase as awareness spreads about the
assistance that is available. The Fijian
Government has allocated $500,000
for the Welfare to Workfare Program
in the national 2015 Budget.
The programme provides skills training
opportunities and start-up capital to
able-bodied social welfare recipients
to venture into income generating
projects and small businesses. In 2014
alone, the lives of 200 families have
been transformed, by putting them on
a path towards self-sufficiency.
The 2015 budget aims to expand those
opportunities to many more families.


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Friday Jan 09, 2015

Fiji News

Police Say Deuba Deaths Are Avoidable

A 37-year old carpenter, Aminitoni
Mataibau lost his life after the driver
of the vehicle he was travelling in lost
control and veered off the road near
Deuba Village, Serua.
Eye-witness and the cousin of the
victim, Talei Kolibasoga claimed that
the driver was speeding.
They were speeding from the village
and I think that the driver failed to
realise that there was a t-junction and a
bend in front, she said.
She said her cousin flew out and landed
near the drain and the vehicle toppled
and crushed him underneath.
The victims mother Talica Ratulevu
and Tulevu Mataibau said they had lost
a caring, loving and a hard working son
and they were unable to believe that he
was gone.
Mr Mataibau is survived by his wife
and two children aged ten and six years
old who were still coming to terms
with the loss.
His nephew Jope Naucabalavu, 25,
said it was unfortunate that all the
family had come together to celebrate
Christmas and New Year and a tragedy
He was loved by everyone as he was
always helpful whenever there was any
need and he would think about other
people first, he said.
Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro
confirmed that the victim was sitting
at the back of the four wheel drive
vehicle and there were 11 passengers
in the vehicle.

She said the 30-year old driver was two children that same morning.
allegedly drunk and was in custody at The driver with the passengers was
the Navua Police station.
driving to a shop when I saw it speeding
The Fiji Police Force has reminded towards us, but I took precautions and
all road users to be aware of the saved myself and my kids, he said.
consequences of ignoring their safety He said they could not sleep well at
advice issued on a regular basis.
night because their home was close to
It is worrying to note that there are where the victim and his friends were
some members of the public that 8 drinking.
continue to gamble with their lives and Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro said
that of others, Ms Naisoro said.
the matter was personally attended to
Speeding and drink and driving are 8 by the station officer.
just two of the many causes of road He was assisted by the village
headman after the report was received
It is disheartening to note that despite by the Divisional Police Commander
continuous efforts to make people South, she said.
realise how dangerous the combination However, Mr Tuisila questioned Police
of two can be, it continues to fall on for not confiscating the vehicle key if
deaf ears.
they had attended to the complaint.
Villager response
I am a concerned citizen who almost
The 37-year-old carpenters life got run down by these people and I feel
could have been saved if Police had that police should be more responsible
responded earlier to a complaint, says in cases like this, he said.
a Deuba villager.
I think police should have confiscated
Pete Tuisila said he lodged a complaint the key and returned it only when the
with Navua Police Station about the driver was sober, he said.
drunken revelry allegedly involving Police awareness
individuals who had driven around The Fiji Police Force Traffic department
in the four-wheel drive vehicle in is once again reminding members of
the public that speeding thrills kill.
They had been drinking and going Director traffic Senior Superintendent
around in the vehicle since New Years of Police Mahesh Mishra said the
Day and I had informed Police to look first fatality of 2015 could have been
into the matter.
The same vehicle tumbled into the drain SSP Mishra said if the driver had
causing the death of the 37-year-old
victim. Mr Tuisila claimed the incident
could have also have killed him and his

followed simple basic road safety rules

the accident would have happened.
This was another tragic accident on
our roads and we are urging people
to refrain from drunk driving and
He said there were efforts being put
in place to create more awareness
however the ignorance on road safety
rules from road users was a concern for
the police.
It is a worry for us because despite
several attempts, the warnings and
advice are falling on deaf ears, SSP
Mishra said.
He said road users need to change their
mindset when on the road.
It is very difficult for people to overcome
the loss of their loved one especially in
accidents such as this when it could have
been avoided all individuals had been
careful, SSP Mishra said.
He said speeding and drunk driving
were two leading cause of accidents
and fatalities.
He is also urging families to step in
and take ownership of their family
members action and act responsibly.
It is also the familys responsibility
if they are having parties at home to
ensure that if the drivers are drinking
then they must not drive, he said.
He said it was the beginning of a new
year and already a life was lost which
showed carelessness from road users.

THE rent freeze on residential

properties for another year will protect
consumers from unreasonable rent
increases, says the Consumer Council
of Fiji.
CEO Premila Kumar said many Fijian
consumers were struggling to have
access to decent but low-cost housing.
With such a policy to control residential
rent increases, she said consumers
could breathe a sigh of relief that they
don't have to fork out extra money for
Her comments followed the Ministry
of Industry, Trade and Tourism's recent
decision to extend the rent freeze until
December 31 this year.
This means property owners of
residential dwellings who let out their
premises for rent to individuals or
families could not increase rent above
the level that was applicable to the

same premises on December 31, 2014.

"The council is issuing a fresh
reminder to all landlords to refrain
from increasing rent on their residential
properties unless approved by the Fiji
Commerce Commission," she said in a
statement last week.
"The ploy to beat the system is well
known to the council where landlords
in the past, gave eviction notice to
existing tenants as a way to increase
the rent for new tenants who have no
idea that the rent has gone up."
She urged landlords to comply with
the rent freeze order as any noncompliance could lead to prosecution
by the Fiji Commerce Commission.
Mrs Kumar said property owners were
at liberty to establish initial rent but
any increase in rent after that must
be endorsed by the Fiji Commerce

Rent Freeze On Residential

Properties To Protect

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Friday Jan 09, 2015

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Fiji News

Golden Circle Juice Under

Scrutiny By Hindus In

All products must carry relevant

information including use of any secret
ingredients which may hurt consumers
religious sentiments.
This call comes from the Consumer
Council of Fiji after news of an uproar
over a consumers discovery of traces
of beef products and alcohol used in
the processing of Golden Circle juice,
produced by Heinz Australia, which

is also widely available in the Fijian

Sonjoy Chakraborty, from Melbourne,
discovered the shocking revelation
when he decided to write to Heinz
Australia after he heard that such
ingredients could be found in some
fruit drinks.
Heinz Australia replied saying that the
Golden Circle long-life range was made
using a clarifying agent derived from
beef and that alcohol-based flavours
were used across the drinks range.
They further stated that flavours
including alcohol based flavours are
used across the Golden Circle and
Original Juice Co and beef derived
gelatine is also used to remove
cloudiness in its apple juice.
However, according to Heinz the
final product does not contain gelatin.
Given that, gelatine is not stated on
the product label as it is used just as a
processing aid.
The Council, however, believes that
the company should disclose such
information as part of their social
responsibility so that consumers are in
a better position to decide whether to
buy the product or not.
Such relevant disclosures are necessary
given the different religious sentiments
individual consumers have across
the globe. And this duty lies with the
manufacturers who produce and pack
the products.
Fijis Food Safety Act and Food Safety
Regulations 2009 do require certain
religious and cultural sensitivities
to be considered when disclosing
information regarding food products.

Fish Vendors Cautious Of

Waste Contaminated Waters

Fish vendors are now cautious of the

fish they sell to customers.
Semesa Matia who sells fish at the
Bailey Bridge in Vatuwaqa told the
media that he had to resort to buying
fish from Vanua Levu to keep his
business going.
Originally our fish come all way from
Labasa, we just buy fish from Vanua

Levu said Matia

Customers are also being cautious.
Yeah I just came to buy the fish over
here but, I buy the fish because I know
the people that sell, theirs from Vanua
Levu. So that is why I buy fish otherwise
from this side we wont buy it because
we know people go nunu just nearby
said Davis Ratnam Fish Buyer.

Need a Doctor!!

Your Clinic is Closed or REACHED Limit

Find A Walk-In Clinic

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Call 604.277.0988

Friday Jan 09, 2015

Tels Open For


The Tertiary Scholarship and Loans

Scheme Board is calling on students to
make use of Governments education
assistance programmes.
As thousands begin to apply, students
are being urged not to leave their
applications to the last minute.
After the recent release of the Year 13
results, applications for the Toppers
Scheme which are full scholarships
for the top 600 applicants will now be
The Schemes board chairperson
Dixon Seeto is also urging students not
to leave things for the last minute.
They can start applying now , it was
the toppers that we wanted to have
done very quickly and weve got most
of them in already except for the ones
in the remote areas but TELS well
have some time and I will not suggest
that they take their time but get the
application in early. Theyll have to go
through the University that they intend
to go to and get the acceptance so there
are some procedures they have to go

through to make that done, said Seeto

Seeto said applications can now be
done online.
You can apply online if theres a
problem with applying then you should
download , scan and just send us the
form electronically or if you want just
come up to TSLB office and we have
people there to explain and receive the
The Tertiary Scholarship and Loans
scheme also provides assistance for
technical vocational training.
Apart from having academics and
professional people, we also need
a lot of people with technical skills
and speak for myself in the Tourism
industry we need a lot of these people
who are in electronics, plumbers and
carpenters, building people and as the
Tourism industry and the economy
grows, theres a lot more construction
and contracts out there now, said Seeto
The application forms will be available
at the Tertiary Scholarships and Loans
Board Office.

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Friday Jan 09, 2015


Create Your Own Menu For Any Parties At A Reasonable Rate

In House DJ For
Karaoke NIGHTS

Family Parties
Small Weddings

Pravin Kumar


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Seatings for

Traditional Fijian-Indian Cuisine

Fijis Exotic Restaurant & Banquet Hall

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Improved Access To Australian Market For Fijian TCF


The Fijian Textile, Clothing and

Footwear (TCF) industry is set to
benefit from more favourable access
for exports to the Australian market,
with the implementation of the
Developing Country (DC) Preferences
by the Australian Government, from
January 1, 2015.
The Minister for Industry, Trade and
Tourism, Hon. Faiyaz Siddiq Koya,
said that this was a very positive
development for the TCF industry in
The DC Preferences will provide
Fijian exports more favourable terms of
access into the Australian market than
the previous South Pacific Regional
Trade and Economic Cooperation
AgreementTextile, Clothing and
Footwear (SPARTECA-TFC) Scheme,
allowing for easier and simpler
qualification requirements for duty free
entry, the Minister said.
The Minister added that the new
rules will allow for greater flexibility
for exporters to source raw materials
from more efficient and cost effective
sources, outside of Australia and the
Pacific Region.
The Fijian TCF exporters, for
example, will now be able to procure
textiles, including woolen materials,
from developing countries such as
China, Bangladesh, India, Thailand
and Vietnam, and then convert these

into finished garments for duty free

export into Australia, he explained.
Such flexibility was not included in
the earlier SPARTECA-TCF Scheme.
And, for the first time, wool products
are included as part of the new flexible
rules. After 13 years of existence, the
SPARTECATCF Scheme expired on
31 December 2014. The Scheme is now
replaced by the Developing Country
(DC) Preferences under the Australian
System of Tariff Preferences.
This comes after a request by the Fijian
Government to the Australian Minister
for Foreign Affairs, Hon. Julie Bishop,
for an extension and a review, with
the view to improve the terms and the
rules, of the previous SPARTECATCF Scheme.
The Australian market accounts for 85
percent of the total Fijian TCF exports,
and there is potential for further
expansion of exports and investment
in the industry, with the new and more
favourable market access conditions in
2015, said the Minister.
Minister Koya said that the Fijian
Government over the past 6 years
has assisted the TCF sector through a
marketing grant that has enabled the
industry players to group together to
explore new markets and reinforce
themselves in the existing markets.
The FijiFirst Government will
continue to explore ways to support

the further development of the TCF

Industry, he said.
The TCF industry is an integral
contributor to the Fijian economy,
providing employment to about 5,500
workers, majority of whom are women,
and comprises a significant component
of Fijian exports in the manufacturing

sector. The Fijian TCF industry is reestablishing itself to manufacture highend fashion garments that require faster
and high quality production.
Details on the Australian Developing
Country Preferences can be obtained
from the Ministry of Industry Trade
and Tourism.

Economic Growth
GROWTH in the advanced economies
is expected to strengthen this year but
subject to risks of stagnation, financial
volatility and geopolitical tensions.
According to the central bank's
quarterly review for September 2015,
the strongest rebound in growth was
expected in the US economy while
the fragilities in the Euro zone were
anticipated to ease gradually.
"In emerging markets and developing
economies, growth in 2015 is expected to
be supported by stronger domestic demand
as well as recovery in external demand
associated with faster growth in advanced
economies," the Reserve Bank of Fiji said.
"Leading economic indicators of Fiji's
major trading partner economies showed
mixed outcomes in the September quarter.
"In the US, economic activity
rebounded with an annualized
expansion of 4.6 per cent in the June

quarter after a 2.1 per cent contraction

in the March quarter."
It said the June expansion was largely
attributed to higher business spending and
exports, adding recent leading indicators
suggested the economy gained momentum
further in the September quarter.
"Consumer confidence improved and
personal spending rose by 0.5 per cent
in August amid positive wealth effects
and continued improvement in the
labour market. Unemployment rate fell
to 5.9 per cent in September from 6.1
per cent in June."
Given the US economy's moderate
expansion and contained inflation, RBF
said the Federal Reserve maintained its
federal funds rate between 0-0.25 per
cent in the September quarter.
It said the US economy was expected to
expand by 2.2 per cent in 2014, followed
by a 3.1 per cent expansion in 2015.


Fiji News

Friday Jan 09, 2015

Health Minister Jone Usamate

FSC Produces Good
Assures Free Medicine
Crushing Numbers For 2014
PEOPLE in Fiji should expect free
medicine from this month.
Speaking to people at the Macuata
Muslim League organised Prophet
Muhammad's birthday celebration in
Labasa, Health Minister Jone Usamate
said this was part of the FijiFirst
Government's efforts to improve the
livelihoods of all Fijians.
"Over the past decades, we have
emphasized access to health by all,"
Mr Usamate said.
"We have decentralized health services
so that it can be readily accessed by all.
"Free medicine will also be kicking in
this month.
"We will also be extending opening
hours of hospitals and health centers
throughout Fiji.
The Fiji Sugar Corporation Limited
exceeded its target for raw sugar in
It produced over 226,000 tonnes of
raw sugar, the highest recorded in last
fifteen years.
The Fiji Sugar Corporation described
2014 a good year.
Despite the prolonged drought, the
national sugar company still managed
to produce a record figure.
The total amount of sugar was just over
226,000 tonnes and that came out of
just 1.82 million tonnes of sugarcane,
said FSC executive chairman, Abdul
The TCTS ratio was 8.07 last year.
The price for sugar fell by something
like one-third to what we were paid
the season before. In terms of sugar
recovery, it was a lot better and has

been a record in the last 10 to 15 years,

Khan said.
Cane collection and delivery and other
logistics were the challenges of 2014.
However, effective mill maintenance
was key behind the overall positive
What we need to do is ensure that we
keep our maintenance up and prepare
the mill again well for the upcoming
season, Khan stated.
The FSC has already set eyes on capital
investments as it now plans to produce
more than 235,000 tonnes of sugar in
That is in terms of the co-generation,
the ethanol plant, the Penang mill
and the sugar refinery. On top of that
we should not lose sight of ensuring
we continuously improve our mills,
added Khan.

Public Debt Control

GOVERNMENT remains committed
to ensuring that public debt is
sustainable and prudently managed
over the medium term.
And according to the fiscal and economic
update supplement to the 2015 Budget,
the debt to gross domestic product ratio
had been declining as a result of the
fiscal consolidation stance adopted over
the years, sustained economic growth
and effective risk management.
"As of December 31, 2013, Government
debt stood at $3.8billion or 51.4 per
cent of GDP, a decline from 53.4 per
cent of GDP in the preceding year.
"Of this amount, $2.7b comprised
domestic debt while $1.1b is external
The supplement said Government debt
was expected to further decline to 49.7
per cent of GDP at the end of last year.
During his 2015 Budget address,

The Fiji

Minister for Finance Aiyaz SayedKhaiyum said a reform plan had been
formulated with the assistance from
the World Bank to ensure efficient
treasury management, institutional
strengthening and capacity building.
"The global bond is also maturing
in 2016, the balance in our offshore
sinking fund account stands at
$US117m ($F232m)," he said.
"Given the favourable international
market conditions and re-engagement
of multilateral development partners
such as Asian Development Bank
and the World Bank, Government is
exploring the best options, keeping in
mind our debt position, outlook for
foreign reserves and interest rates."
He said Government had also secured
a concessional loan of $US100m
($F198m) for investment in transport
infrastructure in the next five years.

Times e-directory

"Plans are also in the pipeline to have a

tertiary hospital in Lautoka for medical
students to learn from in terms of
practical work."
Commenting on health and sanitation,
Mr Usamate added the Government
had also tabled out major plans for
squatter settlements.
"There are plans to assist squatter
"Yes, there are challenges such as the
recent issue of the sewer lines in Suva
and the discharge of the sewer wastes
into the Cunningham River but we will
overcome all of this.
"If the Government remains in power, we
will ensure that our national assets such as
water, electricity and sewers are maintained
so that such problems don't recur."

Fiji To Undergo Mutual

Evaluation By APG

Fiji will undergo a mutual evaluation

by the Asia Pacific Group on Money
Laundering (APG) this year.
This will involve experts from APG
countries who will assess the level of
compliance and effectiveness of Fiji's
Anti Money Laundering Combating

the Financing of Terrorism systems

against international AML standards.
Fiji Intelligence Unit (FIU) will be the
lead agency to coordinate the mutual
evaluation by APG.
The last time Fiji underwent a mutual
evaluation by APG was in 2006.


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the age of 20 - 25 years old.
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Friday Jan 09, 2015



Govt. Certified, Licenced & Bonded Instructor






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No Rent Hike, Says Koya

Do not increase you rent, landlords told.

This after the Minister for Industry,
Trade and Tourism, Faiyaz Koya,
extended the freeze on residential rents
for another year ending December 31.
This is based on advice received from
the Fiji Commerce Commission.
The current freeze was due to come to
an end on December 31, 2014.
This is keeping in mind the need to
maintain a certain level of control to
ensure fair treatment of tenants.
In lieu of this, the ministry has decided
to extend the Commerce (Rent Increase
Restriction and Ground Rent) Order
for another year.
In accordance with the Order, a person
must not raise the rent for residential
tenancies above the level that was
applicable to the same premises as at
December 31, 2014.
traditionally, rent control was imposed
to counter inflation and regularise an
imperfect housing market.
However, now it also serves the
broader purpose of ensuring protection
for all Fijian consumers.
Mr Koya said: Amongst other
initiatives announced in the 2015
Budget, by further extending the rent
freeze, the Fijian Government will
ensure that it is fulfilling its obligation
of providing access to adequate
housing at reasonable cost.
However, the Government also has
an obligation to ensure that both the

landlord and tenant are protected.

Therefore, next year, the Ministry,
the Fiji Commerce Commission and
the Solicitor Generals Office will
work towards developing a Residential
Tenancy Law that will provide
appropriate level of protection to
tenants and also ensure that the interest
of landlords are protected, he said.
The Minister said the legislation would
be aimed at protecting the rights of
both the landlord and tenant, as well as
ensuring fair treatment and fair play in
the market.
In the meantime, landlords are
encouraged to continue to register with
the Fiji Commerce Commission and
to maintain proper records, as per the
requirements of the Commission.
These records and documents include
Letting Agreements and receipts.

Kumar Resigns

THE Ministry of Education has

officially accepted the resignation of
former acting permanent secretary
Basundra Kumar, with Kelera Taloga
being officially appointed by the Public
Service Commission as the new acting
permanent secretary.
In a media statement, Education
Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy said:
"We urge members of the public not
to get distracted with the comments
made by the former acting permanent
secretary on blog sites."
He said the information circulated by
Mrs Kumar were meant to destabilise
the ministry and bring disrepute to the
office of the minister.
"While we do have disturbances that
impinge on us from day to day, we will
not allow the resignation of the former
acting permanent secretary affect us
or the system one way or another," Dr
Reddy said.
"I have the trust that the current senior
staff as well as the other education
officers and teachers will deliver and I
do look forward to a good year for the
ministry as well as a prosperous 2015."
Fiji Teachers Association general
secretary Maika Namudu said the
controversy between the Education

Minister and the former acting

permanent secretary does not look
good for the ministry particularly with
the beginning of the school term just
around the corner.
"....they should go back and look at
their roles especially in demarcating the
minister's position and the permanent
Fiji Teachers Union general secretary
Agni Deo Singh said processes and
procedures needed to be followed by the
ministry when dealing with such issues.





Fiji News

its just like

the Paper

Try it

Friday Jan 09, 2015

Bench Warrant Issued

Against Rohit Prasad Trivedi
A bench warrant has been issued
against the main person accused in a
human trafficking case after he fled the
Rohit Prasad Trivedi is charged with
11 counts of human trafficking and
facilitating stay of illegal immigrants
into the country in 2009. It is understood
that he is in United States and a warrant
has been issued to arrest him.
Two others, Sridhar Nimmagadda, an
Indian national, with another Fijian

national Surendra Menon were present

in court. They are also charged with
two counts of facilitation the offence.
It is alleged that they smuggled 11
illegal immigrants into the country.
The lawyer of the two accused,
Jitendra Reddy, has requested the Suva
Magistrates court to take action as
proceedings have been delayed due to
the first accused.
After five years, the hearing of this
case would take place on January 13.

Fumes Force Fiji Airways

Flight To Turn Back

Fiji Airways Boeing 737-800 on its way

to Auckland from Nadi on Tuesday was
forced to return to Nadi due to thick
smoke and oil smell in the cabin.
In one of two videos, passengers can be
seen covering their mouths, with some
coughing violently. Others are trying to
fan their faces.
As the aircraft appeared to be relatively
low, oxygen masks did not deploy.
In the second video, the aircraft appears
to be on a final approach back to Nadi
with cabin lights dimmed and with the
sound of coughing and retching.
"It feels like poison," a woman can be
heard saying.
Someone else says: "It is so hot."
The aircraft touched down smoothly and
the passengers complimented the pilots.
Fiji Airways managing director and chief

executive Stefan Pichler said the aircraft

turned back to Nadi "due to fumes and
oil smell reported in the cabin".
One person needed medical attention
at Nadi Airport.
Pichler said that medical personnel
were at the airport to treat passengers.
"The aircraft is currently in the hangar
and our engineers have identified and
fixed the minor defect," he said.
"Our pilots and crew are highly trained
for such events and acted according to
"We stress that safety remains our
paramount priority and we are
compliant with all internal and external
safety standards and audits.
"We thank our passengers onboard this
flight for their understanding and cooperation."

Government To Provide
Free Text Materials For

Parents will no longer be burdened

with buying of school text books for
the 2015 school year.
The Ministry of Education is in the
process of printing materials for classes
and subjects and these materials will be
transported to all schools in Fiji.
In the interim period, schools can use
the materials that they have in their
possession from last year.
The School Heads have been informed
by the Ministry not to provide a text
book list to any students/parents and
for teachers to use the materials that
they have until full set of materials are
provided by the Ministry.
The Schools will also have soft copy
of the full set of materials which the
students can make copies of for their use
if they have access to computers at home.

Enjoy it on your Tablet,

Smartphone or Laptop

In addition to this, the soft copy of all

materials from Years 1 to 13 will also
be uploaded on the Ministrys home
page for the students to download.
Dr Mahendra Reddy the Minister for
Education made the announcement to
his senior staff early this week.
Parents and guardians are to be
relieved of buying prescribed text
books by the Ministry of Education. All
students in the primary and secondary
schools will be provided with a set of
the prescribed text book by March of
this year at the latest. Teachers are to
ensure that each student have access
to all prescribed text book for their
relevant subject, added the Minister.
Meanwhile, school term one for 2015
begins on 19th January and ends on
24th April.

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Friday Jan 09, 2015



Fijian Food & Vegetables
We Carry Fresh & Frozen FIJIAN Vegetables

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Canada News

Friday Jan 09, 2015

2 Men Charged With Smuggling People Across

Canadian Border Near Lynden

Two Canadian men have been charged

with smuggling people from Pakistan,
India and other countries across the
U.S./Canada border near Lynden and
into Washington State.
A federal grand jury indicted Mohinder
Paul Chawla and Terry Franklin
Bens on Wednesday, Jan. 7, with three
counts of illegally helping people
enter the country near the Lynden/
Aldergrove crossing and one count of
conspiracy to smuggle people without
legal documentation into the U.S.
Officials say Chawla led the smuggling
ring and Bens was the guide. Bens is in
custody and a warrant has been issued
for Chawlas arrest.
Chawla was indicted on similar charges

in 2011 and a warrant was issued, but

he was never arrested, according to
court records. A complaint filed in the
Bens case said he had been involved in
human smuggling for five years. Bens
lawyer, federal public defender Jesse
Cantor, did not immediately respond to
messages seeking comment.
An agent with the U.S. Department of
Homeland Security said in the Bens
complaint that they received a report
in May of a possible illegal border
crossing near Lynden. Agents found
a trail heading south and located
five people walking through a field.
The group consisted of a man from
Pakistan, three from China and Bens.
The Pakistani said he paid $3,500 for

help getting into the U.S.

Bens told the agents that he was
conducting a test run for a future
hitchhiking trip to Belize when he ran
into the others. But when they checked
his cellphone, they found the phone
number for Chawla, who was wanted
for smuggling. Agents sent Bens back
to Canada and told him not to return.
But in November, a similar scenario
occurred, the agent said.
Acting on a tip, agents found four
adults and an infant about 500 yards
south of the border. Two were from
Bangladesh, one from India and the
fourth was identified as Bens, the agent
said. Bens again said he was practicing
his hitchhiking trip to Belize when he

ran into the others.

The Indian woman said her landlord in
British Columbia connected her with a
smuggler to help her cross the border.
She was told to meet a Pakistani man at
a Safeway. He took her to a doughnut
shop where she met a man from
Punjabi and another named Terry,
the agent said. She said she paid $5,000
for the trip. The agent said the woman
identified Bens in a photo line-up as
one of the smugglers.
One of the Bangali travelers said he
paid an unknown Indian man $17,000
to smuggle his family to the U.S. He
identified Chawla as the man who
took the money and Bens as their

A 'Nightmare For Every Party Involved'

Building Surreys new city hall was a
nightmare for every party involved,
according to a contractor about to join
a host of others suing the city and its
general contractor.
Zoran Vukelic, owner of Wolf Masonry
Ltd., says hes owed $250,000, but
absorbed another $500,000 because the
project was months behind schedule.
As such, he was paying people to
show up and wait and he was renting
equipment that sat idle.
As a bonded tradesperson, he couldnt
walk away from the project or he would
lose his house.
Vancouvers Wolf Masonry was hired
for $1.5 million to install all the stone
work at city hall, including the black
granite in council chambers.
I started in October 2012 and I was
supposed to start in June, so at that
point, I was already behind, Vukelic
said this week. I got the bulk of my
men off that site in February-March
The project was supposed to be finished
in September 2013.
Vukelic expects to file a lawsuit for his
$250,000 in the coming days.
His is one of many court actions aimed
at the city and its general contractor
over the building of the new city hall
in City Centre.
Ron Fettback, vice-president of
operations for
Enterprises (WPE), says his company,
and others, have been treated extremely
poorly by the city.
Hes been waiting for a year-and-a-half
for $6 million he says is owed WPE
and it still hasnt been paid.
Fettback says he was made responsible
for retrofitting the unfinished city hall
so it could be used for the mayors
annual charity ball that took place Oct.
18, 2013.
He said the work cost him $90,000
none of which hes seen yet.
Its completely unacceptable to do
that, Fettback said Tuesday. If were
having a dispute, lets resolve it in a

fair and reasonable manner.

Aubrey Kelly, president and CEO of
Surrey City Development Corporation,
took the lead in assembling teams for
the project.
Kelly said Fettbacks claim regarding
the mayors ball is a staggering
amount and he questions the veracity
of that claim.
Fettbacks claim comes as a flurry
of court action mounts over the
construction of the new municipal hall.
I think were just seeing the front end
of (the court actions) because theyre
not resolving anything, Fettback said.
The construction of the new $97-million
building became a hot-button election
issue in the fall, with many saying it
was an unnecessary use of taxpayer
For about the past year, liens have been
placed on the property and legal action
has been growing.
The problem began when construction
for the project went past deadline,
Fettback said. From there, the city held
back money from general contractor
PCL Constructors Westcoast Inc.
In turn, PCL withheld payments from
the subtrades, which say they still
havent been paid for work done on the
splashy new structure on 104 Avenue,
east of University Boulevard.
Kelly said the city is withholding
payments until the trades remedy
deficiencies in the work.
He expects those deficiencies to be
taken care by end of February, at which
point, if the work is satisfactory, all
holdbacks would be released to PCL.
However, litigation regarding the costs
related to construction delays may drag
on much further than that.
The 180,000-sq.ft. city hall was to be
complete by September 2013, but ran
late by five months.
It was then that liens on the property
began to build.
They were swiftly followed by lawsuits
from the trades working on the project.

Bosa Construction and Formworks

(Bosa) commenced an action against
the City of Surrey and PCL.
Bosa is still seeking payment of almost
$3 million it says its owed as supplier of
all concrete formwork an $11 million
contract that soon turned into $18.7
million as the project changed scope.
Bosa is still after $1.02 million from
PCL and $1.96 million from the City
of Surrey.
Bosa lawyer Garth McAlister declined
to comment as the issue is before the
In its legal response, the City of Surrey
denied any culpability regarding
the allegedly unpaid amounts to the
subtrades or PCL.
the City denies it has refused to
compensate PCL for changes in the
work, the city states in its response to
third party notice.
B & B Contracting also launched an
action against PCL and the City of
Surrey on Sept. 3, 2014.

B & B was hired to conduct all

excavation, shoring, etc. for $7.6
In its statement of claim, B & B is
seeking $329,540 plus damages and
other costs.
In its response to third party notice,
the City of Surrey states PCL was
responsible for all work and conduct of
its subcontractors.
It also states the city has the right to
retain financial holdbacks for the
purposes of covering deficiencies in
the work.
None of the claims in the court
documents have been proven in court.
Mayor Linda Hepner said she would
not comment on the issue as its now
in litigation.
She did say its her understanding the
city has fulfilled all of its commitments.
My understanding is the city has paid
the primary contractor, Hepner said.
I dont know what more we can do
when we have paid all of our bills.

