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-name yourself 1 letter name

-Head straight out of pallet and trigger oak cutscene
-first battle is quicker to lose, just spam thundershock
-*redbar, at lower than 20% health, starts panic music and skips jingles for lev
el up and new moves
-head up to route one, hope for no encounters. Average is 3 encounters back and
-head straight to mart
-back to pallet
-back up route one and buy 2 pokeballs and 8 potions and 1 paralyzheal
-if any pokeballs miss, reset
-head to route 2 look for lvl6 male nidoran 5% chance to appear
-give it 10 encounters max, then reset
-get nidoran to yellow health
-name it a 1 letter name
-heal it back up
-fight trainer with 2 caterpies
-at least 14 atk 13 speed 11 def and spec
-keep him healed up
-dodge next trainer
-fight 3rd, but talk don't trigger to skip !
-we use nidoran because he levels faster than mankey, and nidoking's moveset is
-hope metapod doesn't use harden
-this fight shouldn't take more than 5 horn attacks
-hope for pidgey for fly slave 30% encounter
-talk to last trainer and fight caterpie
-average encounter in viridian forest is around 5
-deposit pikachu in pokecenter
-talk to pre-brock trainer fight his diglett and sandshrew

-if low health, tackle, don't waste horn attack

-use tackle first against sandshrew because tackle can miss then finish with hor
n attack
-heal up before brock
-brock-geodude and onyx
-use double-kick
-pray to almighty god onyx doesn't use bide
-use leer twice
-head straight to mt moon road
-fight first bugcatcher with caterpie, weedle and caterpie
-horn attack is your bread and butter for a while
-save horn attack as much as possible by tackling at low life, pp should last un
til cerulean with no heal
-shorts' guy's ekans' wrap can really fuck you up
-fight girl above guy because guy has 4 including metapod and kakuna she only ha
s 2.
-leave route 3 to reset her, just walk back until color change then head back
-talk to trainer after her
-nido should evolve by now
-move around trainer in grass.
-if you missed pidgey, catch spearow here
-hear right into mt moon
-go up to sign, left, under ladder, all the way down to bottom passageget rare c
andy at bottom
-go straight up while fighting a geodude if he appears, then move up, around fem
ale trainer, then walk left along bottom wall past the ladder around trainer all
the way to left wall and up, grab moons tone for nidoking and go down ladder be
hind guy, move right to ladder. after ladder evolve to nidoking
-nidorino can't 1 shot a lvl 11 geodude, but nidoking can. would rather fight lv
l 10 geodude with nidorino because cry is shorter.
-in this room move up, down the stairs, skip rocket, up ladder hug wall going do
wn and follow path hugging wall then go up hugging right entrance wall to fight
super nerd with fossils
-move forward and get omanyte
-hug bottom wall and into ladder after jesse/james fight

-move right
-move down stairs and keep heading right, up stairs keep right jump down head ig
ht into cerulean and take pokecenter for horn attack pp
-move up to house, into back yard and 4 rocks from end of tiles for rare candy
-move up to nugget bridge for first rival fight
-horn attack everything but ratatta and eevee, double kick
-move to right side and talk to first bridge trainer
-move to left side and talk to next trainer
-move to right for 3rd trainer
-if you know horn attack can kill ratatta, go for it to save super effective tex
-if you're lvl 21, use two rare candies to learn thrash, forget tackle
-spam the ever loving fuck out of thrash
-finish nugget bridge
-grab charmander after nugget bridge from trainer for hm slavery
-move down and fight hiker
-use double kick
-move up and talk to bottom trainer to the right
-fight top trainer to the right because he has 2 pokes, bottom has 4
-talk to female trainer by fence
-move to slot directly to the right and pick up ether
-talk to bill
-move down, to the left along the mountain back to cerulean
-take left route to misty to dodge a trainer
-misty's starmie had a speed of 56, so hope you're faster at lvl 25
-heal up before misty
-move up to house with officer jenny outside
-move down stairs and to the left, hug the left wall and to the right into tunne
-the second you get into tunnel pick up a full restore then move down and out

