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Tower Times

City of Stoughton

Issue 1, Spring 2015

Kettle Park West - What You Need to Know

What Is Kettle Park West (KPW)?

Kettle Park West Development All 3 phases = 140 Acres

The Kettle Park West (KPW) Development encompasses approximately

140 acres (located at the northwest corner of USH 51 and STH 138) within
the 51-138 Detailed Neighborhood Plan that was adopted into the City
Comprehensive Plan in 2012. The overall Kettle Park West development
will accommodate a variety of uses including: retail, office, mixed-use,
and various levels of residential ranging from single-family homes
to multi-family housing. The first phase of development (approximately 40 acres) is referred to as the Kettle Park West
Commercial Center and is planned to contain the Walmart
SuperCenter and a number of other commercial and retail
tenants. This phase will include the extension of Jackson
Street west of USH 51 along with traffic signals at this
intersection. Additionally, this phase of development
will make improvements to USH 51 and STH 138.
The balance of the Kettle Park West development will likely be developed in phases and
will include parks and open space areas,
residential, mixed-use and offices. While
specific plans for future phases have not
yet been finalized, the development is
anticipated to include a small neighborhood service area and mixed residential development with single family lots
and multifamily uses with an overall
net density of approximately 5.5 units
per acre. The 213 housing units suggested for the entire Kettle Park West
development are estimated to accommodate approximately 539 persons,
including an estimated 121 schoolaged children.

Kettle Park West Development Phase 1 = 40 Acres

What is Tax Incremental Financing (TIF)?

From the State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue
Division of State and Local Finance, Ch 1 Sec 1 What is TIF?

Tax Incremental Finance (TIF) is a financing tool that allows municipalities

to invest in infrastructure and other improvements, and pay for these investments by capturing property tax revenue from the newly developed property.
An area is identified as the tax incremental district (TID) as appropriate for
a certain type of development, and projects are identified to encourage and
facilitate the desired development. Then as property values rise, the property
tax paid on that private development is used by the municipality to pay for the
projects. The tax paid to the schools, county and technical college districts (the
overlying taxing jurisdictions) is also used by the municipality to pay for the
improvements. After the costs of the projects are paid off, the TID is closed and
the value of all the new development gets shared by the municipality, schools,
county and technical college as it does for other property.
The way TIF is used varies from project to project, and from place to place.
In some cases, the municipal governing body will choose an area they
would like to see developed, or that is unlikely to develop without assistance. They then design improvements that will attract growth. In
other cases, a developer or company will identify a site where they
might like to locate, and as part of negotiations with the municipal
body, TIF will be used to fund some improvements, such as demolition, soil clean up, roads, water, etc., that the developer would like. Either way, an area that faces development challenges gets help to grow, providing a
larger tax base for the municipality and the overlying taxing jurisdictions. In Wisconsin, when
the tax base grows and spending is stable,
tax rates and tax bills are expected to go
down, decreasing the property tax
burden for everyone.
KPW continued on page 3

2 Spring 2015

The Tower Times

Open Book
The City of Stoughton will be conducting an Open Book consultation
on March 30, 2015 from 12:00pm to 7:00pm and on March 31, 2015
from 9:00am to 3:00pm. The Open Book consultation is a time where
you, the citizen, can meet one on one with the Citys Assessor to ask
questions about the assessment of your home. If you are interested in
scheduling a time with the City Assessor, please call Accurate Appraisal
at 1-800-770-3927 or visit their website at

Board of Review (BOR)

The City of Stoughton will be holding a meeting of the Board of Review
on May 11, 2015 from 10:00am to 12:00pm. The Board of Review is a
committee that works closely with the City Assessor to address any
changes to a propertys assessed value, per the request of the citizen.
As a property owner, it is recommended that you meet with the Assessor at Open Book before going to the Board of Review. If you have
any questions please contact the City Clerks Office at 608-873-6677.

City of Stoughton
We need poll workers!!

Building Permit Information

A building permit is required for the following:

The City of Stoughton Clerks Office is looking

for individuals to help us to serve the public by
providing the most fair and efficient elections
possible. By serving as a poll worker, you have
the chance to give back to your community and
to meet the citizens of the City of Stoughton.