Canada News

Friday Jan 09, 2015


Mackenzie Family Of Abbotsford, B.C., Fined For

Noisy Kids

Kathryn Mackenzie lives in townhouse

with her husband and sons aged 2 and 5
A woman says she and her family are
being forced out of their townhouse
in Abbotsford, B.C., by the complex's
strata council because her children
play too loudly.
Kathryn Mackenzie lives with her
husband and two sons, Gabriel, 2, and
Jacob, 5, in a townhouse on the upper
floor of a "family friendly" complex.
The noise complaints started more
than a year ago, when the Mackenzie
family's downstairs neighbour wrote
in an email that the children were
"constantly running back and forth,
and ... jumping and stomping all day
Mackenzie said she bought the
townhouse five years ago after her first
son was born, and said tensions are
building. She has now received two
$50 fines for excessive noise.
"It's as if they have decided we dont
have the right to live in our home and
they are going to drive us out one way
or another," said Mackenzie.
"Every time the boys fell down or
dropped a toy, every time I opened a
closet, she would start banging on her
walls or the ceiling."
Under B.C. regulations, councils are
required for all strata complexes,
which are commonly called condos
but can also be townhomes, and are
responsible for the management and
upkeep. Members of the council are
themselves owners, and are elected.
The Mackenzies' upper unit has

carpeting except in the kitchen, but

the neighbour claims the noise in the
wooden framed complex can be heard
two floors down in the basement:
"We do understand that [one of
Mackenzie's sons] is a young child, but
the running and jumping is constant
and doesn't stop and it is affecting our
lives now too."
Minutes from a May 2014 strata
meeting show the council determined
the noise caused by the children
violated a strata bylaw and the City of
Abbotsford's Good Neighbour Bylaw.
"I have a two-year-old. He does
scream, he has tantrums I know its
really loud. He's supposed to be loud.
He's two years old and theres nothing
I can do to stop that," said Mackenzie.
'Bullied by strata council'
Mackenzie was first issued with a fine
in November, when it appeared on
her fees statement from the complex's
property management company.
In December, she was fined again and
received a final warning threatening
further action if the "excessive noise of
running, jumping, banging, screaming
and stomping" doesnt stop.
"If it doesn't stop, we're going to
be fined every week $50," said
Mackenzie. "I've been, in my opinion,
bullied by my strata council because I
have children."
Mackenzie has placed a foam mattress
in her dining room for her boys to jump
on quietly, and last summer agreed to
an offer of mediation from the strata
council. But she has heard nothing

She also wrote the council asking what
it would like her to do to keep the
children quiet, but claims she got no
The strata council president declined
for an interview. The neighbour
downstairs did not answer her door or
return phone calls.
"For a year and a half now I am not
parenting the way I would want to
because I have to put this virtual
stranger's comfort before the wellbeing of my children," Mackenzie said.
"If this was secretly an adults-only
unit, we needed to know that before we
made our purchase. It really isnt fair."
Stratas can fine noisy neighbours
Tony Gioventu, executive director
of the Condominium Home Owners'
Association of B.C., said that strata
councils can fine parents, or any other
homeowner, who makes noise.
"People with children still have to
respect the rights of everyone else in
the development," Gioventu said.
He said fines are not unusual for
families with small children, especially
in wood frame buildings like the one in
which the Mackenzies live.
"Strata council doesn't actually have
a choice. They have to enforce the
bylaws so they get a complaint, they
have an obligation to investigate," said
"If it becomes chronic, they cant just
keep fining. They have to take the next
step a court application."
Such a step is usually only taken in

extreme situations, such as the case of

Rose Jordison.
The mother of a teenager accused of
screaming obscenities and spitting
on neighbours was ordered to sell her
Surrey condo in 2013 after the strata
received more than 1,000 complaints.
Bad neighbour' appeals court order
to sell Surrey condo
Gioventu said chronic noise has
prompted strata councils to get court
"In some cases, [they're going] as far as
ordering the sale of the strata lot or the
removal of the people from a building.
It isn't a right to disrupt other people in
a building."
'We cant afford to pay fee'
Meanwhile, the City of Abbotsford
said the strata council should not be
citing the city noise bylaw as it does
not apply to a strata complex.
Last year, the city received only two
complaints about noisy children
playing outside after 11:30 p.m.
For her part, Mackenzie believes strata
councils have too much power and
noise rules should not apply to children.
She and her husband have decided
not to wait for the dispute to end up in
court and plan to move out as soon as
"We cant afford to pay a family noise
fee just to live in our home," she said.
"We just listed our house on the market
at $5,000 below assessment. We just
need to get out now and I'll never buy
in a strata complex again."

Big Retail Changes Coming Condo Owners On Their

To Vancouver In 2015
Own For Seismic Upgrades
There are some major changes coming
to the retail landscape in downtown
Vancouver this year.
One of the most anticipated arrivals is
Nordstrom. The 230,000-square-foot
flagship store will open in the Fall in what
was previously Sears in Pacific Centre.
Charles Gauthier with the Downtown
Vancouver Business Improvement
Association says a lot more luxury
retailers are on the way, as well.

Its been driven, in large part, by the

increase in Chinese visitors coming
to our city and looking to buy luxury
brands, as well as our own population.
There are also aspirational buyers that
in some point in time, they do want to
look at buying luxury brands.
Holt Renfrew is also planning a major
renovation and expansion this year.
Also this year, an outlet mall is set to
open near YVR.

Ten thousand Syrian refugees will be

brought to Canada over the next three years,
Immigration Minister Chris Alexander says.
Wednesday's announcement comes in
response to a global appeal from the
United Nations Refugee Agency to
resettle 100,000 Syrians. The UN said
war-torn Syria produces more refugees
than any country in the world.
Alexander said up to 3,000 refugees
from Iraq would also be granted
asylum in Canada.
The renewed commitment to take

in refugees shows "Canada is doing

more," Alexander said in Toronto.
He also announced $90 million in
humanitarian aid for the region, which has
been under siege from Islamic State (ISIS),
a terror group that claims to have established
a caliphate in parts of Iraq and Syria.
Iraqi causes will receive $40 million
and the remaining $50 million will go
to help Syrians.
Canada promised to accept 1,300
Syrian refugees in 2014, 1,100 of
whom have arrived, Alexander said.

Canada To Accept 10,000

Syrian Refugees

In the wake of a recent 4.8 magnitude

earthquake near Tofino and a rash of
tremors off the west coast, questions
are being raised - are we prepared
if a catastrophic earthquake struck
Professor of structural engineering at
UBC, Perry Adebar, says the province
and municipalities care making
headway in seismically upgrading
buildings, but most of the infrastructure
is privately owned.
People have condos in high rise
buildings, and they believe their
buildings must be safe, surely someone
would tell them if its not, but the reality
is no one is looking at those buildings,
no one has assessed them, and people

are living in buildings that we are not

sure how safe they are.
Vancouvers Deputy City Manager,
Sadhu Johnston, confirms if you own
an existing business or condo.
And youre not coming in for
buildings permits we dont require
anything at this point. And if you are
a private building owner and want
to make upgrades or review your
options, you need to go and hire your
own professionals to do the seismic
Adebar says if a severe earthquake
hit near Vancouver- hundreds of
buildings would be badly damaged
and uninhabitable while up to ten
buildings could collapse.





Friday Jan 09, 2015






GML Fraser Foods Ltd 604. 277. 0988

World News

Friday Jan 09, 2015


US Girl, 7, Walks 1.5Km For Help After Plane Crash

Kills Her Family

Bleeding and alone, 7-year-old Sailor

Gutzler had just survived a plane crash
in Kuttawa, Kentucky, that killed her
She walked through 1.5km of woods
and thick briar patches, wearing only a
short-sleeved shirt, shorts and no shoes
in near-freezing temperatures when
she saw a light in the distance.
The beacon led her to Larry Wilkins'
home and she knocked on the door.
Wilkins answered to find a thin girl
whimpering and trembling.
"I come to the door and there's a little
girl, 7 years old, bloody nose, bloody
arms, bloody legs, one sock, no shoes,
crying," said Wilkins, 71.
"She told me that her [parents] were
dead, and she had been in a plane crash,
and the plane was upside down."
officials arrived at the crash scene to
try to determine why the small Piper
PA-34 crashed on Saturday, killing
four people, including the girl's
parents, Marty Gutzler, 48, and his
wife, Kimberly Gutzler, 46.

Also killed were Sailor's sister Piper

Gutzler, 9, and cousin Sierra Wilder,
14. All were from Nashville, Illinois.
The plane reported engine trouble and
lost contact with air traffic controllers
shortly before the crash, authorities
said. Controllers tried to direct the
pilot to an airport about 10km from the
crash scene. About 40 minutes later,
emergency dispatchers received a call
from Wilkins, who said he brought the
girl inside, got a washcloth and "washed
her little face off and her legs".
"Brave little girl, outstanding little girl.
I feel real bad for her."
Sailor had a broken wrist, but was
coherent and calm when interviewed
by authorities, Kentucky State Police
Sergeant Brent White said.
White and Wilkins both described the
terrain she walked through as heavily
wooded with thick bush. White said
the girl traversed two embankments, a
hill and a creek bed. Wilkins said the
temperatures were below 5C when the
girl showed up at his door.
"She literally fell out of the sky into a dark

Harold Hamm, the chief executive of

the oil driller Continental Resources
who is embroiled in a bitter divorce,
offered to pay his former wife $974.8
million, but she rejected a handwritten
check delivered to her legal team, his
lawyer said Tuesday.
Hamm's offer to pay ex-wife Sue Ann
Arnall immediately the full cash value
of what he owes based on a November
divorce ruling by an Oklahoma County
judge was rejected, Hamm's lawyer,
Michael Burrage, said in an emailed
"Ms. Arnall, through her counsel, stated
that they were rejecting the ... payment
because Ms. Arnall did not want to risk
the dismissal of her appeal by acceptance
of the benefits," Burrage wrote.
Both Arnall, who was formerly Sue
Ann Hamm and resumed using her

birth name after the divorce, and

Hamm have appealed the November
divorce judgment. Appeals are set to
be heard by the Oklahoma Supreme
Court, Reuters reported earlier.
Arnall, a former Continental executive
who was married to Hamm for 26
years, contends that her award of
about $1 billion in cash and assets was
inadequate and allowed Hamm to keep
the lion's share of a fortune her lawyers
valued as high as $18 billion.
Harold Hamm had already paid his
former wife more than $20 million
during the divorce proceedings.
Hamm's appeal contends that the $1
billion award was too steep. Hamm has
lost billions tied to the value of his 68%
stake in Continental in recent months,
which his legal team blames on the
sharp fall in oil prices.

The Gutzlers (from left) Piper, 9, Kimberly, Sailor, 7, and Marty.

hole and didn't have anybody but her own
will to live and get help for her family,"
White said. "Absolutely amazing."
Sailor was treated at Lourdes Hospital
in Paducah, Kentucky, and released to
a relative.
Neighbours said Marty and Kim
Gutzler had lifelong roots in the largely
rural southern Illinois town about 80km

east of St Louis.
Marty ran the furniture store that his
father started, and the couple was wellknown and well-liked, said neighbour
Carla Povolish.
Povolish said the two sisters - Sailor
and Piper - were together constantly.
"That's what's going to be so devastating
for the little one."

Oil Tycoon Harold Hamm Sent His Ex-Wife A Check

For $975 Million She Rejected It

Terror Warning Issued For Australians Travelling To Mumbai

A TERROR attack in Mumbai is
imminent, according to the Department
of Foreign Affairs and trade.
DFAT issued a warning to Australians
travelling to Indias financial and
entertainment capital, where 166
people were killed and 300 injured
after Pakistani Islamic militants carried
out a massacre at hotels, a train station,
cafe and Jewish centre in 2008.
A number of Australians were caught
up in that attack, including actor
Brooke Satchwell and her boyfriend
David Goss, who the government
says it has received information that

Mumbai will again be targeted, with

up market hotels understood to be the
most at risk from an attack.
We continue to receive reports that
terrorists are planning attacks in India,
DFATs Smart Traveller website said.
It is perhaps no coincidence that the
trial of the alleged mastermind of the
2008 attacks, Zaki-ur-Rahman Lakhvi,
is facing trial in Islamabad in relation
to an abduction case. He appeared in
court last Thursday amid tight security
were staying at Mumbais Taj Mahal
Hotel when it was taken over by

Attacks could occur anywhere at

any time with little or no warning,
including in locations frequented by
Australians have also been reminded
to exercise a high degree of caution
in India due to other threats such as
civil unrest, crime and the high rate of
vehicle accidents.
The warning comes after Australians
travelling to Indonesia were told to be
on high alert in the wake of information

received by the US government.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said
Australians should always be cautious
travelling overseas, especially as
Indonesia has been an area of terrorist
activity for some time.
Australia is monitoring this situation
very closely, she told reporters in
We treat terrorism and our
counterterrorism activities as our
highest national security priority.

The Fiji Times Canada Is now available online


World News

Friday Jan 09, 2015

Laced With Rat Poison Kill Indian Airports On Hijack

14 Monkeys In India

Fourteen monkeys have died after

snatching and eating biscuits laced with
rat poison in eastern India, officials say.
The troop of 16 langurs grabbed the
biscuits from a local hawker as he
tried to sell them in the eastern state of
West Bengal, but fell violently ill soon
afterwards on Sunday.
"Immediately after devouring the biscuits,
14 of them died on the spot and two were
admitted to a veterinary hospital," state
forest ranger Shyamal Mukherjee said.
He said an autopsy was being

A criminal investigation has been

opened by police against the hawker,
who fled in the aftermath of the deaths.
Though revered in the majority Hindu
nation, monkeys are a major menace,
often trashing gardens, office and
residential rooftops, and viciously
attacking people for food.
Concerns about India's rising monkey
parliamentary authorities to hire a group
of actors to impersonate giant monkeys
and scare away smaller simians who
had been terrifying politicians.

Axe-Wielding Boyfriend Chops

Off Teen Mum's Tongue

A TEENAGE mum is fighting for

her life after her axe-wielding lover
savagely attacked her, chopping off her
tongue and pulling out one of her eyes.
Crazed Evangelino Olivas Colon, 32,
flew into a rage when his 17-year-old
girlfriend Filis Elizondo Orellana said
she wanted to take their six-month-old
baby and three-year-old daughter to
her mothers house in the town of Baia
Mare in Northern Romania.
He attacked the woman with an axe
before bashing her around the head.
He then took a knife and sliced off
her tongue before gouging out one of
her eyeballs in front of their terrified
Police were called to the scene after
locals heard screaming.
I heard this screaming coming from
her and then when that stopped I could
still hear the kids, and when I ran out
to see what was happening I saw him
running off with an axe, neighbour
Alina Medrea said.
When I went inside it was like

something out of a horror film.

The girl was lying on the floor
unconscious in a pool of blood, one of
her eyes was missing and the children,
despite their young age, were terrified
and crying. It was just horrific.
The young woman was rushed to
intensive care where she is now
fighting for her life.
Dr Dacian Juga from the Maramures
Emergencies said: When we found
her she was in a coma.
She has now come out of that but is in
grave condition with severe wounds to
her skull and her face.
Police later arrested her boyfriend who
is now facing 20 years for attempted
A police spokesman said: This is one
of the most horrific acts of domestic
violence we have seen. The man is
being held in custody until he can be
taken to court. We need to see if the
young woman survives before deciding
what to charge him with.

