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Company Profile - History & Background

Hajjah Sabariah Faridahs interest in early childhood education started when she was
working as a volunteer teacher at an Islamic English kindergarten in Ottawa while she
was a Chemistry student at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. Since then, she has
been active in helping entrepreneurs, associations, and communities to open Islamic
kindergartens in Malaysia.
With the Grace of Allah, in January 2003, Hajjah Sabariah Faridah and her husband, Haji
Roslan Nordin finally founded their own kindergarten. The name given to the new
kindergarten was Little Caliphs Kindergarten, but due to the naming rules of Ministry of
Education, the name could not be used. Instead, the kindergarten was named Tadika
Rama Rama Bistari.
Backed by her many years of active training and consultancy on early childhood
education, the founders used the new kindergarten as a platform to design, develop, and
test a new pre-school program, namely The Little Caliphs Program.
Continuous research and development, courses attended, hands-on involvements,
feedback from parents, students, and staff, visits to other kindergarten all over the world,
and most importantly, inspiration from Allah S.W.T. - all of these have contributed to the
development of TLCP.
In this husband and wife synergy, Haji Roslan Nordin plays the role as business author of
TLCP while Hajjah Sabariah Faridah as the academic author.
The Little Caliphs Program was originally marketed by ILM Marketing since 2003. To
mark the founders plan for marketing TLCP into international arena, Little Caliphs
International Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 6th of January 2010.

Little Caliphs International Sdn Bhd (885099-A)

Incorporated in Shah Alam, Selangor on 06 January 2010.

Fully owned by the founders of The Little Caliphs Program :

Haji Roslan bin Nordin and Hajjah Sabariah Faridah Jamaluddin.

Authorized capital: RM100,000.

Paid-up capital: RM100,000.

Business focus: Focuses on Early Childhood Education and Business

licensing program, academic research, training, consultancy, publishing,
trading and merchandising of pre-school related products.


The Curriculum Mission:


Our mission is to instil the LOVE of Islam and knowledge to young children


To give young learners a wonderful and effective learning experiences using best
Practices in early childhood education.

The Business Mission:

To provide aspiring entrepreneurs with a credible investment and business opportunity in
Islamic-English-Creative pre-school education service provision.


The Little Caliphs Program becomes the world most preferred kindergarten program.

Individual Profile
Name :

Haji Roslan Bin Nordin


22 Disember 1964


Section 7 Shah Alam

Profession (current) : CEO and Founder

Years in Occupation (current) : 10 years
Education Background:

M. Sc. in Computer Sc., CMU, MI, USA (1988)

B. Sc. in Computer Sc., WMU, MI, USA (1986)

King George V Secondary School, Seremban (1977-1982).

Career Background :
Chief Executive Officer, Little Caliphs International Sdn Bhd.
A keen learner of Islam, a father of five children
An information technology and management professional, a business coach and
consultant, an educationist, and a seasoned entrepreneur.
Former positions: President of an IT firm, General Manager IT & Billing at
Telekom Malaysia International BD, Dean of Information Technology Faculty at
Universiti Industri Selangor, Corporate Strategy Manager at NISSAN Saudi
Arabia, Lecturer at University Teknologi MARA.
Public trainer and consultant on Kinderpreneurship, Project Management,
Balanced Scorecard, and Inner Skills of Wealth Creation.
Developed Little Caliphs Kinderpreneurship Program
Serving Little Caliphs on part-time basis since 2003, and on full-time basis since

Who inspired him?

: His Wife, Hajah Sabariah Faridah Binti Jamaluddin. Shes the one

who are inspired him to establish Kindergarten which are known as The Little Caliphs
(TLC) major focus in education, management, branding

What is the changes?

1) The changes and why do the organizations need for the change

Which images of change did you come across?

Profession (personal)
Before involve in education business field, he has worked in several different
industry. He has held the position as President of an IT firm, General Manager IT &
Billing at Telekom Malaysia International BD, Dean of Information Technology Faculty
at Universiti Industri Selangor, Corporate Strategy Manager at NISSAN Saudi Arabia,
and Lecturer at University Teknologi MARA.
From his previous past experience in various fields, hes got the idea to establish
Little Caliphs kindergarten. His personal mission is to expose and give input to children
about Allah the creator of everything.
Once he started the business, he started his business at home. He conducted the
business with his wife. He promoted his business amongst their friends. At that time, he
only has 12 kids as his students and that is the first batch of their students. He trained the
kids, expose them to spiritual, cognitive, socio-emotional and physical. The technique or
the syllabus of the lesson could be applied in primary and secondary school. Prior to this
business, he started with zero. He has no marketing, knowledge about the business and no
management. Armed with his existing strategies, he managed to educate the children
effectively. And their business started to growth with the words of mouth.

