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Albany, NY 12084
Diversely talented scientific research professional with broad experience in research and production.
Demonstrates a passion for sharing and educating others in science and technology and delivering
engaging presentations to a wide range of cross-cultural and multi-industry audiences. Ability to manage
initiatives and operations from both technical and business perspectives. A hands-on, flexible and
collaborative manager with a genuine care for a team and the success of each individual.

Scientific Research & Analysis

Molecular Biology

Cell Biology
Developmental Biology
Process Improvement (LEAN)

Product Development
Technical Communications
Operations Management

Senior Scientist and Head of Molecular Analysis
Scientist, Molecular Analysis

Jan 2009 Nov 2014

May 2012 Nov 2014
Jan 2009 May 2012

Research and Analysis New Development

Held full responsibility for development and implementation of new products and processes including:
small single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) panels, gene expression, copy number analysis, flow
cytometry, quantitative southern blot assays, and new DNA and RNA techniques.
Oversaw assay design and development, including but not limited to conventional and real time PCR,
quantitative real time PCR, Southern Blot Assays and flow cytometry.
Scientific Operations Management Established Processes/Products
Directed all facets of Molecular Biology Production Laboratory.
Conducted final review, approval and analysis of SNP testing/genetic monitoring reports,
RapidMap and mycoplasma testing and reports, assay designs and other customer facing documents.
Approved all assay designs and transfers produced in all Company molecular laboratories globally.
Acted as Subject Matter Expert (SME) to provide training and support to project management,
customer service and sales groups as well as directly to customers.
Communicated directly with customers to provide consultation and technical guidance and to
introduce additional products and services.
Set and implemented all departmental quality standards.
Led quality investigations and root cause analysis related to any issues within the lab.
Process Improvement
Applied LEAN Six Sigma approach to improve process efficiency and quality.
Combined two functional groups resulting in reduction of 3 FTEs and reduced turnaround time
for assay transfers from 15-20 business days to 5-10 business days.
Rolled out automation/robotic systems to increase operations efficiency by implementing capillary
electrophoresis system for PCR, resulting in reduction in use of carcinogenic reagents, the number
of retests and a decrease in turnaround time for customer results.

Team Leadership
Supervised between 6 and 14 technical specialists and scientists at various levels.
Conducted interviews and made final hiring decisions.
Delivered performance appraisals, counselings and improvement plans to team.
Established and conducted training programs for new hires, lateral moves and promotions.
Monitored day to day progress of sub teams that were dedicated to specific processes.
Financial Management
As Sr. Scientist, held full P & L responsibility for Molecular Analysis department.
Managed multi-million dollar/year expense plan. Maintained budget lines with signatory
Generated multi-million million dollar profit margins annually.
Evaluated market and pricing trends, competitors positioning, and customer needs.
Made decision on discounts or price adjustments for customers.
Aug 2003 - Jan 2009
Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
Conceived and led a research program to understand the developmental cell death in Drosophila development and to
use this as a model for cell death regulation in cancer.
Hired, trained and mentored 6 graduate and 8 undergraduate students.
Taught 1.5 courses per year in Cell and/or Developmental Biology.
Participated in faculty committees on hiring decisions curriculum design, and student admissions
Served on multiple committees to review and approve M.S. and Ph.D. theses.
Collaborated with a neurobehavioral lab to train students in and perform molecular biology and
biochemical experiments including genotyping, RNA and protein expression analysis.
Negotiated with vendors in cost-effective purchase of lab equipment and reagents.
Held full financial responsibility for research group budget.
July 1999 - July 2003
Postdoctoral Fellow
Led a research program to understand the role of numerous genes in developmental programmed cell
death using genetic, molecular and cell biological methods.
Established use of microarray and other methods in the lab.
Directed a team of graduate students and technicians.
Graduate Research Assistant / Graduate Teaching Assistant
Studied the role of the Notch signaling pathway in muscle, neural and other tissue development.
Developed and optimized cell biological assays to analyze protein and mRNA expression in various
cells and tissues.
Established use of Northern, Southern and Western Blots in the laboratory.
Instructed undergraduate Biology and Microbiology laboratory students.

Proficient in Windows & Mac OS; MS Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint); MS Outlook;; Adobe
Acrobat; PubCrawler; EndNote
Knowledgeable in local network systems: Groupwise, Oracle, Business Objects (dbase) and Prophix
Extensive experience with Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) including system
modifications and projects to design and implement new systems
Broad experience with Scientific Software: Illumina Genome Studio; ABI Primer Express, Taqman
Genotyper Software, SDS Software; Perkin Elmer LabChip Software; ImageQuant; Vector NTI, etc.


Fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) of fixed cells and tissue

Immunohistochemistry of whole mount and sectioned samples
Confocal and traditional fluorescent microscopy and Electron Microscopy
Use of cell division and apoptotic markers in live and fixed tissue and use of cellular structure
markers, e.g., microtubules, actin filaments, and mitochondria
Microsurgery techniques including dissection of eye imaginal discs from Drosophila larvae and pupae
and Drosophila embryo fillets
Molecular Biology and cloning methods for transgene expression in mammalian cells and bacteria.
Constructed reporter transgenes and injection into Drosophila embryos to generate transgenic animals
Purification of recombinant proteins from tissue
DNA and RNA isolation and analysis from cells and tissues
Gene expression assay methods (microarray and qRT-PCR)
DNA sequencing
Southern, Northern and Western Blot methods
Flourescence Assisted Cell Sorting (FACS) including assay panel development for up to 14 proteins
ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay)-direct and sandwich assay types.

2006 Society for Developmental Biology Faculty Boot Camp Participant, Ann Arbor, MI
2006 Society for Developmental Biology Travel Grant to attend 65th Annual Meeting, Ann Arbor, MI
2004 Society for Developmental Biology Travel Grant to attend 63rd Annual Meeting, Calgary, Canada
2003 Best Post-doctoral Research Presentation, Midwest Regional Society of Developmental Biology
Conference, The Stowers Institute, Kansas City, MO
2002 Poster Presenter, Developmental Biology, Gordon Research Conference, Andover, NH
2001 Poster Presenter, Visual Systems Development, Gordon Research Conference, Bristol, Rl
1998 William King Candlin Memorial Fellowship, University of Kansas
1992-1993 Undergraduate Research Internship, Midwest Research Institute

Executive Management Training Program

NextRidge and Siena College - Albany, NY
Postdoctoral Fellowship
Washington University School of Medicine, Department of Pharmacology Saint Louis, MO
Research focus: Developmental, Cell, and Molecular Biology
Awarded National Institutes of Health, National Eye Institute Training Fellowship
Awarded National Institutes of Health, National Eye Institute Individual Postdoctoral Fellowship
Ph.D. (with Honors) in Biology
The University of Kansas Department of Cell Biology - Lawrence, KS
Research Focus: Developmental, Cell, and Molecular Biology
Awarded William King Candlin Memorial Fellowship for outstanding work in Cell Biology or Biochemistry
Bachelor of Science in Biology
University of Missouri at Kansas City Kansas City, MO
Research Focus: Microbiology
Awarded Undergraduate Research Internship, Midwest Research Institute