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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's(Sorcerer's)

J. K. Rowling
Original title (if not in Harry Potter and the
Philosopher's Stone
United Kingdom
Harry Potter
July 2, 1998 (UK), June 2,
1999 (US)
Preceded by
'Harry Potter and the
Followed by
Chamber of Secrets '

Harry Potter is the most miserable, lonely boy you can imagine. Hes shunned by his
relatives, the Dursleys, that have raised him since he was an infant. Hes forced to live in
the cupboard under the stairs, forced to wear his cousin Dudleys hand-me-down clothes,
and forced to go to his neighbors house when the rest of the family is doing something
fun. Yes, hes just about as miserable as you can get.
Harrys world gets turned upside down on his 11th birthday, however. A giant man,
Hagrid, informs Harry that hes really a wizard, and will soon be attending Hogwarts

School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry also learns that, in the wizarding world, hes a
hero. When he was an infant the evil Lord Voldemort killed his parents and then tried to
kill Harry too. Whats so amazing to everyone is that he couldnt do it. Somehow Harry
survived, and destroyed Voldemort in the process.
When Harry hears all this he doesnt know what to think. Everything Hagrid tells him
turns out to be true, and with a joyful heart Harry starts school in September. He quickly
becomes best friends with a boy named Ron Weasley, and before they even make it to
Christmas they break tons of school rules when they attack a troll and prevent it from
killing fellow student Hermione Granger. After the troll incident the three become
inseparable, and Harry is amazed to have found such great friends. He is constantly busy
trying to stay on top of mounds of homework, as well as participating in weekly
Quidditch practices. Harry is the youngest Quidditch player in over a century, and its a
game he loves more than anything else at school.
As the year progresses the three friends set out to solve the mystery of the 3-headed dog
that is guarding something in a deserted corridor in the school. The figure out that a very
valuable object, the Sorcerers Stone, is being hidden in the school, although they dont
know why. When one of the professors starts acting as if hes trying to steal it, they
quickly take action to circumvent the theft.
Things come to a head when they sneak past the vicious, 3-headed dog and go down into
the bowels of the school, determined to save the Stone. Ron and Hermione help Harry get
through the challenges set forth to stop the thief, and Harry must go on alone to battle the
professor. When he finally gets to the last room, however, hes astonished to find
someone else entirely.
Harry is forced to do battle with the wizard that tried to kill him so many years before,
Lord Voldemort. Hes able to save the Sorcerers Stone, although hes almost killed in
process, and Dumbledore arrives just in time to save him.
The school year ends spectacularly when Harry, Ron, and Hermione are honored for their
service to the school, and Harry leaves to go back to the Dursleys feeling as if hes
finally found a place where he really belongs.


1 Character List
2 Chapter Summaries
o 2.1 Chapter 1: The Boy Who Lived
o 2.2 Chapter 2: The Vanishing Glass
o 2.3 Chapter 3: The Letters From No One
o 2.4 Chapter 4: The Keeper Of The Keys
o 2.5 Chapter 5: Diagon Alley
o 2.6 Chapter 6: The Journey From Platform Nine And Three-Quarters


2.7 Chapter 7: The Sorting Hat

2.8 Chapter 8: The Potions Master
2.9 Chapter 9: The Midnight Duel
2.10 Chapter 10: Halloween
2.11 Chapter 11: Quidditch
2.12 Chapter 12: The Mirror of Erised
2.13 Chapter 13: Nicolas Flamel
2.14 Chapter 14: Norbert The Norwegian Ridgeback
2.15 Chapter 15: The Forbidden Forest
2.16 Chapter 16: Through The Trapdoor

2.17 Chapter 17: The Man With Two Faces

Character List

Harry Potter - Harry is the main character in the Sorcerers Stone. Hes amazed
when, on his 11th birthday, he is informed that hes a wizard and will soon be
attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. During his first year he
makes some lifelong friends and battles, for the first time, his sworn enemy, Lord

Ron Weasley - Ron is a fellow Hogwarts student and quickly becomes friends
with Harry on the train to school. He helps Harry get through the various
challenges that are set to guard to the Sorcerers Stone.