Change management
Once Haji Roslan had established The Little Caliph (TLC), of course the management
of the organization will change. The changes are, he managed to lease a bigger building
to expand his business because the number of TLC students is increasing day by day.
Besides that, the uses of man power are also increasing as the business is growing up.
The location of TLC also must be strategic and convenient for people to find this
kindergarten. The systems also change to make operation fast and efficient. Example of
the change in system is account system. Before this, they had to deal with customer in
manual way, but now they can issue invoices, and make payment via online.
Business Management
Hajah Sabariah uses her skills and her expertise in managing the business to expand
their brand and make other people realize about TLC existence. Besides that, Hajah
Sabariah also uses her skill to solve the conflict or problems that occur in their
organization. For instance, workers problem, parents complaint and other. To solve this
problem, Hajah Sabariah uses the Islamic approach, means maintaining the relationship
with Allah. At the same time, build a good relationship between the internal and external
in the organization.
At the beginning of their business, they are facing some internal conflict such lack of
resources, lack of skill among staff and others. The effect from this problem, they have to
do multitasking task and they having difficulties to get the supplies of books. On 6 th
January 2010, their brand began to be at a comfortable level. So, they can overcome the
problem and manage to improve their system become more effective.

Throughout their involvement in The Little Caliph, they successfully established a

total of 130 preschool that use the same brand starting from 2010 until 2012. In 2010,
they had established 30 of The Little Caliph. In 2011, they had more than 50 of The Little
Caliph. And the following year, The Little Caliph has 90 of The Little Caliph preschool.
Tuan Haji Roslan and his wife intend to establish the Little Caliph based on several
factors. The first factor is technology. Without change, the operation organization will not
effective because all the activities in organization is done in manual and the process will
become slow and at the same lots of work will overlap. Change that results from the
adoption of new technology is common in most organization and while it can be
disruptive at first, ultimately the change tends to increase productivity and service.
Technology also has affected how we communicate. No longer do business people dial a
rotary phone, get a busy signal and try again and again until they get through. No longer
do business people difficult to contact people, in person, to find out about other people
who might be useful resources. They can search for experts online through search
engines as well as through social media sites. Today's communication technology
growing represents changes that allow organizations to learn more, more quickly, than
ever before. Before Little Caliph implements the advance technology, the management
unable to paid their staff wages on time. The obvious good impact from changes of the
technology is the management is now can paid the wages on time to the staff because
they has been provide a good system especially for wages payment in organization.
The second factor of organization needs change is economy. The economy can impact
organizations in both positive and negative ways and both can be stressful. A strong
economy and increasing demand for products and services will mean that companies
must consider expansion that might involve the addition of staff and new facilities. These
changes offer opportunities for staff, but also represent new challenges. A weak economy
can create even more problems as companies find themselves needing to make difficult
decisions that can impact employees' salaries and benefits and even threaten their jobs.
The ability to manage both ends of the situation are critical for organizations that want to

maintain a strong brand and strong relationships with customers as well as employees. At
the beginning of the Little Caliph opening on 2003, Tuan Haji Roslan and his wife are
sudden facing financial problem that give big impact on their life. Some of the serious
problem is Tuan Haji and his wife has to take a leave without salary because they cant
afford to hire a staff and paid their salary. Furthermore, at that time they only have 12
students and cause they are difficult to compete with the other preschool.
The last factor organization need changes are growth opportunities. Change is
important in organizations to allow employees to learn new skills, explore new
opportunities and exercise their creativity in ways that ultimately benefit the organization
through new ideas and increased commitment. Preparing employees to deal with these
changes involves an analysis of the tools and training required to help them learn new
skills. Training can be provided through traditional classroom settings or, increasingly,
through online learning opportunities. Importantly, organizations need to do a good job of
evaluating employees' capabilities and then taking steps to fill the gaps between current
skills and the skills required to respond to growth. The growth opportunities that we can
relate Tuan Haji Roslan are, before he involves himself in this preschool business, he
does not have any experience and knowledge to manage this business. With the talent that
his wife had, he has joint his wife business and develops The Little Caliphs to be more
advanced. He also want The Little Caliphs be a same level and compete with the others
existence preschool.
Any business in today's fast-moving environment that is looking for the pace of
change to slow is likely to be sorely disappointed. In fact, businesses should embrace
change. Change is important for any organization because, without change, businesses
would likely lose their competitive edge and fail to meet the needs of what most hope to
be a growing base of loyal customers.

