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CAD/CAM Technologies

Get Ready for the Global Industry

to GNA-CAD/CAM Technologies

This brochure will give you an introduction to CAD/ CAM

as well as details of the programs and courses offered at
GNA CAD / CAM department and what is unique about
CAD / CAM at GNA is the first and the best choice for
so many students nationwide precisely because it is not
a conventional university. It is an international standard
institution with edge-of-the-art design engineering
infrastructure and faculty that is unmatched in terms of
both knowledge base and teaching methodology. The 60
year GNA industrial heritage further adds to the Institutes
ability to prepare people for a success on a global scale.
The curriculum here is recognized in the industry across
the country, while a 100% alumni employability record
bespeaks volumes of our level of expertise.
We at GNA, pride ourselves on our culturally diverse
student community, and the values and variety that they
bring with them. We understand that relocating away
from home to study can be daunting, and do everything
that makes the process as smooth as possible giving
guidance and support to all our students.

GNA Group


What is CAD/CAM all about

GNA CAD/CAM expertise

Whichever course you choose to study, in addition to

excellence in teaching and training, we aim to provide
first class support throughout your tenure with us and
even beyond from advice on the program best for you,
through choice of accommodation, financial issues, where
you should intern etc, we are there for you.
We look forward to welcoming you as a GNA CAD-CAM

Placement List


Out Faculty


Programmes in CAD/CAM


Admission Procedure


Eligibility Criteria


SINCE - 1946

reliable and cost-efficient, GNA has come a long way.

Their facilities are modern, state-of-the-art and to a large
extent automated. These include every aspect of product
development and production Forging, Heat Treatment,
Machining, Testing and Validation.
Lean manufacturing practices are implemented across
all manufacturing operations, with the objective of
eliminating waste, minimizing pollution, increasing
optimum resource utilization, improving productivity, all
leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.

The GNA Group - with 100 acres of

integrated, ISO/TS 16949 & ISO 14001
Certified facility; more than 400 crores of
annual turnover; over 2500 employees;
3 Group Companies - GNA Axles Ltd.,
GNA Duraparts Pvt. Ltd., GNA Udyog
Ltd.; 4 broad product lines Axle Shafts,
Splindles, Gears & Propeller Shafts; a
vast global presence and still raring to

The GNA innovative thinking extends beyond new

product development. The Group is actively involved in
advanced computer-aided research and development
to enable product design and manufacturing processes
faster, leaner and more efficient. Their quality systems
have been designed to comply with the latest quality
standards, wherein products undergo stringent testing and
validation tests to meet global OEM requirements.
GNA is a customer-centric organization where all
resources, systems and efforts are aligned in one direction
achievement of total customer satisfaction, raising the
bar, year after year.

Driven by the pioneering standards set by their founder

Sardar Amar Singhji in 1946, GNA has consistently

The Group is a true corporate citizen and firmly

remained at the forefront of emerging technology .

believing that growth does not happen in isolation. GNA,

GNA, today is amongst the worlds leading manufacturers

thus has assumed the responsibility of not just upgrading

of automotive transmission components, spread across

the skills and knowledge of its employees, but also

3 locations in Mehtiana & Bundala in Punjab, North

creating educational opportunities for the youth locally.

India. Their scale of operations equips them with the

Their automotive heritage has positioned them with a

manufacturing capability that OE customers demand,

unique advantage - the ability to combine academic

plus the flexibility and reliability to meet any production

excellence with industry specific relevance.

The GNA product quality has proven its mettle in every
market, while product durability has passed tests in
the most demanding environments, hence a resultant
substantial presence across USA & Europe.
Consistently stepping up to the challenge of
manufacturing products that are consistently world-class,

GNA Institute of Management &

Technology, has thus been established at
Phagwara in the heartland of industrial
Punjab as an instrument of knowledge
sharing. It aims at developing managers
and technical professionals to face up
to the challenges of the global industrial
and corporate world.

GNA Insitute of Management & Technology is ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

GNA-IMT is part of GNA, the automotive conglomerate

graduates and undergraduates to qualify for the best jobs

which found its roots 60 years ago, owed to the intuitive

across multinational corporations and industrial houses.

perseverance of Late. Rev Amar Singh Ji.

