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Table of Contents
How to Read Tarot Cards: Tarot Card Guide for Beginners and Sample Tarot Card
Spreads by Colleen Lindstrom page 2
What If You Had Taken the Other Choice? A Tarot Spread by Cecile Albert Nagger
page 6
Tarot for Beginners: Learn the Celtic Cross Spread: What Does Your Future Look Like?
By den NISI page 8
Tarot Card Spreads: 3-Card Spreads You Can Build On By Chloe Thorn page 12
A Tarot Home Spell: Tarot Cards Are for More Than Just Divination By P. Diane Biffle
page 13

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How to Read Tarot Cards - Tarot Card Guide for Beginners and Sample
Tarot Card Spreads
Read Tarot Cards and Unlock the Door to the Future!
By Colleen Lindstrom

How do I begin to read Tarot Cards?

What are the first steps in reading Tarot Cards?

What can I learn from reading Tarot Cards?

Recently, I purchased a set of Tarot cards from a second-hand book store. I knew a bit
about Tarot readings, but it had been a while since I'd conducted one. I went online in
search of various Tarot spreads and card meanings. After a couple of days' worth of
studying, I decided to start doing readings for friends and acquaintances. Sharing my
experience is part of the fun, and hopefully this will help someone out there enjoy the
power of Tarot Card Readings!
Where to begin:
When you first purchase your deck of cards, spread them all out on a table or the floor to
shuffle them up. Gather them together and re-shuffle with your hands, like you would
an ordinary set of playing cards. (It's best to not use a card shuffler since the whole goal
here is to "season" your cards by touching them. The more you use your cards, the more
attached and familiar you will begin to feel with the deck. This will tone your psychic
abilities and give you more powerful readings.
Next, choose a Tarot Card Spread, which will tell you the pattern in which to lay out
your cards. These range from a very basic 3-card spread to a much more involved 32
card spread. My favorite is the Celtic Cross spread, which involves 10 cards. This is the
one I will reference in this "How To" review.
Now, have the person whose cards you are reading relax and focus on their question or
problem. Give them a few minutes to do so - they may request that you leave the room,
or they may want to listen to music. Do whatever will help them clear their minds and
When they are ready, have them state their question or concern briefly to you. Have
them shuffle the deck themselves a few times, until they are ready to choose their cards.
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Some people like to pull random cards from the deck, others like to cut the deck and
deal in order from the top. You can use either method you'd like. Personally I've found
the readings to be more accurate when the cards are randomly chosen from the deck.
As the cards are pulled, have the person lay them down on the table in the order of the
spread you've selected (see picture for reference). Once all of the cards are laid out on
the table, you can begin the reading. Here is a brief overview of the card meanings, as
related to the picture "Celtic Cross 10 Card Spread".

Card 1 = Central Issue or Present

Card 2 = Problems/obstacles
Card 3 = Root of the issue
Card 4 = The Past
Card 5 = Best that can come of situation
Card 6 = Near Future
Card 7 = You & your personality
Card 8 = Others & how they affect situation
Card 9 = Your hopes & fears
Card 10 = Probable Outcome
Flip the first card over - being careful to not flip it onto its reverse side upside-down.
Reversed cards hold different & important meaning, so you don't want to cause a card to
be reversed when it originally wasn't. Read & interpret the cards one at a time. Your
deck of cards probably came with a small booklet that gives a brief description of what
each card means. If you would like expanded meanings for each card, an excellent
Owl Moon Tarot