2) Any barriers in managing changes?

Every organization could not avoid from conflict. TLC also facing several of
conflict in order to established it. Once he established his first kindergarten, his facing a
sudden drop in income. He used all of his savings to set up his first kindergarten. He
sacrifices his job just to help his wife. His wife willing to take a long leave without salary
just too focuses on their business. He did not want to see his wife worked alone. Before
he had his own building, he making his business at their house. He makes an enlargement
at his house to accommodate their students. He received his first batch of 12 students. He
developed and adapts his new techniques to their students. And he succeeds.
Before both of them involve in franchise business, they just opened the ordinary
preschool like other preschool in Malaysia. But their preschool is emphasis on Islamic

Haji Roslan and his wife, intend to expand their businesses throughout

Malaysia. Therefore, they opened a franchise-based business that offered anyone who is
interested in preschool education to opened their own kindergarten, but under the TLC
name. This franchisee must follow the procedure that has been set by TLC in order to
establish the preschool. So the conclusion that we can conclude is, the franchisee must
have a strong religious background before opened up the preschool and strongly
motivated to contribute to the early childhood education for the young generation.
To achieve this mission, they have to strengthen the management side before they
want to succeed in their business. First, they have the budget to hired fresh graduate. The
reason why they hired fresh graduate is they can provide new ideas to their business and
giving them new alternatives in order to enhance the business. Although this fresh
graduates wont long-lasting to work for them, it is worth it to have them for the short
term. But again, it incurred a lot of cost to turn over the staff.

At the beginning The Little Caliphs operation, they need to increase the number
of their staff. Because at that time their workers among fresh graduate and they do not
have a permanent workers. Once they have the permanent worker, they can reduce the
cost of turnover staff and build the good image and maintain their reputation. With the
addition of staff, they able to applied functional organization chart that will delegate the
duties among the workers to avoid multitasking. After they develop organizational chart,
this are the some of the department that involve SALAM, FAHRIM, CARTA. This
specialization is useful because it can support the system in organization and make the
system more effective.

3) The ways organization to sustain the change management

In a rapidly changing world, business leaders are finding it difficult to keep their
competitive advantage on continuous. Technology and cost control are no longer
adequate to sustain the lead. It is the organization ability to innovate through creative
thinking that makes all the differences. Organization recognizes the importance of
creativity and innovation for acquiring and sustaining success.
In order to sustain the change, the CEO of The Little Caliph (TLC) tries to expand the
kindergarten that will be recognized by customer worldwide. This program offered a
standard curriculum for Islamic-English-Creative pre-school program all over the world.
The program that Little Caliph offered not only used by locally, but it also can be used
accordance to overseas education system. With this way, it is easier for Little Caliph to
penetrate their brand at abroad. Besides that, once Little Caliph has entered abroad, they
must always follow the passage of time. They have to change the mentality of people
abroad and to incorporate knowledge about Islam.
The Little Caliph uses the feedback and the testimony from the internal and external
side of view. Through the feedback and testimony, Little Caliph uses the information
received as a guideline to improve and identify their weaknesses. Furthermore, through
the feedback and testimony, The Little Caliph may know their strength and will always
try to maintain and improve overall quality and becoming more effective.
The Little Caliph also held a free seminar every weekend for those who are interested
to involve in this field. And their target people for this seminar are fresh graduate, parents
and entrepreneur. This is one of the ways they promote their brand to people and issue a
license to anyone who is interested in opening The Little Caliph.

The last way Little Caliph used to sustain their organization is used the teamwork
approach. Teamwork is an important aspect that should be provided by both employers
and employees. Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The
ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives. The
importance of working in a team is many. It involves the joint efforts of a number of
people to achieve a common goal. Therefore every organization should emphasize on the
importance of teamwork for the overall growth of the company.

4) Give situation to interviewee ( lets say there has any conflicts in organization,
what they will do) (based on their profession)
Different type of customer (mentality)
staff fighting- depends on how we treat them, never scold them. Must have a good
relationship with Allah. Istighfar

must build good relationship- trust

especially stakeholders consists of supplier, sfaff, shareholder, distribution