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Alessandra Granelli

Email: Skype: alessandra_granelli Tel: +39 334 3959 976

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Career (and life) motto
"You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus"

4+ years experience in Communications, Social Media Campaigning and Digital Content
Creation gained working in US and Europe in diplomatic, European and international
organisations. Fluent in English (C2), Spanish (DELE C2) and Italian (mother tongue).
Currently studying French (A2) and German (A1).

Work Experience
09/2014 Facebook Page Creator & Administrator - DEHA Shop Viterbo

Creating and managing digital content

Creating and managing Google My Business account
Monitoring and analysing Facebook & Google+ statistics
Creating email questionnaires and analysing customers feedback on brand, shop and Facebook page
Creating and managing promotions and FB Ads Campaigns

07/2013 - 08/2014 Social Media Officer, European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights
(FRA), Vienna (Austria)
Portfolio: Reference Letter:
Achievements: from 9,000 Facebook followers reached in 3+ years (November 2010) to 21,000+

followers in 1 year. FRAs FB page has become the 2nd most popular page among the 32 EU agencies,
attracting 1,000+ new fans (age group 25-34) every 3 weeks.

Main responsibilities:

Creating a brand new Facebook strategy

Organising Facebook and Twitter campaigns to promote events & publications
Searching/creating digital content (infographics, interactive presentations, photos, Facebook/Twitter
Covers, data maps, videos)
Using social media analysis tools to maximize results:
monitoring content that attracted followers and pushed them to click on the links to FRAs website
measuring the impact of outreach & engagement
Creating social media reports:
followers profiling (age, gender, demography)
key drivers behind followers growth
campaigns performance & posts performance
Organising FB launch of FRA's report on Violence Against Women Portfolio: 90,500+ single viewers and 350+ new followers in the day of the publication of the report
Drafting a plan to organise Twitter chats
Uploading and editing content on FRAs website (Drupal CMS/HTML)

10/2010 - 04/2013 Creator & Editor of the Online Daily Press Review, Consulate General of
Italy in Boston

- Daily monitoring of:

Google news alerts, Italian and American newspapers and magazines websites, social media, news feeds,
websites of academic institutions, theatres, music venues, cultural centres and museums, news agencies

07/2012 - 10/2012 Online Campaign Officer, United Nations Specialized Agency for
Information and Communication Technology (ITU), Geneva (Switzerland)
Assisting in managing social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
Searching/creating digital content

Conducting researches, gathering data and creating a database on international educational campaigns,
programs and events
Conducting marketing analysis of ITUs promotional material, gathering data on:
target audience
type of promotional material produced
quantity and cost
the most popular promotional products by category
Conducting interviews and writing articles for the campaign website and Facebook page
Monitoring media coverage and analysing social media data
Assisting in the liaison with sponsors, partners and advocates
Assisting in the organisation of the TNG Prize 2013
Uploading contents on ITUs and UNESCOs Broadband Commission for Digital Development websites

10/2010 - 07/2012 Editor of the Newsletter, Consulate General of Italy in Boston: Writing

articles to promote events organised by the Consulate; Collecting news and information about cultural events
in Boston (monitoring social media, websites and blogs) Sample:

07/2011 - 12/2011 External Relations Officer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MELaboratory and Consulate General of Italy in Boston, Boston (USA)

- Memory Traces Project:

Interviewing 27 representatives from the sectors of politics, business, science, media and culture of Boston
(List of the interviewees: )
Coordinating the team during the development of the project
Contacting the interviewees, organising and scheduling the interviews
Assisting in the organisation of the launch event of the project (150 guests) at New England Historic
Genealogical Society in Boston
Monitoring media coverage of the launch event

03/2011 - 06/2011 Junior Communication Officer, RAI Corporation, New York (USA):

Monitoring political news (Google news alerts, social media, news agencies, websites, US news channels,
Gathering information and data, writing reports on specific political topics and currents events
Assisting in managing social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
Searching/creating digital content
Assisting in external relations (interviewees, press agencies, broadcasting companies)
Conducting interviews during special events (such as the Tribeca Film Festival) and man-on-the-streetinterviews
Assisting producers during editing and reportage creation
Video creation for Facebook page of radio programme Caterpillar (Sample:

09/2010 - 12/2010 Communications Assistant, Consulate General of Italy in Boston, Boston


Assisting in external relations (media, local governments, universities, cultural institutes)

Conducting research and gathering information on politics, diplomacy, current events
Drafting press releases, official statements and official letters (in English and Italian)
Creating a daily press review focused on US politics and foreign affairs
Monitoring news and cultural events related to Italy
Assisting in the organisation of conferences and cultural events
Writing articles in English for the newsletter of the Consulate

20/08/2010 Diploma de Espaol como Lengua Extranjera, DELE C2, Universitat de
Barcelona, Spain
01/2006 - 05/2010 International Communications (M.A. degree), Universit della Tuscia, Italy

Thesis Subject: The thesis analyses the relationship between politics and the media, and the issue of
freedom of press. It also chronicles and analyses Italys political history, from the First to the Second
Republic. For the thesis, Columbia University Professor and New Yorker journalist Alexander Stille and
Italian journalist Marco Travaglio were interviewed.

09/2006 - 06/2007 Academic Year Abroad (Erasmus Programme), Universidad Autnoma de

Madrid, Spain
09/2002 - 12/2005 Communication and Media Studies (B.A. degree), Universit della Tuscia,
Thesis Subject: Through the analysis of United States political and social changes, the thesis analyses the
social aspects characterising Bruce Springsteens music, his civic engagement and his commitment in
giving a voice to those living on the edge of society, as the new storyteller of the American working class.

Linguistic: English (C2), Spanish (C2), Italian (mother tongue), French (A2), German (A1), Arabic (A1)

Social Media Analysis: Google Analytics, Social Report, Hootsuite, Simply Measured, Socialmention,
Blogging Platforms: Blogger, Tumblr & WordPress
Content Management System: Drupal CMS, Magnolia CMS
Graphics Software: Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Piktochart, Canva,,
PowerPoint, Prezi, Cartodb, Mapbox
Video Editing Software: Final Cut
Other Software: MS Office, Microsoft Works, IWork, OpenOffice, Windows XP, Mac OS X

Interests: Traveling, sport (swimming and running), good music (Bruce Springsteen), playing guitar,
cinema, literature, American politics and culture