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-ESO Review. Check your progress.

1. I to go home now.
a) am wating b) want c) wanted
2. She is .. . in science.
a) interesting b) interested c) interest
3. The train goes .. to the tunnel.
a) trough b) down c) up
4. It was difficult for me to climb .
the mountain.
a) up
b) off
c) off
5. Barck Obama is a good
a) policeman b) politician c) postman
6. Mary is eighteen, So Anne. Mary is
.. Anne.
a) as old as b) not as old as c) taller
7. Fernando Alonso drives his car very

a) fast
b) fastly c) faster
8. While She a portrait, her
boyfriend her.
a) was painting/ kissed b) painted/ kissed
9. .. you .. the door? Yes, I didnt
a) do/ close b) did/ close c) were/ closing
10. . caught the thieves yesterday.
a) the policeman b) doctor c) lawyer.
11. ........... is your favourite player?
a) What b) Who c) where
12. . do you practice football? Twice a
a) how long b) how often c) how many
13. did she go yesterday? To her
boyfriend house.
a) when b) who c) where
14. .. does it take you to learn English?
a) How often b) How much c) How long
15. -What is that sound?- oh it is brother
the piano.
a) plays b) is playing c) play
16. You are .. to drive a car. You are
only 11 years old.
a) not young enough b) younger than c) too
17. Shakira is 1.53 metres. Im 1.60 metres
tall. Im .. .Shakira.
a) the tallest b) taller than c) as tall as.
18. Richard always gets good marks. He is
. Student.
a) the best student b) better than c) as good as.
19. apples are there on the table?
a) how much b) how often c) how many
20. Oh no! My mobile is in the first floor. I
dont want to go . the stairs.
a) down b) up c) across

21. My parents always visit my granny ..

a) on b) in c) at
22. I want to stay home.
a) on b) in c) at
23. I .. sandwich two minutes ago.
a) ate b) did eat c) eat.
24. is there . Orange?
a) some b) any c) an
25. Andy stole some money from his
mothers bag. He is
a) confident b) dishonest c) friendly
26. Albert Einstein was a good
a) scientist b) journalist c) artist
27. The museum have got many pictures. come from different places.
a) that b) this c) those
28. The .. repairs the lamps.
a) electrician b) artist c) fireman.
29. She .. ten years old. She is older.
a) is
b) isnt c) hasnt got
30. The . delivers letter.
a) postman b) actress c) policeman.
31. Where you last night?
a) was b) did
c) are
32. We both jump the swimming pool
a) out b) on c) into
33. Leonardo Da Vinci was an . who
was born in Italy.
a) artist b) actor c) fireman
34. She swam . the river.
a) to
b) down c) across
35. The plane flew the mountain.
a) across b) over c) on
36. I hate eating rice. I eat it.
a) never
b) always c) often.
37. I drank . beer yesterday.
a) too many b) too much c) not enough
38. Caroline spends all the time watching
TV. She is really
a) generous b) lazy c) adventurous.
39. She her homework on time?
Yes, she does.
a) does/ do b) did/ does c) is/ doing
40. - .. did you meet my grandmother,
grandpa. I met your grandmother a
long time ago, in 2010.
a) when b) where c) who
41. The books are on the top of the shelf.
You cant reach it. You .. to reach
the books.
a) arent tall enough b) too tall
42. The computer is new, the tablet is old.
The computer is the tablet.
a) is as old as b) isnt as old as b) older than

43. I meet a lot of people. Im really

a) friendly b) selfish c) honest
44. My parents are the owner of this house.
.. house is the biggest of the town.
a) their b) our c) they
45. This food is so . I dont like it.
a) Disgusting b) disgusted
46. Are you ? Yes, I want to go to
a) tired b) tiring c) sad
47. . Are you here? Because I want to.
a) which b) why c) what
48. The athletes ran. field for one
a) around b) off c) under.
49. She hates . rap music.
a) listening to b) listen to c) listened to.
50. Does she like out with his friends?
a) go
b) going c) goes
Circle the correct letters.
1. She hates . rap music.
a) listening to b) listen to c) listened to.
Does she like out with his friends?
a) go
b) going c) goes
Sara is so .. , she never speaks in
class and gets nervous when she has to speak
in front of the people.
cautious b) talkative c) generous.
Where is the cat? Look is the
across b) under c) down.
I .. home then I . TV and
finally I dinner.
was arriving/ was watching/ was having
b) arrived/ watched/ had
This film is really .. I will go now.
boring b) bored c) interesting.
She planned the trip to Greece
careful b) carefully
Jim painted the kitchen very
bad b) badly
She speaks very
quiet b) quietly
Turn down the stereo is too .
loudly b) loud
He drives too
b) well
He know the road ..
good b) well
Anne doesnt often work .
hardly b) hard
Sorry! but I . the lesson. Can
you explain to me again please?

was understanding b) wasnt
understanding c) didnt understand.
Ellen is the new miss universe. She is
. in the world.
as beautiful as b) the most beautiful c)
more beautiful
Does Tom live . Turkey?
in b) at on
There are some beautiful pictures
. the wall of the bedroom.
under b) on c) in
Where your friends .? At
Derios school.
does/ study b) do/ study c) are/
When .. you Sally? at the
supermarket. She looked nice.
were/ seeing b) do/ see c) did/ see
Jason . read when he was one
years old. it is impossible.
b) could c) couldnt
My sister is the most person
that I have ever know. She is always helping
dishonest b) selfish c) generous.
Ricky is more than me. Last
year, he climbed up Mount Everest and this
year, he is going to climb up The Kilimanjaro,
in Kenia.
generous b) lazy c) adventurous.
She is . With me.
a. angry b) angrily
Monserrat Cavallier is a famous singer.
She is going to performance at the of
a. lighthouse b) a temple c) opera house
This a natural hole in a mountain.
a. cave b) coastline c) reef
These buildings were made by the
Egyptian, thousand years ago.
a. pyramids b) temple c) cathedral
This constructions is made next to the
coastline in order to guide the ships to the
a. lighthouse b) pyramid c) thomb
This a religious place. The Christians
celebrates mass (misa) here.
a. ruin b) cathedral c) a castle
This a place where we bury (enterrar)
a. an opera house b) a lighthouse c) a thomb.
This is the nearest place to the beach
and the sea.
a. a reef b) a rainforest c) a coastline.