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GREENER PRODUCT approves 3rd party certifications for green

building products
CHARLESTON, SC – January 20, 2009 – According to a recent
published report by the BBMG Conscious Consumer Report:
Redefining Value in a New Economy nearly one in four U.S.
consumers (23%) say they have "no way of knowing" if a product is
green or actually does what it claims, signaling a lack of confidence
in green marketing and revealing a widespread "green trust gap,".

“There is a lot of green-washing in sustainable building today”

according to Peter Rundle, Greener Product LLC. “As architects,
designers and contractors develop more LEED certified buildings
there is a growing need for an easy, fast and inexpensive method to
find qualified “green” building products manufactured by
environmentally responsible producers. We believe the Greener
Product search engine provides a solution” stated Rundle.

The Greener Product platform utilizes the most successful method

ever developed to connect the manufacturer directly to the end
buyer. The recently introduced search tool, powered by the Greener
Product proprietary software is an online service that allows building
product manufacturers to “tell their green story” directly to 100,000
LEED APs, 200,000 architects and 5,000 of the most influential
architectural companies. “Manufacturers can easily demonstrate
how their products contribute to a green building project, help in
providing valuable environmental answers and make it easy for
their sales force to more clearly define their commitment to green
building and customer service” stated Mr. Rundle.

Approved 3rd Party Certifications for LEED and NAHB rating


Forest Stewardship Council – FSC is an independent, non-governmental,

not-for-profit organization established to promote the responsible
management of the world’s forests. Established in 1993 as a response to
concerns over global deforestation, FSC is widely regarded as one of the
most important initiatives of the last decade to promote responsible forest
management worldwide.
Sustainable Forest Initiative – SFI Inc. is an independent, non-profit
organization responsible for maintaining, overseeing and improving a
sustainable forestry certification program that is internationally recognized
and is the largest single forest standard in the world.
Green Guard Institute - The GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI) is
an industry-independent, non-profit organization that oversees the
GREENGUARD Certification Program SM. As an ANSI Authorized Standards
Developer, GEI establishes acceptable indoor air standards for indoor
products, environments, and buildings.
The GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI) - is an industry-
independent, non-profit organization that oversees the GREENGUARD
Certification Program SM. As an ANSI Authorized Standards Developer,
GEI establishes acceptable indoor air standards for indoor products,
environments, and buildings. GEI’s mission is to improve public health and
quality of life through programs that improve indoor air.
Blue Angel - Celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2008, The Blue Angel is
the first and oldest environmental label for products and services in the
world. Since 1978 it has set the standard for eco-friendly products and
services selected by an independent jury and approved by the German
Government. This standard requires that the product contains no
carcinogenic or halogenated organic compounds, no presence organic
compounds or formaldehyde, and a low-level of hazardous flame-
retardants and moth repellents
Scientific Certification Systems - SCS is a global leader in independent certification of
environmental, sustainability, food quality and food purity claims. Over two decades, SCS has
developed internationally recognized standards and certification programs aimed at spurring
the highest level of environmental improvements, social accountability and product
Composite Panel Association Testing and Certification Center – CPA was
the first Third Party Certifier (TPC) in the world to be approved by
CARB. Since May 14, 2008, CPA has been certifying manufacturers to the
CARB rule. CPA is now certifying North American manufacturers of
particleboard, MDF, and hardwood plywood for CARB.
NSF International - NSF is one of the most widely-respected and
recognized global third-party certification providers. As such, NSF is
uniquely qualified to evaluate your products and systems.
Floor Score - The FloorScore® program, developed by the Resilient Floor
Covering Institute (RFCI) in conjunction with Scientific Certification
Systems (SCS), tests and certifies flooring products for compliance with
indoor air quality emission requirements adopted nation-wide.
Green Label - In 1992, CRI launched its Green Label program to test
carpet, cushions and adhesives to help specifiers identify products with
very low emissions of VOCs. CRI has recently launched its next series of
improvements called Green Label Plus for carpet and adhesives.

About Greener Product LLC

Greener Product has developed the world’s first online platform that
creates a marketplace for the analysis of green building materials.
Greener Product, LLC provides architects, builders and the public a quick
and easy online platform for searching and evaluating "green" products
according to the internationally recognized United States Green Building
Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
standards and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) rating
For further information please contact

Greener Product Team
Tel: 843 576 0112 x 121