Hermione Granger - Hermione does not start off being friends with Ron and
Harry, but after they save her life from a troll bent on killing her the three become
best friends. She also helps Harry through the challenges that lead to the
Sorcerers Stone.

Albus Dumbledore - Dumbledore is the kindly Headmaster of Hogwarts. It was he

who placed Harry at the Dursleys so many years ago, and he ends up saving
Harry from Lord Voldemort when they battle for the Sorcerers Stone.

Severus Snape - Snape is the Potions professor at Hogwarts. Even though he hates
Harry, he saves his life during a Quidditch Match.

Professor Quirrell - Quirrell is the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. He is
a very scared person, so no one suspects that hes being possessed by Lord
Voldemort and is the one thats trying to steal the Sorcerers Stone.

Hagrid - Hagrid is the Groundskeeper at Hogwarts, and hes the one that gets to
tell Harry that hes a wizard. He grows very fond of Harry and the two become
fast friends.

Draco Malfoy - Malfoy and Harry become enemies before school even officially
starts. Malfoy is very snobby, and cant stand Harry and his friends.

' Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia - These are Harrys relatives that raised him.
They cant stand Harry because he is so abnormal, and they treat him very cruelly.
They also have a very spoiled, overweight son named Dudley.

Chapter Summaries
Chapter 1: The Boy Who Lived
As Mr. and Mrs. Dursley of number four, Privet Drive, start their normal, Tuesday
routine, there is nothing to suggest that this Tuesday is going to be different from any
other Tuesday. They are a family that is very boring, very predictable, and very
committed to being as normal as possible. Because Mrs. Dursley has a sister that is none
of these things, they pretend (berpura-pura) she does not exist.
When Mr. Dursley finally leaves for work, he is disgruntled (tidak puas) to find out that
there are things happening on this Tuesday that are simply not regular. There are people
walking around in cloaks(jubah panjang), owls flying all around, and a host of other
weird(aneh/ mengerikan) things that happen during the day to push him into a foul and
confused mood.
When he finally drifts( ikutan masuk/melintas) off to sleep that night hes glad that the
weird day is over, or so he thinks. Outside, a strange old man is discussing current event
with a tabby cat (kucing betina) who just turned into a very severe (keras) looking
woman. The man is a wizard, Albus Dumbledore, and he tells the woman that Voldemort,
the evilest wizard that ever was, was destroyed when he tried to kill little Harry Potter,
and that no one knows why this is so. Harrys parents were killed, and hes bringing
Harry to live with his aunt and uncle, the Dursleys.

Chapter 2: The Vanishing Glass (kaca yang lenyap)

Its been 10 years since that fateful(penting/menentukan) night. Harry is still living with
the Dursleys, although you cant tell it from looking at the house. They force him to live
in the cupboard(lemari) under the stairs, and the only clothing he gets are hand-me-downs
from Dudley, who is about 10 times bigger than Harry.
Its Dudleys birthday, and due to the neighbor, Mrs. Figg, breaking her leg, Harrys
allowed to go with them to the zoo instead of to Mrs. Figg's house. As Dudley and his
friend wander off, Harry starts a conversation with a boa constrictor, who tells him hed
very much like to go to his home back in Burma. When Dudley pushes Harry onto the
floor to watch the snake, the glass suddenly disappears and the boa is slithering(merayap)
away, thanking Harry for setting him free and causing a panic in the zoo. The Dursleys

know immediately Harry is responsible, and they punish him soundly as soon as they get

