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THE STAR Tuesday 20 January 2015


Spoilt for choice

Learning pathways
for every taste.

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2 BRIGHT KIDS StarSpecial, Tuesday 20 January 2015

A myriad of

ALAYSIA through the Razak

Report, an educational
proposal written in
1956 and named after the then
Education Minister Tun Abdul
Razak, with the goal to reform
the education system, has always
envisioned a national education
system that guarantees access to
a place in school for all children
regardless of ethnicity or socioeconomic background.
Current Prime Minister Datuk
Seri Najib Rajak has made it
clear that education is a major
contributor to the development of
the countrys social and economic
capital and is a key driver of
growth in the economy. The
Malaysian Education Blueprint
2013-2025 has been painstakingly
put together with this goal in
The Blueprint aspires for the
education system to reach a high
international standard, while the
National Education Philosophy
aspires to the holistic development
of all students. Both are reflective
of Malaysias aspirations to
prepare students to succeed
and thrive in an increasingly
globalised world and develop the
country into a globally recognised
education hub.
To achieve this, the government
has consistently encouraged
more investment into education.
There is also an urgent call by the
Ministry of Education (MoE) for
the development of more schools,
both government and private.
Also in line with its focus on
developing the local education
scene, the government has
announced that school fees will
be exempted from the Goods
and Services Tax, which will be
introduced in April.
As a result of these efforts,
Malaysian parents are now spoilt
for choice when it comes to the
best education options for their
From government-run public
schools to independently funded
private schools, there are many

important facets to consider

before enrolling your children in
any school.

Public schools
These schools are run and
funded by the government.
l Curriculum
Since before Malaysia gained
independence, the national
curriculum was intended to be
used as a tool for racial unity.
Local schools still aim at training
multi-racial pupils in the art of
living, learning, working and
thinking together. This is the one
thing parents should keep in mind
that children in public schools
are trained to become nation
There is generally more
emphasis on STEM (science,
engineering, technology,
mathematics) subjects compared
to the arts, but recent and future
revamps to the system mean
that a more holistic approach to
education is on the horizon.
l Cost
The cost of studying in public
schools is certainly affordable
to most. The school fees are
comparatively low, though parents
should be prepared to spend a
little more on things like uniforms,
books and contributions to the
Parent Teacher Association.

Private schools
Private education organisations
are institutions that are not
dependant on the Malaysian
government and are fully funded
by the private sector.
l Curriculum
These schools generally use the
national curriculum and the same
assessments as their governmentrun counterparts. Most schools
also offer extra subjects within the
syllabus or offer more assessment
l Teaching
Private school teachers
shoulder far less administrative

tasks compared to their

counterparts in the public sector
as the schools have a dedicated
staff of non-teaching school
l Cost
There is a misconception that
private education is unbearably
expensive. Some elite schools may
have higher tuition fees but in
exchange they offer state-of-theart facilities, high-level security
and small classes where teachers
are able to pay undivided attention
to individual students.
Among parents favourite
choices are Independent Chinese
Schools and private religious
schools because of personal
preferences and also their
affordable school fees. The cost
of education here is low because
Chinese and religious schools are
usually run on donations made by
social and political groups, alumni
and parents.
l Involvement and interest
Private schools are accountable
to the parents who are directly
funding the schools operations.
Therefore, parents can expect
to be actively involved in their
childrens education.
Besides interest in
their childrens academic
performance, parents are also
expected to be in constant
communication with the schools
administration with regards to
the schools management policies,
development plans and other

International schools
Schools that offer syllabi
other than the national
curriculum broadly fall under the
international school category.
l Curricula
Embassy-run schools, also
known as expatriate schools,
are where the curriculum and
language are mainly of the native
country such as Japanese schools,
French schools and Indonesian