A CALIFORNIA woman stripped naked

and tried to slide down her ex-partners
chimney but wound up getting stuck for
two hours before firefighters rescued her.
Tony Hernandez got the rude
awakening around (12am Sunday
AEDT) when the 35-year-old mother
of his children, whose name has not
been released, attempted to get inside
his house, as reported.
When the woman showed up and got
no answer at the front door, she decided
to take off all her clothes, make her way
up to the 30cm-square chimney and
then shimmy down, making a Santa-style
entrance, according to the New York Post.
Things took a turn for the worse when
the ex-lover got herself stuck just as
Mr Hernandez was getting up for work.
He discovered the woman after hearing
her cries for help.
Im trapped in the chimney, he could
hear his ex shouting.

Mr Hernandez went up to the roof and

tried to free her to no avail, according
to the reporter.
He eventually said enough is enough
and called emergency services. The
Riverside County Fire Department
showed up and finally freed Mr
Hernandez estranged girlfriend after
a two-hour operation that involved
busting the fireplace open.
The woman was taken to the hospital
for minor injuries.
Mr Hernandez said the entire chimney
will have to be rebuilt.
This is the second instance in only a
few months where a California woman
became stuck in an ex-lovers chimney.
In October, Ventura County firefighters
rescued a woman who was stuck in the
chimney of a man she had dated only
a few times. Rescuers dismantled the
chimney and used soap to extricate the
woman after about two hours.

Naked Woman Gets Stuck

In Exs Chimney

Passengers will now be subjected to extra screening before they board an

Indian airports are on high alert after agencies," officials told news agencies.
local intelligence reports warned Passengers will now be subjected to
security officials of a possible attempt extra screening before they board an
to hijack an Indian airliner.
aircraft while armed sky marshals will
Security had been tightened at airports be deployed on certain flights, reports
on the basis of the intelligence.
Reports say the Delhi-Kabul flight of An Air India official told the Hindustan
the state-run Air India could be targeted Times newspaper that the airline was
by militant Islamist groups.
"conducting a second security check
The alert comes ahead of India's annual of passengers before they enter the
Republic Day celebrations on 26 aircraft".
January, at which US President Barack "Once the passengers are seated in the
Obama will be the chief guest.
plane, our crew has been instructed to
India has issued a number of terror get the cabin baggage verified with the
alerts in recent years.
passengers again."
Reports say Air India received an In November India's navy withdrew
anonymous telephone call threatening two warships from the eastern port of
that its flight would be hijacked.
Calcutta after intelligence agencies
"Security around all the airports has warned of a terror attack plot.
been strengthened and we have taken The move came two days after a suicide
all the measures that are required in attack close to Pakistan's only border
the wake of the alert from intelligence crossing with India killed 50 people.

Japanese Tourist Gang-Raped

In India, Five Men Arrested

Indian police have arrested five

men in connection with the alleged
abduction and gang-rape of a 23-yearold Japanese tourist, officials said on
The woman had filed a complaint
through the Japanese consulate in the
eastern Indian city of Kolkata saying
she had been staying in a budget hotel in
the city in November when three local
men who spoke Japanese befriended
her and took her to the seaside resort of
Digha in the state of West Bengal.
Kolkata police said she claimed they
had robbed her and then taken her
to Bodh Gaya, a major Buddhist
pilgrimage and tourist centre in the
eastern state of Bihar.
There, she alleged that two more men
joined them and raped her.
The university student was allegedly
held for three weeks.
"When her health condition deteriorated
due to repeated rape and poor living
conditions, she was brought to Gaya
(district headquarters) for medical treatment
on December 20," an investigating police
officer told news agency.
But she managed to escape and reached
Varanasi where she met some Japanese

tourists who helped her contact the

Japanese consulate in Kolkata, the
officer added.
"We have arrested three people from
Kolkata and two from Gaya in Bihar
in connection with the incident," said
Pallav Kanti Ghosh, a senior police
official in Kolkata.
He said two of them had been charged
with gang-rape.
The incident has again turned the
spotlight on the safety of women in the
world's largest democracy.
Millions of Indians took to the streets
in 2012, after a medical student was
gang-raped and killed in New Delhi,
to demand official action to reduce the
number of assaults on women.
Since then, several attacks on foreign
women have also been reported,
leading to a dip in tourist numbers to
the country.
Last January, a 51-year-old Danish
tourist was robbed and gang raped at
knife-point in Delhi.
In 2013, a Swiss cyclist holidaying in
central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh
was robbed and gang raped by five
men, all of whom were later sentenced
to life terms.


Friday Jan 09, 2015


Study Shows That Sleeping With More Women Reduces

Prostate Cancer Risk

As compared to men who have had

only one partner during their lifetime,
having sex with more than 20 women
is associated with a 28 percent lower
risk of being diagnosed with prostate
cancer, research shows.
However, having more than 20 male
partners in one's lifetime is associated
with a two-fold higher risk of getting
prostate cancer compared to those who
have never slept with a man, according
to researchers from the University of
Montreal and Institute Armand-Frappier
Research Centre (INRS) in Quebec.
To reach this conclusion, Marie-Elise
Parent and Marie-Claude Rousseau,
professors at University of Montreal's
school of public health, and their

colleague Andrea Spence, analysed

the Montreal study PROtEuS (Prostate
Cancer and Environment Study).
In the study, 3,208 men responded to a
questionnaire on, amongst other things,
their sex lives.
Of these men, 1,590 were diagnosed
September 2005 and August 2009
while 1,618 men were part of the
control group.
"Overall, men with prostate cancer
were twice as likely as others to have
a relative with cancer. However,
evidence suggests that the number of
sexual partners affects the development
of the cancer," researchers said.
Consequently, men who said they had

Tips To Control Diabetes

Without Medication
Diabetes is a major issue especially if
it is the type B. It needs to be treated
immediately in order to get the whole
disease fixed immediately. When you
are diagnosed with diabetes type 2, the
first thing that comes with it is shock
to know you can face such an issue.
Once the initial shock wears off, you
are faced with a lot of physical issues.
When you visit your doctor, the first
thing they are going to tell you is to get
on with a strict diet. Yes, this means
you will not be including most of the
things you love in your diet. Come on
that is the fact. Whatever you love is
going to go off your reach. Next you
will be asked to monitor your blood
sugar levels. Well, this simply means
you will need to go around the doctors
place a little too much.
The third and the most important
thing that you will be faced with when
diagnosed with diabetes is to stay
on medications. Now that cannot be
interesting! Imagine popping in too
many expensive pills. That is the worst
part of curing diabetes, having just
too many pills in a day. Well, there is
a way to solve that issue too. You can
cure diabetes without medication in the
following way. This would definitely
help you.
The Vegan Way
You will need to thrive on vegetarian
lifestyle to ensure that your blood
sugar levels go low. This means you
will need to include whole wheat pasta,
brown rice, high fibre cereals, corn,
oatmeal and millets as part of your
daily diet. You can include tomatoes,
cucumber, carrots etc. as part of your
diet. You should have broccoli too as it
is good for your blood sugar.

Maintaining Physical Activity

In case you are looking to cure your
diabetes the natural way i.e. without
any medications, you should follow
a regime. You will need to indulge in
physical activity that will keep you fit
and will help you shed those extra few
calories that you have recently gained.
This physical activity helps reduce
the stored glucose and eventually the
glucose present in your body. You will
find that eventually the blood glucose
level also drops thus curing your
diabetic condition.
Drink Water
According to a study, people who
are interested in curing their diabetic
condition must drink lots of water. It
is good to remember that when your
body goes dehydrated vasopressin a
hormone that helps body stay hydrated
eventually makes the liver produce
more blood glucose which can become
an issue for the diabetics. This is why
your body should always be hydrated.
Nuts to Diet
It is always good to include a handsome
amount of nuts to your diet. It not just
keeps you healthy but will also cure
your diabetes in the most natural way
possible. Almonds, peanuts etc. are
defined to be high sources of fiber,
Vitamin E and magnesium which is
good for your health.
Fruity Diet
You should include fruits like oranges,
grapefruit, lemons, berries etc. contain
insulin which is known to control your
blood sugar levels. This is the most
natural way of controlling blood sugar
level. You can also have pineapple,
avocados, watermelon etc. to in case you
are suffering from diabetes. Fruits are the
best way to cure your body of diabetes.

The Fiji Times e-directory

never had sexual intercourse were almost

twice as likely to be diagnosed with
prostate cancer as those who said they had.
When a man has slept with more than
20 women during his lifetime, there is
a 28 percent reduction in the risk of
having prostate cancer (all types) and
a 19 percent reduction for aggressive
types of cancer.
"It is possible that having many female
sexual partners results in a higher
frequency of ejaculations, whose
protective effect against prostate
cancer has been previously observed in
cohort studies," Parent said.
According to some studies, the
underlying mechanism of this protective
effect is in reducing the concentration of

cancer-causing substances in prostatic

fluid or lowering the production of
intraluminal crystalloids.
The data also indicated that having
only one male partner does not affect
the risk of prostate cancer compared
to those who have never had sexual
intercourse with a man.
"On the other hand, those who have
slept with more than 20 men are twice
as likely to be diagnosed with prostate
cancer of all types compared to those
who have never slept with a man,"
researchers said.
Does this mean public health authorities
will soon be recommending men to
sleep with many women in their lives?
"We are not there yet," Parent added.

High levels of calcium in blood, a

condition known as hypercalcaemia, can
be used by doctors as an early indication
of certain types of cancer, says a study,
indicating that a simple blood test may
help prevent the deadly disease.
The risk is particularly prominent
among men.
While the connection of hypercalcaemia
to cancer is well known, this study has,
for the first time, shown that often it
can predate the diagnosis of cancer in
primary care.
Hypercalcaemia is the most common
metabolic disorder associated with
cancer, occurring in 10 to 20 percent of
people with cancer.
"We wanted to look at the issue from a
different perspective and find out if high
calcium levels in blood could be used as
an early indicator of cancer and therefore
in the diagnosis of cancer," said Fergus
Hamilton, who led the research from
University of Bristol in Britain.
For the study, the researchers analysed
the electronic records of 54,000 patients

who had elevated levels of calcium and

looked at how many of them went on to
receive a cancer diagnosis.
In men, even mild hypercalcaemia
conferred a risk of cancer in one year
of 11.5 percent.
If the calcium was above limits, the
risk increased to 28 percent.
In women, the risks were much less,
with the corresponding figures being
4.1 percent and 8.7 percent.
In men, 81 percent of the cancer associated
with hypercalcaemia was caused by lung,
prostate, myeloma, colorectal and other
haematological cancers.
In women, cancer was much less
There are a number of possible
explanations for this but we think it
might be because women are much more
likely to have hyperparathyroidism,
another cause of hypercalcaemia,
Hamilton added.
"Men rarely get this condition, so their
hypercalcaemia is more likely to be
due to cancer," he explained.

Omega-3 fish oil could save the brain from

alcohol-related damage and dementia by
up to 90 percent, a new study says.
Researchers have found that brain
cells exposed to high levels of alcohol
were protected against inflammation
and neuronal cell death by a compound
found in fish oil.
"Fish oil has the potential of helping
preserve brain integrity in chronic
alcohol abusers," said researcher Michael
Collins from Stritch School of Medicine
at Loyola University Chicago, in US.
Collins and the team exposed rat brain
cells to concentrations of alcohol about
four times the legal limit for driving
- a concentrationalcoholics seen in
chronic alcoholics.
These brain cultures were then compared

with cultures exposed to the same

high levels of alcohol and omega-3
docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) from fish oil.
Researchers found there was up to
90 percent less neuroinflammation
and neuronal death in the brain cells
exposed to alcohol plus DHA than in
the cells exposed to alcohol alone.
"Alcohol in moderate amounts stresses
cells and thus toughens them up to cope
with major stresses and insults down
the road that could cause dementia.
But too much alcohol overwhelms the
cells, leading to neuroinflammation
and cell death," Collins added.
According to researchers, it does not
mean that people should think it is
okay to take a few fish oil capsules and
then continue to go on abusing alcohol.

High Calcium In Blood

May Signal Cancer

Fish Oil May Save Alcoholics

From Brain Damage


Friday Jan 09, 2015



Independent Investment & Insurance Broker




We all know someone who has been affected by critical illness.

The good news is that survival rate from heart attack or cancer has
increased considerably in the last few years.
Would you have the financial means to take care of your family
if you were affected by a critical illness?
Critical Protection pays out lump sum and gives you the freedom to
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Have you been denied or hard to get insured?

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Friday Jan 09, 2015


Is It Ever Safe To Leave A Child?

Nearly every parent has left their child

alone for a short time, whether in the
car, home alone or, as Madeleine
McCann's parents did during a meal
at a resort restaurant. But what are
the legal implications? Are we all
breaking the law? As the director of
the Children's Legal Centre, Professor
Carolyn Hamilton is an expert on
child law. Here, she offers advice on a
variety of situations.
You have three children under seven
who are all napping in the car when
you arrive at the supermarket. Rather
than wake them up, you leave
them asleep in the car while you shop
for 20 minutes. The doors are unlocked
to avoid their movements triggering
the car alarm.
Professor Hamilton says:
Legally, it is an offence to neglect or
abandon a child for whom a parent or
babysitter has responsibility, and this
covers all the scenarios here.
But the law gives no clarification
as to what amounts to neglect or
abandonment. Prosecution would
depend largely on the circumstances,
but the punishment for a conviction
could be a fine or imprisonment.
In every case the parent needs to take
into account the age and maturity of
the child. In a car, for instance, a child
of seven might be able to release the
hand brake or get out of the car.
If the doors on the car were locked then
the children might be safer; but they
could become distressed if they woke
up and found they were trapped in an
enclosed space.
Technically, children shouldn't be left
alone in any circumstances. A few
minutes left in a locked car might be
acceptable - for instance at a corner
shop or petrol station. Twenty minutes
with locked doors is too long. I would
not advise parents to leave a child alone
in any circumstances.
Jill with her husband and children
Rosie, 15, Jack, 13, and Beth, 11.
We lived in the country when my
children were little and I often had to
drive to the bank or shop. Often I had
three sleeping children in the back of
the car, all under the age of four. I could
hardly go into the bank with a cross
and sleepy trio, so I would usually
lock them in the car, which I'd park as
close as possible on the road outside.
I'd worry if it was better to lock the car
or not. One friend with children always
used to leave his car unlocked because
he feared there might be a fire and they
wouldn't be able to get out.
If there was a queue in the bank, I kept
nipping to the window to check, asking
someone to hold my place. I could well be
in there for ten minutes. During that time,
my heart would be racing and I would be