Chapter 3: The Letters From No One

Its Harrys longest punishment ever. When he is finally free again summer has started,
and one morning hes amazed when a letter arrives just for him. As soon as Uncle Vernon
sees him trying to open the letter he seizes(meramaps/menyita) it, and refuses to let Harry
read it.
When the post comes the next day another letter for Harry is in there, but again Uncle
Vernon will not allow him to read it. As the days go by the number of letters and the
craziness(kegilaan) of their arrival increases, Uncle Vernon starts to become dangerously
unhinged(melepaskan diri) over the affair. He takes increasingly drastic measures to
prevent Harry from reading the letters, and when a boatload of letters come in on Sunday,
when there is no "post" (British slang for mail), he finally forces them all into the car,
where they drive all day to a remote location just so the post wont be able to follow
The next day finds them still on the road, and this time Uncle Vernon takes them to a
miserable shack(pondok yang menyedihkan) on an island. That night, as Harry counts
down the seconds to his birthday, something gigantic knocks on the door of the shack.

Chapter 4: The Keeper Of The Keys

A giant has forced his way into the shack. Harry is amazed when the giant, who
introduces himself as Rubeus Hagrid, knows who he is, knows its his birthday, and
brings him his first ever birthday cake.
Hagrid is shocked to find out that Harry knows nothing about Hogwarts School, and is
livid when he finds out that Harry doesnt know anything about his parents, or even the
fact that hes a wizard. The Dursleys never told Harry anything about his past, or his
parents, and its with complete disbelief that Hagrid sets about telling Harry the truth
about his life.
Harry cant believe that hes a real wizard or that his parents were killed, not in a car
crash as the Dursley's had told him, but by an evil wizard named Voldemort. He finds out
that hes the one who destroyed Voldemort when Voldemort tried to kill him too. When
Hagrid finishes the tale(cerita/kisah), Harry feels upset(terganggu) because hes sure
theres been a mistake. He cant be a wizard!
Hagrid convinces(meyakinkan) him otherwise, and Harry is thrilled(getaran hati) when
Uncle Vernon insults(penghinaan) Albus Dumbledore, the Headmaster, and Hagrid gives
Dudley a pigs tail in retribution.

Chapter 5: Diagon Alley

The next morning Harry wakes up, trying to convince himself it was all a dream. When
he opens his eyes and finds Hagrid still in the shack he so happy he doesnt know what to
Hagrid takes him shopping for his school supplies in a section of London called Diagon
Alley, which is just for witches and wizards. Harry is taken aback when hes treated like a
celebrity by everyone. He even gets to meet one of his teachers, Professor Quirrel, in the
Leaky Cauldron Pub.
Harry is amazed when they get to Gringotts Bank to take out some of his
inheritance(warisan). Theres a small fortune in there, and he cant believe the way his
life has changed overnight. While theyre in Gringotts Hagrid also takes out a mysterious
package from a vault(lemari besi/kubah) for Dumbledore, and in spite of Harrys
questioning he wont tell him what it is.
When he goes in to get fitted for his school robes(jubah) he meets a boy he doesnt like at
all. Hagrid buys him a beautiful owl for his birthday present, and Harry is most excited to
get his new wand. He tries a variety of different wands on for size, and finally finds his
match in a wand with a phoenix feather core. Mr. Ollivander, the wandmaker, informs
him that the phoenix that supplied his feather gave another feather, which is in the core of
Lord Voldemorts wand.
Harry's sad to say goodbye to Hagrid, but is very much looking forward to his first day of

Chapter 6: The Journey From Platform Nine And Three-Quarters

The last month with the Dursleys crawls by, and when Harry finally gets dropped off at
the station hes flabbergasted to find that theres no such thing as a platform 9 . He is
starting to panic until he sees a wizarding family going through the barrier, and the kindly
mother shows him how to get through.
When the train gets going the red-haired boy he saw at the platform shares a car with
him. The boys name is Ron, and they become fast friends. They eat their way through a
pile of sweets once the lunch cart comes around, and Harry learns loads from Ron about
the wizarding world.
Later that afternoon they meet a bossy girl named Hermione, and after that he meets the
pale boy he saw in Diagon Alley. His name is Draco Malfoy, and Harrys dislike of him
deepens even further.
Hes thrilled to see Hagrid when he gets to school, and hes taken to the front doors by
boat with the other first- years.

