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6. Another word for holy book 7. all-powerful 8.

Some christians belive the Bible is l———– true which means they accept evry word ..
t t a n t a) What reasons do Christians give for their belief in
God? [8 marks]
o l y

t n t y

m a c l e

m o n h e s t s

r i p t u r e s

o p o t e n t

l i l l y

b) How does the belief that their holy scriptures are the
word of God affect the life of a Christian? [7 marks]

Some Christians (example) think…. because….

Other Christians (example) think…. because….
Some others….
c) “There is no point in believing in God these days.”
Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer and show that
you have thought of different points of view. You must refer
to Christianity in your answer. [5 marks]

1. Part of the Bible eg. The new t———— 2. A word which shows how special God is. 3. God has 3 parts 4. Amazing supernatural actions. 5. People who believe there is only one God.