website to visit is On this website, you can type in the name of the
specific card to get full information on its meaning.
When interpreting the meaning of the cards, tune in to the person's question, and relate
the meaning of the card at hand to their individual situation. Here's a brief example:
Yesterday, I did a fast reading for an expectant mother, and used the 10 card Celtic
Cross Spread. She had no specific question, just wanted an analysis of her current
situation in life. It was a pretty amazing and spooky reading! I was shocked when I
turned over the very first card in the "present" position. It was the Empress card,
depicting a picture of a pregnant empress! Sometimes, the meaning of the cards is not
quite so literal. Here is what Aeclectic Tarot has to say about this card:
"The Empress Card is one of the easier trumps to read. She is Mother. Generally, Mother
in a good sense - patient, loving, giving, generous." The mother whose reading I was
generating was not much of a believer until after seeing this card. She (and I as well) was
amazed at the accuracy of her cards. The rest of her reading went on to reveal the need
for patience, keeping in good health, and growing within the love of her family. She has
a very close-knit family, and her cards explained that her life is full of support from
I also did a reading for a girl whom I am friends with. She had questions about romance
and love. I did a 5 card spread for her, which revealed three upside-down cards. The
entire reading warned her that selfish, egotistical, juvenile and closed-minded behavior
is impeding her love life as well as her life in general. It advised her to take control of her
life, or otherwise remain "trapped" in her present dilemma. Seeing as how I know this
person, I was very easily able to relate the cards to her situation. She is currently in a
household where her every move is watched and she is unable to live freely.
When a card is upside-down, it usually has the reversed meaning. For example, her
"Present" card was the reversed Devil, which warns of entrapment or imprisonment - a
symbol of her current situation.
Here is the basic 5 card reading and what each card stands for: (plus
layout diagram)
Card 1 = Present
Card 2 = Past
Card 3 = Future
Card 4 = Reason for situation
Card 5 = Potential Outcome/Solution
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Tarot card readings can provide valuable insight into a person's life, as well as guidance
for them to take appropriate steps in improving their situation. Below, I will list some
great websites to reference as you learn. I hope you find this information to be useful on
your journey towards discovery!
For pictures of various card spreads:
For information on card meanings:
More resources

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What If You Had Taken the Other Choice? A Tarot Spread

By Cecile Albert Naggar

Find out how your life could have been different.

Finally put the past in the past.

What If? Have you ever wondered what your life would be like now if you had chosen
other Paths? Maybe the person you did not choose is rich now, but that doesn't mean
you both would have been rich if you had stayed together. What would have happened?
Or you might have other such daydreaming ideas about how your career or adventures
could have been different or changed your life as it is now. For some people this thought
can linger in their mind for years, but here with this tarot spread you can finally relieve
your mind of this distraction so you can leave this mystery behind you and concentrate
on the real life you do have which you have made for yourself. It is like looking in a
window - but only look if you really have to know.
Before you begin you must start thinking about the two choices that you had to choose
from and then see what your life would be like now if you had made other choices.
On the left side of this spread shows the path you did take (relationship, career, or
money) and how it will progress. On the right side you will see what would have
progressed if you would have taken the other path. The center card reveals the reason or
what you should know about your decision.
1 - The Significator at the time of the Choices
2 - The Choice you did make
3 - The Other Choice that you did not take
4 - What did happen5
5 - What could have happened with the Other Choice
6 - The Main Factors
7 - What did happen after
8 - What would have happened after with the Other Choice
9 - Me now
10 - What I would be now if I had chosen the Other Choice
11 - What I should know
Optional: If you feel the need then you can draw a 12th card to explain more - Put it in
the center open area of this spread.
Owl Moon Tarot

Here is how the cards are to be laid out:
You do make your life by your own choices and what I reveal to you is not written in
stone but rather in water. Please enjoy the tarot for entertainment and use it as a
suggestion of the possibilities you can make.
I have created this Tarot Layout under my entertainment name:
Lady Desiree of the Blue Moon Lake
Certified Tarot Master
(over 25 years World Wide Experience with the Tarot)
More resources

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Tarot for Beginners: Learn the Celtic Cross Spread

What Does Your Future Look Like?
By den NISI

Learn a basic tarot spread and how to give a reading.