Chapter 7: The Sorting Hat

Theyre taken inside by Professor McGonagall, who is a very severe looking teacher.
Theyre then taken into the Great Hall for the Sorting Ceremony, and Harry is extremely
nervous about which House hell be Sorted into.
When its Harrys turn to put on the hat, he begs the hat not to put him in Slytherin and
the hat places him in Gryffindor, which is also the same house that Ron and Hermione get
Sorted into.
After a very yummy feast, Professor Dumbledore informs all the students that a corridor
on the third floor is out-of-bounds "to those who do not wish to die a most painful death".
Harry is not quite sure if hes kidding or not.

Chapter 8: The Potions Master

As Harry gets through his first day of lessons hes awkwardly aware that most of the
other students stare and whisper about him. The end of the week finds him in his first
Potions class with Professor Snape, and its a disaster. Snape humiliates Harry in front of
Draco Malfoy and all the other Slytherins by asking him questions about potions that no
one has learned yet (except perhaps Hermione, who's studied all her books). Snape
clearly hates him, although Harry has no idea why.
When he goes down to Hagrids hut for tea he takes Ron to meet him. Harry again reads
about the break-in at Gringotts, and wonders if the package that Hagrid took out was
what the thief was really after.

Chapter 9: The Midnight Duel

As the days progress Harry realizes he really hates Malfoy. When he finds out that
Gryffindors flying lessons will be held with the Slytherins hes downhearted, sure that
Malfoy is going to torment him endlessly.
When fellow Gryffindor Neville Longbottom gets injured on his first attempt at flying,
Madam Hooch leaves the class to take him up to the hospital wing. Malfoy immediately
sets about insulting Neville, and Harry sticks up for him. Before he knows what hes
doing, he jumps on his broomstick and takes off through the air after Malfoy, who is
already flying, despite threats of expulsion from Madam Hooch if they are caught while
she is away. Hes astonished to find out that flying is something he knows how to do
without being taught. He loves flying, and pulls off some astonishing moves before he
lands. To his dismay, Professor McGonagall saw the whole affair, and in a furious temper
drags him back up to the school.
To his surprise, not only does she not murder him for his extensive rule breaking, but she
allows him to join the Gryffindor Quidditch team as their new Seeker.
During dinner a furious Malfoy challenges Harry to a wizarding duel at midnight, and
Harry accepts. Hermione follows them out of the common room, trying to dissuade them

from going, and ends up getting stuck outside. She has no choice but to go with them to
the duel.
When they show up at the trophy room, however, they realize that Malfoy set them up,
and set Filch about to punish them for being out of their beds. They quickly hide, and
take off down the corridor to escape him. They hide in a room on the third floor when
Peeves discovers them, and are terrified to find themselves face-to-face with a gigantic 3headed dog - they had gone through the forbidden corridor. They race back to the
common room, and Hermione points out to them that the dog was guarding a trap door.

Chapter 10: Halloween

The next morning Harry and Ron discuss the nights events over breakfast, and Harry is
dumbfounded when he gets a brand new Nimbus 2000 broom delivered by owl.
Hermione is refusing to talk to them because of the rule-breaking that went on the night
before, but the boys hardly care. They only have eyes for Harrys new broomstick.
That night is his first training session with Wood, the Gryffindor Quidditch Team
Caption, and Harry loves the game. His time at Hogwarts slips by effortlessly because
hes so busy and happy, and hes astonished when Halloween finally rolls around.
During the feast that evening, Professor Quirrell comes in fainting, shouting at the top of
his lungs that there is a troll in the dungeons. As theyre shepherded back to the common
room, Harry and Ron realize that Hermione doesnt know about the troll because shes in
the bathroom, and they sneak off to warn her about it.
They battle with the troll in order to save Hermione and end up knocking it out after a
lengthy struggle. Hermione shocks them all by lying to Professor McGonagall that its all
her fault. She saves the boys a severe punishment, and they dont get in trouble
(Hermione does lose 5 points for Gryffindor, although Harry and Ron each won 5 for
their part). After that, the three are inseparable.