in a real panic. I knew that life couldn't

grind to a halt while I hung to my brood
every second of the day - but I don't think
my blood pressure has ever been so high.
I don't think we should assume that
people who make different decisions
from us haven't thought about it very
carefully, or that they wouldn't find
one of the risks we take unacceptable
themselves. What would I do if I had
small children now? I'd do the same as
I did back then.
Your children aged ten and seven, have
asked if they can play in a park ten
minutes away on a summer's evening.
You're frantically preparing dinner and
agree - as long as they are home in 45
minutes at 6pm
Professor Hamilton says:
When ten-year-olds Holly Wells and
Jessica Chapman disappeared on a
summer's evening in August 2002,
there were no suggestions from the
public or media that they shouldn't
have been wandering around alone.
Their parents deemed that they lived
in a safe area with good community
spirit and that there were no immediate
dangers to the girls' safety.
No one can make allowances for such
tragic events and we can't wrap our
children in cotton wool or they would
never learn how to take care of themselves.
There is no distinction in law between
a child at home and a child going out to
play. In theory, both should be supervised
or at least safety precautions taken.
Parents wouldn't be prosecuted if their
children came to harm outdoors unless it
was deemed they hadn't taken care of their
safety or well-being. If a three-year-old
was allowed to wander the streets alone,
that would be unacceptable and a different
matter in the eyes of the law. If your
children want to go off and play close by,
make sure you know exactly where they
are going and who they will be with, then
give them a time by which they must be
home. It's not advisable to let children any
younger than ten go to parks on their own
where there are swings, slides and other
equipment that could do them harm if
they aren't supervised properly.
If parents left children outside for the
evening while they went to the pub,
and the children were unsupervised,
or got cold, wet and were not fed, that
would be a matter of concern.
Diana Appleyard, 45, is a writer,
married to Ross, 46, who runs his own
company and they live with their two
daughters, Beth, 19, and Charlotte, 13.
Diana says:
When I think back to the times that I
let my youngest, Beth, play on her own
in the big field beyond our house, my
blood runs cold.
A public sidewalk ran right across
the land, and although it occasionally

crossed my mind that she might be in

danger, it seemed so near the house
and besides she was with a big dog
for protection. I let her walk him there
from the age of about seven. Sometimes
she'd be out of sight, but if I could see
the dog, I knew she'd be OK. I wanted
both my children to have a real country
childhood, and that means being able
to let go.
Why shouldn't a seven-year-old be able
to wander off in the park or countryside
to look for tadpoles or just take their
dog a walk?
By taking away our children's freedom,
we take away a large part of their
You go out for dinner in a hotel complex
on holiday abroad, leaving a child aged
three and twins aged 18 months 50
yards away in a locked room with the
shutters secured. You return to check
on them every 30 minutes.
Professor Hamilton says:
If the parents have taken account of
all the risks and decided that it is safe
to leave their children, this would
probably be reasonable.
If the children were awake or older and
able to wander around or even open
the door to an intruder, it wouldn't be
But asleep, with all doors and windows
locked and adults constantly checking
on them, it wouldn't be unreasonable.
However, you should check on them
regularly and must not be lulled into
a false sense of it being any safer in a
quiet resort than it is in a busy town or
city. While leaving children alone in this
manner is not desirable, parents have
to balance the demands of life and will
probably have to consider such dilemmas
regularly. There is no right or wrong
answer, but I doubt Gerry and Kate
McCann will ever forgive themselves.
A parent needs to ensure that children
are safe if they are left alone. They also
need to consider how well the children
sleep. If they are likely to wake up, then
it could be a frightening experience
to find that their parents aren't there.
Leaving them for a short while with
the doors locked is acceptable; leaving
them for several hours without that
security is most definitely not.
Tess Stimson, 38, is a novelist. She is
married with three children aged 12,
nine and four.
When my two eldest children were
four and ten months, my then-husband
and I went on holiday to a five-star
hotel. We tried eating in the evening
as a family, but the boys got tired and
grumpy if they stayed up later than
their six o'clock bedtime.
So we then took it in turns to sit in the
bedroom with the sleeping children
while the other went downstairs to

eat in the hotel restaurant. It wasn't

much fun - and we quickly decided
that the boys would come to no harm
if we left them to sleep while we had
dinner. Their room was on the fourth
floor. We told our four year old what
we were doing, and nipped upstairs
every half-hour to check on them but they never woke up. I felt slightly
uneasy, but quelled it, telling myself
I was being paranoid and that they'd
be fine. Thinking about it, I'd never
have done this if we'd been staying at
a hotel in the UK. But when you're on
holiday, you relax and let down your
guard. There's also a perception that
European countries like Italy, Portugal
or Greece love children and would
never hurt them. We think children
are much safer there than in more
sophisticated countries like England or
America. Maybe it's because I'm older,
but these days the world seems a much
more dangerous place to me. Today, I'd
never dream of leaving my four-yearold in a hotel room unless her much
older brothers were with her.
You have two children aged ten and
eight. You go out to lunch with a friend,
leaving them at home on their own for a
couple of hours. You lock the front and
back doors and tell the eldest to call you
on your mobile if there are any problems.
Professor Hamilton says:
If you are going to leave a ten-year-old
child, a parent needs to be sure they are
safe. Alerting a neighbour is sensible,
as is writing down your phone number
so the child can call you if he or she is
concerned about anything.
You need to weigh up the maturity of the
child, how long you will be away and how
quickly you could get home. Even if the
child could be relied upon to use the phone
if something was wrong, if the parents
couldn't get home within 15 minutes of a
call there is a possibility that they could be
charged with abandonment if there were
other younger children involved.
I wouldn't recommend leaving
youngsters alone for many hours
because the potential risks to their
safety would be too great.
There is a case going through the
courts at the moment where a caring
single mother has been charged with
abandonment of her child. She left her
ten-year-old alone for four hours while
she went to work.
The prosecution arose after the child
made some food using the toaster,
which then started smoking. The child
went to tell a neighbour - who had been
informed by the mother that the child
was alone for a few hours. But when the
front door locked behind the child, the
neighbour called the fire department,
who then informed the police.

Continued Next Week



Does Coffee Make You


Have you been told that you need to

drink an extra glass of water for every
cup of coffee or tea that you drink?
For some time there has been a belief
that drinking coffee and tea can make
you dehydrated because the caffeine
they contain has a diuretic effect. (A
diuretic is a substance that causes your
body to produce urine, and it has been
suggested caffeine can do this because
it increases blood flow through the
But is there any evidence to show that
your morning cuppa needs to be offset
with a big glass of water?
If you regularly enjoy a few cups
of coffee or tea a day, then you can
rest assured the moderate amount of
caffeine they contain doesn't cause you
to lose more fluid than you ingest.
Nor will your cuppa be any more likely
to send you off to the loo than any
other drink.
There is evidence that caffeine in
higher amounts acts as a diuretic in
some people, but moderate intake is
actually not that significant.
A recent study of regular male coffee
drinkers found no difference in
hydration levels between those who
drank four 200ml cups of coffee a day
and those who drank the same amount
of water.
Researchers measured the men's urine
output over a 24-hour period and other
hydration markers in their blood, and
concluded moderate coffee intake
provides similar hydrating qualities to
While the study focused on the intake
of coffee, those who drink tea can also
take heart from the results as it contains
similar amounts of caffeine to coffee.
It's worth noting, the study involved
men who were regular coffee drinkers
and it's been suggested coffee may
have more of a diuretic effect on those
who do not habitually consume caffeine
because they haven't developed a
tolerance to caffeine. But so far the
evidence on this point isn't completely
How caffeine affects hydration
One of the reasons that drinks
containing caffeine, such as coffee,
tea, chocolate, cola drinks and energy
drinks, have been given such a bad rap

over the years is because caffeine is a

diuretic when consumed in large doses
(more than 500mg).
Diuretics make your body produce
more urine, so not only do they have
you running to the toilet more often,
they also cause you to lose sodium and
water. When you lose too much sodium
and water you become dehydrated, and
this can have an effect on a range of
bodily functions from temperature
control to absorption of food.
However, the amount of caffeine you
get in a cuppa is unlikely to have these
effects and it can actually contribute to
your overall daily fluid intake.
If you have to have more than four cups
of coffee a day you may see a diuretic
effect from that, but if your intake is
less, then from a dehydration view
you're going to be okay.
Men's bodies need around 2.6 litres
and women's around 2.1 litres of water
a day, but this can be gleaned from a
range of food and drinks other than
water, including coffee and tea.
Certainly you can be interspersing
coffees and waters throughout the day,
so you might have a bottle of water
with you and be sipping on that most
of the time, and then you might have a
coffee in your break times.
The good and bad sides of coffee
It's worth noting there are also other
side effects associated with caffeinated
drinks, which include:
rapid heart beat (palpitations)
restlessness and excitability
anxiety and irritability
trembling hands
And if you are drinking coffees with
lots of milk it may affect your weight.
Lattes and cappuccinos can make an
excellent dairy-based or soy-based
snack, but if you're having lots of those
throughout the day, especially if you're
trying to lose weight and having four
milk coffees a day, it's going to impact
on your calorie intake. However,
drinking coffee can also have a range
of health benefits, and has been linked
to decreased risk of some cancers,
heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
Coffee is certainly not the evil we once
thought it was, but it's that old adage of
everything in moderation.

Friday Jan 09, 2015

Health Benefits of Fish


Fish oil is packed with omega-3 fatty

acids, and according to studies, it may
help with a range of medical conditions.
Protects your heart
Some studies show that the omega-3
fatty acids found in fish oil may help
reduce several risk factors of heart
disease. Fish oil is linked to lower levels
of triglycerides (fats in the blood),
and helps prevent or treat hardening
of the arteries by slowing production
of plaque or blood clots. Studies also
suggest that regularly consuming foods
with omega-3 fatty acids may help
protect against stroke. However, new
evidence from an analysis of 14 clinical
trials suggests fish oil might not benefit
people who already suffered a heart
attack or stroke. There is no evidence
that omega-3 supplementation is
effective for secondary prevention of
cardiovascular disease.
Lowers cholesterol
Fish and omega-3 fatty acids (the main
component of fish oil) are one of the
five best foods to lower cholesterol.
The omega-3s help reduce triglyceride
levels (fats in the blood), which
leads to higher HDL levels, or "good
cholesterol." Fish oil supplements
can do the trick. Eating fatty fish like
salmon or even canned tuna two to
three times a week can positively
impact cholesterol.
Benefits your bones
The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish
oil can help maintain a healthy bone
mass. Studies showed that the fatty
acids appeared to increase the amount
of calcium the body absorbs and
diminish the amount of calcium lost in
urine. This promotes bone strength and
May ease menstrual pain
A small study over four months found
that 41 young women who took a fish
oil supplement reported less menstrual
pain than when given a placebo.
Another study followed 78 women
with menstrual discomfort and gave
them five capsules a day of either fish

oil, fish oil with vitamin B12, seal oil,

or a placebo. After four months, they
found that women who took a fish
oil supplement with vitamin B12 had
less painful menstrual cycles. (Note:
Always talk to your doctor before
taking fish oil supplements.)
Treat mental illness
We know that fatty acids are essential
to healthy brain function, but study
results on the effectiveness of fish
oil supplements to treat a range of
mental disorders are still preliminary,
so always talk to your doctor before
treating yourself. A group of studies
suggested that the omega-3s found in
fish oil had a positive effect on people
with primary depression. One small
study found that patients with bipolar
disorder who took fish oil supplements
in addition to regular medication had
fewer mood swings than those who
took a placebo pill. And, five of six
double-blind trials in schizophrenia
found omega-3s to have a therapeutic
May help regulate diabetes
New research found that the omega-3s
in fish oil supplements increased levels
of adiponectin in the bloodstream,
a hormone that aids in glucose
regulation. Researchers say that higher
level of adiponectin is associated with
a lower risk of type 2 diabetes.
May reduce rheumatoid arthritis
Studies suggest the omega-3 fatty
acids found in fish oil may reduce
symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, an
autoimmune disease that causes painful
inflammation of the joints. According
to information from the University of
Maryland Medical Center, the omega3s in fish oil may ease joint pain and
morning stiffness. One study found
that taking fish oil supplements in
conjunction with conventional RA
therapies was associated with better
remission rates, meaning omega-3s
may be effective at relieving joint pain
in the long term.

Brussels sprout does more than serving

as a Christmas vegetable, as the
superfood could also help you fight
cancer, claim scientists.
The little green vegetable is a nutrientdense powerhouse, and having only a
cup of the smelly food contains 240
percent of the recommended daily
amount of vitamin K1 and nearly 130
percent of your daily vitamin C intake.
According to a research, they are a great
source of fibre, manganese, potassium,
choline, and B vitamins, and their

antioxidants and other phytochemicals

have been proven to fight chronic
diseases, including number of cancers,
by triggering pre-cancerous cells to
commit suicide.
Another study found that when men
ate about 1.5 cups of Brussels sprouts
daily for 5 weeks, they had a 28 percent
decrease in DNA damage.
The researchers have concluded that
the "consumption of cruciferous
vegetables (including Brussels sprouts)
may result in a decreased cancer risk."

Brussels Sprout Can Help

Fight Cancer

For Women/ Relationship

Ways To Keep Your Skin

Looking Young

You might not know what it is, but

collagen is the key when it comes
to keeping your skin youthful and
wrinkle-free. Collagen is a protein
produced by our cells that helps "hold"
the skin together, giving it firmness
and elasticity. When we're young, our
skin stays plump and smooth because it
constantly regenerates itself. But as we
age, collagen production slows - and
existing collagen can get damaged due
to sun exposure and bad skin habits.
The results? Wrinkles and sagging
skin. Luckily, there are lots you can
do to preserve your collagen and even
boost its production.
Up your Vitamin C intake:
A study found women over 40 with
the highest amount of vitamin C in
their diet were less likely to develop
wrinkles than those who consumed
lower levels."Vitamin C is crucial to
the formation of collagen. Without it,
amino acids can't be linked to form the
protein. Good sources are red pepper,
dark green leafy vegetables like
broccoli and sprouts, tomatoes, oranges
and kiwi fruit. Skincare products that
contains vitamin C is also thought to
encourage collagen repair.
Stop smoking:
Smoking creates enzymes called
matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs),
which damage the collagen in your
skin; hence the telltale sagging which
many smokers are betrayed by.
Stay sun safe:
Sun exposure is a prime suspect for
hastening collagen loss. UVA rays
penetrate deep into the skin and damage
the deep collagen support structures
there. Wear an SPF15 broad spectrum
cream (one that protects against UVA
and UVB rays) through the year.
Reach for retinol:
Retinoid creams - only available on
prescription have been proven to help
boost collagen production. Retinoids
reduce substances in the skin that break
down collagen after sun exposure and
also target receptors in the skin which
increase the production of collagen.
You can get your hands on milder
forms of retinoid in over-the-counter
retinol creams.

Cut back on the sweet stuff:

Eating too much sugar can be a beauty
disaster. It causes premature ageing of
the skin by a process called glycation.
This is where excess sugar in the blood
attaches itself to lipids, nucleic acids
and proteins (especially your collagen)
to form "advanced glycation end
products" or AGEs, which accelerate
the ageing process and cause wrinkly
Exfoliation - removing the top, dead
layer of skin helps speed up the natural
process of skin and collagen renewal. A
way to beat exfoliate is with chemical
exfoliants such as glycolic acid and
lactic acid. They dissolve the glue-like
substance that bonds dead skin to the
surface rather than sloughing it away
like scrubs do and give a more even
result, leaving skin looking healthier
and more radiant.
Add antioxidants to your skincare
Antioxidants help protect against free
radicals that can cause ageing skin. The
term "free radical" describes a damaged
skin cell. It's `free' because it's missing an
electron. "Free radicals attach themselves
to healthy skin cells and basically suck
out the electrons they need, leaving
healthy skin cells damaged. This process
triggers an enzyme in the skin that breaks
down collagen. Antioxidants help by
neutralising the free radical so that it
doesn't have to feed off our healthy skin
Plant proteins, please:
The menopause can make us wrinkly
because, as we age, our oestrogen
levels drop. Because oestrogen is vital
to making healthy collagen, creases
and crinkles can creep in to our skin.
Lots of foods contain plant oestrogens
(phytoestrogens) that can help replace the
effects of lost oestrogen. Try hummus,
nuts, soy and pinto beans. Look for face
creams containing phytoestrogens.
Massaging your face daily will help
boost the production of collagen, give
skin a more plump appearance and help
stimulate the lymph glands to promote
clear skin. Use a collagen boosting oil.