The GNA-IMT campus, ( they call it The Knowledge
The GNA automotive heritage gives GNA-IMT a leading

Exchange), dedicates all its resources towards fostering

edge - a unique advantage - the ability to regularly

an open interactive environment. The campus bespeaks

and easily offer students the benefit of course-specific

an openness fostering an openness of thought and an

industrial relevance and real-time training in state-of-the-art

attitude of transparency. Here, the creative spirit and

industrial and business environments.

skill of every individual thrives; research and scholarship

flourish; while the educational, technical, professional

GNA-IMT, offers several programs and courses which

needs of the international, national and especially the

promise to prepare students and professionals for

local industry in Punjab are served.

tomorrow. The institute aims at developing a new

generation of marketing, technical and creative

Academics appropriately combined with rigorous

professionals who can confidently face up to the

industrial training, deliver excellence in thought and

challenges of modern industry.

application, leading to international competitiveness and

personal effectiveness visible in GNA-IMT students.

The programs and courses offered are comprehensive,

intellectually stimulating and most importantly industry-

The Institute is strategically positioned in the thriving

endorsed. They employ current technologies, the most

industrial heartland of Northern India, Punjab, i.e.

up-to-date syllabus and are being taught by proficient

Ludhiana-Phagwara. This facilitates unmatched access to

and widely experienced faculty. A 100% Career-

the best of current and relevant business practice.

focused approach in each course automatically positions

What is Cad/Cam?

CAD (Computer Aided Design) is

the assistance of computer and software in engineering
processes such as creation, optimization, analysis and
modifications. It involves creating computer models defined
by geometrical parameters, which can be readily altered by
changing relevant parameters. CAD systems enable designers
to view objects under a wide variety of representations and
to test these objects by simulating real-time conditions. It is
an integration of Mechanical and Computer technology to
aid in design processes like Modeling, Assembly, Drafting,

CAM provides fully associative, integrated tools for product

design and NC. CAM uses the same CAD geometry to
generate tool paths to ensure the part you machine is the same
part you have modeled. Tool path and machine simulation
and verification in CAM help manufacturing engineers quickly
also includes post processing, tool editors and industry-specific
machining solutions that automate interrelated tasks in the
manufacturing process.

It is both a visual and fast, and is used widely by engineers

in Mechanical, Automobile, Production, Plastic, Aeronautics

computer before actual production begins.

and finally controling the machine parameters such as Feed,

Speed, Depth of cut etc. CAM is used by NC programmers
involved in Machining Processes such as Milling 2.5D, 3D
& 5-Axis; Drilling; Turning; Punching; Drilling & Hole making;
Wire EDM; Laser & Plasma Cutting. In combination with CAD,

execute most engineering processes such

as Creation, Optimization, Analysis,

Part/Component body design in different

Advance hybrid modeling of components.

Shape design of car bodies, airplane wings,


Design analysis, Optimization and

Skilled manpower is thus required to proficiently handle

the equipment that employs CAD/CAM technology.

Sheet metal works from small to large

Companies are continuously adopting CAD/CAM

compete with this complexity.

Assembly & Detailing of large assemblies.

world have come to rely on CAD/CAM technology to

Engineers proficient with CAD/CAM technology thus

have an edge ahead of the others in the global job
market and in their individual growth graph.


automotive industries.

manufacturing organizations. Most companies around the

Modifications, Planning, Sequencing and

types of plastic, automobile, aeronautic,

driving growth in the use of CAD/CAM Technology.

Product and process complexity is a growing concern for

Today Computer technology is used to

student to work in the following fields:

Industry pressure to reduce costs and improve quality is

technology to sustain and compete in the global market.

in manufacturing planning and varied planning processes

carried out on the product, sequencing all the operations

Completion of CAD/CAM course enables a

medical tables, buildings roofs etc.

Why Learn CAD/CAM?

CAM (Computer Aided

Manufacturing) is the assistance of computer

Who can learn CAD/CAM?

improve NC program quality and machine efficiency. CAM

Die Design, Tool Design, Sheet Metal Analysis of products.

fields to design and develop the complete product on the

Scope of CAD/CAM course?

Prerequisite to understand CAD/CAM

technology is knowledge of mechanical
related subjects.

B.Tech or Diploma in Mechanical,

Automobile, Aeronautic, Production, and
Plastic engineers will be the best group to
learn CAD/CAM technology.


Drafting detailing for all type of mechanical


Rapid Prototyping for different types of


Reverse engineering concepts i.e. CMM,

Scanning, Measurements.

Translation and Repairing of 3D CAD data.

Mold design for specific components.

