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Raport ndrumtor

Anexa IV
Aciunea 1 Tineri pentru Europa
Sub-Aciunea 1.2 Iniiative ale tinerilor
Versiune valabil din data de 1 ianuarie 2011

Partea I. Informaii generale

Numrul proiectului
V rugm s introducei numrul de referin aa cum este specificat n contractul de finanare:

Numele organizaiei beneficiare

V rugm indicai numele i acronimul organizaiei dvs:

AsociaiaPrini pentru copii din Cmpia Turzii

Titlul proiectului
V rugm s introducei titlul proiectului aa cum este specificat n contractul de finanare:

Prin ochiul lentilei!

Semntura ndrumtorului
Subsemnatul, certific faptul i mi asum responsabilitatea c toate informaiile din acest raport sunt
corecte, reflect realitatea celor ntmplate n timpul desfurrii proiectului i au fost furnizate i
persoanelor responsabile implicate n activitile descrise.
Subsemnatul permite Comisiei Europene, Ageniei Executive pentru Educaie, Audiovizual i Cultur
i Ageniilor Naionale accesul i utilizarea informaiilor coninute n acest raport n scopul
administrrii i evalurii Programului Tineret n Aciune. Datele cu caracter personal colectate vor fi
prelucrate n conformitate cu dispoziiile Regulamentului (EC) Nr 45/2001 al Parlamentului European
i al Consiliului Uniunii Europene privind protecia persoanelor fizice n legtur cu prelucrarea
datelor cu caracter personal de ctre instituiile i organele comunitare.
Accesul la datele personale poate fi obinut printr-o solicitare scris. Pentru orice ntrebare referitoare
la prelucrarea datelor cu caracter personal, beneficiarii se pot adresa Ageniei Naionale relevante,
responsabil pentru candidatura depus. Pentru candidaturile depuse la nivel naional beneficiarii pot
depune plngere ctre autoritatea naional relevant pentru protecia datelor cu privire la modul de
folosire a datelor cu caracter personal n orice moment.

Nume, cu majuscule:
Locul:Cmpia Turzii
Data:20 august 2012


Sumarul proiectului
V rugm s descriei pe scurt proiectul n care dvs. ai fost implicat ca ndrumtor. V rugm s fii concii, acest paragraf
putnd fi fcut public. Putei preciza locul desfurrii, tipul proiectului, tema (temele), obiectivele, durata (n luni), ri implicate
(doar n cazul unei iniative transnaionale), numrul de participani, activitile desfurate, metodele de lucru utilizate i
grantul Comunitilor Europene. Realizai aceast scurt descriere din perspectiva dvs., a ndrumtorului implicat n cadrul
proiectului. Sumarul, ca i ntreg raportul, va fi completat n limba romn.

This original project, that which I developed for this community demographic, was
implemented in Campia Turzii, Romania, for a period of seven months, in order to involve
students in a rewarding afterschool program at the local high school (Pavel Dan
Highschool) to foster their creativity and technological skill along with their speaking and
writing ability in English by way of digital photography and social media. The group
consisted of both male and female students who had an interest in photography and ranged in
age from 15-18 years old. Using Nikon digital cameras, each week, the students produced
differing works of art after preparatory lessons on PPT, online or in handouts along with
discussion which reflected their own insights into daily life.
The project was planned to be a unique vehicle to enhance community pride, build upon peer
relationships and to express and showcase individuality and talent. As the students progressed
through basic camera usage and on to subject areas such as color, line, texture, close-ups,
portraits, landscapes, sunsets, etc., they were asked to describe, caption and present their
photographs for the public. There was instruction in the use of photographic media and
software to supplement the individual expression portions of this project. The students were
encouraged to enter contests which will utilize their "clean" photos before manipulation.
In late spring, at a local exhibition, which included a student-produced calendar, hometownspecific postcards and an interactive website, each student spoke about their artistic
endeavors, their own experiences, and the new knowledge they've gained from the various
activities in their project group. How these classes have impacted them personally, their own
reflections and their relationships with classmates as budding photographers, were the
keystone of the exhibition which then travel within the region to the large county library in
Cluj-Napoca, the Octavian Goga Library, in order to enlighten others on the benefits of
such a program.