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Types Of Women Men

Can't Stand

We all know what women don't like in

men, but do we have even the slightest
idea about what type of women put
off men? Here is the lowdown on the
personality types men don't like at all.
Cribber: Women who crib, talk
negatively and belittle people are a
great turn-off. Sure we all have our
bags full of complaints, but it is one
thing to complain once in a while, and
it's something else to crib big time 24/7
about every issue or every person one
comes across. Men can't understand
why a woman has to crib and bitch
all the time. Either you do something
about the issue or stop complaining it's as simple as that.
Weight-watcher: 'Oh can't have beer,
it has 150 calories', 'I must hit the gym
everyday' - if these are your favourite
catchwords, you have trouble coming
your way. There is only so much diet,
exercise regimens men can take and if
you are too conscious, a man is likely to
be exasperated. Women need to know
when to give in 'without throwing their
weight around'!
In-law basher: Agreed only the

fortunate is blessed with a good set of

in-laws. So if you are not one of the
lucky ones, will you constantly bash
them up verbally? They are somebody's
parents and if you don't have anything
nice to say something about them, don't
say anything. How does that sound?
Worker bee: If you are buzzing
nineteen to a dozen only about the
presentations you have to make for the
boss, deadlines, colleagues, HR head
and the office janitor - it's obvious
you have nothing else to talk about.
A man may want to know about your
interests, your views on him, and more,
but you prefer to hide behind 'work' all
the time. If you want a man, any man
actually - get a life first.
Agony aunt: There are some women
who constantly feel they are an
'advisory body'. They feel it is their
business to hear out the whines of
everyone around them and suggest
suitable solutions. They are so deeply
involved in this part-time job that
they inadvertently sound like they are
advising you as well. Nobody wants to
date a mom, you know.

Fun And Romantic Ways

To Propose To Him

How long have you been eyeing the cute guy-next-door, but still haven't
gathered enough courage to ask him out?
Well, if you're not tied by tradition,
show him your love by asking him out
on a date. Since the roles have reversed
a long time ago, you don't have to
worry whether it will go down too well
with him or not.
1. Send him a gift hamper with a
personal invite
Send in a few fresh flowers with a bottle
of wine and ask him whether he is free
to meet you over the weekend. This is
a great alternative to just sending a text
message or making a call and asking
him on a date. This will come as a
surprise to him and would make him
feel that you are the creative sort.
2. Take him stargazing
How many times have you picturised
him and you in an open space like the

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terrace of your house, simply looking

into the starry, night sky? Well, this is
your time to do it. Call him over to your
pad and if you don't have a telescope in
your house, just hire one for the night
and spend a romantic time together.
3. Propose at home movie date
If you are apprehensive about asking
him out on his face straightaway, plan
a movie outing. Ask him to come over
to your place for a romantic movie
marathon. And while the two of you
are enjoying the movie, take advantage
of the mood and pop the question.
4. Go out for a long drive
A drive can be very romantic, so make
the most of this weather. Let him
know about your feelings when out
with him.

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Bula Mai Fiji




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Coconut Flan With

Caribbean Treasure Sauce

5 eggs
1/2 cup granulated sugar
2 cups coconut milk
1 cup Carnation Evaporated Milk
1 tsp vanilla
600g frozen mixed fruit
125 mL brown sugar
50 mL orange juice or water
Fresh mint leaves
In a bowl, beat eggs until combined. Stir
in sugar. Add coconut milk, evaporated
milk and vanilla. Pour mixture into
lightly greased cup (125 mL)
ramekins. Place ramekins in a baking
pan. Add enough hot water to pan to
come half way up outsides of cups.
Bake in a preheated 350F (180C)
oven for 35 minutes, or until flan is


Fish Fillets With Caesar


2 tbsp Crisco Vegetable or Canola
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 tbsp Robin Hood All Purpose Flour
1 1/2 cups Carnation Regular, 2% or
Fat Free Evaporated Milk
1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
1 tsp anchovy paste
2 tbsp lemon juice
1/4 tsp hot pepper sauce
salt and pepper
1/4 cup Parmesan cheese
1/4 cup breadcrumbs
6 fish fillets (such as cod, haddock,
halibut, salmon), about 6 oz (175 g)
2 tbsp chopped fresh parsley

firm at edges and a sharp knife inserted

in centre comes out clean. Remove
ramekins from water and cool on rack
for 30 minutes, then refrigerate 4 hours
or until cold.
In a bowl, defrost frozen fruit until
soft enough to cut peaches into smaller
pieces. In a saucepan, combine sugar
and juice and cook over mediumhigh heat until sugar is dissolved and
mixture just come to a boil. Pour over
To serve, run a sharp knife around the
edge of flan. Place a small serving dish
over top. Invert and shake slightly until
custard drops. Spoon sauce around
each flan. Garnish with mint.
Coconut flans can be covered (after
cooling) and refrigerated up to two
days ahead. Sauce can be covered and
refrigerated up to one day ahead.

Apricot Chicken Casserole

1 tbsp Oil
1 Chicken, whole cut into pieces
2 Onions, chopped
2 cloves Garlic, chopped
3 tbsp Tomato paste
1 tbsp Sweet chilli sauce
1 tbsp Fresh thyme, chopped
1 can Crushed tomatoes
8 Apricots, fresh, halved, or a 400g can
of apricot halves
1 cup Water
1 tsp Chicken stock, powder
Heat oil in a large frying pan or
saucepan and brown chicken pieces for

Friday Jan 09, 2015

2-3 minutes on both sides until lightly

browned. Set chicken aside.
Drizzle a little more oil into the same
pan and fry onion and garlic until soft,
about 3-4 minutes.
Return the chicken to the pan, along
with the tomato paste, sweet chilli
sauce, herbs, tomatoes, apricots, water
and stock powder.
Roughly break up the apricots with
a wooden spoon. Stir all ingredients
together and partially cover with a lid.
Simmer on medium heat for 15-20
minutes, until the chicken is cooked
through. Serve hot with rice and


For the Caesar sauce, heat oil in a

saucepan over medium heat. Add garlic
and cook for 1 minute until softened,
but not coloured. Add flour and cook
2 minutes. Whisk in evaporated milk.
Bring to a gentle boil; reduce heat and
cook, stirring constantly for 4 minutes
until thickened. Remove from heat.
Stir in Worcestershire sauce, anchovy
paste, lemon juice, pepper sauce, salt
and pepper. Cool slightly.
Meanwhile, for the topping, in a bowl,
combine cheese and breadcrumbs.
In a greased 13- by 9-inch (3 L) baking
dish, arrange fish fillets in a single
layer. Spoon over Caesar sauce and
sprinkle with topping.
Bake in a preheated 400 F (200C)
oven for 14 minutes or until fish flakes
easily with a fork (the thicker the fish,
the longer the baking time). Garnish
with chopped parsley.



You may not find the week to be an

encouraging one. You may need to work
hard towards initiatives that you are
taking. There will be delays which will
prevent you from achieving. Devise some
useful plans to get on top for the week.
You have to be patient and determined
in completing all the work that has been
assigned to you. Keep yourself focused
so that there is no chance for committing
any errors. You may not find your work
smooth enough for the week. You should
keep your calm in dealing with your
colleagues. You may find some toughness
in carrying out your work. There will also
be some delays which will prevent you
from achieving the same. You will be left
with lot of expenses for the week. There
will be chances for expenses of unwanted
nature which you may have to bear. You
have to shun your egoistic feelings and be
free in moving with your partner. Try to
adopt a friendly nature which will bring
happiness between you and your partner.
You will not have good sleep for the week.
This will be due to leg pain which you will
be having.


This week it will be good in all aspects.

You may need to live up to some
challenges that will be present for the
week. Spiritual practices will bring you
success. You will be somewhat insecure
and this may affect your happiness. You
will not be able to complete your work on
time. Somewhere you will find that some
errors will be creeping in the work that
you are doing. So you have to plan your
way of work easily. You have to be careful
with the money you have as you may lose
the same. Focus your attention on the same
and handle money well. You will have less
harmony with your partner. There will be
some personal issues and for this you will
have some disputes with your partner. You
will have some back pain for the week.
You have to incur medical expenses for
health of your family members. This may
cause worries for you.


This week is said to bring you more

joy. You will be better and clear in your
mind for the week. You will be able to
ascertain your position clearly. Your
sincerity with respect to your work
will give you more benefic results. You
will come out successful in job. There
are chances that you will be blessed
with good opportunities and will be
appreciated for your work. You will
be fortunate enough to maintain more
money for the week. You will also enjoy
the week with the money that you gain.
Money progress will be better and good
for the week. With these feelings, you
will be able to maintain charm and enjoy
the week more with your partner. You
have to tune your thoughts in a positive
manner and make yourself comfortable
with your partner. There is a need for
you to keep your mind flexible which
will guide you to meet happiness. There
will be more happiness in you that will

Friday Jan 09, 2015

keep you in fine health.

spouse. But it will not be a big problem.

This week it will be good and strong.

You will find this week to be a marvelous
one. You will be able to win the hearts
of your dear ones by means of pleasant
communication. You can make use of
the week for taking major decisions. You
will lose some comforts. This may be
due to uneasy feelings that you may be
having in your mind. Due to this, you will
be prone to headache. You will be more
service oriented and you will be able to
complete your job on time. This will give
you satisfaction also. You will get some
new job opportunities also. You will be
able to gain more money for the week.
You can meet your needs by borrowing
small amount of money. You will be
more sincere in your approach with your
partner. This sincerity will enable you
to maintain more happiness with your
partner. You will be more conscious of
your health and brisk. This briskness will
guide you to keep yourself in fine health.

You may have lot of expenses that may

create confusions in carrying out works.
You will be able to secure extra benefits
a lot. You can plan well for pursuing
major decisions. You will find less money
available in hand and find it little tough to
manage money as you will be forced to
spend more. You will be able to achieve
progress for the work you do. You will
be able to gain appreciation from your
superiors. You will be in a comfortable
position with respect to your finances.
Plenty of money will be available for the
week. You will be able to spend the same in
a useful manner. It will be good for you to
take things easy and be friendly with your
partner. You will be able to please your
partner through flexible communication.
You will be able to gain happiness with
your partner with your communication
skills. Your mother will be having health
problems. For this you have will have
expenses that may cause worries for you.



You will be more spiritual in your approach

to see fruitful results for the week. Adjusting
attitude is essential for the week. You have
to avoid taking major decisions. You may
not get satisfaction out of the work you
are carrying out. To have progress in work
- you have to plan a lot. Try to work on
negative things and work towards positive
results. You may face money loss for the
week. There will be more expenses for
your children. You will find it difficult
to have prosperity in money. There will
be chances for you to lose money. You
have to adjustable with your partner.
This is required for you to maintain more
satisfactory relationship for the week. You
will be emotional and this will be reflected
in your approach towards your partner. Due
to this, there will be unnecessary disputes.
You will have chances for skin irritations
for the week. So you have to avoid taking
oily items. You will have pain in throat due
to infections.


You have to make yourself comfortable

by getting involved in entertainment
activities. You may need to be careful
in communicating or conversing with
others. You can make this week useful
by involving yourself in spiritual
pursuits as there will be chances for
less satisfaction in you. This will
give you relief and more insights for
your success. You will not be able to
maintain more money for the week. It
will not be favorable situations for you
to save money. There will be constraints
for you with respect to money. You
will not have the opportunity to save
money. You have to keep your mind
more flexible. You have to spend some
quality time with your family members
and this will enable you to understand
your partner well. This is essential
to maintain happiness for the week.
It might be only be a small health
problem. You may have to spend some
extra money for the health of your



This week you may have less confidence

in your mind and this will dampen your
spirit. You will be committing mistakes
in your job due to work pressure. Plan
and try to accommodate yourself to
the challenging situation in job. You
may have delays in carrying out your
work. This may be possible due to work
pressure and lack of concentration. You
will find yourself with less money. There
will be chances for you to miss money
also. So you have to be careful in handling
money. You may land up wasting money.
You may witness unwanted expenses
and you will not be in a position to utilize
the money properly that you have. You
may have heated exchanges with your
partner. You may need to avoid this and
try to develop more channels to develop
happiness and understanding. You may
find it difficult to express your tender
feelings to your partner. This will be due
to absence of proper sleep in the night.
You will be having pain in thighs.


This week it will give good scope to

prove your worthiness. You have to make
yourself confined to spiritual thoughts
and by doing this you will be able to keep
in good mood. You can retain satisfaction
from the same. Plan your course of action
to make things your way. You have to
make some adjustment in carrying out
your work. By doing this you will be
able to witness results related to your job
that will favor you. You have to be more
calculating in maintaining better amount
of money. You may need to maintain a
clear plan of expenditures. You will not
find happiness with your partner. You
will take even lighter things in a serious
manner. You will feel sometimes uneasy
for the week. By observing prayers, you
can keep yourself in robust health. You
will not find yourself in major problem
for the week. But you may face some
chances for irritations in your eyes and
teeth pain.


You may lose comforts for the week.

Generally you need to possess awareness
to find satisfaction. You may need to
lose some comforts for achieving bigger
results. You have to put extra efforts in
carrying out your work. There will be
under job pressure and you may need
to cope up with extra work. You have
to handle money with care. There will
be less scope for you to gain more
money. You may have to spend for reconstruction/renovation of your house
and thereby resulting in more expenses.
Your freedom to spend will not be full.
You may have less understanding with
your partner. It will be good for you to
sort out all differences with your partner
and communicate. It is essential for you
to be affectionate with your partner.
Differences may crop up between you
and your partner and this may spoil the
harmony. There may be chances of pain
in thighs for the week. You may face
digestion related problems.


You will have general happiness which

will be possible for the week. Taking
major decisions will be good. You will
have some luck which can keep you going.
You will find the week an idealistic one You will be successful in carrying forward
your activities in a positive manner. Work
front will be good generally. But you
may have to meet with some challenging
tasks that will keep you busy. There will
be some stress for you in carrying out the
work. You can try entering into speculative
practices which will fetch you gains and
profits. Money flow will be good for
the week. You will be in a comfortable
position to save more money. This is
important for the week. You will be able
to maintain good love with your partner.
You will adopt a friendly approach. Going
for a casual outing will keep you and
your partner happy. There will be good
amount of energy present in you and also


You will have the initiative to succeed.

You will be able to set some goals for
yourself for self-development. You
can make use of the week for learning
something useful, this will bring you
relief. You will be shouldering more
responsibilities in carrying out your
work. You have to pay attention to your
work and this will be the most essential
to make this week. There may be errors
that you will commit in your work. You
may also earn the displeasure of your
superiors. You will be having plenty of
money for the week. It will be good for
you to plan the week ideally to avoid
loss of money. You will be engaged
in good discussion about your family
development, with your partner. This will
enable you to enjoy good understanding
with your partner. It will be wise for
you to be adjustable so that you can find
satisfaction. You will have more courage
with you. This may be due to skin itching
and tiredness which will keep you low.