Chapter 11: Quidditch

As the first match between Gryffindor and Slytherin draws closer, Harry is nervous about
performing in his first game. When Harry goes to Snapes office to see if he can have his
Quidditch book back (which Snape confiscated), he overhears Snape talking about the 3headed dog, and also discovers that Snape was bitten by it.
The first game is nerve-wracking for Harry. His broom stick suddenly starts jerking out
of control and its only when Hermione spots Snape mumbling an incantation in the
crowd and sets his robe on fire that it stops. As Harry pelts back to the ground he
manages to catch the Snitch in his mouth, and Gryffindor wins the game.
During tea back at Hagrids hut, Hagrid unwittingly tells them the 3-headed dog belongs
to him, (and is named Fluffy) but he lent it to Dumbledore to guard something. When

Harry asks what Fluffy is guarding, Hagrid lets slip that the mysterious object is between
Dumbledore and someone named Nicolas Flamel.

Chapter 12: The Mirror of Erised

As Christmas approaches Harry is thrilled to be able to stay at the castle instead of going
back to Privet Dr. Ron and his brothers are staying over during the holidays as well, and
they spend a very enjoyable break lazily playing chess and tormenting each other.
When Christmas morning dawns Harry is amazed to find he has a small pile of presents.
One of them is an invisibility cloak which, according to the anonymous note that came
with it, used to belong to his father. Harry is dumbfounded to have such a princely gift.
That evening Harry decides to go on a night-time stroll in his new cloak. When Filch
almost catches him in the librarys Restricted Section, Harry hides in an unused
classroom until the danger has passed. In the room is a magnificent mirror, and when
Harry looks at it hes shocked to see many people looking back at him. When he takes a
closer look, he realizes that the people looking back at him are his parents and other
family members.
The next day all Harry can think about is the mirror, and that night he sneaks back with
Ron in order to see his family again.
The third night finds Harry at the mirror again, staring at his parents, but this time Albus
Dumbledore is in the room. He explains that the mirror shows the desire that is deepest in
Harrys heart. He says gently that the mirror will be moved, and Harry should not go
looking for it anymore.

Chapter 13: Nicolas Flamel

When term starts again Harry is horrified to find out that Snape is going to be refereeing
the next match. On a brighter note, Harry discovers that Nicolas Flamel worked on
alchemy with Dumbledore. Once Hermione has this information, she informs them that
Flamel is the only known maker of the Sorcerers Stone, whose elixir makes the drinker
The match ends quickly in a Gryffindor victory when Harry catches the Snitch in record
time. After the game, Harry spots Snape sneaking out to the Forbidden Forest, and he
races after him to see what hes up to. He sees Snape threatening Professor Quirrel and
asking him if he got past the 3-headed dog yet. Ron and Hermione cant believe when
they hear this new development.

Chapter 14: Norbert The Norwegian Ridgeback

One afternoon they go to visit Hagrid and are shocked to find out hes got a dragon egg
and is trying to hatch it. A few weeks later they get a note from him that its finally

hatching. When they go visit him during break Malfoy, who overheard their conversation,
sneaks down and peeks in the window. He sees the baby dragon, and to their horror races
back up to the school.
Harry, Ron, and Hermione come up with the brilliant idea to send the dragon to Rons
brother, Charlie, who works with dragons in Romania. The dragon is growing
astonishingly quickly, and theyre worried Hagrid will be dead or fired soon because of
Norbert. They immediately send an owl to Charlie to see if its a good idea, and eagerly
await his reply.
He quickly writes back, saying that he can come pick up the dragon in secret the coming
weekend. Malfoy finds out about that plot, but the night of the dragons departure comes
and Malfoy is caught by Professor McGonagall for being out of bed so late at night. They
dont breathe a sigh of relief until the dragon is picked up and finally out of sight.