The private school route

PRIVATE religious schools and
Independent Chinese Schools
differ from the majority of
private schools in that they
do not offer the national
Independent Chinese Schools
offer a combination of the
curricula used in China and
Taiwan along with the Malaysian
national curriculum.
While Mandarin is the main
medium of instruction, Bahasa
Malaysia and English are used
extensively in the schools.
Other than SPM, most of the
graduates from this system also
go through the Unified
Exam Certificate (UEC), which
is supervised by the Malaysian
Independent Chinese Secondary
School (MICSS) Examination
Parents who choose
Independent Chinese Schools
usually believe that learning
Mandarin will benefit their
children as it is the most widely
spoken language in the world.
It is also a common belief that
Chinese schools train students to
be more disciplined and focused
in their academic life.
Despite public and many
private schools now increasing
their focus on teaching
STEM (science, engineering,
technology, mathematics)
subjects, many Malaysian
parents still tend to think
favourably of Chinese schools
for their stronger focus on
Other than this exception, most
international schools use English
as a medium of instruction and
offer internationally recognised
curriculum such as the Cambridge
International General Certificate of
Secondary Education (IGCSE) and
the International Baccalaureate.
Other forms of assessment
available, depending on the
international school, are
Cambridge International
Examinations, Indias Central
Board of Secondary Education
(CBSE), and Cambridge O-Levels.
l Teaching
One of the biggest draws of
international schools is their
reputation for better teaching
quality compared to public
schools. These schools are known
to have very strict hiring policies.
According to Epsom College in
Malaysias deputy headmistress
Jane Smith, All Epsom teachers
are fully qualified teachers with
undergraduate degrees and
PGCEs (teaching qualifications) or
a general Bachelor of Education
degree for prep school teachers.
Countries that are recognised
to have the worlds best
performing education systems
such as Finland, South Korea and
Hong Kong know that the quality
of teachers is very important.

mathematics and science.

The Malaysian government
currently does not recognise
the UEC for entrance into
local universities though the
graduates are mostly accepted
at many tertiary institutions
throughout the world.
However, there seems to
be a ray of hope as The United
Chinese Schools Teachers
Association (Jiao Zong)
and United Chinese School
Committees Association (Dong
Zong), collectively known as
Dong Jiao Zong, continue to seek
negotiations with the MoE for
the recognition of the UEC.
Private religious schools
in Malaysia as approved by
the MoE almost always offer
additional Arabic language
lessons or are influenced by the
Arab school curriculum. The
main mediums of instruction are
Bahasa Malaysia and Arabic.
Students are expected to
take the Ujian Penilaian Rendah
Agama Islam (PRAI) or Penilaian
Sekolah Rendah Agama (PSRA)
at primary school level and the
Sijil Menengah Arab or SMA for
secondary level assessment.
Knowledge of Islam, including
Islamic history, philosophy,
social studies and even economy,
are given an emphasis at these
schools. Graduates of this type
of school most often continue
their tertiary studies in Middle
Eastern countries such as Egypt
and Saudi Arabia.
Even Singapore accepts only one
in eight applicants for teacher
training programmes, who must
as a prerequisite fall within
the top 30% of the academic
cohort based on grades, national
exams and the teacher entrance
proficiency exam.
Premier international schools
in Malaysia tend to employ subject
specialists who have a passion for
their subject and are able to teach
it very well so that the childrens
interest is ignited and their skills
developed beyond their perceived
The international school
teachers are also required
to offer more than paper
qualifications such as providing
other opportunities to children
in dance, drama, adventure and
outdoorpursuits, and music.

In choosing a school, parents
should keep in mind what the
different schools can offer, what
they want for their childrens
futures, and what suits their and
their childrens needs.
With the many education
options available, finding the right
match should not be too difficult
a task.

StarSpecial, Tuesday 20 January 2015


Building on a
of excellence

AST year was an eventful year

for Epsom College in Malaysia
(ECiM). Beginning its very
first term in September, ECiM
recorded an enrolment of nearly
150 students from an application
of 300.
ECiM held its grand opening on
December 1 last year, graced by
high profile dignitaries, including
the Mayor of London, Boris
Johnson, together with Tunku Ali
Redhauddin Ibni Tuanku Muhriz
and Tunku Zain AlAbidin Ibni
Tuanku Muhriz from the Royal
Sultanate of Negri Sembilan.
Students of the fully fledged
branch campus of the main
Epsom College in Surrey, United
Kingdom, are able to pursue
knowledge in a safe, secure and
purpose-built 50-acre (20.23ha)
campus in Bandar Enstek, Negri

Paving the way

Its only our first term and
already we are proving to be
a force to be reckoned with,

says the headmaster of ECiM,

E.M. George, in Epsoms official
Within a month of its first
intake, ECiM was able to boast
about producing a world-class
One of its student, Riki
Shinozuka, competed with top
Asian Elite athletes and Olympians
to take a spot among the top three
for South-East Asian countries
during the 4th Asian Beach Games
held in Phuket.
The British teaching faculty
focuses on being world-class
leaders in education.
This is evident in the stateof-the-art facilities and highly
qualified, experienced Britisheducated teachers.

A history of excellence
For a more thorough
experience of British education,
students may also opt to join the
inclusive, family-oriented and
supportive boarding culture that
is nurtured by a dedicated and

ECiM focuses on being world-class leaders in education, providing high-quality teaching to its students.
experienced UK boarding house
staff 24 hours a day.
The Epsom House system
emphasises superior pastoral care,
character building and leadership.
Epsom has been the breeding
ground for academic excellence
for the past 159 years and has
promised to continue this legacy.
In recent years, more than 91%
of Epsom students were graded
A*/A-B in the IGCSE examinations
while more than 83% were
graded A*/A-B in the A-Levels

Building dreams
Students are proud to be part of

the worldwide-acclaimed Epsom

family, whichever campus they
choose to study in.
Tan Sri Dr Tony Fernandes
predicts a future where the
children of Great Britain come in
droves to study in the Malaysian
chapter of Epsom.
A previous Epsomian himself,
the founder of the AirAsia Group
is dedicated in bringing about
many positive changes such as
innovation of infrastructure and
a global exchange of talents,
students and faculty between the
two nations.
n For more information, visit

Students at ECiM enjoy many activities.

4 BRIGHT KIDS StarSpecial, Tuesday 20 January 2015

Make the most of your new school year


Strike a balance

S students, we often find ourselves

making resolutions to do well in
school at the start of the new school
term only to succumb to the same old
habits year after year. Falling short of
unrealistic expectations could lower your
spirits and motivation, causing you to
never realise your true potential. Instead,
try to work towards these four things;
they could be just what you need to boost
your academic performance and overall
satisfaction with your education.

The adage All work and no play makes

Jack a dull boy may be clichd but it does
hold some truth. Working too hard at the
same thing will tire you out, which is why it
is important to create a healthy balance in
your life.
In fact, immersing yourself in other
activities you love will help fuel your
passion for life as a whole.
Do not hold yourself back from
playing a sport or picking up a musical
instrument. Your school life should include
extracurricular activities or after-school
projects that you enjoy spending time on.
A good balance of activities will help
shape you into an all-rounder with a
renewed zeal for everything you do.

Identify your ambitions and

Many of us may have harboured disdain
for school at some point in our lives. Many
may have also thought of going to school as
a chore or a waste of time.
These feelings were probably fuelled
by a lack of motivation and intrinsic
understanding of the true purpose of your
It can be helpful to remind yourself that
education is not only necessary in elevating
your standard of life, but also essential in
Additionally, consider your ambitions
and what you want to do as a career after
you graduate.
This will help align your focus and give
you a clearer picture of why it is important
to do well in school. Identifying with a
purpose and connecting to it can be a
powerful motivator.

Participate in class

Active participation is essential for an enriching experience in the classroom.

Stay focused and organised

Once your focus is established, you will
be able to plan your next steps. Consider
your priorities and set both short and long
term goals that fit your vision. Staying
organised may seem like a daunting task at
first but once you get a hang of it, you will

find yourself worrying less and doing

Organising your homework and revision
hours will allow you to get more done in
less time.
This proper allocation will allow you to
study consistently without having to cram
at the eleventh hour.

Involvement is essential for an enriching

learning experience in the classroom.
Paying attention and asking questions will
allow a comprehensive understanding
of the subject while taking note of the
questions and answers in class may provide
clues to the topics you will be tested on.
Do not be afraid to ask questions, no
matter how trivial they may seem to you,
as enquiry is a critical part of the learning
Taking notes in class is also a good habit
to have as you can always refer to your
notes later or use them for revision.