Friday Jan 09, 2015


AR Rahman Birthday Special

Heres what they have to say of the musician, who won two Oscar awards for his work in international film Slumdog Millionaire.
On the 48th birthday of Oscar-winning My duet Luka chuppi with Rahman for
composer A.R. Rahman Tuesday, Rang De Basanti became so popular.
singers like Lata Mangeshkar and Its rare nowadays to get a good song
Kavita Krishnamurthy have hailed the like it.
talent of the Mozart of Madras, who Prasoon Joshi: Artistes and human
has given Hindi cinema some lilting beings like Rahman are rare. All my
melodies and memorable numbers work with Rahman is very special to
throughout his career.
me. Much as I enjoyed writing fun
Lata Mangeshkar: A.R. Rahman is very songs like Masti ki paathshala and
talented. Ive sung very few songs for Masakalli, I cherish exploring the
him. I love Jiya jale, Khamoshiyan gun- spiritual side of my creativity in the
guna lagi, O paalan haare and Luka songs Arziyaan and Zariya. May god
chuppi. Rahman and I came together bless him with some of the happiness
for the first time for the evergreen Jiya that he has given us through his music.
jale in Mani Ratnams Dil Se... Then Ayushmann Khurrana: A.R. Rahman
we collaborated for a prayer-song Ek is a living legend. He has always
tu hi bharosa in Pukar. It was a very been ahead of our times. His melodies
special song. Because I sang it on screen have a phenomenal range. Theyre
myself. But I must admit Jiya jale was always filled with surprises. He
a very special song too. It became such carries in himself the sure signs of a
a rage. And Im asked to sing that song master composer. My favourite movie
at every concert that I go to.
soundtracks of A.R. Rahman are
I think he was a little intimidated by Delhi-6, Rangeela and Rockstar. I wish
me when we did Jiya jale in Chennai. the most reverred music director of our
But he allowed me to do it my own times a Happy Birthday.
way. And when I started humming Kavita Krishnamurthy: Hes a very
an impromptu alaap at the endA of talented and innovative music director.
the tune, he told me to just go on. He And a joy to work with. My favourite
recorded that as well. Subsequently I Rahman song is my own Tu hi re in
Lata Mangeshkar, Kavita Krishnamurthy Hailed The Mozart Of Madras
recorded other songs with Rahman. Bombay


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Friday Jan 09, 2015

Sunny Leone To Seduce Fans Salman Khan Roaming In

With Kuch Kuch Locha Hai
Streets Of Mandawa

The former Bigg Boss contestant

is ready to make yet another sexy
Sunny Leone, who triggered a thousand
fantasies with her sexy presence in
Ragini MMS 2 is all set to seduce the
masses yet again. Yes, the former porn
stars upcoming sex comedy, Kuch
Kuch Locha Hai opposite Ram Kapoor
is set to hit the theatres on May 8.
The movie, which is being directed by
Devang Dholakia is shot in multiple
locations in India and abroad, the
most recent one being Malaysia.
The post production will happen in

Ram, who had a blast during the shoot
of the film says, Devangs vision of
the movie was always clear and I love
that in a director. It is his capacity to tap
into the situational elements of comedy
that will make this movie stand out as
a comedy.
Sharing Rams views, Sunny Leone
adds, I am very excited about KKLH
as it is my first step into the comic zone.
I am sure this new avatar of Ram and
me will leave the audience in splits.
Well, we cant wait to see this unusual
pairing on the silver screen.

Amitabh Open To Work

With Rekha

Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha are

considered to be an all time popular
on-screen pair in Bollywood and the
megastar says he will not rule out the
possibility of working with the veteran
actress in future films.
The two have starred together in films
like 'Silsila', 'Mr Natwarlal', 'Muqaddar
Ka Sikandar' and the 72-year-old actor,
who will be next seen in R Balki's
'Shamitabh', said the director wants to
make a movie with him and Rekha.
"Balki keeps threatening me that he

wants to design a film together... Let

me see if someone has a story which is
appropriate... then why not," Bachchan
said during the trailer launch of the
film here.
'Shamitabh' also stars Rekha and
there were speculations about the pair
coming together on the screen but
Bachchan has cleared the air saying the
actress does not share any scene with
him in the film.
"We actually don't come together, it is
a part of a sequence. When people will

The Kick actor who just bid goodbye to Bigg Boss 8, is currently
engrossed shooting for Kabir Khans film

With three films lined up in his alley

Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Shuddhi and Prem
Ratan Dhan Payo, Salman Khan is
one of the busiest stars in Bollywood.
Salman Khan, who recently has bid
adieu to the controversial celebrity
reality show Bigg Boss 8, is now
busy wrapping up Kabir Khans film
Bajrangi Bhaijaan which is slated to
release during Eid this year.
Earlier, we had reported how Salman
had been spotted in Mandwa, Rajasthan,
shooting for Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Looks
like the actor is yet to wrap the schedule
as he was clicked by fans at Mandwa.

The films leading lady, Kareena

Kapoor Khan, was nowhere to be seen.
With the film slated to release on Eid,
the film unit is striving hard to wrap
up the shoot as quickly as possible.
Crazy fans took pictures of Dabangg
Khan from every nook and corner, and
even caught the star on camera talking
animatedly to someone over the phone.
Once the Mandwa shooting schedule is
over, Salman is all set to visit the beautiful
valley of Kashmir to shoot for few portions
of Kabir Khans Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Will
Kareena join the team for Kashmir shoot
schedule remains to be seen.

watch the film they will understand.

It is always nice to have such great
luminaries in the film," he said.
'Shamitabh' is Balki and Bachchan's
third collaboration after 'Cheeni Kum'
and 'Paa'. The film also has south
superstar Dhanush and will mark the
debut of Akshara Haasan, who is the
younger daughter of actor Kamal
Haasan and Sarika.
When asked about the unique title
of the film, Balki said, "A title like
Dhamitabh or Hamitabh would have
sound very weird so that's why this

unique title."
Dhanush, who made his Bollywood
debut in 2013 with 'Raanjhanaa', said
he feels blessed to work with Bachchan.
"It was a great experience just watching
him," he said.
Akshara thanked Balki for showing
confidence in her and casting her in the
film alongside Dhanush and Bachchan.
"I was very scared to work with Mr
Bachchan and Dhanush but they both
made me comfortable."
'Shamitabh' will hit theatres on
February 6.


Friday Jan 09, 2015

After Salman Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez Wants To

Work With Aamir Khan

Jacqueline Fernandez has four films

under her kitty currently. Roy costarring Ranbir Kapoor and Arjun
Rampal is slated to release next
month while Karan Johars Brothers
with Akshay Kumar and Sidharth
Malhotra will hit the screens in July
this year. The leggy beauty will
also be seen in Bangistan which has
Riteish Deshmukh and Pulkit Samrat
in the lead. The Sri Lankan beauty has
also signed Housefull 3, so for now
there is ample of work on her plate.
However, there is one actor who is on
her wishlist with whom she is yet to
sign a film with and thats none other
than Aamir Khan.
Now thats not surprising because
every actress and filmmaker dreams

of working with Mr Perfectionist who

is currently riding high on the success
of his latest release, PK. Since Aamir
is close to Salman Khan, who knows,
maybe Jackies desire will get fulfilled
pretty soon. After all, the leggy beauty
shares amazing rapport with her Kick
actor and our Dabbang Khan can
certainly recommend Jacquelines
name to AK.
At Dabboo Ratnanis 2015 calendar
launch the Roy actress said, I want to
work with as many amazing actors as
I can, because that will only help me
to grow as an actor. And of course,
it is on everyones wish list to work
with Aamir Khan because his movies
always have strong content and he is a
fantastic actor.

Arjun Rampal Unsure

About His Role In Roy

Actor Arjun Rampal is a tad nervous

about his forthcoming film Roy,
especially as he will be seen on the
silver screen after a gap of one and a
half years.
Its been one and half years that I
have not been on the screen, so I am
a bit nervous. I feel like a newcomer,
Arjun said here Monday at the launch
of Dabboo Ratnanis annual calendar.

However, he says that he has seen the

movie and feels it is nice. Arjuns last
appearance on the big screen was in the
2013 film D-Day. In Roy, directed by
Vikramjit Singh, Arjun will be seen
as a writer and he hopes his different
role in the film would work for him.
Slated to release Feb 13, Roy also
features Jacqueline Fernandez and
Ranbir Kapoor.

Yes, the Kick actress is eager to share screen space with the PK hero! Well,
who isnt?

Abhishek Bachchan
Excited To See Aishwarya
Rai In Jazbaa

The Happy New Year actor talks about

his wifes comeback.
Actor Abhishek Bachchan is excited
that his wife Aishwarya Rai is making
her comeback on the silver screen with
Sanjay Guptas Jazbaa.
Aishwarya was last seen on the big
screen in the 2010 film Guzaarish. In
November 2011, she was blessed with
Aaradhya, her daughter with Abhishek,
and since then, Aishwarya has stayed
away from facing the cameras.

Now her husband is upbeat about her

career comeback. Im very excited
to see Aishwarya in Jazbaa. It should
be a lot of fun. Its a great script. I
love Sanjay Gupta as a director and I
think theyll make a fantastic team
its always wonderful to see her on
screen, Abhishek said at an event in
Jazbaa is an action thriller and it also
stars Irrfan Khan and Shabana Azmi in
key roles.



The actor talks about his latest film during a calender launch



Friday Jan 09, 2015

Friday Jan 09, 2015



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Friday Jan 09, 2015

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Friday Jan 09, 2015





Friday Jan 09, 2015

Los Angeles Galaxy


Confirms Gerrard Arrival

Steven Gerrard
Los Angeles Galaxy coach Bruce
Arena has confirmed that Liverpool
captain Steven Gerrard will join the
club in July, in an LA Times interview
cited by British media.
"Steven Gerrard arrives in July and
by then we will certainly have a plan
available," Arena told the newspaper
as reported on Wednesday.
Gerrard, 34, announced last Friday that
he will leave Liverpool at the end of the
season, ending a 25-year association
with the club that has seen him make
696 appearances and score 182 goals.
Press reports claim Gerrard will sign an

18-month contract, with British media

outlets suggesting it will be worth
around STG6 million ($F17 million).
The move to the Galaxy will reunite
Gerrard with his old Liverpool
teammate Robbie Keane and see
him follow in the footsteps of former
England colleague David Beckham,
who spent five years at the California
Arena added: "He's a player of quality.
I'm not concerned about how he's going
to fit in with our team.
"We have a club now with a proven
history of success. All those things go
hand in hand in making LA Galaxy a
very attractive team for players such as
Steven Gerrard."
Gerrard told the newspaper the move
was a "match made in heaven".
"One of the reasons I chose LA Galaxy
was because of the success they've had
recently," he said. "I want to finish my
career very strong. I want to add some
medals and trophies to my collection."
The Galaxy won their fifth MLS title
in December and have a vacancy to fill
thanks to the retirement of longtime
star Landon Donovan.
Donovan's departure left the Galaxy with
a vacant designated-player berth, which
they can use to sign high-priced stars
with relief from salary cap constraints.

Patel Retains OFC


FIJI Football Association president

Rajesh Patel has retained his position
on the Oceania Football Confederation
(OFC) executive committee.
Patel and Fiji FA chief executive
officer Bob Kumar attended the 23rd
OFC ordinary congress in Papua New
Guinea on Wednesday.
At the meeting the 11 member
associations showed unity and
solidarity re-electing David Chung as
the president of the body for another
four-year term.
acknowledged the continued support of
the FIFA president Joseph Sepp Blatter
and the FIFA secretariat in helping
OFC make grounds in developing the
game throughout the region courtesy
of the various development initiatives
provided in the past four years.
"We need to be united, transparent and
make collective decisions for the good
of OFC," he told the OFC website.
"We will continue to grow the game
through development programs and
to popularise football in the region
through television, radio and new
"Continue to create pathways for our

elite players and teams and strive to

create revenue and become financially
sustainable so we can reinvest in growing
the game and creating pathways for our
elite players and teams."
He outlined the proposals to aid
Oceania on the international stage
stating his continued work with the
FIFA president on gaining direct entry
for OFC to the FIFA World Cup and
FIFA Club World Cup.
Chung is also eyeing to get OFC a
second seat on the FIFA executive
committee and the provision of further
financial assistance and programs
for the OFC member associations in
support of elite academies, centres of
excellence, mentoring of coaches and
the cost of participating on Oceania
qualifiers for FIFA under-17 and U20
With his re-election as president,
Chung also becomes a FIFA vice
president with immediate effect.
The other matters addressed during
the OFC congress saw the unanimous
endorsement of the 11 point plan
to combat match fixing, which was
adopted by the executive committee
last November.

Krishna's Team Moves To

Second Spot In A-League

ROY Krishna's Wellington Phoenix is

four points away from Perth Glory in
the top of the A-League points table.
After securing a 3-0 victory over
Brisbane Roar on Sunday, Phoenix
edged closer to Glory who managed a
2-1 win over Adelaide United 2-1 on
Phoenix now has 28 points from 14
games. They trail only Perth Glory (32)
and boast the most lethal attack and best
goal differential in the competition.
Krishna who did not feature in the
win last Sunday after sustaining a
hamstring injury last month will
have the whole of January to recover
because the Phoenix next game is a
return trip to Brisbane to play the Roar
on February 2.

Coach Ernie Merrick must be cursing

the Asian Cup but he will have his
first choice strike force in Krishna
and Nathan Burns when they travel to
The win was a fitting farewell for
striker Jeremy Brockie who is heading
to South Africa. Brockie scored a
double in the win.
Brockie's opening goal is his first for
the season in his last game for the
Phoenix as he prepares to pack his bags
for Pretoria and a two-and-a-half year
contract with SuperSport United.
The Roar is the defending champions
but have already sacked a coach this
The club lies in seventh spot in the

FORMER national football rep Shalen

Lal has been appointed as the new Ba
Ba has been without an accredited
coach since Yogendra Dutt was
relieved off his duties last July.
The former Ba rep is no stranger to
He coached the Ba youth team last
season and is the Fiji under-20 assistant
Lal is pursuing a B-Licence which
is the highest coaching qualification
offered by the Oceania Football
He was part of the intensive 16 days
of practical and theory B-Licence
sessions which were held in Suva last

Ba Football Association secretary Iliyaz
Khan said it was always good to have
one of their own coaching the team.
Khan said Lal commanded a lot of
respect from the players.
"Shalen is an upcoming coach and will
surely guide Ba with a lot of passion,"
he said.
"There has been good response at
training. Fitness is the key area that
players will need to focus on coming
out of the festive period."
Under Shalen, Ba won the National
Football Youth League Western zone
The side lost to Rewa 2-1 in the final at
Govind Park.