Chapter 15: The Forbidden Forest

Things go quickly downhill when, on their way back to the common room, they get
caught by Filch and taken to Professor McGonagalls study. They lose Gryffindor a
record number of points as punishment, and the next morning the other students are
shocked that theyre now out of the running for the House Cup.
Harry tries hard to stay on the straight and narrow, but one night he overhears Professor
Quirrell sobbing that hell do something, and Harry fears that Snape has finally
succeeded in threatening Quirrell to tell him how to get the Sorcerers Stone.
The next night Harry, Hermione, Malfoy, and Ron must serve their detention for getting
caught out of bed by Filch . Their punishment is to go with Hagrid into the Forbidden
Forest to help him find an injured unicorn that is roaming about the forest. Harry and
Malfoy eventually find the dead unicorn with a cloaked figure stooped down, drinking its
blood. Malfoy bolts in terror, and Harry is saved by a centaur that chases the figure away.
Harry finds out from the centaur that unicorn blood will keep you alive when nothing else
will and that it is Voldemort who is in the forest drinking the blood.

Chapter 16: Through The Trapdoor

Harry finally gets through his exams, but suddenly figures out that Hagrid let it slip to a
complete stranger how to get past Fluffy. He realizes that the stranger who gave Hagrid
the dragon egg was either Snape or Voldemort himself.
When Harry races to find Dumbledore hes shocked to find out the Headmaster is gone.
He resolves to try to get to the Stone first so Snape cant steal it, and hes bolstered when
Ron and Hermione offer to go with him.

When they get to Fluffy they see that Snape already got past the dog. When they sneak
past and jump through the door they land on a dangerous plant, Devils Snare. Thanks to
Hermiones quick thinking they narrowly avoid becoming entangled, and continue
onward toward the Stone.
They then have to catch a winged key to get through the next door, and the next challenge
is a gigantic chess game. Thanks to Rons brilliancy at chess, they play their way across,
but Ron is knocked unconscious at the end and they have to leave him behind.
When Hermione helps him through the last challenge, Harry must go on alone. When he
finally makes it into the last room, hes surprised to find neither Snape nor Voldemort has
come for the Stone.

Chapter 17: The Man With Two Faces

Its Professor Quirrell who's waiting for Harry in the last room. He reveals that all this
time Snape was trying to stop him, not take the Stone for himself, and it was Quirrell who
tried to kill Harry at the Quidditch match, not Snape. Harry is dumbfounded by all this,
and doesnt know what to do.
He tells Harry that the Sorcerers Stone is hidden in the enchanted mirror that Harry
looked in months before, and Harry starts furiously working out how to get the Stone
before Quirrell does. When he finally manages a look in the mirror, the Stone drops
mysteriously into his pocket, unbeknownst to Quirrell.
Harry is horrified when, a few minutes later, Quirrell undoes the turban wrapped around
his head and Voldemort peers out at him. They begin to fight and Quirrell finds out he
cant touch Harry without suffering intense pain. Harry tries to fight him longer, hoping
to stay alive, but he passes out.
He wakes up in the hospital wing with Dumbledore sitting by his bed, smiling. He finds
that Dumbledore arrived just in time to save him, and that the Stone has been destroyed.
Harry questions Dumbledore about why his parents were killed, but Dumbledore refuses
to answer, saying that Harry will know when he is older. However, Dumbledore does
explain that the reason that Professor Quirrell cannot touch him is because Harry's mother
died to save him, leaving a protection of love, witch is one thing that Voldemort cannot
understand. When he leaves the hospital wing, Harry is thrilled to see Ron and Hermione
again and to find out theyre both all right.
Things absolutely cant get any better when, the next night at the end of the year feast, the
efforts of Harry, Hermione, and Ron earn Gryffindor enough points to surpass Slytherin
and win the House Cup. Its by far the best night of Harrys life.