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The night was growing chillier with each passing hour as the

snowfall seemed to go on and on ceaselessly. A young man with

a heavy coat stepped into a seemingly unnoticeable building
under construction, atleast to the normal eyes.
Oh! Albus you are already here, the man said looking over to
a tall man in front of some sort of reception desk.
Thank you for visiting St. Mungos Mr Dumbledore, have a
good night, the woman behind the desk told smartly.
So, he began hoping to get Dumbledores attention, but he
was obviously in no hurry as he ambled towards the private
rooms of the establishment. James could never understand this
man, who most of the world looked over as their leader of light
against the Dark Lord. It wasnt just his cryptic behaviour or the
constant twinkle in his calm blue eyes that could cause any
grown up to feel like a school kid. What really bothered him was
the amount of concern that he showed his new-born child,
Harry due to a ridiculous prophecy, of its worth even he wasnt
sure. He and his wife Lily had been living in secret with Albus
Dumbledores help using the Fidelius charm. He was adamant
in keeping them safe, even going to the lengths of Sirius
picking up their daily household stuff.
But here he was tonight out in the open in St. Mungos due to
an emergency floo call by Albus himself.
Tell me what was so important that cant wait till morning,
James told Albus ruffling his messy black hair impatiently.
The old headmaster motioned for him to come into one of the
private rooms where Albus began erecting privacy spells very
quickly apparently defying his age.
Turning towards James he spoke with complete authority of the
leader of the Order of the Phoenix.
Today evening at about 7o clock, Mrs Perkin gave birth to a
boy here. Now what I am about to explain has to remain
between us and Lily and the boys parents of course.

James nodded once in acceptance prodding him to go on.

Remember the prophecy, its exact contents.
Oh yes, how can I forget any word of it, but what of it?
It may be more prudent for you to see and not hear the next
part, Albus said. He took out his wand touching the temple of
his head and began to take out a memory. Next, he conjured a
stone basin out of thin air; James could recognise it as a
pensieve. James put his head into it on Albus direction and
went through the most amazing revelation that he had ever
But how can a wizard be capable of that, I mean its
impossible, he stuttered still trying to come to terms with what
he heard.
But alas my boy, Albus said sighing, If you had actually lived
as long as I have, then you would understand, magic is beyond
the realms of the impossible.
What I can really tell you right now is that prophecies have
amazing ways of coming true, Albus concluded with a tone of


Kidnapped! How could he be kidnapped when he had been put

with the muggles in secrecy? Albus demanded from a very
tired looking senior auror.
Thats exactly the point Albus, Alastor Moody answered, this
has made me conclude that he was