Programul Tineret n Aciune - Sub-Aciunea 1.2 Iniiative ale Tinerilor Raport ndrumtor

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Partea a II-a. Date de contact

Detalii despre organizaia beneficiar/

Asociaia Prini pentru copii
Str.Nou, nr.8
Cod Potal

405 100


Cmpia Turzii

Detalii privind ndrumtorul

Cod potal

Natalie Montanaro, M.Ed.

PO Box 147, Nuku Alofa, Tongatapu, Kingdom of Tonga, South Pacific
Nuku Alofa
South Pacific, Pacific Islands ara
Tonga Website
676 799 9199

Partea a III-a. Participanii direct implicai n proiect echipa de proiect

Dac avei nevoie de mai mult spaiu, v rugm s adugai rnduri. Aceast seciune trebuie s fie identic cu cea aferent
din formularul de raport final

Informaii despre participanii grupului solicitant

Numele participantului

ara de reziden

Distribuia pe sexe

Distribuia pe grupe de vrst


Bogdan Preda


Prvu Marina


Prvu Alexandra


Pop Paul


Kis Marta Imolla


Benko Viktor


Bozdog Sidonia


Macavei Mdlina


Trcua Andrada


Popa Horea


Luduan Tudor


Bndul Iulia


Turcu Tudor


Gheme Alexandru


Ceclaca Iulian


Ganea Ovidiu





Subtotal numr de participani

Programul Tineret n Aciune - Sub-Aciunea 1.2 Iniiative ale Tinerilor Raport ndrumtor


Pagina 3

Informaii despre participani din partea promotorului (promotorilor)partener(i) (doar pentru

Iniiativele transnaionale ale tinerilor)
Numele promotorului

ara de reziden

Distribuia pe sexe

Distribuia pe grupe de vrst


Subtotal numr de participani


Tinerii din grupul de iniiativ sunt:

1. Tineri minori


2. Tineri cu oportuniti reduse


3. Tineri care provin dintr-un grup informal



1. Descriei pe scurt n ce fel ai adaptat activitatea dvs. din cadrul proiectului la vrsta participanilor care au avut
sub 18 ani (dac se aplic) :

As a trained EFL teacher, it was not difficult to provide activities which would interest the participants
under 18. All language utilized in distributed materials and lessons was geared to the groups level of
comprehension. Written material was given for review and practice and and an overview of each
weeks activities was presented to supplement the participants understanding of the projects goals,
ideas and aims. For Marta Kiss, a teenager with special educational needs, I used a simple,
elementary language in English, as well as in Romanian, as she is Hungarian and I thought I could
help her in understanding properly the tasks.
2. Descriei pe scurt oportunitile reduse ale tinerilor din echipa de proiect i modalitatea n care activitatea dvs.
din cadrul proiectului a ajutat la acest aspect (dac se aplic):
We have adapted both language and the project activities, taking into account the reduced opportunities of three
teenagers involved in the project:
-Marta Kiss- a teenager with special educational needs from Victor Ungureanu College- I have constantly
offered her support so as to help her integrate well in the group, to make her understand the projects tasks, as
well as to help her achieve the learning objectives of each workshop;
-Bndul Iulia a teenager from Avram Iancu School- of Roma ethnicity- I have advised her to participate and
get involved actively in the projects activities, but in spite of all my efforts to help her, she abandoned both the
project and the school;
-Ganea Ovidiu- a teenager from Avram Iancu School coming from an atypical family, with divorced parents,
both working abroad, with low self esteem- I have encouraged him to take part actively in the projects activities
and to socialize with peers of his age;
3. Descriei pe scurt modalitatea prin care activtile realizate de dvs. n cadrul proiectului au ajutat la dezvoltarea
grupului informal ntr-un ONG (dac se aplic):

It is not the case.

Alte informaii despre participanii grupului solicitant

Programul Tineret n Aciune - Sub-Aciunea 1.2 Iniiative ale Tinerilor Raport ndrumtor

Pagina 4

Descriei pe scurt care a fost structura grupului cu care a-i lucrat - Care este ocupaia principal a tinerilor din grup? (studeni,
elevi, angajai, omeri etc); Toi memobrii sunt voluntari sau angajai ai organizaiei (dac se aplic)? Cine conduce grupul?
(coordonatorul de proiect, lider informal, preedintele organizaiei etc) Cum iau deciziile la nivel de grup? (se impun, se iau de
comun acord etc)? Ct de des se ntlnesc cei din echipa de proiect?

