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Obstacles in the Delegation Process Friday, Dec 19 2008

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Advantages of Delegation, Challenges in Delegation, how to delegate managementinnovations 2:09 pm

Obstacles that can make delegation within an organization difficult or even impossible can be classified into 3
general categories:
1. Obstacles related to the Supervisor
2. Obstacles related to Subordinates
3. Obstacles related to Organizations
Obstacles related to the Supervisor:
A supervisor who resists delegating his authority to subordinates because he cannot bear to part with any
Two other supervisor related obstacles are the fear that the subordinates will not do a job well and the suspicion
that surrendering some authority may be seen as a sign of weakness.
If supervisors are insecure in their jobs or believe certain activities are extremely important to their personal
success, they may find it hard to put the performance of these activities into the hands of the others.
Obstacles related to Subordinates:
Subordinates may be reluctant to accept delegated authority because they are afraid of failing, lack self
confidence, or feel the supervisor doesnt have the confidence in them.
These obstacles will be especially apparent in subordinates who have never before used delegated authority.
Other subordinate related obstacles are the fear that the supervisor will be unavailable for guidance when needed
and the reluctance to exercise authority that may complicate comfortable working relationships.
Obstacles related to the Delegation Process:
In organizations, where few job activities and little authority have been delegated in the past, an attempt to
initiate the delegation process may make employees reluctant and apprehensive, for the supervisor would be
introducing a significant change in procedure and change is often strongly resisted.
Advantages of Delegation are:
1. Enhanced Employee Confidence
2. Improved Subordinate Involvement and Interest
3. More free time for the supervisor to accomplish tasks
4. Assistance from subordinates in completing tasks the manager simply wouldnt have time for
What can managers do to eliminate obstacles to the delegation process?
Firstly uncover the obstacles to delegation.

Then taking actions to eliminate these obstacles with the understanding that they may be deeply ingrained and
therefore required much time and effort to overcome.
Among the most effective management actions that can be taken to eliminates obstacles to delegation are
building subordinate confidence in the use of delegated authority on established working relationships, and
helping delegates cope with problems whenever necessary.

Willingness to consider the ideas of others seriously

The insight to allow subordinates the free rein necessary to carry out their responsibilities,
Trust on abilities of subordinates
The wisdom to allow people to learn from their mistakes without suffering unreasonable price
for making them.
These difficulties may be grouped in two categories.

On the part of superior:

a) Lack of confidence in subordinate:- Superior will not delegate his authority in case he is not
confident about ability and capacity of subordinate to take the decision by his own.

b) Fear of competition: - In delegation of authority subordinate learns to take decision and manager
may start feeling fear of competition from subordinate. Due to this he will not delegate his authority.

c) Love to authority: - A superior will not delegate his rights if he is an autocrat. They want to show
their importance in organization and want subordinates come frequently to him to get the decision
approved by him.

d) Feeling of perfectionism: - Some superiors feel that they himself can do the job in

better way and

do not delegate the authority.

On the part of subordinate:

a) Dependence of the Boss:- when a subordinate finds it easy to ask the boss for any decision for
executing any task he may avoid to accept the authority.

b) Fear of Criticism:- If a subordinate fears that he will be criticized even for small mistakes or
undesired results he may avoid accepting the authority.

c) Lack of Confidence: - Lack of confidence in subordinate about his decision making ability is another
major obstacle in delegation process.

d) Lack of Positive Incentives:- A subordinate may unwilling to accept authority if he does not get any
incentive in form of any pay increase or promotion or personal recognition for his good work

Corrective Measures to Overcome the Obstacle in Delegation Process:

Defining the assignments:- The work of every person should be clarify properly and he should be
given proper authority to complete the work. The result expected from them should be made clear.

Proper selection of the person:- The selection of the person should be done properly, only capable
and related person having qualification and skill required to complete the job

should be given the task.

Establishing proper control:- The performance of executive should be checked regularly to verify that
work is going as per the plans Control system in delegation process should be made such that executive
remain free from routine matter yet enable him to maintain his accountability .. He should be informed
about the framed standards. He should be informed about the cost of his work done and should aware
of keeping control over cost of his work.

Proper communication: - There should be proper communication between the superior and
subordinate. Superior must give clear instructions and must allow subordinate to seek clarification and
guidance regarding the given task if having any problems.

Rewards for Performers: - there should be rewards for the effective and successfully done work by the
subordinates. The manger should take care of the good performers and give them proper incentives to
improve their performance in future


Establishing conducive environment:- An organization climate free from the fear and accompanied
with job

security will give better results when work is delegated. Conducive environment will help the

subordinated to do the work in right manner support from superiors motivate him to perform well.