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Asking directions - Cum s ceri indicaii

excuse me, could you tell me how to get to ?

the bus station
excuse me, do you know where the is?
post office
I'm sorry, I don't know
sorry, I'm not from around here
I'm looking for
this address
are we on the right road for ?
is this the right way for ?
do you have a map?
can you show me on the map?
Giving directions-Cum s oferi indicaii
it's this way
it's that way
you're going the wrong way
you're going in the wrong direction
take this road
go down there
take the first on the left
take the second on the right
turn right at the crossroads
continue straight ahead for about a mile
continue past the fire station
you'll pass a supermarket on your left
keep going for another
hundred yards
two hundred metres
half mile
it'll be
on your left
on your right
straight ahead of you
How far is it?-Ct de departe este?

m scuzai,ai putea s-mi spunei cum s

ajung la ?
staia de autobuz
m scuzai,tii unde este ?
mi pare ru, nu tiu
mi pare ru, nu sunt de pe aici
adresa aceasta
suntem pe drumul bun spre ?
este drumul bun spre ?
avei o hart?
ai putea s-mi artai pe hart?

este n direcia aceasta

este n direcia aceea
mergei n sensul opus
mergei n direcia greit
mergei pe drumul acesta
mergei pe acolo
mergei pe prima strad la stnga
mergei pe a doua strad la dreapta
facei dreapta la intersecie
mergei drept nainte cam o mil (o mil este
aproximativ 1,6 kilometri)
trecei de unitatea de pompieri
o s trecei pe lang un supermarket ce se afl pe
continuai nc
o sut de yarzi (aproximativ 91 metri)
dou sute de metri
o jumtate de mil (aproximativ 800 metri)
un kilometru
va fi
pe stnga
pe dreapta
n faa dumneavoastr

how far is it?

ct de departe este?
how far is it to ?
ct este pn la ?
the airport
how far is it to from here?
ct este pn la de aici?
the beach
is it far?
este departe?
is it a long way?
este un drum lung?
it's not far
nu este departe
quite close
este relativ aproape
quite a long way
este cam un drum lung
a long way on foot
este mult de mers pe jos
a long way to walk
este mult s mergi
about a mile from here
este cam la o mil de aici (o mil este aproximativ 1,6
Asking for Information
There are a number of formulas used when asking for information in English. Here are some of
the most common:
Could you tell me...?
Do you know...?
Do you happen to know...?
I'd like to know...
Could you find out...?
I'm interested in...
I'm looking for..
These two forms are used for asking for information on the telephone:
I'm calling to find out...
I'm calling about...
Question WordExample Finish
Could you tell me
the next train leaves?
Do you know
how much
that vase costs?
Do you happen to know
Tom lives?
I'd like to know
you think about the new project.
Could you tell me
the next train leaves?
Could you find out
she is going to arrive?
Gerund (-ing)
Example Finish
I'm interested in
a boat
Example Finish
I'm looking for
information on
holidays in Spain.
Formula used only on the telphone Question WordExample Finish
I'm calling to find out...
flight AZ098 will leave on time today.
Formula used only on the telphone Noun Example Finish
I'm calling about...
the offer
published in today's newspaper.