New home construction*

Deck installation*

Fencing installation*

Home remodels, additions and repairs* (no fee if valued

under $500)

Why do we need poll workers?

Accessory structures such as a shed or gazebo*

Swimming pool installation* - For pools with a water

depth greater than 36 inches

Roofing and Siding (no fee if value under $500)

Window replacement (no fee if value under $500)

Zero lot line requests for two family structures - Certified

survey map required.

Without the help of poll workers, the election cannot be held. Poll
workers assist with registering new voters, administering ballots
to voters, and ensuring that the election laws of the state are followed precisely.

What are the requirements to be a poll worker?

Must be a registered and qualified voter of Dane County

Must enjoy working with the public

Spring Election

Must be able to work for an entire election day shift (7-8


Signage* - A plan is required that shows the location and

dimensions of the signage.

The Spring Election for the City of Stoughton will be held on April
7, 2015. In Clerks office absentee voting will start on Monday,
March 23, 2015 and will continue through Friday, April 3, 2015.
The office hours for the Clerks Office are Monday through Friday
7:30am to 4:30pm and the office will be open until 5:00pm on
Friday, April 3, 2015. During in Clerks office absentee voting an
elector can vote via absentee and can also to register to vote, if
needed. If you need to register to vote, you will need to provide
any one of the following documents to show as proof of residency:

Must help with all setup/ reconciliation of election

(depending on shift worked)

Driveways and Sidewalks (no fee)

A current and valid Wisconsin driver license or Wisconsin

state identification card.

Any other official identification card or license issued by a

Wisconsin governmental body or unit.
Any identification card issued by an employer in the
normal course of business and bearing a photo of the card
holder, but not including a business card.

A real estate tax bill or receipt for the current year or the
year preceding the date of the election.

A university, college, or technical college identification

card (must include photo) ONLY if the voter provides a fee
receipt dated within the last 9 months or the institution
provides a certified housing list to the municipal clerk.

A gas, electric, or telephone service statement (utility bill)

for the period commencing no earlier than 90 days before
Election Day.
Bank statement.


A check or other document issued by a unit of government.

An affidavit on public or private social service agency

letterhead identifying a homeless voter and describing the
individuals residence for voting purposes.

Residential lease that is effective on date of registration.

(Not valid if registering by mail.)

Any of the following is also acceptable via electronic form.

If any elector would like to vote absentee via mail or if you should
have any questions about the upcoming election, please contact
the City Clerks office at 608-873-6677.
The testing of the voting equipment will be held Wednesday, April
1, 2015 at 9am in the Stoughton Fire Department and all are welcome to come.

Garage Sale Signage Information

Garage sale signs may be placed in the parkrow or terrace, in front of
the residence where the sale is being held, for a period not to exceed
three (3) days and no more than three (3) times in a calendar year.
Signs may also be placed in the parkrow or terrace at various intersections for the days of the sale; such signs shall not have a height
greater than 2 1/2 feet from grade and shall not exceed four (4)
square feet in area, two (2) feet in height and two (2) feet in width.
If you have any questions regarding garage sale signage, please
contact the Zoning Administrator at 608-646-0421

Razing or moving* structures

Erosion control and storm water management*

New furnace, retrofit furnace and air conditioning

Any type of Electrical and Plumbing

If you are interested in helping the City of Stoughtons voters,

please complete an application and mail to 381 E Main St, Stoughton, WI 53589. Applications for the position of poll worker can be
found at Please call the Stoughton
City Clerks Office at 608-873-6677, if you have any questions.

A plan is required to be submitted along with the permit


Repainting the interior or exterior of your building

Noxious Weeds and

Grass Information

Installing storm windows, storm doors and screens

Installing gutters and downspouts

Noxious weed as defined by the State of Wisconsin Statute

66.0407(1)(b) is, Noxious weed means Canada thistle, leafy
spurge and field bindweed (creeping Jenny) and any other weed
the government body of any municipality or the county board
of any county by ordinance or resolution declares to be noxious
within its respective boundaries.

Landscaping - Not recommended to be placed in any

easement and should be planted to allow for growth to
remain on your property.

Concrete/block patio

Retaining wall

Noxious weeds as defined by the above Wis. Statute are not allowed in the City of Stoughton. The City of Stoughton does not
have an ordinance or resolution for any additional noxious weeds.

