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DAVID LANZ OSD URN W\Uanvin oa a NEW AGE PIANO od Kero. — } CHRISTMAS EVE Pah tav-Leonaro: WECORPORATION CHRISTMAS EVE Winter is the time when Mother Earth takes a breath inward, and I believe it very natural for us to pause and do the same — to allow ourselves time for introspection amidst all the celebration and activity of the holidays. The music on CHRISTMAS EVE was created during such a time in my own life. Though the arrangements for some of these carols and the idea for the alburn began in the Winter of 1990, most of the work and all of the recording occurred at home during an “extended Christmas respite” that followed a very rigorous touring schedule during most of 1993. ‘As the work progressed and each carol developed from fragments and wisps to finished works, l imagined that an Angel, a Guardian Angel of sorts, existed for ‘each of the songs. These Angels seemed to guide my hand and heart throughout the process. They also resulted in the seven Angel Improvisations threaded between the carols. Musical inward breaths, I the music encourages your own quiet introspections, that was my hope and intention. This mood is surely the very essence of the spirit of the holiday. But if you do take that inward breath, don't be surprised if you feel a light brush of ‘Angel wings and hear the softest of whispers. Wishing you peace and God's blessings, “Above the deep and dreamless sleep, the silent stars go by.” CHRISTMAS EVE + TABLE OF CONTENTS A Brush of Wings An Angel at Midnight The Angel King Angel of Comfort Angel of Hope Angel of Joy Angels We Have Heard on High The First Noél/Christmas Eve Waltz God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen “| Saw the Path of the Angels” Joy to the World Come All Ye Faithful O Come, O Come, Emmanuel O Holy Night O Little Town of Bethlehem Silent Night What Child is This ANGEL OF COMFORT , Composed b DAMID LAN: Stow With pedal Port Washington Road Milwaukee, W1 53212-1063 ‘All Rights Reserved ANGELS WE HAVE HEARD ON HIGH Arranged by DAVID LAN; Flowing With pedal loco oll " ee RH, over LH. = GOD REST YE MERRY GENTLEMEN Arranged by DAVID LANE With motion Slower ANGEL OF JOY Composed by DAVID LANZ Briskly With pedal 20 O COME ALL YE FAITHFUL Arranged by DAVID LANZ Moderately With pedal THE ANGEL KING Comy DAVID LAN; Freely With pedat (© 1996 Nara Musi, tne, (@M) 4650 N. Pon Washinglon Road Milwaukee, W1 53212-1063 ‘Al Rights Reserved THE FIRST NOEL/ CHRISTMAS EVE WALTZ Composed and Arranged by DAVID LANZ 29 an JOY TO THE WORLD Arranged by DAVID LANZ Briskly a simile simile 8va - - loco 31 simile 8va- loco = s simile O LITTLE TOWN OF BETHLEHEM Quietly ~ — of With pedal (e_________——_» ——————— oul 8va--4 loco Rubato ANGEL OF HOPE Composed by DAVID LANZ Freely a With pedal — Gently, in tempo (© 1994 Nara Musi, in, (3M) 4650 N. Por Washinglon Road ‘Milwaukee, WI'53212-1083, ‘All Rights Reserved 45, a tempo Slower 46 O COME, O COME, EMMANUEL Arranged by DAVID LANZ a With pedal = =. Se $l & ©1904 Nua Mane. 1630 N. Pon Washington Road iwaukee Wi SSNa088 “Al Right Reserved at Moderately ey a 48 mp a tempo “s s y Slowly st A BRUSH OF WINGS Composed by DAVID LANZ With pedal Alittle faster (© 1996 Nara si, Ine, GM) ‘4650 N, Port Washington Road Milwaukee, WI53212-1063 ‘AIL Rights Reserved WHAT CHILD IS THIS Arranged by DAVID LANZ Gently With pedal (© 1994 Nara Music, ne. (BMI) 4650 N. Pon Washington Road ‘Milwaukee, WI 53212-1063, “all Rights Reserved Slower AN ANGEL AT MIDNIGHT Composed by DAVID LANZ Slowly m mp a With pedal ail ail dil ql “1 SAW THE PATH OF THE ANGELS” Composed by DAVID LANZ A SILENT NIGHT Arranged by DAVID LANZ Gently loco. i, 5 With pedat (© 1994 Nara Music, te, BM) ‘ll Rights Reserved 24 Freely 4 O HOLY NIGHT ‘Arranged by DAVID LAN With pedal let ring Olle Slowly, in tempo Slightly faster © 1994 Nara Mus Ine, (8M "All Rights Reserved A little faster n CHRISTMAS Ja, We Orme ecn ses Ore tl ‘Traditional Holiday Classics featuring Ue Aas Over en anny Soha reunt peeeteg ies re kog Oy Eero ete kaiy Noe ene enc God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen eee eae ate) Come All Ye Faithful ker Reker ent! eyo Oommen Silent Night What Child is This David LANz SONGBOOK LIBRARY: PRE eet ee oa Lae CaCO Petey es ere Ne Dee etd ena NARADA. $4 N O-7935-3787-8