Bringing science to life

MATT van Leeuwen and Dr Chua Hui Yen are
the husband and wife founding team of the
Science Bridge Academy (SBA), a company
that set out to transform the way students
experience science education.
We aim to bridge the gap between
scientific theory and applications to instil
interest in science at a young age. This will
make students more aware of what they can
achieve through science and consider the
different career paths available.
SBA is doing its bit to educate the next
generation of bright scientists in Malaysia.
It offers thematic workshops and
supplementary science classes for students
aged between five and 17.
The focus of the thematic workshops is on
science enrichment while the supplementary
science classes aim to support and guide
students through their academic journey,
particularly in exam years.
Some of SBAs programmes are licensed
from Singapore and have been successfully
implemented in schools since 2002.
With themes such as Crime Scene
Investigators, Escape from Takutea Island,
The Plant Whisperer, and James Bane
Secret Agent: The Mexican Escapade, the
company is seeking to differentiate itself
from the rest by combining science and
Last year, SBA launched its workshops
in international schools in Malaysia and

recently opened a science centre.

The centre has a full-fledged science
laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment
that accommodate physics, chemistry, and
biology experiments.
The centre has been designed to be a
fun environment for children to be in. SBA
believes that it is important for students to be
able to learn in a relaxed environment, which
often means going beyond a traditional
classroom environment.
The laboratory has also been designed
to promote teamwork and hands-on
Our trainers and facilitators are our most
important assets. We are very selective about
who we bring onboard.
Our trainers possess an in-depth
understanding on how to conduct complex
science experiments as well as great
communication skills.
We are happy with our team now but are
constantly looking for new talents to help
grow the company, says Dr Chua.
SBA is located on the first floor of
The School @ Jaya One, Malaysias first
enrichment mall.
It runs supplementary science classes
from Monday to Friday and thematic
workshops on weekends.
n For more information, visit

Science Bridge Academy provides a fun learning environment in which children can learn science.

StarSpecial, Tuesday 20 January 2015

OST kids these days have

busy, active lives. They
spend hours in school
followed by co-curricular
activities or private classes such
as tuition, arts or sports classes.
To absorb information and
perform well in every aspect
of their learning, children need
to consume a certain amount
of food from each level of the
food pyramid on a daily basis to
meet their nutritional needs.
Good nutrition is essential
to the optimum functioning
of a childs growth and
development throughout his
formative years.
Children require optimal
nutrition every day to stay
healthy and ensure proper
Without adequate nutrition,
kids are easily exhausted, have
their immunity compromised
and may even have their
mental and physical growth
impaired to some extent.
Here are a few suggestions
to ensure that your active kid
gets all the nutrition he needs.

Eat your way to success

fast food on the run or serving
processed food is a convenient
thing to do.
These types of food not only lack
the vitamins and minerals required
by children to be healthy, most
of them also contain unhealthy
These include preservatives,
flavouring and colouring that can
potentially cause health problems.

A balanced diet is
essential to ensure a
childs healthy growth
and development.

Plan ahead
If your child has a tight
schedule, plan ahead to ensure
that you serve him proper
meals before he heads off to his
next activity.
Choose healthy recipes
and list the ingredients you
need before heading to the

confidence early
CONFIDENCE and language
skills have always gone handin-hand. Since 1980, Lorna
Whiston has helped students
discover their voice and
confidence with the English
With interactive classes
that engage students skills in
listening, speaking, reading and
writing in English, students
are groomed to develop their
own voice and confidence in
Children between the ages of
four and six can attend intensive
language classes at Lorna
Whiston. These programmes for
pre-schoolers encourage the allround academic, social, physical
and emotional development of
young children to ensure that
they get the best possible start
to their education in the English
Intensive language
programmes at Lorna Whiston
place significant emphasis
on the development of early
reading and writing skills.
With a wide range of
resources, including books,
interactive learning games and
educational computer software,
each child will grasp the
essential foundations of literacy


