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October 24, 2014


City Mayor
Tacloban City

Dear Sir:
Opportunity knocks but once, as the saying goes. It has come to a
point in my career that this time tested adage has presented itself and I do
not want to pass upon the chance and opportunity that may never come my
way again.
It is with mixed emotions that I am tending this notice of transfer
effective immediately as I am now being called to report to TCPO Abucay
come October 27, 2014 as I was recently hired as a Non-Uniform Personnel
of the PNP. Indeed it is with pride and joy that I was given the opportunity
to work for the City Government of Tacloban under your administration as
it has honed and moulded me into a better and competent public servant, I
may be moving on to another field of endeavour but just the same I will
always be a staunch supporter of your cause for a better and stronger
Thank you very much and more power!

Yours truly,


Admin. Aide
I (Casual)