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Yea, so have I

strived to preach the gospel, not where Christ was named, lest I should build upon another man's
foundation: Now I beseech you, brethren, for the Lord Jesus Christ's sake, and for the love of the Spirit, that
ye strive together with me in your prayers to God for me.
Romans 15:20, 30

Beloved Pastors and Church

By the grace and glory of God we have been called to serve with an irrevocable calling to minister the Gospel
among the Venezuelan people that they may be an acceptable offering and live in holiness by the Holy Spirit.

Although we have lived among the Venezuelans and have had the joy and privilege to see many lives
transformed after having led them to the feet of Christ, even so we do not have anything in which we should
glory because of the souls that we have won, for this is our duty.

But what we have accomplished, whether small or great in Venezuela or other places, the person who
receives all the praise is Christ our Saviour, He who has done through us what He has desired which is in
obedience to His guidance and command to go and preach the gospel to all nations.

God has given us the strength to preach and go beyond our preconceived limitations. We strive to be
strengthened and do with excellence His work in every place that we have been, especially in Venezuela and
where Christ has not been preached.

Our prayer and desire was to go to Venezuela in February 2015; however, this year, the Holy Spirit has kept
us from going. Our beloved pastor, Eduardo Alejandre, after being challenged at the SLP conference with
Pastor Luis Ramos, and after seeing that our beloved church, Iglesia Bautista Bblica el Divino Salvador (Holy
Saviour Bible Baptist Church), needs to be instructed and encouraged, and to establish a strategy to support
the expansion of the Gospel in Venezuela and the rest of the world, our pastor has requested that we serve
in our home church for one year. Also, we will be starting a church in Pesquera, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, one of the
municipalities of our state. The pertinent project is that our church might have more dedication and love for
the mission work. This would benefit our church, our ministry, other missionaries and the preaching of the
Gospel in the beautiful but needy country of Venezuela.

We reiterate that our calling is still on track, while we are being capacitated and edified with Gods
resources in order to return to Venezuela. And our return, by the grace of God, will be a greater step of faith
since it is our desire to go back to Venezuela to begin a church accompanied by a missionary team. And if
God opens the doors, we will be advised and/or accompanied by the Ministry of Avance Misionero (missionary
advance) of IBB of SLP (Bible Baptist Church of San Luis Potos), whose director is brother Alfredo Diaz. This
ministry has already begun eight churches with teams in other countries in Latin America.

Once we have concluded our time here in our beloved church, and have seen much fruit, then our feet will
walk on Venezuelan paths and our eyes will see those who are to be saved from condemnation.

We know that all that God has allowed us to experience has happened that we might return with not only
financial but also spiritual and physical abundance, but above all with the abundance of the Gospel of Christ.

We beseech you, brethren, pastors, churches, family and friends, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and by
the love of the Spirit that you pray for us,
A. That we be freed from evil.
B. That the offering of our service be acceptable to God.
C. That in all times, even in trials, we will have joy and contentment.
D. That with joy, hope, trust in God and patience we will await the day of our return to Venezuela.
E. That others will be able to continue to be part of our ministry, constantly praying, faithful helping us
financially, and taking up the challenge to go with us to Venezuela.

We will close with a note from our beloved pastor who has desired to have a part in this letter:

Beloved, co-labourers and churches,
It is a joy to be able to write and be part of the life of my children (Mike and Susy), and we beseech you that you do not
leave off supporting your missionaries Mike and Susy Guzman. I beseech you that you do not let go the rope of support of
these servants. Our church, and myself your servant, recognize, agree and approve not only this letter, but also of our
brethren as capable servants to fulfill the work of God in Venezuela. But it is our desire that we along with you should
send them with better support and backing even with our own lives if it is necessary, that Christ may be preached and
Venezuela should know our only Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. If you have any questions, clarifications or comments,
please do not hesitate to contact me personally via email or by calling our church.

Thank you, beloved brethren, for continuing to be a part of our ministry and the souls that are being saved in
every place that our feet are being guided by God.