and numeracy.
Children are also encouraged
to express themselves and
develop their natural creative
flair through arts and craft
activities, music and drama.
Lorna Whiston also offers a
wide range of weekly English
language courses that are
approved by the Malaysian
Ministry of Education.
The courses cater to students
aged four to 17 and include
English language development
and extension, public speaking,
and speech and drama.
All new students are
assessed to ensure that they are
appropriately placed in classes
based on their capabilities and
skills. All classes are taught
by fully qualified and highly
dedicated teachers from Europe,
North America and Australia.
Mastering any language is a
dynamic process that requires
a multi-faceted approach to
ensure students maintain their
momentum and interest in
developing their language skills.
Lorna Whiston is currently
open for enrolments.
n For more information, call
03-7727 1909 (TTDI) or 03-4147
3229 (Taman Melawati)

At Lorna Whiston, children develop their language skills using a wide range of
resources such as books and interactive learning games.

Prepare snacks in bags

supermarket. Preparing the raw
ingredients ahead of time before
cooking them will make you a more
efficient cook.

Remove processed food and

fast food from your family
For many parents, buying

Instead of junk food or processed

food, you can provide your child
with healthy snacks.
These can include cereals,
sandwiches, fruits and veggie sticks
that he can easily carry.
These snacks can be easily
prepared and packed in lunch bags
or containers.
Nutritious snacks can provide
your child the energy he needs at

his own convenience.

Feed your child a good

vitamin supplement
Giving your child a good daily
multivitamin that includes omega-3
fish oil is a great way to ensure that
he gets all the essential nutrients
that his body and brain needs.
A good multivitamin supplement
combines 16 types of essential
vitamins and minerals.
One with brain-boosting fish oil
can help kids maintain adequate
levels of essential nutrients in their
body as they grow and develop.
Besides vitamins and minerals,
omega-3 (DHA) is also an important
nutrient for children as it promotes
optimal brain function, eye health
and a healthy behaviour.
n This article is contributed by
Natures Way.

6 BRIGHT KIDS StarSpecial, Tuesday 20 January 2015

Optimising the
learning process

N the fast-paced world of electronic

media, social networking is a
phenomenon that has become a way of
life, especially for the younger generation,
with most communication channels being
in English.
This is why it is important to develop
good English language skills as early in life
as possible in the areas of writing, reading,
listening and speaking.
Cambridge English for Life (CEFL)
provides high-quality, practical, vocational
and professional English language training
for children and adults.
It gives learners a firm grounding in the
English language, which culminates in the
Cambridge English Language Assessment
CEFL offers courses for both junior
and secondary level learners at a range of
different levels to optimise the learning
Junior English (JE) is offered at two

levels for pre-schoolers and Young Learners

English (YLE) is mainly aimed at primary
school learners, which leads to the
Cambridge English Language Assessment
YLE Exams, namely Starters, Movers and
With emphasis on the four core language
skills (listening, speaking, reading and
writing), courses are conducted using
meaningful and stimulating activities in a
friendly environment.
At secondary level, courses are designed
to teach and assess learners command of
English from elementary to advanced levels,
covering all four language skills as well as
grammar and vocabulary.
Each new learner takes an initial
placement test upon registration to
determine their current language ability.
Upon completion of this test, they are
placed in a class that matches their level as
lessons are based on level rather than age
for more effective learning.
All materials provided and used in the
classroom are sourced from the United
Kingdom. They are designed to ensure
that students not only have high-quality
material to refer to but also gain a broad,
cultural, educational experience.
This enables them to have a clearer
understanding of the uniqueness of
meaning in the English language.

Cambridge English for Life (CEFL) helps develop

childrens English language skills through different
levels of learning.