Understand the basics of tarot and learn how make an accurate prediction of the

Understand why tarot readings may differ and whether a prediction will come

Tarot Fundamentals
The first thing about Tarot you should know is that it is not an exact science. There are
many different beliefs about predicting the unknown and whether it can be predicted at
all. Some believe that the Tarot is painting a picture of what you already believe the
future will bring and in essence, what you believe comes true.
Professional Tarot Readers
Many professionals believe that there are card patterns or "relationships" that will
contribute to a more accurate reading. Also, most professional readers will tell you that
certain formalities such as choosing a deck, the storage of the cards, who can touch the
cards, whether the Querent (the person asking the question) shuffles the deck, how the
cards are shuffled, whether or not the questioner picks out a card to represent
themselves out of the Major Arcana are essential in getting an accurate reading.
Unfortunately, as a beginner, it is hard to understand card relationships without
knowing Tarot in depth, the complex history of the Tarot or the positional variations of a
spread. It is also assumed that a card can be vague, symbolic or mean completely
different things especially with other cards that surround it. The fact remains that much
of the reading depends on the one performing it and everyone reads the same cards
Overview of Tarot Spreads
There are many different "spreads" (the way the cards are laid out on the table) and
there are many different versions of what the cards in each position mean in the same
spread. Additionally, when and how the cards are laid down can mean different things
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too. In traditional tarot, there are two positions of the cards which generally have
opposite meanings: right side up and upside down. Also, you can choose to use both the
Major (non-Court cards) and Minor Arcana (the Court cards) or just the Major Arcana.
The way you choose your spread and how you read it are completely up to you, but being
consistent is generally a good way to start.
Celtic Cross
For teaching purposes, I am going to explain each position individually and what the
relationships are in one version of the Celtic Cross spread. The reason it is called a Celtic
Cross is because it is laid out like a cross with a circle around it. There are ten cards in
this spread.
Generally, this spread does not answer yes or no questions. Ponder a question or if you
are performing a reading for someone else, have them tell you their question while you
shuffle (and cut) the cards. Place the cards in front of you face down in a stack.
First Card
Take the first card from the stack and flip the card from the side and place it in the
center of the table. Generally, this card represents you, a form of the question, or the
struggle you or the Querent asked.
Second Card
Flip the second card and lay it perpendicular and on top of the first card. This represents
what is "crossing" you (or the Querent) which basically explains why the question was
asked, the obstacle(s), what issues are currently being dealt with, what is coming out of
left field, etc.
Third Card
The third card goes above or below the cross (first two cards). If you put it above the
cross, it represents the "crown" or what your (or the Querent) understanding is. It can
also be the goal, what is expected to happen, the direction being taken, what you (or the
Querent) is "willing" or making happen. If you place the third card under the cross, it
represents the "root" or the basis/foundation of this issue. It basically tells you what this
future is stemming from or the distant past that is causing the current issue that you (or
the Querent) is facing.
Fourth Card

Owl Moon Tarot

If you placed the third card above the cross, the fourth card is placed below the cross
and defines your "root". If you placed the third card below the cross first, then you place
the forth card to the left of the cross. This position generally means "recent past" or
skills you (or the Querent) have recently acquired and are significant.
Fifth Card
If you placed the fourth card below the cross, the fifth card is placed to the left of the
cross in the "recent past" position. If you placed the third card underneath the cross, the
fourth card to the left of the cross, the fifth card is placed above the cross in the "crown"
Sixth Card
The sixth card is always placed to the right of the cross (first two cards) and means
"future". This is generally what is expected to happen if all the cards play out or nothing
changes. The card in this position the best or the worst that can happen in the future
and either be taken symbolically or figuratively.
Seventh Card
Cards seven through ten are put on the right hand side of the table starting at the
bottom going up. The seventh position represents the inner nature or feelings of the one
who asked the Question. This could represent who you actually are, who you want to be,
or how you see yourself.
Eighth Card
Placed above the seventh card, the eighth card is your (or your Querent) environment. It
can be how others see the questioner or what circumstances are surrounding them.
Ninth Card
The ninth card is placed above the eighth and represents "hopes and fears".
Tenth Card
This card is placed above the ninth and is the final card in the spread. It is a general card
that sums up all the other cards and determines how you (or the Querent) will end up
feeling about the future. To give you an idea of how easily a reading can be
circumstantial, a Wheel of Fortune Card in this final position can be a card of
uncertainty or future decisions are going to weigh to heavily on how the future unfolds
and whether the reading becomes reality.

Owl Moon Tarot

Relationships of the cards such as card one and two, cards to the left and right of the
cross and the four cards on the side can determine a more concrete reading. Also the
cards themselves have a pair and the trend can indicate a more purposeful or
meaningful reading.
The next step would be to learn the cards themselves and their general meanings. Soon
you will be on your way to become a more accurate predictor of the future.

