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PVCS Version Manager Plus

& Professional Plus

With PVCS VM Server

Software Configuration Management (SCM) capabilities can be extended
to development teams working in distributed environments anywhere in
the world through PVCS Version Manager Plus and PVCS Professional
Plus. The PVCS Plus products add the power of VM Server which
enables teams to manage multiple revisions to project files via the
Internet or intranet, while sharing protected and centrally managed
software archives.

I-NET Clients

Archives Project

VM Server

Fig. 1: PVCS Version Manager Plus and Professional Plus products leverage the client/server
architecture of VM Server.

PVCS VM Server runs on the leading Web server technologies,

Microsoft® Windows NT IIS and Netscape® Enterprise Server; there is no
need to purchase a separate Web server platform to host VM Server
software or your project archives.

With PVCS Version Manager and Professional Plus products, SCM is

extended to distributed teams. Remote access to protected code archives
is supported via standard Web browsers (Microsoft Internet Explorer and
Netscape Navigator). In addition, PVCS Plus packages establishes a
server-based architecture for SCM that enables superior security and
faster performance across LANs and WANs.
P V C S V E R S I O N M A N A G E R P L U S & P V C S P R O F E S S I O N A L P L U S

PVCS Plus is available on both Windows NT and Solaris server

platforms. In addition, Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4.0, AIX and HP-UX
client platforms are supported. In sum, this enables developers on five
major client platforms, spanning leading Wintel and UNIX flavors, to
access PVCS Version Manager functions via the Web.


Internet collaboration
PVCS Plus products extend PVCS Version Manager functionality to team
members anywhere in the world, using your corporate intranet or the
Internet to access project files and archives. PVCS Plus packages with
VM Server provide:
• Access to multiple project roots via different URLs, giving users the
ability to bookmark all project locations for quick and easy access
• File-server-wide event triggers to enhance process control
• Customizable images and text on project pages

Standard browser access

PVCS Plus packages include VM Server, which is compatible with
Microsoft Explorer and Netscape Navigator browsers. This helps simplify
concurrent and parallel development when your organization includes
developers who are working in many locations on many different
platforms, including contractors, remote contributors and offshore
programmers. Users are able to perform the majority of SCM tasks,
• Ability to browse, create and revise folders and archives
• Check-in and check-out of code, text or Web content
• Labeling and promoting of archive revisions
• Archive and difference reporting
Audit trails indicate when and by whom code was modified.

P V C S V E R S I O N M A N A G E R P L U S & P V C S P R O F E S S I O N A L P L U S

Fig. 2: PVCS Version Manager Plus and PVCS Professional Plus enable secure Web-based
access via the intuitive Version Manager I-NET interface to protected archives, project files
and Tracker links.

Superior project security

PVCS Plus products provide additional security for distributed
enterprises. Project archives are protected by superior security including:
• Project security options that are honored across all platforms and
• Layered security including administrator-assigned access rights,
client/server protection and standards-based encryption for public
network access
• Unsecured or secured communications via HTTP and HTTPS

Easy to use and administer

PVCS Plus products include many features that make VM Server easy to
use. These features help to increase team productivity and shorten the
time and cost associated with SCM deployment. These features include:
• Index facility for quickly finding archives
• Browse button for selecting directory/file locations
• Support for browser frames
• VM Server runs as an NT Service

Superior performance
The client/server SCM architecture of PVCS Plus products significantly
improves PVCS Version Manager performance for networked users.

P V C S V E R S I O N M A N A G E R P L U S & P V C S P R O F E S S I O N A L P L U S

Because server-based processing minimizes network traffic, using VM

Server can boost performance as much as fivefold on LANs and WANs.
Variable factors such as the capacity of the server machine, file and
archive locations, and network topologies will influence the actual
performance you can expect with your installation.

Supported platforms
PVCS Version Manager Plus and PVCS Professional Plus are available
for heterogeneous development environments using the following
operating systems, Web servers and clients:
• Server operating systems
 Windows NT 4.0
 Solaris 2.6 and 7
• Web servers
 Microsoft IIS 4.0
 Netscape Enterprise Server 3.5.1
• Client operating systems
 Windows 95/98
 Windows NT 4.0
 Sun Solaris 2.6 and 7
 IBM AIX 4.2.1 and 4.3
 HP/UX 10.20 and 11.0
• Web browsers
 Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x+
 Netscape Navigator 4.06+

P V C S V E R S I O N M A N A G E R P L U S & P V C S P R O F E S S I O N A L P L U S


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