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As can be seen from the chart I, there were different of percentage og pupils in state secondary schools in England and

Wales in 166,
1971, and 1975. A larger percentage of secondary school people were at comperhensive school accounted for as much as 65% of the pupils. There
was an increase in percentage of pupils in comprehensive school for about four times higher during 1966 to 1975. As for modern school, there was
gradually decrease in percentage of pupils as much as 30%. Turning to the percentage of grammar school pupils, a marked decline from 25% in 1966
become 10% in 1975. As for as techincal school an other are concern there was a steady state in percentage during 1966 to 1975. Only a minimal
decline found in 1975.
In 2010 a survey was conducted among overseas student studying in british. This survey to find out English problem faced by the
students on arrival and 6 months later. As can be seen from the table 3, the majority of the student found difficulties in understanding spoken english
on arrival. However, the percentage dropped dramatically. This was caused by the fact that they became familiar with spoken english during 6
months. Also, the majority of students had problems in speaking on arrival suprisingly, this percentage was almost the same. With regard to writting,
only few students faced problems in writting on arrivel. This percentage doubled 6 months later. It may be caused by the fact that they had to write
papers. Turning to reading, only few students had a difficulties in reading and its percentage is almost the same. So it is better for english teacher to
focus on oral english as well.
According to the alcohol content, drink can be calssified into alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Examples of alcoholic drink are spirits, wine and
beer. Non-alcoholic drink can be sub-di-divided into hot and cold. Example of hot drink are tea,coffee and cocoa. Cold drink can be further sub
divided into aerated and non-aerated drinks. Examples of aerated are lemonade, tonic water, soda water and coca cola.


There are some silent killer, diabetes is a case in point.

Steel is a metal which is produced from iron and carbon.
The presence of food may enhance or inhibit the absorption of a drug
Geography may be defined as the science of the earths surface.
With regard to population, sweden is bigger than norway.
Acetylcholine levels in the brain may affect mood disorders, and supplemental choline can increase acetylcholine levels.
Drugs that may decrease PTH include cimetidine and propranolol.
There is a tendency for most of the unemployed to be men.
Although it was raining, he went to english class.
Whereas Findland is a republic, Norway has a constitutional monarchy.
Denmark has the smallest land area; on the other hand, it has the largest percentage agricultural area.
The number of students increases every year.
Cold laser treatments accelerate healing, thus often preventing drop outs from athletic competitions or loss of valuable training time.

Among 1874 until 1974 a survey was conducted to find out the solemnization per 1000 at ten-year interval. Information is givn fo Church of england
weddings and civil ceremonies. As can bee seen from the graph during the period from 1874 until 1974 there was a marked decline in the proportion
of marriage which were solemnize by the church of England. They fell from 750 per 1000 marriage to for about 500 in 1974. Thus, there was a
decline of decreased from 1874 until 1974. On the other hand, there was a gradual increase in the proportion of marriage which were solemnize
conducted by the civil ceremonies. These marriage accounted for only 100 per 1000 marriage in 1874, gradually arouse to about 350 in 1974. Thus,
there was an increase of 250 during this period.