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The core of an operating system is referred to as the CPU.

B) False
I/O functions let programs communicate with the computer hardware.
A) True
One function of the kernel is managing use of the computer s RAM.
A) True
A single device driver typically communicates with several different hardware de
B) False
Most modern operating systems use cooperative multitasking.
B) False
Which of the following is NOT an I/O task performed by the OS?
B) executes program instructions
Which of the following was the first widely used multiuser, multitasking OS?
C) Unix
Which of the following is a job typically performed by the kernel?
A) managing CPU interactions
Code that exchanges information with specific hardware devices is referred to as
which of the following?
D) device driver
Which of the following is least concerned with a computer s specific hardware conf
A) applications
Which of the following is NOT a task performed by the computer s BIOS?
B) manages random access memory
Which of the following can be described as program code that acts as a specializ
ed hook into the operating system?
If you need to change certain aspects of the way your computer boots, which of t
he following components would you configure?
What type of computer is most likely to be used for graphical design and film de
sign and animation?
B) high-end workstation
If you are a bank manage and have thousands of transactions to process in which
no user interaction is required, which type of computer are you most likely to u
A) mainframe
If your computing environment requires that some processing of your application
takes place on a server and some of it takes place on a PC-class computer, what
type of system are you using?
D) client/server system
Which of the following can be described as client/server computing coupled with

the Internet?
C) cloud computing
Which of the following accurately describes preemptive multitasking?
B) The OS controls when an application can use the CPU
You are planning to buy a new server that will act as the server portion of a cl
ient/server application. A colleague of yours makes some suggestions for the se
rver s OS. Which of the following suggestions are you least likely to adopt?
A) Windows 7
You are testing out a new multitasking operating system. In your testing, you f
ind that some applications are not getting sufficient CPU time while others are
getting more than necessary. Which component is likely to be the cause of this
D) kernel
You have installed a new network adaptor in your computer and reboot the OS. Yo
u go to check the settings of the network adaptor but you cannot find the device
in Windows. What is the most likely problem?
C) bad or missing device driver
Which of the following does NOT require a device driver to be installed in the O
A) installing more RAM
A word processor is best described as which type of operating system element?
C) application software
Which OS is commonly used as both a desktop OS and for multiuser server applicat
B) Linux
You want to implement a system that hosts scalable Web-based applications access
ible through a Web browser. This system should be available only to your compan
y but the resources should be made available through a third-party. What type o
f system should you use?
D) hosted private cloud
Supercomputer: a computer that has extreme processing power and speed to handle
complex computations that are beyond the reach of other computers. ,
Application programming interface: programming features in an operating system t
hat programmers can use to interface to other systems
Power-on self-test: tests that are run by the BIOS when a computer first starts
Resource managers: programs that manage computer memory and CPU use
Time-sharing system: a central computer system, such as a mainframe, that is use
d by multiple users and applications simultaneously
Shell: an interface to enable humans to interact with an operating system
Task switching: a hybrid between single-tasking and multitasking that permits th
e user or application software to switch among multiple single-tasking operation
Device driver: computer software designed to provide the operating system and ap
plication software access to specific computer hardware
Kernel: computer code built into a computer operating system to control processo
r, disk, memory, and other functions
Batch processing: a request for a series of processes is submitted to the comput
er for processing