Owl Moon Tarot

Tarot Card Spreads: 3-Card Spreads You Can Build On
By Chloe Thorn
Whether you are a beginner or an experienced person with tarot cards and their
meanings, 3-card spreads are an easy way to get the information you want. For
beginners, a three-card spread is great because it won't take forever to gain the meaning
and usually makes the interpretation less convoluted. For individuals experienced with
tarot, three-card spreads allow a good foundation to build upon. The following are some
great spreads and ways to gain more definition from your readings.
1. Mind, Body, Spirit - This is a simple ready that shows where your mind is, your body,
and your spirit. An option to make this reading larger is to lay out a card on each of the
original three, these cards will be the ones that show the challenges or reasoning for the
Mind, Body, and Spirit to be acting the way they do.
2. Morning, Noon, Night - Great spread to do in the morning before you head to work to
gain information on your day.
3. Past, Present, Future - This spread can assist with showing the issues in your past,
present, and future. This also can help you see how you have grown and changed in
perspective over the years. This small spread can become very large. You can set out the
three cards vertically, then add cards in your past for lovers, problems, questions,
whatever you want to know for each time in your life.
4. Who have I been, Who am I now, Who will I be? - This is a more defined version of
the previous spread and is great for self discovery.
5. Question, Advice, Best Outcome - This spread is one where you or whomever you are
reading for can pose a question. This allows you to give advice and than explain what the
best outcome could be.
6. You, Your Love, What holds you together - This is great for relationships, and
friendships to assess the dynamic of what makes you work. As a tweak on this you can
lay out one more card to see what the future may hold for you.
With all of these spreads you can use the Major Arcana Cards as the basis or three card
spread, this will show the large points, and than use the Minor Arcana as the defining
moments allows you more detail.
These are just a few tarot spreads however what the message is here is that the questions
and lay out are truly up to you. Make sure to meditate or think deeply on your questions
and concerns while you handle your deck so that you are laying out the cards without
thought or meaning.
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Tarot Card Home Spell

Tarot Cards Are for More Than Just Divination
By P. Diane Biffle

Tarot cards can be used for spell work.

Tarot spells are easy to create on your own.

Tarot spells can be used to help friends and family.

Tarot cards can be used for more than just divination. They can also be utilized to
facilitate changes through spell work. This tarot spell is for growth, prosperity, focus and
clarity within the querent's life and environment. Feel free to adjust and tailor it for
personal use. It has been proven effective time and again for our family. We have
modified and used this spell as our *back-to-school* spell at the end of the summer also.
You will need:
A deck of tarot cards that resonates with the querent.
5 green tea light or votive candles.
1 red votive or tea light candle.
Cinnamon (symbolizes love and hearth fire/banishes negativity and sadness)
An incense related to home (I use rose for its calming energies and sometimes lavender
for releasing negative emotions. Both scents are closely related to my both of my
grandmothers and very personal to me)
An altar or flat surface. (I use the kitchen table for home/family related spells because of
its strong position at the center of our home.)
Shuffle the cards while focusing on the obstacles and issues that are affecting the
querent at the present time. Pass those thoughts and ideas from your third eye, down
through your neck and into your shoulders. Guide the ideas through your arms, out of
the palms of your hands and into the cards as you shuffle. Shuffle for as long as you feel
is necessary.
Cut the cards into 5 stacks with your left hand.
Owl Moon Tarot

Place the first 4 stacks of cards side-by-side from left to right.
Place the 5th stack on the table or altar centered below the first four stacks.
Turn over the top card from first stack, place it face up and say
"One for health"
The meaning of this card indicates what the querent should focus on in order to achieve
good health.
Turn over the top card from the second stack, place it face up next to the first card and
"One for passion."
The meaning of this card indicates what the querent should focus on in order to fulfill
their passions.
Turn over the top card from the third stack, place it face up next to the second card and
"One for wealth"
The meaning of this card indicates what the querent should do in order to achieve
financial stability and success.
Turn over the top card from the 4th stack, place it face up next to the 3rd card and say,
"One for love."
The meaning of this card indicates what should be done in order to find or enhance love
in the home and family.
Turn over the top card from the 5th stack, place it face up, centered below the cards you
have already laid out. Say, "As it is below-so shall it be above"
Gather the stacks of cards that remain and place them to the side outside of the spell
working area.
Place a green candle at the head of each card placed on the altar or table. Light each
candle after they have been placed, illuminating and empowering that card with the
element of fire.
Place the red candle under the fifth card and light it. The color red will infuse the cards
with strength and vitality bringing them to life in the ether.
Center the incense on the table above the spread and light it. The smoke will carry your
intentions to the heavens, will manifests on a higher plane.
Sprinkle cinnamon over the flame of each candle. This is a pretty spell when done in a
dark room. The sparks from the cinnamon crackle and pop emitting lively sparks of
intent. A tarot spread by candlelight is a beautiful sight.
Owl Moon Tarot

Repeat the chant again as you do. Read the cards and leave the spread in tact until the
candles burn down on their own. Remember to never leave an active altar or spell
involving candle work unattended.
Read and interpret any further meanings that you derive from the spread. Note any
connections and any patterns or important combinations. Once the candles have burned
down place the spread cards back in the stack and shuffle to clear the deck.
After doing a spell with your cards "reset" your deck by putting them back in order so
that your next reading is fresh and uninhibited by any residual energy.

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