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7:12PM, Feb 13 - Siddharth: Kansai Nerolac Paints

Public companyTradedasBSE:500165
Key people
H.M.Bharuka (MD)[1]Revenue23774.3 million(US$370million)[2]Profit2059.8 million(U
S$32million)[2]Total assets9986.4million
Number of employees
2000 approx.ParentKansai Paints Ltd., JapanWebsiteOfficial Website
(BSE:500165,NSE:KANSAINER) (formerly known as Goodlass Nerolac Paints Ltd) is the l
argest industrial paint and second largest decorative paint company of India bas
ed inMumbai.[3][4][5]It is a subsidiary of Kansai Paints Ltd., Japan.[6]It is enga
ged in the industrial, automotive and powder coating business. It develops and s
upplies paint systems used on the finishing lines of electrical components, cycl
e, material handling equipment, bus bodies, containers and furniture industries.
1920: It started as Gahagan Paints & Varnish Co. Ltd. atLower ParelinMumbai.[7]1957:
Goodlass Wall Pvt. Ltd. grew popular as Goodlass Nerolac Paints (Pvt.) Ltd. Also
, it went public in the same year and established itself as Goodlass Nerolac Pai
nts Ltd. .[8]1976: Goodlass Nerolac Paints Ltd. became a part ofTataForbesGroup on a
cquisition of a part of the foreign shareholdings byForbesGokak. .[9]1983: Goodlass
Nerolac Paints Ltd. strengthened itself by entering in technical collaboration
agreement by Kansai Paint Co. Ltd., Japan and Nihon Tokushu Tokyo Co. Ltd., Japa
n.[10]1999: Kansai Paint Co. Ltd. , Japan took over the entire stake of Tata Forb
es group and thus Goodlass Nerolac Paints became wholly owned subsidiary of Kans
ai Paint Company Ltd.[11]2006: On 11 July, Goodlass Paint Ltd. name has been chan
ged to Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd.[12]
Company OverviewEdit
Kansai Nerolac Paints has 5 paint manufacturing plants and about 67 contract manu
facturers. The Nerolac owned plants are at 1. Jainpur (Uttarpradesh) 2.Bawal(Hary
ana) 3.Lote, Chiplun (Maharastra) 4.Chennai(Tamil Nadu) 5.Hosur(Tamil Nadu)
Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd. has entered into many technical collaborations with o
ther industry leaders such as E.I. Du-products.[9]
TheMumbai-based company is the leader in the industrial paints segment with a mar
ket share of over 40%.[13]It is the third-largest player in the decorative paints
segment with a modest market share of 13%. Nearly 75% of the Indian paints indu
stry consists of the decorative segment.[14]
Parent CompanyEdit
Kansai Paint was founded by Katsujiro Iwai inAmagasakiCity, Japan on May 1918.[15
]Kansai Paint is a comprehensive manufacturer of paints and coatings. The Produc
ts include- Automotive Coatings, Industrial coatings, Decorative coatings, Prote
ctive coatings and Marine Coatings.[16]They are also present inU.K.,Turkey,U.S.A,Ca
Products and ServicesEdit

Technologically innovative products are the company's hallmark. Kansai Nerolac P

aint offers differentiated products with a focus on being eco-friendly and healt
hy.[17]Kansai Nerolac Paints key products and brands includes the following:
: Interior wall paints, Exterior wall paints, Wood surface paints and Metals sur
face paints.[18]:Pre-Treatment Chemicals, Electrodepostition. Intermediate Coats/
Primer Surfacers, Topcoats, Clear Coats, Touch Up Paints, Auto Refinishing Produ
cts, Heat Resistant Paints, Underbody Paints & PVC Sealants & Rapgard Transit Pr
otection Films.[18]: Performance Coating are available for wide range of product
s. For household appliances and metal fittings in factories, there is a comprehe
nsive range of general industrial coating systems like P.T. chemicals,Primersandla
cquers, Coil Coat, Heat Resistant Paints & Metal Decoration Coatings. Powder Coa
ting is now increasing in popularity because of its high quality, resistance to
corrosion, the apparent ease of application and the environmental friendliness o
f the technology.[18]
Awards and AchievementsEdit
Golden Peacock Environment Management Award, 2005.[19]Short listed for the Best
Managed Company Award fromBusiness Today&A.T. Kearney2005.[20]Best Vendor Award fro
m customers like Toyota Kirloskar Motors Ltd.(TKML) for Cost and fromMaruti Udyog
Ltd.(MUL) on overall commendation.[21]Awards for Marketing Initiatives likeCanne
s2007 Bronze for Press Ad.[22]Reader s DigestTrusted Brands Gold Awards, 2008.[23
]Product of the Year Award 2010 for Nerolac Excel April 2010.[24]Product of the
Year Award 2011 for Nerolac Excel Total with Heat-Guard Technology April 2011.[2
5]Sustainability Award for outstanding contribution byMahindra & Mahindra October 2
011.[26]Best Vendor Performance Award in Paint Supplier s Category byHondaMotors c
ycles & scooters at their annual conference 2012.[21]ASAPP Media Information Gro
up Construction World Magazine Ranked Kansai Nerolac Paints First.[27]