As the developer of this project, the Through A Lens material was provided and compiled by myself in
order that teachers and students in this community could see another way in which to be an active
member in their city and school. Using my expertise to springboard this project, I then solicited
members of the group to volunteer to contribute in one aspect or another with the aims of the project
to achieve the goals set. There were obvious leaders, however, each participant contributed their
own personal autobiography, in English, their second or third language, as well as photos for
publication in several venues online and in print. All were required to help to design the logo, the
invitations and news for the project using a model which I provided, the t-shirts and what they would
select for photos and captions to produce a calendar and postcards along with exhibit materials for
the public. There were several teenagers who either led the outings for photo taking trips or led the
others in preparing the exhibit and other students who teamed up to assist with language and writing
skills on computer programs utilized in the project such as Animoto video, Vimeo, CNN iReporting or
local newspaper articles.

The fifteen teenagers of this project are between 15 and 20 years old and come from three
schools from Campia Turzii: Avram Iancu School, Pavel Dan High School and Victor
Ungureanu College. All these teenagers are students and volunteers for this project. The
decisions were taken within the group in common agreement.
Overall, the project activities took place three or four times a month, each Thursday from 3
pm, in the laboratory of Computer Science from Pavel Dan High School (see Appendix
with the Table related to the Projects Activities).

Programul Tineret n Aciune - Sub-Aciunea 1.2 Iniiative ale Tinerilor Raport ndrumtor

Pagina 5

Partea a IV- a. Implementarea activitii ndrumtorului din cadrul proiectului

V rugm s oferii descrieri relevante i consistente pentru fiecare item n parte. Dac avei nevoie de mai mult spaiu, v
rugm s extindei cmpurile.

Cine a iniiat procesul din cadrul proiectului cu referire la activitatea dvs. i de ce a fost acest proces iniiat? A fost o iniiativ a
grupului de a v contacta, a organizaiei, a dvs.? Explicai contextul n care s-au petrecut lucrurile cu privire la aceste aspecte,
comunicarea cu grupul de iniiativ realizat naintea proiectului propriu zis i sarcinile pe care le-ai stabilit mpreun cu grupul
de iniiativ:

Initially, Id developed the entire project for another community which ultimately did not work out due
to logistics and non-availability of technology necessary to work all the aspects of the project. As this
was an urban community and not a rural one, the project implimentation became realized. When I
arrived in Campia Turzii, I initially started to teach English as a Second Language at Avram

Iancu School. There I had the opportunity to meet Mrs Corina Bozbici and members,
teachers from Parents for Children Association. Within this context, and taking into account
the skills and competences I have in the domains of English teaching, photography and
journalism, we decided to apply for the project Through a lens. Communication with the
initiative group was mainly realised through the projects coordinator, teachers from the same
school and other members of the association. Together with the initiative group we
established the responsibilities for each member, the schedule for the project development,
rules of behaviour within the group, the topics for the workshops, outings, the projects final
products, etc.
The group of teenagers worked together well and they helped each other to keep up with the new
knowledge and produce work that was exhibit material which the community was highly impressed
by. All students came away with positive attitude and very many new skills in photography,
photojournailsm, creative writing, networking skills, computer software, online research,
communications techniques, presentation and exhibit planning and implementation, and working with
adults, educators, professionals and community beneficiaries.
Activiti implementate
Rolul dvs. de ndrumtor a fost bine definit n cadrul proiectului i n cadrul grupului de tineri din echipa de proiect? Explicai
concret rolul dvs., ct i atribuiile i mai ales activitile desfurate n proiect:

As the developer, my role was to disseminate information to the assisting teachers for future use
(sustainability) of this project and to enlighten the participants as to other uses in communication such
as networking, presentation skills, planning, organization, creative writing, English practice and
touristic materials to promote their view on the home community as teens and adults. I was able to
teach workshops, including correspondences, online materials, PPTs, written copy and technological
aspects that in the future, will be of use to the participants. I earned a masters degree in foreign
language education, am a published writer and contribute regularly to respected social networks such
as CNN as an iReporter as well as articles and blogs regarding culture which include photojournalistic
pieces, interviews and video. All of these contributed to the value of the program which I taught these
seven months and it is my hope that the participants will carry over their love of photography as I
have, to attain contacts in the community, promote tourism and disseminate culture to others near
and far. The teachers now have all of my materials both on CD and online (a Facebook group page,
for example) and can repeat that which I worked to give to this community as an ongoing project for
afterschool and interested teens to come together and do positive things. My prior knowledge,
training and level of commitment was key to the success of the handover of this project. I look
forward to seeing what the participants and teachers whom Ive now trained will do with the
information and new skill sets in the future.

