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What were the challenges you faced when working as a member of this group for this
subject? How did you manage these challenges?
The following challenges I faced when I was working as a member of group for this subject :Participation :- Participation who participates, how often, when and what to effect is the
easiest aspect of group process to observe . There was a large disparity in the level of
participation which led to process ineffective and later level of participation start increasing
gradually. It took a long time to achieve a good level that why overall our process was slightly
ineffective. Main reason behind lack of participation was the cultural difference. Other reasons
were few peoples are less talkative and working with new people also. Sometimes low
participation in our group by few people led to pay less attention, less commitment to task
because of which we had to spent a lot of time on the assignments. Sometimes due to it
potentially being ideas being underrepresented also. When I realized we are facing this issues I
started intervening in the group during discussion to ensure that everyone was participating in the
group. We had created group on various social platforms so that we can reduce the barrier of
communication among people.
Global Team :- Difference in nationality such as appearance, language, cognitive schema were
also few challenges among us. This type of diversity has led to subgrouping also. Members of
our group accepted the task in a way that they could work with those whom they were intended
to. I think reason behind this is that they were more likely to communicate and comfortable with
those people. It might be possible that in the starting we didnt know each other properly and we
used to communicate less with one other. So after team had formed we had formed group on
whatsapp as well as start meeting to each other so that we can work comfortably together.
Virtual Teams:- Sometimes we had divided our work and communicated to the team using
internet, email and other source of means of communication. Since it was convenient for us
because sometimes we wouldnt be able to meet for the task allocation so it was the good way to
communicate our team member in that circumstances. But sometimes it led to task conflict as
well as role ambiguity in the team. Due to which people of our team member had repetitively did
the same work because of which we had to put extra efforts to complete the work in a proper
way. So we decided to meet together, allocated the task properly then we used to communicate
virtually to keep track of work so that we could complete our group task before deadline.
Expressing our Own Identity :- There are two motivations behind peoples effort to express
core elements of their identity to other . The first is a self-enhancement motive, driven by desire
to maintain a positive self image. But it led to conflict in our group. Because of this motive one
member of our group was not ready to accept their mistakes. When some member told him his
mistakes he became very angry and started misbehaving with him. But in the end we were able
to manage them and resolved the issue. After that we had allocated the work in a way that
conflict wouldnt be able to rise again.

Steps taken to manage High/ Low participating Members:1


For the high participating members, the group initially allowed them to dominate the
group. But once they realised that the effectiveness of the group was reducing, the group
had a meeting to discuss the issues that the members were facing. In this meeting, the
group brought forward the issues of excess domination by the high participating
It was decided that in discussions, all members would be given an opportunity to speak
out. Then all the ideas would be thoroughly discussed before arriving at a decision.
Also, high participating members would not be the one to coordinate the assignment.
Each member would be allowed to get a chance to do the coordination.
With respect to the low participating members, it was decided that the discussion would
be done in English.

Also mails would be sent for meetings so that all members are kept in loop