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Date: 1/14/15

From: Brandon Paul

Subject: Reviving Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship is at the heart of the american free market. It provides for a high percentage of
new jobs and keeps new ideas flowing.
American economic culture is driven by inventing and adopting new ideas
The american market has a tolerance for failing businesses
Human and Financial have the chance to be redistributed
Statistics show that new businesses now are weaker than in the past in the US. This does not
spell doom for entrepreneurs, but it is a bad omen for the short term.
Less new businesses are being formed
Venture Capital funds have gradually decreased in scale.
New businesses that are launching IPOs have sharply decreased in stock value
One way to better the American Economy is to fun basic scientific research. However, the
research that will do the most good is much more risky and hard to get funding for as budgets
become tighter.
Government Action
The Government has the power to influence the direction that the country can move in. They
have worked with these methods before and learning to use them could allow for positive
Increasing benefits to investors or entrepreneurs through subsidies would be
more effective than negative reinforcement.
Creating large-scale challenges or initiatives has been successful in the past.
Reforms in Education and Immigration policies directly affect future Human
The government must enforce the laws that already exist, such as antitrust laws.
Tax policy drives investments and can cripple small businesses if Taxes on them
are not carefully handled. Taxes on investments affect how much investing is done.
Lack of Data
Even in the information age, it becomes hard to gauge successful markets and businesses in a
small area. Progress in this field of public data could help entrepreneurs and investors alike.
Publish more public information on business activity and past investments into
those businesses.
Encourage cooperation with local associations as well as within the government
to make this information more available.
Workforce Healthcare

This topic has become more relevant lately. What effects do health care policies have on
Raising Health care costs increase costs per employee and discourage
Government should focus on looking for more advanced medical technology
rather than access to health care.
Business models in the medical field could also become more productive via
entrepreneurial thinking.