As the coach, my role was to disseminate information to the assisting teachers for future use
(sustainability) of this project and to enlighten the participants as to other uses in
communication such as networking, presentation skills, planning, organization, creative
writing, English practice and touristic materials to promote their view on the home
community as teens and adults.
The main projects activities which I have organised or participated in, together with the
teenagers and other volunteers, are the following:
Programul Tineret n Aciune - Sub-Aciunea 1.2 Iniiative ale Tinerilor Raport ndrumtor

Pagina 6

-the organisation of the projects official launching- December, 13th, 2011;

-10 workshops related to various topics on photography and 5 workshops related to specific
ways of preparing the final products, of presenting and valorising work (for details, see the
Table related to the projects activities);
-the organisation of the two project exhibitions;

Obiective de invare
Care au fost obiectivele de nvare stabilite iniial pentru membrii echipei de proiect? Cum s-a ajuns la aceste obiective i cum
s-a monitorizat ndeplinirea lor? Ce competene credei c acest grup avea i ce mai trebuie dezvoltat mpreun cu dvs. sau
cu un alt ndrumtor? V rugm s detaliai aceste aspecte pentru fiecare membru al echipei de proiect n parte:

The projects learning objectives were, for the initiative group, the following:
-developing the feeling of community pride;
-supporting tourism through designing of materials that reflect the teenagers views on
various aspects of their community;
-learning new things related to new technology of digital photography, web design, as well as
developing creative writing skills, essential in marketing and advertising;
-developing overall English language skills;
The learning objectives were clearly laid out for each group meeting, both in emails and in
presentations during the meeting times. Each phase of the Project was outlined as a checklist for the
participants to utilize and organize themselves to keep up with new information given. Each of the
students were asked to complete a portion of the project individually (weekly photos based upon a
them which was outlined, discussed and researched in meeting times, compiling cds and organized
notes, writing assignments, etc.) and also to contribute to a group effort (the calendar, the postcards,
the exhibition materials, invitations, logos, etc.)

The learning objectives were constantly monitored throughout all the workshops and were
fully achieved, as the teenagers applied in their final products all that they had learned.
Generally speaking, the teenagers involved in the project had intermediate English language
skills, and at the end of the project, most of them showed consistent improvement both in
speaking and writing skills.
As far as technical skills are concerned, most teenagers knew how a camera works, but some
of them didnt. These have learned all the settings of Nikon Colpix and improved, if any,
their previous camera skills.
Other competences developed by the project refer to the social abilities; some of these
teenagers were initially shy, they felt insecure when using English, they didnt have initiative
and they didnt get involve actively in their groups. At the end of the project, these teenagers
showed a significant change in their behaviour and attitude, they were more confident when
asked to present their work and to promote their products or portfolios and they were more
willingly to get involved in volunteering activities.
Another coach will be able to follow all the design of the materials taught this project session by
myself as he or she will have photos, online material, emails, PPTs, CDs, film and hardcopy folders to
refer to and utilize in a step-by-step fashion. Also, I am available to consult online on the Facebook
group page or any other aspect of this project by email if the new instructors so desire assistance in
the future.
Programul Tineret n Aciune - Sub-Aciunea 1.2 Iniiative ale Tinerilor Raport ndrumtor

Pagina 7

V rugm s explicai ce realizri ai avut n urma implementrii proiectului din perspectiva activitii dvs. n cadrul acestuia,
mai ales cu referire la dezvoltarea personal i social a membrilor grupului(lor) i fcnd referire concret la obiectivele de
nvare propuse i ndeplinite:


The participants were encouraged to work together to create, choose and promote the facets
of their community life which could be recorded by digital photography coupled with writing
and captioning.
Each participant was given individual instruction when needed.
All participants were assigned the same activities each week.
Each of the activities was outlined in a personal notebook/portfolio for the partipants to add to
on a weekly basis.
Each of the activities covered one aspect of photography (architecture, portraits, close-ups,
still life, animals, nature, color and light, etc.)
All of the activities were reviewed the following week that they were assigned and students
were asked to discover their own voice with the camera, organize and present their best work
and then share with the other participants their final products to come up with how best to
use their photos to present a noteworthy exhibition, calendar and postcards for their
community businesses, that which had never been done beforehand.

