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With the help of this types of project student get all information of security community. By this project
we can create the information about books available in library.

The purpose of this project is that, the students can understands how to tracking Hackers.

This manual contains useful information about Honeypot-Tracking hackers whose value is being
attacked or probed.

With the help of this manual we can know about detect or prevent attacks and also know about attack
strategies.Honeypot is an exciting new technology with enormous potential for the security community.
It is resource which is intended to be attacked and compromised to gain more information about the
attacker .

Honeypots are an exciting new technology with enormous potential for the security community. The
concepts were first introduced by several icons in computer security, specifically Cliff Stoll in the book
The Cuckoo's Egg", and Bill Cheswick's paper " An Evening with Berferd." Since then, honeypots have
continued to evolve, developing into the powerful security tools they are today

Honeypot is comes from the Honeypot mailing list, a list consisting of about 5000 different security
professionals working with Honeypot technology.

A Honeypot is a security resource whose value is being probed, attacked or comprised.

A honeypot is a security resource..
This security resource may come in different shapes and sizes. In fact, a Honeypot could just as
simply be one of your old PCs, a script or even a digital entity3 like some made-up patient
Whose value is being probed,attacked or comprised.
If anyone touches our Honeypot, then we knowsomeones creeping around in our network
system, no person or resource should be communicating with it. Incoming traffic or more
dangerously, outgoing traffic would be considered unauthorized traffic..

A Honeypot looks and acts like a production system but in reality is not so. Since its not a production
system, no ones supposed to use it thus should have no valid traffic. So if we detect traffic, most likely
its potentially malicious traffic.

Concrete definition:A honeypot is a faked vulnerable system used for the purpose of being attacked,
probed, exploited and compromised.

They are a resource that has no authorized activity, they do not have any production value. Theoreticlly,
a honeypot should see no traffic because it has no legitimate activity. This means any interaction with a
honeypot is most likely unauthorized or malicious activity.

To gather as much information as possible is one main goal of a honeypot. Generally, such information
gathering should be done silently, without alarming an attacker.

The focus lies on a silent collection of as much information as possible about their attack patterns, used
programs, purpose of attack and the blackhat community itself

Honeypots are hard to maintain and they need operators with good knowledge about operating systems
and network security. In the right hands, a honeypot can be an effective tool for information gathering.