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Shastry Garu Jeevitha Charitra
Shreeram Balijepalli, Canada

et me narrate the great story of one

Srividya Upasaka who lived in
Andhrapradesh in a series of
postings. Those who even hear this story
will attain the blessings of Goddess Sri
Rajarajeshwari Devi. I can hit the ground
thrice and say this with certainty.

A Telugu Vaideeki Velanadu brahmin,

It is said that the following categories:

1. Karanajanmas
2. Shaapagrasthaas
3. Yogabrashthas

my Gurunatha is Rajagopala Swamy of

Nanganallur Sarvamangala Rajarajeshwari
Ashramam. I have been initiated into
Srividya Margam and my father and
mother are Sri Balijepalli Devendra
Shankar Garu (a Dattaupasaka and direct
disciple of Swaprakashananda DattaAthivarna-Avadhutha) and Srimathy
Balijepalli Vidhyavathy Garu. I have
finished my MBA in USA and currently
reside in Toronto working as Business
Analyst. My Upasya Devatha is
Rajarajeshwari Parabhattarika Devatha.

are born again, finish whatever divine

tasks they have been ordained to do, finish
their prarabdha (good or bad) and then
become Keerthisheshaas (ending of their
lives in divine glory).
In this category was this Mahapurusha
BrahmaSri Tadepalli Raghavanarayana
Shastry Garu. He was born in Chandavolu
Andhrapradesh. He lived from 1896 to 1990
(Born as per Hindu Calendar in 1818
Shaalivahana shaka, Durmukha Nama
Samvatsaram Shravana Bahula Vidiya
Mangalavaaram in Vrushabha Lagna night
time2581896 born in Gorontla near
Guntur in his mother's place.). He was

called lovingly




He was born as the first son to Venkatappayya Shastry.

Venkatappayya Garu was a great Vedakala Rishisamaan,
paramanishtaa, Shaastra Kovida and Mahaakavi. His Sanskrit
texts are four in number, Andhra kruthis are 20 in number. All
magnum opus of that age. He founded the Sanskrit Pathashala
and ran the organization for 40 years without kulamatha bheda,
taught Sanskrit and other shastras to those interested, also
conducted annadana to all including the vidhyaarthis (students)
before being taken over by Shankara Vidyalaya.
To such an illustrious father was this shining star Chandavolu selected by Amba to be given
a rightful birthplace. His Aksharabhaaysam was conducted in the fifth year.
For an unknown reason at that age itself, he was given the Bala Tripura Sundari mantra by
Tadikonda Vaasi Kedaralinga Ayyavaru Garu (18801941 AD). The young boy started doing
the japa of Goddess Bala from that age till the age of 16 and due to this Balaambika used to
respond to this Boy's call every time miraculously!
He learnt Tarka (Logic) from Dendhukoori Paanakaala Narasimha Shastry and Siddhantha
Koumudhee from Taadikonda Muddhigonda Naagalinga Shaastry. He finally topped his
education from Seetharama Shastry Garu of Podili with MantraTantra Shastra. All this
was apart from Veda Vedanga knowledge being received from his father. After all this
education, he decided to take up Sanyaasa deeksha even before he was an adult.

his made his father Venkatappayya a bit worried. Why does this Balaka want to
take up sanyaasa at this young age? Why this early detachment to things worldly?
Have I not married? Will marriage impede his spiritual activities?' Thinking thus,
he set upon to venture into the child's past birth. Now, there was one person by the name of
Govindarajulu Seethaaramayya Shastry. His wife was a great yogini and her name was
Shyamalaamba. She pronounced emphatically "There is a Surya Mandala Antharvarthi (a
yogi in Surya Mandala etheric sphere) who was born thus."
As Venkatappayya was worried on this count, he himself dreamt a strange dream in which
his stepmother showed his son (Chandavolu Shastry Garu) as a
great Siddha and that Goddess Sri Chakreshwari Kameshwari
Devi standing near the boy.