Lal To Coach Ba

Chandra To Defend Title

ROHIT Chandra will defend the A Grade

Championship title at the Fiji Sugar
Corporation Ba Golf Club on Sunday.
He will face Raven Kumar in the 36
holes final to determine the club's top
player for the 2014 season.
Rohit, who plays on a handicap of
four was in fine form last year winning
many weekly events.
The club's treasurer Rajesh Prasad said
playing 36 holes in the hot conditions
would not be easy.
Rajesh said it would come down to
mental toughness.
"The winners in all the grades will have

their names engraved on the honours

board," he said.
"Rohit goes into the top flight final as
the favourite. Playing 36 holes golf in
one day and without a cart will require
a lot of fitness."
New winners will be crowned in the B
Grade and C Grade.
In the B Grade, the final will be
between Rakesh Chand and Ravin
Padarath while C Grade, the final
will be between Ravinesh Chand and
Binesh Prasad.
The matches are expected to tee off at




Friday Jan 09, 2015


The Happiness Conundrum And Contested Claims

About The Happiest People
On the last day of the year, an obscure
piece caught my attention on the front
page of the Fiji Times Online (FTO).
After perusing the article, languishing
somewhat incongruously under the
heading of Happy Days, what struck
me most as an avid reader of the
paper was the blind acceptance of the
dubious claims without placing it in
some context. The article by two local
journalists borrowed heavily from
the blogger and travel writer, Celeste
Brashs piece of 28 October 2014 for
the Lonely Planet. Celeste identified
ten reasons which, in her view, made
Fiji one of the happiest countries.
Although, not necessarily relying on it
as her primary source, she alluded to
a Win-Gallup survey which claimed
89% of Fiji people rated themselves
as the happiest people on earth. She
did not specify the reports date, but
she was referring to the 2012 survey
which, by then, was already obsolete
and two years old. (This can be verified
because in an ABC radio interview
with Melanie Arnost, Caz Tebbutt,
the Managing Director of Tebbutt
Research, confirmed and referred to
their 2012 survey the FTO article
actually quoted from his similar
interview with Radio New Zealand,
not the ABC.)
The reports findings have the
potential to be an alluring shibboleth
for Tourism Fiji. They should have
thought of the ten reasons (and some
more), but would still be wiser to
pay more attention to Celestes list.
The 2012 global poll in question was
conducted by Gallup International and
the Worldwide Independent Network
of Market Research, which, in turn,
commissioned Tebbutt Research to
handle the Fiji segment of the poll. The
survey looked at only 54 countries out
a total of some 189 to 196 - depending
on who is recognised by whom at
the various global fora. Their sample
constituted about 28% of the recognised
193 UN states, but Tebbutt Research
polled a mere 1,000 people living only
within the urban centres of Viti Levu;
hardly a representative sample as Fijis
rural demographics are quite diverse,
economically and socially.

The poll specifically asked
how happy the respondents were in
themselves. They had to state if they
were happy, unhappy or neither happy
nor unhappy. This approach hardly
provides an objective assessment
of the subject group and, at best,
confirms the actual opinions of the
chosen respondents. Yet, the Managing
Director of Tebbutt Research was happy
to tell his radio host that Fiji scooped
the top spot of the happiest people in
the world. It was just as much about
the marketability of the research entity
as it was about its broader agenda.
The latest 2014 Win/Gallup survey
is even more bizarre: it relied on

researchers asking a sample of

people from 65 countries to rate their
happiness level, and to indicate whether
the ensuing year would be better or
worse than the last. The respondents
were then asked about their country's
economic prosperity, and whether they
would go to war in the service of their
country. Fiji turned out, again, by far
as the happiest country in the world:
93 per cent of respondents stated they
were either happy or very happy. Fiji
was followed by Finland, where only
80 per cent stated they were contented.
Of the face of it, these results defy
expectations, appear to contradict
anecdotal evidence and seem almost
counterintuitive. In fact, the Oceania
region as a whole rated among the least
content, with 14 per cent stating they
were either unhappy or very unhappy.
More surprisingly, Africa turned out
to be the happiest region in 2014 with
83 per cent of participants across the
continent stating they were content,
surpassing Asia where only 77 per cent
confirmed they were happy.
To add to the confusion, Colombia
also claims to have topped the list as
the worlds happiest country, according
to WIN-Gallup. The survey known
as the 2014 Barometer of Happiness
and Hope, relied on a survey of 1,012
Colombians (out of a population of
some 48 million); 86% of respondents
self-reported as being happy, while
only 2% reported they were unhappy.
Colombia was followed by Fiji, Finland
and Argentina in terms of self-reported
happiness. In another poll, conducted
by Gallup and Healthways Global,the
Central American nation of Panama
(with a population some 3.9 million)
claims to have the most positive
population. This survey however asked
133,000 people from 135 countries to
rate their wellbeing in five categories:
purpose, social, financial, community
and physical. Panama topped four of
the categories, whilst the neighbouring
Costa Rica, was judged the second
happiest country. In this survey,
interestingly, Denmark came third.
Clearly, one has to question the
credibility of some of these polls, even
after excluding most of the debris and
thrash that overwhelm the internet.
To roil us even more, in terms of the
UNs first 'World Happiness Report'
in 2012, Denmark was ranked first,
and most Scandinavian countries
dominated the top spots, with Finland
taking second, Norway third, and
Sweden seventh, whilst the US and
UK were 11th and 18th respectively.
Although European countries were
extremely well represented in the top
ten, being European did not guarantee
happiness. This landmark UN survey
of the state of global happiness was
based on interviews with 1,000 people
over the age of 15 in each of the 155
countries surveyed.

The second World Happiness Report

released in September 2013 went
further and delved in more detail into
the analysis of the global happiness
data, and examined trends over time
whilst breaking down each countrys
score into its component parts, to
enable citizens and policy makers
to easily understand their countrys
ranking. It also drew on other major
initiatives to measure well-being, such
as the OECD and UNDPs Human
Development Report. It found six
factors explained three-quarters of the
variation in annual national average
scores over time and among countries:
real GDP per capita, healthy life
expectancy, having someone to count
on, perceived freedom to make life
choices, freedom from corruption,
and generosity. The report was quite
comprehensive and found that the
top five countries in order of ranking
were: Denmark, Norway, Switzerland,
Netherlands and Sweden.
Denmark is repeatedly named the
happiest country on earth. The
Happiness Research Institute, a
Copenhagen-based think tanks recent
report The Happy Danes Exploring
the reasons behind the high levels
of happiness in Denmark identified
eight reasons for Danish happiness:
Danes have the highest level of trust
in the world (they even leave their
babies in strollers outside shops and
cafs while they ran errands); a high
level of social security; high levels
of wealth; a high level of freedom
derived from free university education
and gay rights; great work-life balance
with a workplace that is characterized
by autonomy and flexibility, allowing
time with family and friends; a welldeveloped democracy with a high level
of political participation and good
governance; a low level of corruption;
and finally, a strong civil society that
ensures high quality social interactions
amongst its citizens. The Danish survey
was not only substantial but aimed for
greater objectivity; it relied on some
10,000 Danes to respond to questions
about their happiness, including
interviews with an array of the worlds
leading happiness experts, plus a
comprehensive study of academic
papers to explain international
differences in subjective well-being.
To provide some context, the
discussion of happiness gathered
momentum following the UN Earth
Summit in Rio de Janeiro, also known
as Rio+20 in June 2012, exactly
twenty years after the landmark
1992 Earth Summit, also held in Rio.
"Rio+20" is the abridged version of
the United Nations Conference on
Sustainable Development, where
country representatives debated a
series of Sustainable Development
Goals (SDGs) and set targets for
diverse issues such as resource use,

renewable energy and food security.

But they wanted to broaden the
ongoing debates on happiness and
wellbeing; some even saw the Rio
summit as a unique opportunity
to rethink the current perception of
growth and consumption. The summit
managed to constructively engage
world leaders, together with numerous
participants from the private sector,
NGOs and other non-state actors with
the ultimate aim of reducing poverty,
advancing social equity and ensuring
environmental protection in an already
over-crowded planet. It was noted that
from a population of over seven billion,
some two billion went hungry every
day, and a billion and half did not have
access to basic services. The upshot
was over $513 billion in pledges to
build a more sustainable future one
that most states saw as desirable.
To this end 31 March was declared the
UN's International Day of Happiness,
31 March 2013 being the first. More
significantly, the gathering provided
the impetus for a collective effort to
recognize that measuring progress in
monetary terms alone was woefully
inadequate in the 21st century. The
needs of societies had to be balanced
with environmental concerns; however,
priorities is far more complicated than
production of material goods. It called
for the recognition by all countries
that happiness entails much more than
could reasonably be encapsulated by
the familiar concept of GDP. The UN
committed to exploring alternatives to
GDP for measuring progress, akin to
Bhutans Gross National Happiness
(GNH). The UN position was that "A
profound shift in attitudes is underway
all over the world. People are now
recognizing that 'progress' should be
about increasing human happiness
and wellbeing, not just growing
the economy at all costs. All 193
United Nations states have adopted a
resolution calling for happiness to be
given greater priority and March 20 has
been declared the International Day of
Happiness -- a day to inspire action for
a happier world."
Over recent decades, a broader
movement had been highlighting
the major shortcomings of the Gross
Domestic Product (GDP) as the key
measure of progress or developmental
indicator. Three alternatives, in
particular, stand out: The UN itself
pushed for the Human Development
Index, the New Economics Foundation
created the Happy Planet Index,
and Redefining Progress developed
theGenuine Progress Indicator.
The reality is that happiness is
multidimensional and difficult to
measure on a single scale. Different
people derive happiness from different

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Friday Jan 09, 2015

The Happiness Conundrum And Contested Claims

About The Happiest People
Continued From Page 37
sources for different reasons: political,
cultural, environmental, psychological
and regional elements have to be
considered. So how do we shift the
current paradigm and arrive at a
consensus? The UN is well informed
and understands the difficult task
ahead. The global community has
the tools now; several in fact, to
arrive at a better measure of national

stability and happiness. Some nations
are already committed to adequately
balancing their economic activity,
ecological footprint and level of
human happiness. Clearly, promotion
of endless economic growth is not a
viable policy, nor is it environmentally
sustainable. The rich 20% can maintain
their lifestyle and comfort zones so
long as the poor 80% remains poor.
In sum, regardless of their obvious
limitations, the surveys and reports

such as the World Happiness Report

are still worth the effort, if only to
provide a counterweight to GDP per
capita as the measure of progress and
well-being. Regrettably, most UN
member states pay lip-service to the
notion of promoting happiness and
well-being. The major 21st century
powers will have to find ways to lessen
their economists obsession with GDP
and growth fetishism. Until then, one
can take the above findings as feel
good statements, which may even

make some people very happy. But

unless officialdom adopts consistent,
alternative measurements of progress
to GDP, they will remain just empty
platitudes but, for now, no useful
purpose is served by vilifying the
Gopal Nair PhD is a Sydney-based
writer and commentator. The opinions
expressed herein are his and do not
in any way represent the views of the
publisher(s); Sydney, January ,2015

Review Of Challenge To Reason

By Dr. Gopal Nair (2013)
Biscom Media & Publishing, Sydney
(For orders contact: info@biscom.
When I first got the book Challenge
to Reason in my hands, I thought to
myself - who is going to read this book
with 542 pages and so many graphs,
tables, notes, appendixes and so forth.
It is going to be so boring.
However, when I started reading the
preface, I realized that the author has
put a lot of research, time and effort
in writing, compiling and crafting this
book. The book is full of all sorts of
facts, data, history relating to Fijis
economy and politics, after all, the
politics and economy identifies and
defines the strength of ones country.

The author has gone into great lengths

to explain how few of the trans-national
corporations just about plundered the
Fijis economy, just like the East India
Company had robbed of Indias wealth
for centuries. The book explains and
argues very well that if the politicians
of Fiji are extra careful, Fiji will be able
to avoid and evade the past mistakes of
being faced with another coup and being
economically plundered by foreign
corporations. The population of Fiji
is now more educated, more patriotic,
more sophisticated to let another coup
set the country back another fifty years
or so. The author has left no stone
unturned in propounding his argument
that the might of colonial power and
few corporations have tried very hard
to make Fiji another third class country,

just like we have several countries in

the continent of Africa. The truth is,
Fiji had a handful of leaders both IndoFijians and indigenous Fijians who had
the vision to free Fiji from the shackles
of British rule and that is why when
Honorable Ratu Mara was asked in
1969 by a foreign reporter to explain
in one word what an independent Fiji
will mean to Fiji citizens, his answer
was respect. Respect in the world
and self-respect.
A good author from the start has
primarily two objectives to write a
non-fiction book. Firstly, to make the
authors points of view, issues, topics
and ideas easy to understand by the
readers and secondly, to make the past
issues and ideas fresh for his readers.
I think the author has achieved both

objectives. The residents of Fiji and

other iTaukeis and Indo-Fijians living
abroad should have this book on their
book shelves as a reference guide. They
can browse from time to time the pages
of the book and say to themselves Oh
What a Book about History of Fiji
before and after the Independence.
Sachin Anand Balram
Lawyer and Author (San Francisco)
It is a masterly exposition of a
difficult, complex and hitherto barely
known object. I hope that this profound
analysis of Fiji and its coups is useful
for Fijians, who will surely be better
able to act on their own behalves if the
fog of bamboozlement is dissipated.
Prof. Bob Hodge (UWS)

Friday Jan 09, 2015

Has Anyone Seen This

Missing Vancouver Man, 75

Joseph Lingappa, 75, was last seen

around 4 p.m. on Dec. 29 at his home
near Granville Street and West 70th

Police are asking for the public's help

finding an elderly man who went
missing Monday afternoon in South
Joseph Lingappa, 75, a former Fijian,
was last seen around 4 p.m. on Dec.
29 at his home near Granville Street
and West 70th Avenue, according to a
release from Vancouver police.
"It is unlike Mr. Lingappa not to be
in daily contact with his family and
they are concerned for his well-being,"
police said.
He is described as five foot 10 inches
and 180 pounds, with a slim built, dark
hair and dark complexion.
He was wearing a green, bomber-style
jacket with a fur hood and orange
lining, and black Nike runners when he
was last seen.
Police ask anyone who locates him to
approach him and tell him he has been
reported missing, then call 911 and
remain with him until officers arrive.

Joy Ali Passes Away

The boxing fraternity is shocked
with the death of professional boxer
Zulfikar Joy The Jet Ali who died at
the Colonial War Memorial Hospital in
Ali, 36, won 13 boxing titles during his
Boxing Commission of Fiji director
Malakai Veisamasama says Alis death
is the big loss for Fiji and the sport of
boxing in the country.
Ali had a colourful professional
boxing career as he had fought in six
weight divisions winning many titles.
It is the sad day for Fiji and boxing in
the country, Veisamasama said.
Ali was supposed to fight in Tahiti
later in the year and his untimely death
has shocked us, Veisamasama said.
Boxers and trainers gathered at the
CWM Hospital to pay their last respect
to Ali before his body was taken to

Nadi for burial.

Ghanian boxer Joseph Kwadjo along
with renowned trainer Gyan Singh
were among the people who gathered
at the hospital to farewell Ali.
It is shocking to us as we never
thought that Ali would leave us so
early, Singh said.
I have known Ali since his childhood
days when he first took up boxing.
Ali was a very committed and a best
boxer and he had left a vacuum in the
country as his boxing record speaks a lot.
Ali was once ranked 13th in the world
and in October 2005 was ranked 15th
by the World Boxing Association in
the Super Welterweight division. He
defeated boxers like Gary Comers
for the Pan Asia Boxing Association
(PABA) title.
In his colourful professional boxing
career, Ali won 26 fights by knockout.

Attracting and retaining the best

international talent to fill skills
shortages in key occupations is critical
to Canadas economic success.

- Hon. Jason Kenney, P.C., M.P.

Minister of Employment and Social Development

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Canadas need
for immigrants.
Become a Regulated
Immigration Consultant

Apply online at or
contact a program adviser at 604.899.0803.

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Green Pigeon Peas

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GML Fraser Foods Ltd