-move down, into grass to avoid trainer on right

-talk to next trainer
-after fight teach nidoking TM 11 bubblebeam replacing leer
-fight bottom trainer
-move down to mart
-buy 7 super potions and 3 repels for rock tunnel
-move down to ss anne
-move down to hug bottom wall, go all the way left and up stairs al the way down
adn left hugging top wall and up corridor to fight rival
-dont use thrashb ecause of confuse
-use horna ttack
-use bubblebeam on sandshrew
-double kick on eevee
-move up and get cut, leave ss anne
-head to tree to cut, heal nido, teach charmander cut and dig tm 8
-chooses 2 posotions if in a corner, the second can be in 4 places. ex bottom le
ft it can be either up up,up left, left up or left left. if you go up or left, y
ou've got it. 75% chance
middle ones have a 50% chance. middle column and there's an 88% chance it's in t
he top left
-head to the left building above gym and get bike voucher
-talk to officer jenny and get squirtle for surf. Head into diglett cave and dig
to get to cerulean
-head down and left to get the bike
-move bike to near top of items and teach nidoking thunderbolt replacing double
-cut tree nearby and head riht and up then left and cut tree
-talk to trainer and fight
-use thrash and pray to god it lasts 4 turns
-move down and right all the way, go up stairs and talk to trainer
-go up, around to the right and down, nder grass, around rocks and trees and int
o rock tunnel.
-in rock tunnel use a repel

-move down as far as you can and right until you see the edge of another wall an
d talk to the trainer on the right
-use bubblebeam on cubone and thunderbold on slowpoke
-move round and follow top ledge, then right wall until ladder, then move down l
evel witht he wall on the left and talk to the trainer at the corner
-move around trainer, up to left edge of first opening and talk to trainer
-move along bottom wall right and up. use a repel about halfway right on the wal
l, then move up the wall all the way -1 tile and move left to the ladder. move d
own and right moving along the wall, around and to the ladder move left and down
along the wall until even with the wall on the left, move to middle of the path
and go up and talk to trainer on left 2 tiles from top ledge
-move around, use repel and go up to ladder. move left and go along wall halfway
, move right along wallmove right until even with left ledge, go around and talk
to trainer on left ledge corner
-move to bottom ledge adn out of the cave.
-get max elixir on left of rock, then move down into lavender town, out the left
exit and talk to old guy trainer
-move up around and dodge all trainers, then move down around into tunnel entran
-move to bottom ledge, move left counting to 4 and find elixir then move a tile
from the top, and left until you find a nugget. move downa nd out, then up and r
ound the route all the way
-left to the giant mart. go up three floors, and sell nuggets, tm 34 and buy a p
oke doll, go up one floor, buy 13 xaccuracy 9 x speed 2 x special go up a floor
buy a soda and a fresh water.
-give the girl a water and soda then buy another water. go down 4 floors and buy
a tm07 10 super repels next to the guy and leave the store.
-move out of town to the left cut the tree and go up into the city and go into t
he house for fly.
-switch the second item and super repel. teach nido horn drill over horn attack
use a super repel and teach nido rock slide forgetting bubblebeam. fly to lavend
er town. move right to the tower, go up and to the right up the stairs and fight
-use x accuracy and horn drill dem bitches
-move left and down up the stairs
-move down up dodging trainers and up stairs. talk to first trainer in new room
-use rock slide on gastly
-move down and pick up elixir and left up the stairs dodgin trainers. pick up hi
dden elixir in bottom tile by stairs, then move to square tiels and heal up then
right up stairs. then go up and fight trainer
-move up and left and down talking to next trainer
-move down and get rare candy. down and right up the stairs

-use pokedoll on ghost

-move up and fight jesse/james
-use x accuracy and horn drill
-move up and talk to mr fuji and get pokeflute
-fly to celadon
-take pokecenter
-move right out and down into pass on right
-move right and down along patch into huge building (silph co)
-go into elevator to 10f
-move down and left along walls fighting rocket get all pokeballs
-teach nido tm 26 over rockslide
-then go down stairs and move all the way right and down and into teleporter the
n move down and fight rocket
-move all the way right getting card key then go back into teleporter twice and
use door on left
-take teleporter and all the way right and p mfirst corridor and first door on l
eft and into teleporter and fight rival
-x accuracy and x speed and hope you don't get slashed. then horn drill them bit
-use earthquake on magnemite and kadabra and flareon
-take bottom teleporter and fight jesse/james and earthquake dem foos
-move down and right into room and fight giovanni
-x accuracy and xspeed and earthquake nidorino, horn drill persian, rhyhorn, and
-dig out and go right, into tunnel again and up to top path into gym. use super
potion and elixir on nido king take teleporter, then top left, bottom left botto
m left and fight sabrina
-x accuracy and 2 x speeds and earthquake abra and kadabra and horn drill alakaz
-talek portal, then dig out and go left out of town to snorlax, use super repel
and use pokeflute to wake it up
-go left into building then down avoiding trainers
-move right until you're 3 tiles from the edge then get hidden rare candy 4 tile
s above tainer on let. then go all the way down hugging right wall and go down l
eft side o path and right down middle of path into tunnel and out of tunnel go r
ight and immediately down and into the gym.