Drawing automation with direct 3D to 2D


GNA CAD/CAM expertise


curriculum is based
on the proven
model, which places
crucial emphasis on realtime industrial training.
Each time a theory is put
forward by a lecturer,
opportunity for practical
application is never far
- Manmohan Singh

CAD/CAM student

Our area of expertise

GNA-IMT is a leading provider of CAD / CAM expertise,

Some of the unique features of our CAD/CAM Trainings

PTC Certified training center.

delivering CAD/CAM trainings and courses to engineering

& Courses are:

professionals for the past 7 years. The GNA CAD/ CAM

Industrial Linkages with reputed CAD/CAM

curriculum is closely allied with the industry, given GNAs

Backup of GNA Group of Industries.


ISO 9001:2008 Certified CAD/CAM courses.

Instructors with international exposure.

Industry-oriented Curriculum.

Personal interaction with individual students.

and rigorous, but hands-on experience, i.e. training in

Latest versions of all the softwares.

Advanced machines available for training.

on- campus workshops and industry-linked project work

Pro/Engineer Wildfire

Research work being done like RPT etc.

are considered most important. This enables international

Siemens NX

Engineering Services Outsourcing


Interaction with international professionals

Solid Edge

Presentation & Communication skills development


Group Discussion training on various topics

significant position in automotive industry worldwide.

Academics are intensive, while lab work is edge-of-the-art

competitiveness and personal effectiveness, amply visible in

GNA students.

Certified by

Hardware Support

Software Support

3D Printing Technology

ISO 9001 : 2000




the industrial training for students of CAD/CAM

is demanding, designed to stretch their capacities
- both in effort and intellect and thus enhance
their hands-on skills. It is a great opportunity for
students to prove their understanding of the key
concepts learnt during the course.


Placement List


Hero Cycles

Whirlpool India Ltd.

Hero Cycles Pvt. Ltd.

Swaraj Majda

Minda Industries Ltd.

Bhurji Brothers Pvt. Ltd.

Munjal Castings

ITL (Sonalika)

Hero Majestic Auto Limited

Havells India Limited

Mahindra Die Casting

Bhurji Machine Tools

K.S.S. Group of Industries

Design Tech Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Bharat Box Factory

Punjab Tractors Limited

GNA Axles Ltd.

Moser Baer

Bajaj Sons

Hindustan Hydraulics Ltd.

Mahindra & Mahindra

Auto International

GNA Enterprises Ltd.

Rockwell Industries

Sudhir Forging

Munjal Die Casting Ltd.

Happy Steels

Highway Inndustries Limited

Elite Enterprises Ltd.

Terbo Tool

Indo Farma

Punjlloyd Ltd.

Sajjan Precision Casting

J.C.B. Limited

Kirloskar Ltd.

Mansarover Impex

V.K. Valve

Larson and Tubro Ltd.

Royal Polymers, Parwanoo

Leader Valve

Godrej Ltd.

Mehta Engineering

General Motors

Punjab Tool Room

New Era Company

Escorts Limited

Victor Forging Pvt. Ltd.

Standard Combine

Krishna Maruti Ltd.

Jvr Forging Ltd.

M.S. Bhogal & Sons

GNA Duraparts Ltd.

Airo Aviation Ltd.

Cheema Boiler Pvt. Ltd.

Honda Motors

Abroal Industry Pvt. Ltd.

Gkn India Limited

Hero Honda

Ajay Industry

CAD/ CAM at GNA has

not just enabled me
job ready from day one, but
has placed me far ahead of
all other new entrants to my
company. I already know
what most of my peers at
work are still finding their
feet in, thanks to the extensive
and relevant industrial
training we got during the
- Vikas Shahi

Territory Manager
Designtech Systems Ltd., India


Support beyond academics

Private hostel or home-stay accommodation are both
made available to students, off campus, but authenticated
by GNA-IMT, in the nearby towns of Phagwara and
Jallandhar. To help students settle in at ease, the GNA-IMT
administrative department assists students in identifying
and procuring an appropriate place to stay. The hostels
for boys and girls are housed in separate buildings and
also include dinning messes.

The campus has its own Caf, offering a varied range of

Mr Gurdeep Singh, CEO, GNA Duraparts Ltd. with GNA CAD/CAM faculty

snacks at reasonable prices. For the benefit of outstation

students away from home, the campus serves full cooked
meals during the day at subsidized rates. A special

Our Faculty

committee regularly checks the quality of food while

the menu is designed and priced such that students get
nutritious and hygienic food at a reasonable price.