eside her there were Yuvathis (young women) and Amba

asked one of the girls to go near Him. She came and she
seated herself on her own accord on his lap. He began to
quiver a bit and Amba smiled and said "Your mind has perturbed
a bit because of this young woman. Both of you go and be born as
human beings and marry each other and then come back here
after your karmic thing is over".
The above dream confirmed that Chandavolu Shastry (his son) was not an ordinary child
and that there was a reason for His karma. Venkatappayya was amazed when at the age of 19

Chandavolu Shastry changed his decision from becoming a monk to suddenly marrying a
very beautiful girl Parvathy (who was the daughter of Adepalli Mangamma and Paapayya
Shastry). The reason for his amazement was that the beautiful girl (who looked like a
devakanya) was exactly the same girl who came in his dream (Acchappuroopam) as
shown by his stepmother!!
He knew within his heart (which he revealed later)
that both of them came from Surya Mandala (a Deva
Bhoomi in an etheric plane) as Karanajanmis.
Shaapagrasthaa is a rude word here because Amba did
not give any curse but wanted the Karma of Her child
to be annihilated and transcended with the girl and the
girl's karma with him and then come back to Surya
Mandala. As Surya Mandala being a pure land it does
not entertain a single thought of Kaama and thus both their kaarmic vibrations should not
affect other upasakas there.
After marriage, Chandavolu Shastry Garu renamed his wife as "Sri
Devi". He started helping Venkatappayya in his day to day dealings in
the Sanskrit Pathashala. Seeing his dedication some people in America too
asked him to come to USA. But Chandavolu Shastryji did not like this

e used to spend time in the educational activities and also added

few more spirituointellectual feathers to his divine cap like
doing Netraavadhaanam with Pinapaati Veerabhadrayya
Shastry and also Kavithwa sadhana with Eleshwara Purushotthama
Shastry Garu. Luckily, Chandavolu Shastryji knew the Governor in those
days and whenever he had some work regarding Vedas or temple
activities, he used to get it done easily through the Governors orders.
Shastry Garu, toured the country and Andhra and did won many
intellectual debates and finally he came home. But the financial situation
in home was not good. Their family used to take one meal per day to save
money. Apart from that they had a Rs.10,000/ debt (which was quite a huge sum those
days) and also pecuniary troubles with the pathashala.
Once the situation took a worse turn insomuch as not having food for
three days in a row! Then, on the third day night Shastry Garu started
to do Lalitha Sahasranama Archana in a temple nearby to the tune of
27 times! He did not have any Naivedya to give Ammavaru, so He
gave just water as naivedya and sipped that alone as mahaprasada and
slept there itself after neatly spreading his Angavastra on the temple
He had a miraculous dream in which he saw a ten year old girl who
came to him and playfully said,

Hey! I will give you what you are

begging. Just open your angavastram a bit
wide. Hehe! (she giggled)".
The playful girl poured a fistful of rice
grains in it and said, "A vehicle will come,
board it and go".

iraculously in the morning itself

Garus (local king) vehicle came
and picked Shastry Garu for Puranakatha
kalakshepa in Raju Garu's house. When he
came home tired, he saw that Raju Garu
had given rice grains in a rice bag to his
house, which arrived before him. From
that day on, Chandavolu Shastry Garu did
not have any want.

Jyotish Kalpadrum
Yoga for homosexuality
If Mercury and Saturn are in 7th house
and they are aspected by Sun and Mars,
the native becomes homosexual.
Childlessness - Jyotish Kalpadrum
If in Male chart Venus is situated in 5th
house in Aries or Scorpio sign, the native
will have very less sperm count.

One incident of his childhood reflects the

later quality mentioned above.
As a small kid, once he was eating
groundnuts in his aunts (mennattha)
house. His aunt spoke harshly about his
avariciousness to eat groundnuts. From
that day onwards; he not only did not
touch groundnuts but also did not use
groundnut oil not even for cooking in his

If in female chart Mars is in 5th house in

Taurus or Libra sign the lady will be
devoid of child birth.

Also, once while he was travelling in a

train. Some arrogant youngsters, who were
smoking cigarettes, did not allow him to
sit next to the window (which was his
rightful reserved seat). From then he did
not go on trains except once for Kasi
prayanam. (The whole journey being spent
by standing near the door and sleeping
next to it instead of in his seat!)
To be Continued