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Touching the surface

1. Can you tell us a few things about yourself that we can't find on the Internet?
I can't stand drivers that don't have any common sense. I absolutely have road rage
potential if you catch me on the wrong day. Grrrr When I was a kid I never wanted to eat
my sandwiches "together." I made my mom pack all the parts in separate baggies. (I don't
do that anymore) I once swallowed my quarter on school movie day and couldn't buy a
bag of popcorn at intermission. The quarter didn't even taste good and don't ask why I
was "holding it" in my mouth *head thunk.* Lastly, I blew pepper in my brother's face to
make him sneeze (like they do on the cartoons) only I burnt his eyeballs and he hated me.
Sadly, I was not too young to know better. (He still has working eyeballs so I guess it
ended well LOL!)
1. Poi s ne spui cteva lucruri despre tine pe care nu le putem gsi pe internet?
Nu pot suporta oferii care nu au pic de bun sim. Cu siguran dein o potenial furie
rutier dac m prinzi ntr-o zi nepotrivit, ntr-o pas proast. Grrrr. Cnd eram copil
niciodat nu vroiam s mnnc sandwich-urile mele "mpreunate". Am fcut-o pe mama
s-mi ambaleze toate prile componente n pungue separate. ( Acum nu mai fac
asta ), Odat, mi-am nghiit cei 25 de ceni pe care i aveam, n ziua de film de la coal
i astfel nu mi-am mai putut cumpra o pung de floricele la pauz. Cei 25 de ceni nici
nu au avut gust bun, i nu ntreba de ce i ineam n gur. n ultimul rnd, i-am suflat
piper n fa fratelui meu ca s-l fac s stranute (cum se face n desene animate), numai c
i-am ars pupilele i pentru asta m-a urt. Din pcate, nu eram prea tnr pentru a ti mai
bine. ( Pupilele lui nc funcioneaz deci cred c totul s-a terminat cu bine LOL! )
2. Tell us something about Touching the Surface that wasnt said in the book
Hmmmm There is pizza and mosquitos in the afterlife.

2. Spune-ne ceva despre " Touching the surface ", care nu a fost spus n descrierea
Hmmmm n viaa de apoi gsim pizza si nari.
3. Where did the idea for Touching the Surface come from?
My writing seems to come from questions and issues that I have in my own life. Two
years before I started writing SURFACE my dad passed away. Subconsciously I think I
needed to write about him and make sense of bad things happening to good people. I also
needed to address some of my own fears and this was a very safe place for me to tackle
3. De unde i-a venit ideea pentru Touching the surface ?
Scrierea mea pare s vin de la ntrebrile i problemele pe care le am n via mea. Cu
doi ani nainte de a ncepe s scriu pentru SURFACE tatl meu a murit. n subcontient,
cred ca am simit nevoia s scriu despre el i s gsesc un sens pentru lucrurile rele care li
se ntmpl oamenilor buni. De asemenea, trebuia s m adresez propriilor temeri i acest
lucru a condus ctre un loc foarte sigur pentru mine s le abordez.
4. How would you describe Elliot as a character?
I'd describe Elliot as a character that grows on you. She has faults and in some ways she's
broken, but underneath she's beautiful and resilient.
4. Cum ai descrie personajul Elliot?
A descrie-o pe Elliot ca un personaj care crete nuntrul tu. Ea are defecte i din
anumite puncte de vedere e distrus, dar n interior e frumoas i plin de via.

5. What is your dream cast for your book?

Here's how I see it in my head, not necessarily from a casting perspective but the type of
character I visualized when I was writing. Elliot--Ellen Page, Trevor--Dave Franco,
Oliver--Charlie Hunnam, Mel--Debra Messing, Julia--Heidi Groskreutz (from SYTYCD
season 2)

5. Care este distribuia de vis pentru cartea ta?

Iat cum vd eu, n mintea mea, nu neaparat din perspectiva de casting, ci din perspectiva
tipului de personaj pe care mi l-am imaginat cnd am scris. Elliot - Ellen Page, Trevor Dave Franco, Oliver - Charlie Hunnam, Mel - Debra Messing, Julia - Heidi Groskreutz
( din sezonul 2 din SYTYCD ) /

6. Is anything in your book based on real life experiences or purely all imagination?
It's a mix. I took bits and pieces of experiences and emotions and used them as starting
points to make believable fictional scenes and characters.

6. Este ceva n cartea ta care se bazeaz pe experiene de via reale sau totul e pur

Este un amestec. Am luat cteva experiene i emoii i le-am folosit ca puncte de plecare
pentru a face scenele i personajele ficionale credibile.

7. Please write 3 Quotes from Touching the Surface that you like the most:

"Part of being visible is showing the bad along with the good and trusting that the people
who love you will still love you after they've seen it all." "Now can we complicate
things?" "Maybe heaven was innocence, limbo was ignorance, and hell was fiery
7. Te rugm s scrii 3 citate din " Touching the Surface " care i plac cel mai mult:
"Part of being visible is showing the bad along with the good and trusting that the people
who love you will still love you after they've seen it all."
"Now can we complicate things?"
"Maybe heaven was innocence, limbo was ignorance, and hell was fiery illumination."
8. If you could travel in a Time Machine would you go back to the past or into the future
and why?
I'd go to the past because I'd want to hug my dad again.
8. Dac ai putea cltori ntr-o main a timpului te-ai ntoarce n trecut sau te-ai
duce n viitor, i de ce?
M-a ntoarce n trecut pentru c mi doresc s-mi mai mbriez tatl o dat.
9. Please tell us in a few sentences, why we should read your book.
I would love for you to read my book because it took me most of my life to find my voice
and now that I've gathered some courage--I would like to share my thoughts and feelings
with you.
9. Te rugm s ne spui n cteva propoziii, de ce ar trebui s citim cartea ta.

Mi-ar plcea s-mi citii cartea deoarece mi-a luat cea mai mare parte din viat pentru ami gsi vocea interioar i acum c am adunat ceva curaj - mi doresc s-mi mprtesc
gndurile i sentimentele cu voi.
10. A message for the readers of our blog:
Thank you so much for having me over to your blog. It was so much fun to hang out with
you. As the clock ticks down to October, I'm becoming unbearably excited--I hope you
10. Un mesaj pentru cititorii blog-ului nostru:
V multumesc foarte mult pentru gzduirea pe blog-ul vostru. A fost att de distractiv smi petrec timpul cu voi. Pe msur ce timpul trece, apropiindu-se de octombrie, eu
devenind insuportabil de ncntat - Sper s iubii Touching the surface .