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Location Visit Sheet.

Product title: Hiding in a screen.

Client: Connexcast.

Director: Clare OMara

Date: 22nd January 2015.

Name of location: Glenthorne High School- Media classroom.
Access: When filming inside of Glenthorne High School I will need to use my ID
badge, this is so this chosen location is aware we are on site and so we can enter
and exist this location safety and easily.
Space: There is a large amount of space in this chosen location.
Permissions: I will require permission to use one of Glenthorne High Schools
media classrooms, so in order to use this location I must email the media
department/media teachers to inform I will require to use one of their media
classrooms for a short period of time.
Lighting: For this chosen location I will need to make sure there is a range of
lighting on in the location, this is so the camera captures the footage
successfully with clear and professional lighting.
Power: I will only require using any power if experiment is in need of charging, (I
can charge any experiment inside Glenthorne High School). However before
filming my social messaging campaign advertisement I will make sure all
experiment is fully charge; this is so I can film my advert quicker and more
efficiently without inquiring about charging experiment.

Health and Safety: When filming the advertisement I must always be

aware of others as well as myself, this is avoid injuring myself or others
when filming my social messaging campaign advertisement. Also when
filming in this location I must make sure all objects, (such as bags, tables
and chairs) are all put in a safe area, this is to avoid myself and others
falling other any form of object which may lead to injures.

Positives/negatives about filming here:

Positives: The positives for filming here is the weather will not affect myself,
others or the experiment, this then means I can film my advertisement no matter
the weather conditions. Therefore this then means my advert will be easier and
quicker to film as I can film no matter the weather conditions, (this is because
my advertisement will take place indoors at Glenthorne High Schools media
Negatives: However the negative for filming at this chosen location is there
may be issues with space, so this chosen location may become problematic for
filming, this is because there is a range of objects in this location. Therefore to
avoid any problems I must remove/move any objects that may become
problematic in this chosen location.

Name and number of location contact: Glenthorne High School. Telephone

number: 02086446307.


Sketch or photo of location: