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1. What problems do you see with Stones first sales call?

The first problem seen is that, Stone didnt check and test the alarm clock
functionality, which result of her being late on her appointment. She knows she has
an important meeting the day after thus she needs to inspect the clock just to make
sure she would wake up early.

The second problem was, she consumed too much time in building rapport to the
client who results in worrying, she might lose control of the conversation and the
client may revert back the discussion to sports.

The third problem was all products significance/importance. She forgot to bring the
samples. She also didnt give the exact information about the products delivery time,
and didnt explain to the client about the products quality vs. price, unable to justify
the one of the important information to the client.

2. If you were Stones sales manager, what would you recommend she do to improve her
chances of succeeding?

I would recommend to stone, to reflect on her previous appointments flow, and learn
from it so that the next time she would have another meeting, she will be able to
explain thoroughly the products benefits and quality. She needs to be punctual
enough to handle her job to avoid future mistakes and error by doing so; the client
may reconsider on taking their products because of good performance. Anyway, its
still her first call, and mistakes done are normal and she need to do good better next
time and do not forget the advice given.

1. Expertise
It is really important that to be an expert you have to strive hard. First you have to gain
the trust of your costumers to increase the credibility that you send your client is
maintaining in the business world. You can't be called as an expert if you cant manage
and maintain the good service to your client. It defines the strength of being a good leader
and a good sales person.
Solution/ Resolved:
The situation of the late deliveries and neither the improvement of the stated orders nor
sizing of the admission forms is not just a simple and easy problem. Mr. Adams was
making the right choice in giving such convenience to the Doctor's General Hospital, in
return of such mistakes. The Discount was a good initiative for them to maintain the
relation of the hospital. One of the best solution aside from the discount, they can also
offer an additional price decrease in some of the materials that the doctors general
hospital mostly needed for their patient. To recover a customers or client dissatisfaction,
first you have to listen, apologize and recover the mistakes that have been made.
2. Dependability
This is where the relationship of the sellers and buyers grow. Once the seller gain the
trust if their buyers the dependability occur.
The doctors general hospital has been a client of Schmidt for than 3 years the relationship
is strong and well maintained but the problem has made the trust and the relationship
between both parties were broken. Now in this situation, Mr. Adams and the new sales
person must meet and explain in the administration of the hospital why such problem
occurs. Try to apologize and offer more discount for them. Because it is more important
for a business to maintain their client because the client/ costumers is the blood line of all
the businesses in the economy.

3. Candor
This is where the manager or top people give instructions to their people or sellers. if
defines that in making such market it always takes strength, confident and expertise in
what you are offering to. It is said that there are some sales agent being instruct that you
have to do the best and least just to win the favor of each and every client youre aiming
The words that represent the credibility of yourself and your company. in winning again
the heart and the trust of the Doctors General Hospital the new sales person must have the
courage and sincerity in asking the forgiveness of the big mistake and let the client
depend on his words gain.

1. Use the multriattribute model of evaluation to develop a strategy for reselling the bettergrade fabric as the best choice for the new auditorium seating.
- As per buyers satisfaction and contentment, we will be using the higher grade nylon
velvet for better longevity, however, even though it increases the cost by 13%, we
will sell them at an affordable cost to the buyers, in that way, they will not have to
pay the increased 13% cost, but rather, just few increased cost when buying the lower
grade vinyl fabric. It could only produce low income but greatly satisfies the buyer
and eventually, they may refer other or partner institutions, universities and other
large establishments to buy to us, then having for clients and buyers.

1. What is the role of the salesperson in explaining and demonstrating that the longer-term
added value of a solution with a higher initial cost can make it the lowest lifetime cost

Salespersons role is to explain the difference and advantage when purchasing a

higher grade nylon velvet than a lower grade vinyl fabric, to which the nylon extend
its longevity up to 10 years while the vinyl is only 6 years and theres a large
difference to lifespan but small one to the cost. Choosing vinyl and after 12 years you
would double the cost, but nylon rather could be quite expensive at first but its life
span it worth it. Overall characteristics should also be explained further such as the
products reliability, durability, conformance to specifications, competitive pricing,
performance and the most important is the quality.

2. What sales aids could assist the salesperson in demonstrating the longer-term added value
and evidencing the greater benefits to the buyer?

The most obvious sales aid would be the showcase of presentations and slides to the
buyer to show how advantage it is to get the longer term product than the cheap but
lower grade one. Another aid is to show proof and evidence from previous clients and
buyers positive feedback and great satisfaction when they purchase the higher grade
product. Once all of this is explained and shown, theres a high probability the present
buyer would grab the product meant to offer.

Case study 4:



1. What information does the ASC salesperson need in order to fully understand the seating
needs of the SMAA projects?

The ASC salesperson would need the following information to fully understand the
seating needs of the SMAA projects: First, what is the exact total cost of the major
remodeling projects and seat replacements. Next, what would be the lifespan of the
projects? Another one will be the quality of the seats versus the cost of the projects.

2. Following the ADAPT methodology for needs discovery questioning, develop a series of
questions and anticipated buyer responses that might apply to this selling situation.

Question: How would you handle the cost of the projects which would equal the
Answer: We will use high grade quality equipments which will satisfy the buyer
under expected cost of projects.

Question: Will the seats be very comfortable.

Answer: Yes, it will be very comfortable.

Question: Would it be a problem if the construction of seating projects is delayed?

Answer: Yes, it will be a problem, for instance it will not provide satisfaction to the

Case Study 5:


1. What prospecting methods should tsuleff use?

> The most efficient Prospecting method that can be use is the Company Source. Because
it suits the need of some prospect. If i were the customer i would probably want a product that
can easily be found. And if i were the owner of the product i would also market my product in
such way that my prospects will never be hassle. Make them as convenient as they ever be. as
long as there are comfortable in their places. They could put themselves in focus and can adapt

2. How can tsuleff qualify the leads he receives? What qualifying factors will be most important?
> He can qualify the leads by providing and achieving their full satisfactions. When he
gains the trust of the leads he will then have another prospect. His leads will help him in
introducing his new products.
> The Qualifying factors are
-has the need of the product and services that tsuleff is offering
-has a budget or financial to sustain poor purchase the product or services
-capable of making such purchase decision

3. How can Tsuleff organize his prospecting activities?

> By assuring that his salespeople is fully trained and can answer all the prospects might
ask. Having as many outlets as possible so that the leads can easily find his product or services.
Organizing his salespeople in the places where truly familiar, for them seek more leads or
prospects. Having booths in malls or crowded places to seek and assuring the security of the
place while marketing his products or services.

4. How should he keep records of his prospects?

> By having their email accounts or much better their personal information. Personal
information because it is the most relevant way to sustain the relationship between the
salesperson and the leads. For him to be able to ask for the personal information the leads should
first know if such company can
be trusted. as Ive said, building trust to the customer is the
important thing to have.

5. What precall information does Tsuleff need? How will he collect this information?
>> precall Information needed.
- The prospects name
-the prospects correct title
-clubs that the prospect is currently involved
-what kind of business he/she is interested with
- What does the prospects habits or personality is
-which school he or she is educated
>> How can he collect tis information?
- having the full attention of the prospects by first showing the salesperson his
willingness to have interest in their conversation.
- Correct spelling and pronunciation can be gathered by asking the receptionist or
secretary to verify information.
- Observation in the office might give away this information.
- look for some certificates or diploma on the wall. The salesperson may have to ask for
tidy information.
- Most important to gain is the trust and relationship that they might build thought good
conversation and clear communication.

Case Study 6:


Statements/ Question:
What else does the John Deere team need to know to be well prepared for upcoming sales
calls with Home Depot?
In the role of Pat Strickland, What specific comments do you have on the template he
furnished you?
S College graduate / cooperation
W Always depend to Pats opinion
O Convinced Beth Jackson as a sell major retailer
T out of time to review
Steves team need more background information about their plan to convinced Beth

Make own opinion and discussed to the tam then what is the better plan will be done.

I recommend that, in my own if I am in Steves team. Id rather ask the opinion of my
team and discussed it in front of them. After, choose the better one. Because on what Steves did
is really dont like it coz at the moment they depend on the other opinion than them and their
secrets in a company will be seen. To their manager they dont need to review more on their plan
because the plan is being planned by the team.



1. What are the benefits of self-priming paint?

- Can apply to any clean metal surface using either a low-pressure spray r roller.
- totally eliminating the needs for any form of a primer coat
- flash-drying characteristics (dries and cures after only three to five minutes of
exposure to room temperature air)

2. What different sales aids might Richard use to enhance his presentation of the new
self-priming paint?
- He discovers that there is a wealth NASA test data and competitive information
that will document the performance of the new coating.

3. Once he established the superior performance of the new paint, what should henry
- He must convince Dickerson that the new paint meets and even exceeds the
performance specifications.



1. Look over the notes from each one of Thomass sales calls. Can you make any
recommendations on what Thomas might have done differently?
- Thomas could try another commitment techniques to check if the given method id
effective and would leave Martin a good feeling about the order.

2. Thomas and Martin came up with five reasons to buy and two reasons not to act.
What is holding Martin back?
- Martin is not confident with the given system and still even thinks that the price is
too high even with the cost savings. Martin should trust the offer given by



Background: Gary calling, sales manager for a large engineering firm, cannot get his
salespeople into the field.

1. What would do if you were calling?
2. Can you force your sales force out of the building?
S-Loyal Customers/many customers/franchising
W- 1. Lack of outgoing calls or emails to prospects and customers.
2. Lack of planning on a daily basis.
3. No use of a follow-up program to generate additional customer contacts.
4. Lack of overall planning strategy for a particular customer or group of customers.
O- Employees fitted to their position.
T- Climate change/Lose customers.
ACA- 1. Hired employees which is ready for a double-time work.
2. Make that all customers are right.

If I were a manager, I will hire person which is willing to double-time his/her work.
For me also to avoid any expenses, at the same time I will give a time management for
my employees. As a manager you should know what is good to
your company and especially the advantages and the disadvantages
on it. For the customers also not to hindrance on them give
reminder or a time management to face off. Shortly, give time
management for both employees and to the respective customers.



1. Develop a portfolio classification of accounts and assets the allocation of sales calls
your predecessor made over the past year.

Segment 2:

Segment 1:




Bright Metal Inc.

SCS Industrial
Reinhart Chemicals

Mueller Distribution
Tri-State Manufacturing
Lowry Foods
Hoffman Pharmaceutical
American Foundry

Sales Call last year = 100

Segment 3:

Sales Call last year = 126

Segment 4:

Darnell Aggregate Products

Birkey Paper Co.
ACCO Manufacturing
Lowell Services
King Chemicals
Barlow & Clark System
Bowles and Sons
Tri-State Specialties
Bears Steel Corp.
Sales Call last year = 189

Hewitt & Associates

Decatur Extrusions
Normal Supply
Ideal engineering

Sales Call last year = 53


do you find with the previous allocation of calls in these accounts?

- On segment ones level of attractive ness and selling effort strategy, most accounts
are not consistent on maintaining the required annual number of sales call even
though their account opportunity and competitive position is both high. On
second segment, their annual number of sales call was higher than the segment
one which is quite abnormal since segment two has low competitive position.
Segment three on the other hand has the most number of annual sales calls though
it is low on opportunity. The fourth segment is on their right track, since it
belongs to both opportunity and competitive position. We could conclude, that the
assigning of accounts based on its territorial and account levels are not properly

organized and should be otherwise, arranged based from the volume of its annual
number of sales calls.
3. Based on your account classification analysis, suggest new sales call allocation
strategy that would better use your time in the territory.





Segment 1:

Segment 2:

Mueller Distributor
Tri-State Manufacturing
SCS Industrial
Reinhart Chemicals
Birkey Paper Co.
Lowry Foods

ACCO Manufacturing
American Foundry
Bright Metal Inc.
Kings Chemical

Sales Call last year = 163

Segment 3:

Sales Call last year = 114

Segment 4:

Darnell Aggregate Products

Bowles and Sons
Tri-State Specialties
Bears Steel Corp.
Hoffman Pharmaceutical

Lowell Services
Barlow & Clark System
Hewitt & Associates
Decatur Extrusions
Normal Supply
Ideal Engineering

Sales Call last year = 102

Sales Call last year = 89


Plastics, INC.

1. based on the information given, what are the major problems facing the sales organization?
- The salespeople does not care about the customer and does not attempt or even take the
time to fully explore and understand problem or new applications
requiring novel solutions.
- the salespeople always seems to have some fixed response and attempt to pressure and
persuade buyers rather that offering creative or customized product
2. What changes in the recruiting and selection of salespeople would you suggest?

- the changes in the recruiting and selection of salespeople i would suggest are choose a
salespeople which is have the attitudes like pleasing personality
and care about the customer needs and wants. Because, the
customer not basing to the product directly but also to the people
who will promote it.
3. What changes in sales training would you suggest?
Changes in sales training i would suggest are
- give more knowledge about the product
- Friendly
- High self-confidence
- open minded or transparent for the customer easily catch.
4. What changes in sales management leadership would you suggest?
- The leader should have initial for the companies improvement
- The leader should always be a good example
- The leader needs to make a good decision or activities
- The leader should know the right and wrong to their company
- The leader should educate members that all customers is important and make some