-hug right wall and go up until left in front of mohawk trainer

-earthquake e'er boddi
-then hug right wall go up to top then 1 tile away from left move down, around t
rainer and talk to bottom trainer
-again, earthquake e'er boddi
-finish hypno with thunderbolt
-the move down and talk to koga
-use x accuracy and x speed and horn drill everyone
-if you get put to sleep use pokeflute to wake up
-then move left up to top of wall and all the way right and down out of gym
-then go right past poke center and up gold brick road around all the pens to th
e rigth and into safari center on left
-use super repel and teach nido ice beam forgetting thrash
-then go all the way right and up out and go right up stairs left down stairs up
up stairs and around to sign and out the left then go left to second mountain a
nd up and left passing the pokeball up around the shrubs and down next to water
and middle between shrubs and water goign downa nd getting gold teeth then up an
d left into the building talking to the guy then walk out and dig out
-then bike down and left and down to tree and go left all the way up the stairs
and itno the gym. go along right wall and skip trainer cutting tree behind her t
hen fight first trainer by erika
-use ice beam on exeggcute
-then fight erika
-use an x accuracy, and horn drill e'er boddi
-cut bottom tree and leave gym
-fly to fuchsia city
-move left and into house on left talk to warden and get strength
-fly to pallet
-go in you rhouse and rest at house
-leave home and teach charmander strength and squirtle surf
-use rare candies on nidoking
-use super repel and carbos on nidoking
-then bike south to water and surf all the way down hugging left waall, then go
down from first pylon you meet and go all the way down go right into cinnabar ma

-go all the way up to the stairs

-then go right into the room with beds up the stairs, right and activate the sta
tue then down adn fall down the first chance you get then go left and down, past
the pokeball and down the stairs using a super repel then go up and left into t
he super computer oom and activate that switch going left and up and right and u
p the path above the stairs activating the next switch you see then left down th
e hall past the table into the tree room with secret key and dig out
-fly to cinnabar
-go to mart buy 14 hyper potions
-and go to gym
-answers are yes,no,no,no,yes,no
-use earthquake on ninetales, then use x accuracy and x speed and earthquake, th
en horn drill arcanine
-dig out
-fly to veridian city
-bike left and up and right to gym
-go up and fight trainer above the 3 in a triangle
-ice beam the rhyhorn
-go around and fight trainer on top
-use ice beam on machokes and earthquake on machop
-then leave gym and re enter to reset trainer. go back to him, hyper potion nido
-go left and fight giovanni
-use x speed and earthquake dugtrio
-use x accuracy and horn drill the rest of his pokes
-leave the gym
-use a super repel and max ether nidoking then bike left and down ouyt of town,
go up through the grass and fight rival
-x accuracy, dont die to slash and horn drill everything but kadabra. earthquake
-go left and down the left wall throught he grass and up to victory road
-bike up right up left up up to water and surfstraight up until the wall, left a
long the right wall and all the way up through the grass, left a bit and up into
the tunnel.
-go left and strength the ball down, an along the path to the right onto the but

-then go left up the stairs up and left down and up the ladder. the bottom bould
er will go onto the switch right by it. go up the stairs and right, reloading re
pel, then go all the way right and up the ladder. the boulder you see goes up tw
o then all the way left along the bottom wallthen into the slot on the left, goi
nt on the left side of the circle around the rock onto the button. then go back
right where you came from, go up the stairs to the left of the entry ladder , do
wn skipping trainers and push the boulder down the hole. reuse a super repel and
push the boulder left along the top wallon to the button.
-go back right up the stairs ond up the ladders out of victory road. go around a
nd up to the center. deposit all other pokemon besides nidoking. heal up at the
center. brace yourselves.
-winter, fighting, psychics, draggins and a bitch are coming.
-lorelai. here we go.
-pray to god you both live and odn't get speed down'd.
-use hyper potion if needed and x accuracy asap. x speed if you get speed down'd
then horn drill the fucking shit out of these pokes.
-elixer and heal if needed.
-bruno tiem.
-ice beam onyx, x accuracy on hitmonchan, then horn drill him, hitmonlee,ice bea
m onyx 2, and horn drill machamp.
-agatha next.
-use an x speed then earthquake her pokes, except golbat thunderbolt him.
-heal up for lance.
-x speed if you can. x special to survive hydro pump. thunderbolt gyarados. ice
beam the rest of them.
-heal up
-x special to survive earthquake. ice beam sandslash. full restore and earthquak
e alakazam. use x accuracy on exeggutor and horn drill the rest of them.\
-GAEM OVAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!