n For more information, call 03-7883 0912,

e-mail or visit

Developing the holistic learner

THE growth of the International
Baccalaureate programme is linked to the
growth of international schools, which
increased rapidly in number during the
20th century.
In an aim to promote the latest in
educational thinking and advancing
from rote-based national systems, three
main forces shaped the development of
the International Baccalaureate Diploma
Programme (IBDP):
Pragmatic The need to provide a
school-leaving diploma that would facilitate
university entrance and be recognised in
different countries.
Idealistic The desirability of promoting
international perspectives that would
encourage international understanding and
Pedagogical The promotion of critical
and creative thinking skills and learning
how to learn.
The International Baccalaureate
Organization (IBO) aims to develop
inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young
people who help to create a better and
more peaceful world through intercultural
understanding and respect.
To this end the IBO works with schools,
governments and other international
organisations to develop challenging and
rigorous international education and
assessment programmes.
These programmes encourage students
across the world to become active,
compassionate and lifelong learners who
understand that other people, with their
differences, can also be right.
An IB learner is required to study six
subjects from different subject areas to gain
a breadth of educational experiences.
Three subjects are to be studied at higher
level and three at standard level. The higher
level courses are more demanding but

allow learners to specialise more in subjects

where their interests or abilities lie.
The IB Learner Profile is a set of learner
outcomes that consists of 10 learner profile
IB learners strive to be inquirers,
thinkers, risk-takers, communicators,
knowledgeable, principled, open-minded,
caring, balanced and reflective.
Nexus International School (NIS) chose
the IBDP as the programme provides a
close match to the schools values. The
school seeks to foster independent learning,
internationalism and be at the cutting-edge
of curriculum development.
Furthermore, NIS IBDP graduates have
been accepted at prestigious universities
The school is now open for applications
for this years IB programme that starts
in August. There will be an IB Taster Day
held on the Jan 21, which is open to all
prospective students looking to start the
IB Diploma in August.
The IB Taster Day will provide an
opportunity for parents and potential
students to see what the school has to offer
and experience the style of IB Diploma
n For more information, e-mail Arvindar

The IBDP creates active lifelong learners.

StarSpecial, Tuesday 20 January 2015


Technology to enhance education


INCE its inception more than

20 years ago, Q-dees has
established more than 140
centres nationwide.
Q-dees holistic pre-school
educational experience has been
acclaimed for providing cuttingedge programmes that are highly
effective in instilling a passion for
learning and establishing moral
values as well as igniting a strong
sense of curiosity in young minds.
Staying true to its ethos,
Q-dees pre-school programmes
are fun-filled and conducted
in a stimulating and dynamic
environment and taught by highly
dedicated and loving teachers.
The programmes are
distinctive as they integrate the
latest teaching methodology and
technology to deliver lessons
that are unique to the Q-dees
There are three programmes
that are incorporated into the preschool syllabus Fliptec, Beamind
Foundation and Q-dees Love to
Each syllabus focuses on
specific areas, thus providing a
holistic educational approach to
empower young minds and build
a solid learning foundation.
These programmes have been
specifically formulated through
innovative and dynamic research
that are globally benchmarked
and spearheaded by Q-dees
research and development centre
in Cyberjaya.
These revolutionary pre-

Q-dees incorporates fun-filled learning in its cutting-edge pre-school programme.

school programmes are a result
of Q-dees dedication to one
objective to augment childrens
holistic development during these
vital formative years.
Fliptec utilises the Focus
Learning Imaginative Play
technology, which is highly
effective in stimulating learning,
concentration, recall and
Beamind Foundation is
uniquely designed to stimulate
intelligence by empowering
creative and logical thinking

as well as enhancing language

Q-dees Love to Life is a
programme that nurtures the
understanding of love, kindness
and other essential moral values.
Customised and highly
effective teaching tools have been
developed to make learning fun,
including songs, dance, animation,
rhymes, poetry and stories.
This enables a greater range
of learning every day, a higher
rate of absorption, improved
attentiveness and the ability


to apply lessons learned in the

classroom into real life situations.
Q-dees Fliptec@Q and Beamind
Foundation programmes are
geared towards the mastery of
English, Bahasa Malaysia and
Students will be equipped
with the knowledge of speaking,
reading and writing in these
languages and practise their
language skills daily.
Letting your children
experience technology firsthand
at an early age will prove to be

an added advantage and enhance

their learning skills.
As children have shorter
attention spans, the inclusion of
attractive visuals and appealing
audio into the lessons using
multimedia facilities and
animation engages children and
promotes interaction during each
The exclusive e-reader offered
under the Beamind Foundation
programme has successfully
instilled a reading culture in
The e-reader books are
developed meticulously and
graded with specific vocabulary to
maximise word identification and
In addition to hardcopy books,
students are also able to access
these readers online while
performing independent reading
at home, which gives parents the
opportunity to participate in their
childs reading.
Over the years, Q-dees preschools in Malaysia have seen
more than 200,000 students pass
through its doors.
It continues to strive and deliver
the best in pre-school education
and meet international standards
of education while also nurturing
values that empower lifelong
Registration is now open for
entry in 2015.
n For more information, call 1700
815 077 or visit

