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Lewis Richardson

Midi stands for Musical instrument digital interface. A Midi keyboard

uses signals transfused from you pressing, in this instance a midi
keyboard key, to create the signal to the DAW, digital audio
In the top left there is two circular leavers, the far right one is for the
pitch You may also have a pitchbend wheel/slider attached to your
MIDI keyboard, this will shift the pitch of whatever notes you are
currently playing up or down by less than a semitone. Your
pitchbend wheel/slider probably generates pitchbend values from 0127 (where 64 = no pitchbend). A semitone is the smallest interval
in music. Modulation is the one thats in from the pitch bend.
Modulation only works on some instruments on the DAW. It allows
you to modulate different aspects of the audio signal you are
producing. In the bottom left controller there is an octave setting.
The octave setting for this purpose is set with a green led that is on
plus one. There is two buttons just bellow this which controls how far
up or down you want to go depending on how many times you press
this control up or down. What this does is unlock different signal
paths to the DAW or letting you press different sounds on the
keyboard. The two chrome knobs which is situated to the far right in
polarity of each other. The top one is the output for the volume of
the monitors / speakers, the inserts are at the back of this picture
and I will talk about this at a later stage. The chrome knob under it
is used when you got the headphones in use and the insert is in the
back and I will get to where it is located at later stage. The other
two chrome knobs which are located to the left of the output ones
and are two microphone volume outputs. There are four knobs
situated to the centre of the console. Five transport buttons.

This paragraph will go from left too right in input sequence. The
phones is inch jack lead input so you may need a aux lead to jack
step down. Analog outs inputs in inch jack and this is for any
(usually older musical products invented from about the late 60,s
and earlier), older products. Then the monitor / speakers that you
may use, It is usually better to have very good monitors due to; it
impacts greatly to the mix and is inch jack.

How might a composer use midi?

Said composer could use it to arrange parts and the production of
the peace of music would be accomplished in a faster way. He can if
he plays either a standard piano to create whole oqastra of violins
double basses and an array of pretty much every orqestaral
How to open logic up and save a new project.

1. Search logic in the top right hand corner of the computer and
click it.

Secondly this will come up and logic express will be in the top left of
the corner of the computer screen.