GNAs instructors are CAD/CAMs best. All of them

Malaysia. To further enhance their teaching skills our

are either BTechs or Diploma holders in Mechanical

instructors have also attended the program Focus

Engineering from universities of repute along with

on Learning at St. Lawrence in Canada. Our senior


specializations in CAD/ CAM. They have amassed

instructors have also had the privilege of being invited by

The Institute runs a subsidized bus service within 50 km

extensive experience both in academics and industry, thus

Beijing View Consultancy for an educational survey of

radius during term time. Given its strategic location on the

generate immense knowledge and innovations that render

CAD/ CAM. This helps ensure that their teaching is up to

highway, the Institute is otherwise also well connected to

learning to be global standard at GNA. The approach

date and relevant which means that students benefit from

to teaching here is student-centred, hence employs

the latest thinking and developments in the field of

innovative teaching methods from work based learning


Faculty members have worked directly with leading

companies around the world , i.e automobile and

to an environment of virtual learning.

industrial groups such as Kimura Chuzosho Co. Ltd in

Our instructors are actively engaged in ongoing research

JBM Tools and Krishna Maruti Ltd. thus bringing real-

and collaborative work with external agencies, businesses

and academics from other institutions. They regularly
undertake premier training programs such as Pro /E
Surface Modelling Training at PD Solutions Penang,

most places in nearby towns.

Japan; Maruti Udyog; Hero Honda, Sunbeam Casting;

world knowledge to the GNA CAD/CAM classrooms.
Again this helps to ensure that the information being
communicated through their teaching is extremely
Our staff is approachable and plan most of the support
for each student, ultimately helping them to reach their
full potential. They make a point of getting to know all
the students and our small class size means that a student
does not feel lost in the crowd.



Programs in CAD/CAM


Course Name




1 year

Certificate course in
Integrated CAD/CAM

Creo (C AD);,NX(CAM),
A utoCad


DES-103 NP

1 year

Certificate course in
Integrated CAD/CAM



DES-103 PS

1 year

Certificate course in
Integrated CAD/CAM

Pro/E (CAD/CAM),
Solid Edge (CAD), NX
(CAM), AutoCAD


DES-101 C

6 Months

Certificate course in

(CAM), AutoCAD


DES-101 N

6 Months

Certificate course in



DES-101 P

6 Months

Certificate course in

(CAM), AutoCAD



6 Months

Advanced Industrial




DES-105 P

6 Months

Advanced Industrial

Pro/E (Cad),NX(Cam)<,


4 Months

Certificate course in

Pro/E (Cad)


3 Months

Certificate course in

Solid Edge (CAD)


Our career guidance service is

in place to facilitate support and
provide resources and advice to
prepare students for the rigours of
employment selection.

Eligibility: Diploma/B.Tech/M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering or Equivalent

Admission Procedure

Automobile Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Production Engineering

3 year Diploma in the field of

Tool and Die Making

Industrial Engineering

Production Engineering

Plastic Engineering Technology

availed at the office.

(or any other Mechanical equivalent branch)

Under any circumstances, registration amount once

ITI course along with two years experience in

the field of

Two class sessions are JANUARY and JULY every

Information regarding the fee structure can be

Student should pay course fee as per the norms from

time to time and before due date.
The fee structure subject to change on an annual
Penalty will be imposed on students failing to pay
fee/charge in time.


Mechanical Engineering

other course or any other student.

Automobile Engineering

for a specified course shall not be adjusted to any

B.Tech. / M.Tech. in the field of

Admission is based on availability of seats in

paid by the candidate is not refundable. Fees paid


Mechanical Engineering


Students should have any One of the following three

different batches.

Eligibility Criteria

Draftsman (Mechanical)




Students awaiting results may also apply.

Knowledge of Computer Applications will be an added

Other courses at GNA-IMT


Multimedia & Animation

Master of Business

BAMT (Bachelor of Animation and


Multimedia Technology)

Marketing, Finance,


Human Resource

RedBoxx I,II,III

Duration - 2 yrs

GreenBoxx I,II
Duration 3 years


Bachelor of Business

Professional Diploma in Multimedia

Duration 3 years

Duration 1 year



Bachelor of Computer

Cisco Certified Networking



Duration 3 years

Duration 6 months

M.Sc. (I.T.)


M.Sc. (Information

B.Sc. in Hotel Management &

Catering Technology

Duration 2 years

Duration 3 years




Jalandhar to Phagwara

Overhead Bridge


Overhead Bridge

Phagwara to Jalandhar



Not to Scale

Sugar Mill


Our Location
We are strategically located at Phagwara, in Punjab, on the Ludhiana Jalandhar Highway,
easily accessible from both the towns.



100 %


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GNA-IMT, G.T. Road, Mehtan

Phagwara 144 401
Tel.: 01824-500211/12, 01824-500214

GNA-CC 08/04-11

M: 9876882099 / 9815115000