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Knowledge retention

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f oundat ion in s cie nce
- Ev ery w eek e nd
- Age: 5-1 7 year s
- Hands -on exper iment s
- Exc iting t hem es, e.g.
* Inte rst ellar
* Scie ntist Che f

Science Classes

- Pre par ation fo r exa ms

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8 BRIGHT KIDS StarSpecial, Tuesday 20 January 2015

ANADA is one of the most

socially diverse nations in
history, and the Ontario
Secondary School curriculum
offered at Sunway International
Schools (SIS) is testament to this.
SIS motto of Nurturing Minds,
Building Character resonates
with both Malaysias and Canadas
multi-cultural and inclusive
SIS prides itself on a student
population representing more
than 30 countries in every
intake as well as a faculty of fully
Canadian-certified teachers who
have taught all over the world.
School life at SIS mirrors a
global microcosm that draws
from real-life examples and
the latest technology tools to
enhance the delivery of one of the
most respected and sought-after
curriculums of today.

Ontario curriculum
offers diverse opportunities

Pioneering efforts
SIS is the only educational
institution in Malaysia to
offer the Ontario (Canadian)
Secondary School curriculum.
SIS commenced its operations in
January 2008 at its new campus in
Bandar Sunway.
Inspired by the excellent
academic achievements of
students in the Canadian
International Matriculation
Programme at Sunway College,
SIS established the complete
secondary school spectrum from
A member of the Sunway
Education Group, which is owned
and governed by the Jeffrey Cheah
Foundation, SIS is the alma mater
to students from more than 30
countries, including Singapore,

The Ontario (Canadian) secondary school curriculum offered by SIS develops

reflective and inquisitive learners.
Indonesia, South Korea, Japan,
China, Canada, Russia, the United
States, Australia, Germany, the
United Kingdom and India.

Student-centred curriculum
The Ontario curriculum at SIS

focuses on students continuous

development with formative
assessment that is current and
consistent, enhanced by the
pervasive use of technology in
students learning.
After completing Grade 11,
students have the option to

progress to the Ontario Grade

12, offered in Sunway College
as the Canadian International
Matriculation Programme (CIMP)
and graduate with the Ontario
Secondary School Diploma.
The flexibility of the Ontario
curriculum also enables SIS
students to be eligible for other
pre-university foundation and
matriculation programmes
such as A-Levels and Australian
Matriculation (AUSMAT).
Learning in SIS focuses
on students as individuals,
developing their ability to think
reflectively, inquisitively and
above all, to be life-long learners.
Every student has a specific skill
that he or she can harness and
build upon.
SIS curriculum is delivered in
an environment that is conducive
to learning that will inspire
students to participate actively
and showcase their best efforts.

Opening of a new campus

The much-anticipated second
campus of SIS at Sunway Iskandar
is scheduled to welcome new
students in 2017.
The SIS Sunway Iskandar
campus is designed to integrate
and highlight its natural

landscape, emphasising
the schools importance on
environmental preservation.
Academic offerings will
include pre-school,primary,
andsecondarylevels of education
based on the Ontario curriculum.
SIS Sunway Iskandar is a
candidate IB World School and
once approved, will offer the
International Baccalaureate
Diploma Programme (IBDP) for its
upper secondary students.

Distinctive qualities
The new campus will
continue to feature much of its
predecessors distinctive qualities
in Bandar Sunway. It will be a
modern and contemporary school
that offers some of the industrys
finest in international curriculums
and have a teaching staff that
is experienced, committed and
It will employ an approach that
is hi-tech with effective adoption
of educational technologies as well
as hi-touch with strong emphasis
on the development of soft skills in
n For more information on the
January intake, call 03-7491 8070
or visit