Puncte tari
Ce puncte tari ai identificat utile n activitatea dvs. de ndrumtor din cadrul proiectului? V rugm s detaliai acest aspect cu
referire n parte la atitudinile, abilitile i cunotinele dvs.:

As a coach of this project I consider that the strengths of the projects activities were the
-the fact that the group members have become a team;
-the three teenagers with special educational needs and reduced economic possibilities were
naturally integrated in the projects team;
-the fact that these teenagers promoted the community from Campia Turzii, the touristic
attractions and they enhanced their community pride;
I believe that this project would work best for the most enthusiastic students whose prior knowledge
of digital photography is fairly new. What I mean to convey is that the best learners are those who
would be eager to discover new material, realize the value of an expert instructor, and also cherish
their surroundings enough that they would be positive and energetic about going into the field, after
study with the instructor, and bring back work which was noteworthy in its own right because they
were instilled with a sense of pride for their surroundings. That in itself would cause the excellence in
their eye of the lens to shine in the photos. Also, the English capability of each participant should be
advanced enough to write on at least a high school level.

Arii de mbuntit

Programul Tineret n Aciune - Sub-Aciunea 1.2 Iniiative ale Tinerilor Raport ndrumtor

Pagina 8

Ce ar mai fi de mbuntit n activitatea dvs. de ndrumtor? V rugm s detaliai acest aspect cu referire n parte la
atitudinile, abilitile i cunotinele dvs.:

I felt very good about being able to contribute this project to the community. With the help of Mrs.
Bozbici, the grant administrator, we together were able to acquire these funds and outline what we
could do over the seven months to bring it to fruition. I knew that heretofore, there was no one in the
community who could teach these classes and was all too happy to be that person, as a Peace Corps
volunteer, to share knowledge and degrees of information as well as technical, computer, writing,
communications and marketing skills with others here in this part of Romania. Although I believe that
a project of this type works best in communities with little resources, the addition of computers and
venues for display, exhibition, materials stores, etc. was a plus and certainly assisted our ultimate
objective. I found that most participants had a very positive attitude toward learning new things,
working together and improving their English. They took away many things, one of which was
cultural acceptance along with appreciation of the global network.

Ce tip de suport, formare, consiliere - mai credei c avei nevoie din partea AN, SALTO pentru a v putea mbuntii
competenele de ndrumtor de tineret?

Informaii suplimentare
V rugm s furnizai informaii suplimentare, observaii, comentarii sau recomandri care ar putea fi utile proiectelor viitoare,
precum i Comisiei Europene, Ageniei Executive pentru Educaie, Audiovizual i Cultur sau Ageniei Naionale. Puteti, spre
exemplu, s oferii informaii privind evalurile participanilor referitoare la activitatea dvs. din cadrul proiectului, prin intermediul
a dou, trei evaluri individuale. Descriei dificultile ntmpinate n implementarea activitii dvs. din cadrul proiectului.

The most difficult aspects of this project were associated with attendance. The partipicants who
initially began the project voiced their commitment, however, due to school workloads, were not able
to produce one to two hours of teamwork each week. This was unfortunate for some, but most of the
students carried their share of the work in the project.

The students attendance rate was on

overall, of 8-9 teenagers for each activity. In the future, I have advised that the students
chosen for such projects, to be chosen more carefully, taking into account their involvement
in other extracurricular activities, as well as their form. I think that such projects work best
for teenagers that are less involved in their school activities, curricular and extracurricular
and who do not have examinations and testing at the end of school year.
That being said, however, I am confident that the trained teachers now will view their participant list
with a more critical eye as this project was a huge privilege for the community and a major gift from
Youth in Action Europe to the city. I am happy to discuss all that you wish to know further about the
experience. Please contact me at your wishes at
Natalie Montanaro, M.Ed.
US Peace Corps
Romania 2009-2012
Kingdom of Tonga 2012-Present

Programul Tineret n Aciune - Sub-Aciunea 1.2 Iniiative ale Tinerilor Raport ndrumtor

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