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Abacus WorkSpace

Technical Training
21st to 23rd Oct 2013
Topic: Abacus VPN (AVPN) troubleshooting

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Abacus VPN solution (AVPN)

 Status codes
 Other errors and troubleshooting


The AVPN is a connectivity means for the Abacus

WorkSpace, that creates a secure tunnel which allows
private and persistent connections to the host.

It is a Java application started as needed by the AWS,

using either the included Java VM, or the one installed
under the OS if newer.

It can be started manually from

Introduction (cont)
The file sslvpn-tn.jnlp is the launcher. It is parsed by the
Java Web Starter, javaws.exe, which then downloads and
initializes the components. This will be stored in the Java
cache, and are:
If javaws.exe is unable to reach any of this files, or store them
in the cache, the application will fail to initialize.

Introduction (cont)
AVPN Workflow
1. AWS sends a request to
2. The local host (hosts file) resolves to
3. The AVPNs port forwarder intercepts the traffic and sends
it trough port 443 using a SSL connection to
4. The SSL VPN gateway at forwards the
request to the host system

Status codes
The AVPN provides a console log that reports its status. This
includes normal operation, warnings, and errors.

Normal operation
The following status codes are expected, and indicate normal
AVPN operation.
[1001] The Port Forwarder is initializing. Please wait...
[1002] The Port Forwarder has been started.
[1003] The Port Forwarder has been stopped.

Status codes (cont)

When the AVPN is running
normally, it should only have
status [1001] and [1002]
[1003] is generated when
the AVPN is restarted, and is
followed by [1001] and
[1002] again.

Status codes (cont)

Warning Errors
This status codes indicate that a problem has been found.
This will not prevent access to the emulator

[15] Error patching hosts file

[12] Error purging hosts file
[16] Could not insert script
[17] Error setting up server socket

[15] Error patching hosts file

[12] Error purging hosts file
The AVPN can't create or
modify the hosts.bkp file.
hosts.bkp most likely
corrupted. Rename or delete it.
Give full access rights in the
ETC folder.
hosts.bkp file is Hidden or
marked as Read-Only. Change
the attributes of the hosts file
Since this error will not affect
access to the Abacus system, it
can be ignored

[16] Could not insert script

The language for nonunicode programs is not
Change it to English (United
 Go to "Regional and
Language Options" in the
Windows Control Panel.
 In the "Advanced" tab,
select "English (United
States)" from the pull down
There is no need to correct this

[17] Error setting up server socket

The AVPN can't open the port 389 to create a new socket.
This port is only needed for the "" functionality to other
hosts or environments (e.g. CERT, TSTS).
From the command prompt,
netstat a to find if the port 389 is in use
netstat b to identify the name of the program using the port
There is no need to if this unless the user needs access to
other hosts or environments.


Status codes (cont)

Fatal Errors
This status codes indicate that a problem has been found.
This will prevent access to the emulator and must be corrected

[3] Error starting Port Forwarder

[14] Only users with administrator access can start
[23] Authentication attempt cancelled
[1030] Could not initiate SSL connection to null : -1


[3] Error starting Port Forwarder

AVPN console shows error code [3], the status is "Stopped"
and the tray icon remains in yellow
Possible solutions:
End all java processes and
relaunch the AVPN.
Reinstall Java
Reinstall AWS
Create a new Windows User
Set Javaw and Javaws to
Run as an Administrator
Turn off the User Account
Control in the Windows
Control Panel


[14] Only users with administrator access can start..

The AVPN cannot create or
modify the hosts file.
Rename or delete the hosts
Run the Win7VistaSRWPatch
Manually change the ETC
folder's access rights


[23] Authentication attempt cancelled

The AVPN was unable to authenticate the users credentials
This can happen if the user is
prompted to sign in, and
cancels, or if the AVPN has
been running for a long period
of time. If the duration is over
13 hours, the AVPN might
have signed out.
Click Restart and sign in.
Quit, restart the AVPN and
sign in.

[1030] Could not initiate SSL connection to null : -1

Javaw.exe or Javaws.exe are unable to connect to
This is usually due to a firewall / proxy / antivirus restriction.
Can be tested by launching the AVPN after rebooting in Safe
Instruct the customer to create an exception in their security
It is a good practice to create exceptions for the following files
located in the AWS installation:


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