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Implications Of Mathematics
Mathematics is fundamental to the construction and structure
of the universe
Mathematicians search for mathematical equations and
phenomena; these equations/formulas and phenomena are
extracted, not created
Mathematics is not merely a tool or language
These ideas are encapsulated in a philosophical theory termed
Mathematical Platonism and Max Tegmarks Mathematical
Universe Hypothesis

Mathematical Platonism

Max Tegmark-Mathematical Universe


Mathematical Construction of the Universe

How mathematics constructs the universe:
-Mathematical Functions
-Mathematical Solutions
-Numerical Patterns
-Hierarchy of Equations
-Mathematical Disciplines

Implications of Mathematics (Mathematical


Mathematical functions are fundamental in forming the infrastructure of the universe

Serve to regulate the mathematical behaviors inherent in constructing reality and the universe; establishes
order (or chaos however the observer perceives it)
Encompass the complex manifestations of the numerical patterns that are pivotal to the construction of
The phenomena of inverse functions is important in conserving symmetry of the universe
-Conservation of parity (combination of the natures of physics and mathematics)
The anomalies or structures and phenomena that are irregular fluctuate due to what perspective the
equations are viewed from
There are many types of functions because of the complex structure and mechanisms of the universe

Implications of Mathematics (Mathematical

Mathematical solutions form the boundaries of the universe
and the (common) perceived reality
Unanimous in the universe but are more restricted within the
common, agreed-upon reality that we all experience (or
perceive to experience) to create the boundaries that define
that reality
As a result solutions retain a dual nature (under further
research and construction)

Implications of Mathematics (Numerical


Universe is made up of whole numbers at the base level and expands outward to
include complex equations /formulas and mathematical entities
The whole numbers form the base of the complex relationships that are directly
involved in the construction of the universe
Universe alters its amount of dimensions
Amount of dimensions is mathematically relative
Idea- Complex numbers or Mersenne Primes responsible for forming planes of the

Implications of Mathematics (Hierarchy of Equations, Functions

and Mathematical Disciplines)

Reality is made up of a hierarchy of equations, numbers, numerical patterns, mathematical disciplines, and
mathematical functions. The more simplistic equations form the base the and more complex equations
form the complex processes of the universe (quantum fluctuations, physical appearance of the universe,
expansion of the universe, etc.).
Hierarchy begins with equations and expands outward towards mathematical disciplines (or the principles
that define mathematical disciplines)
Order of the hierarchy (most simplistic equation to the most complex mathematical discipline)
Bottom: Algebraic Functions
-Linear Equations
-Quadratic Equations
-Cubic Equations
-Cube root

Implications of Mathematics (Hierarchy of

Next Level: Elementary Transcendental Functions
-Exponential Functions
-Hyperbolic Functions

Elementary Transcendental Functions

Responsible for the assembly of time in the universe
Space-time, 4th dimension
Expansion of the universe (exponential function)

Special Functions
Constructs the planes of the universe

Mathematical Disciplines
Order of the mathematical disciplines from
most simplistic in creating the structure of the
universe to the most complex
-Probability and Statistics
...In progress

Pure Mathematics

Intellectually bridges the gap between the thinker and reality

Forms the fundamental apparatuses of reality
Imperative to the internal mathematical structure of the universe
Provides extended solutions
Central to finding mathematical answers and structures that form the derivation of
the universe/reality
Pure mathematics extends mathematics into the abstract. Abstract mathematical
axioms are evaluated
Mechanism which conceptualizes complex mathematical structures that makeup
the universe

Applied Mathematics
Extracts and duplicates the fundamental components of
Indispensable to the external, mathematical structure of the
Central to utilizing mathematical answers, inquiries and
structures central to the universe/reality

Additional Points/Ideas
God and Science
-Mechanization (applied scientific and mathematical reasoning) joined with religion
-Patterns in Christianity joined with patterns in science and mathematics
-Graphs of functions or other mathematical phenomena are actualizations of sectors or
boundaries of an infinite or expansive universe
-Mathematical proofs are the instructions to which the observer is to construct and
subsequently view a sector of reality. As was said in a previous paper mathematical
proofs formulate or create the order that is responsible for composing reality.


Diagram (cont.)

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