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Excerpt from "Egbe: The Heavenly mates of Every Human" by Ayo Salami

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What is Egbe?
Egbe may be described as the Heavenly/Spiritual Peer Group of a human being. Though
biologically, the human body is known to be a result of the union of the egg and the
sperm, most religions agree that the human soul comes from Heaven to be born on the
The Beginning Of The Human Soul And The Heavenly Double
According to lfa, the journey of every man on Earth starts from Heaven. lfa teaches that
the breath of 0lodumare into the Ori moulded by Obatala signifies, the formation of a
soul which energizes or activates the "clay". At this point, lfa says, the newly formed
soul wanders around the realms of Heaven waiting for the parents through whom it will
be born on Earth. It is about this time that the "Heavenly Double" comes to be. The
Heavenly Double is the Spiritual identicaltwin of the soul that is eventually born on the
Earth as a human person.
The exact point of activation of the "Heavenly Double" is not fully understood.
What is certain is that the Heavenly Double is closely related to the Egbe and I have
not come across any poem of lfa that declares the beginning of the Heavenly Double.
However, there are several theories on how it begins.Two of these seem to make most
sense to me.
The first theory states that when Olodumare breathes into the Ori made by Orlsa
Obatala, a pair is formed from the single breath leading to two souls cohabitating the
same Ori. The theory explains that since the newly formed souls do not undertake the
journey to the Earth immediately, the pair stays together, getting to know more about
each other,go to the market of ldo and Ejigbomekun together to choose Ori and lwa
respectively. They wait till the determination of the lineage into which they will be born
on the Earth. This theory states that immediately this lineage is determined, separation
occurs with one soul emigrating to the Earth and the other staying back in Heaven.
The second theory differs only in that the formation of the double does not occur until at
the instance of revelation of the Earthly parents. This means that the one soul created by
0lodumare divides into two with one staying back in Heaven as Heavenly Double for
the one on Earth.
What is certain is that every man on Earth has a spiritual double in Heaven. This entity,
according to lfa, is an exact replica of the human on Earth. in character. The only
difference may be that the heavenly double is higher spiritually. Also, according to lfa,
the latter, being higher in the spiritual echelon has access to material things which may
be beneficial to the counterpart on Earth. This is termed the Enikeji Orun, "the heavenly
double". This heavenly double is the simplest form of Egbe and it is the aggregation of
all Enikeji Orun (including for those beings who had passed as spirits do not die) that is
now known and called Egbe. The Heavenly Double or the astral mate also shares
spiritual essences with the mates of the other human beings also living in Heaven. The
reasons for the astral mate staying back in Heaven are numerous. This may range from
acting as a helper for the being on Earth so that they both can have access to the
spintuality of the realms of Heaven; harnessing the spirituality of the man on earh for
better living on earth; removal or managing some traits that are undesirable in the life of
the man on Earth.

It must be noted that Egbe is different from Ori; While Ori is basically responsible for
humans choosing their destinies and guiding them to whatever they chose, Egbe is
responsible for behavioral patterns of the Individual. It is the guiding spirit to linear
traits like anger, stealing, brilliance, laziness, work habits, etc. As there are uncountable
human behavioral patterns, there are innumerable forms of Egbe. Most of these traits
are beyond the control of the person concerned.
Feeding of Egbe
Egbe are generally offered foods that children like; pizza, sweets, etc. also things like
sugar cane, honey, coconuts, bananas. We also include some traditional foods like Ekuru
funfun, Asaro, Aadun, etc., and the staples we give as foundation to all dieties; water,
palm oil, gin, kola, shea butter.
If we have Egbe, then we have the little area where offerings are placed. Usually the
egbe pot is in one's backyard in the ground. if we don't then common places for
placement are on the ground at the base of a tree, dumpsite or along a river. Usual trees
are banana tree, papaya tree, iroko tree or araba tree.
Lots of times, Egbe communicate with us through dreams. Dreams of sex, masturbation,
carrying water from a stream, a woman wearing red or white,carrying a baby or dancing
with children, things like that. orisa and other Yoruba dieties don't come into our lives to
cause trouble; if this is happening it is cuz we are not in balance with their energy or in
the case of Egbe probably done something to offend them. If we are having reccurrent
dreams we should consult Ifa for the cause or source. Egbe is propitiated for long life,
good health, prosperity, success and victory. Alot of times, if we are continually losing
things, it is because we are ignoring our Egbe.Due to these things, it is best to consult
Ifa and to have the assistance of a trained practicioner to make offerings to Egbe. If we
want to simply make an offering to Egbe to let them know we appreciate them, then
follow the above on items and placement and pray to them, etc.
My own experience with Egbe was when I was around 8 or 9 years old. I was living in
Puerto Rico at the time. I was very sick. While lying in bed, I was overcome by a
feeling of extremme clausterphobia that got stronger and stronger. There was another
feeling that I cannot describe. It subsided and then came back. This time, as the
claustrophobia built up, I saw them. My room filled up with children. They were
transparent, like ghosts. the feeling became unbearable and I got real scared of course so
i ran outside where my mom was talking to the neighbor. I was screaming lol when i
told them what happened, the neighbor casually commented, "oh that's Egbe." I didn't
find it to be a casual thing. Anyways, i don't think they came to take me away but to
heal me cuz i did start getting better.Prayer chant to get Egbe's attention:
Egbe, Egbe, Egbe,
I call on you, my heavenly mates
He who gets to an alley and chooses another father
He gets to a dumpsite and becomes energized
Masquerade that has mothers
That whips anyone severely
Please lend me money that I won't have to repay
Give me children that I would not have to give back

The clan of Olomu Aperan

The Aperan of Olowo Agogo
The Asegba Iona Omu
If you do not have a big lfa tray
The big masquerade
You will not perform sacrifice
If you do not have akara
You will not perform rituals
But on the day we gather all items of sacrifice
It was that day that lgun entered the house
When lgun entered the house
He grasped the entire sacrifice
The first time
When I heard a loud disturbing noise from the yard
I asked the elder what could be making such noise
They said visitors do not ask many questions
The second time
I heard another loud noise from the back yard
I inquired again what could be making such a noise
They replied again saying visitors do not ask questions
But the third time
I heard another loud noise from the yard
I asked, "'what could be making such noise
They said again that visitors do not ask questions
Your children have no hands
They have no legs
lyan came together
And climbed a high elevation
Mesi Ore
The Aropon nla sebo Yegbe ladie Omu
this gets the attention, then you do the offering as described above, then end it with your
our personal prayer. We usually sing a song too.

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