Childrens play equipment - May not be placed in any


Obtaining a building permit:

If you own property within the City of Stoughton and allow the
above named noxious weeds to grow and/or allow grass/weeds to
exceed 1-foot in height, you are in violation of the City of Stoughton Public Nuisance Ordinance Section 58-8(6). A citation may be
issued to the property owner after notice of violation. Additionally,
the City may contract to have the grass and/or weeds mowed and
bill the property owner.
Violations are found through weekly inspections by Department of
Planning & Development staff. If you have any questions related
to this issue, contact the City Building Inspector at 608-873-7626

Top Ten Reasons To

Install A Rain Garden

Several models in stock! Come try one today!

3. Name and address of person completing work.

4. Contractors shall provide Dwelling Contractor Certification and
Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Certification.

10. It provides habitat and food for birds and

beneficial insects

7. Site plan of building/improvement including lot lines and all

dimensions if applicable.

9. Beautiful blooms to enjoy in spring, summer

and fall

8. Additional information may be required depending on the project.

8. Helps area lakes, streams and fish by reducing storm water pollution

If a permit is required, but not obtained, a fine may be imposed.

In addition to the potential fine, the permit would still need to be
obtained and the fee will be tripled. Any construction that does
not comply with codes or ordinances will need to be brought into

What if I dont get a permit?

7. Helps recharge groundwater

6. Reduces the amount of turf you have to mow, water, fertilize,
and maintain; increases your free time!
5. Helps minimize local flooding
4. Is a natural outdoor classroom for kids and adults alike
3. No need for fertilizers and pesticides, making it a welcome area
for all living creatures
2. Retains storm water before it leaves your yard, keeping any pollutants in the garden to be absorbed into the soil
1. So youre not the only one on the block without one!
Madison Area Municipal Storm Water Partnership

Computer Set-up
Printer Set-up
Data Backup and Transfer
Virus & Spyware Removal
System Restore
Repair Services

The main objective for obtaining a building permit is to assure

that structures are constructed according to the Uniform Dwelling
Code requirements. This is done to make the structure safe from
defects and protects the owner.
Information and applications:
Check out the City of Stoughton web-site at www.cityofstoughton.
com/planning for more information and applications. Click on the
applications and information link.
For questions call the Department of Planning & Development at

2384 Jackson St., Stoughton

M-F: 9-8; S: 9-5: Sun. 10-5

1621 E. Main St., Stoughton

(608) 873-8112

Upgrade Services
Wireless Networking
Computer Tuneup

On-site or
in store!

Monday-Friday 8 am-6 pm, Saturday 8 am-5 pm

m, Sundaay 8 am-noon

FREE Delivery! Within city limits. Small fee outside.

2. Type of improvement.

6. Square footage of improvement if applicable.

A RadioShack Franchise
613 E. Main St., Evansville
New Drop-Off Location
1015 North Main St., Oregon
M-F: 9-7; S: 9-5; Sun. 10-5 835-2980



(within the city limits & a small fee outside city

ty limits)


1. Name and address of applicant.

Family Pet Care at its Best

Competitive Prices & Free Delivery


Information necessary for the application:

Chalet Veterinary Clinic

Stoughtons Only Locally Owned Pharmacy!

100 E. Main Street in Stou

u ghton

A building permit may be obtained, after approval of application

materials, by the Department of Planning & Development, located at City Hall, 381 E. Main Street. Hours are Monday Friday
7:30am 4:30pm

5. Estimated cost.

Our People Make

the Difference


A building permit is not required for the following:

Mon. - Fri. 7:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Sat. 7:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.


All City of Stoughton Poll Workers are compensated $8.00/ hour

for their time at the polling place. The Clerks office will make sure
that you are trained on all election laws and procedure. A training
session is held before every election.

The Tower Times

Spring 2015 3

Why You Should Know Where

Your Property Stakes Are Located

Department of Planning & Development staff will assist but

cannot locate lot stakes for you. City staff cannot come to
your property to locate your property lines or take sides in
a dispute over a private property stake location. Property
stake disputes between property owners are a legal issue
and are not regulated by City Ordinances;

If lot stakes cannot be found, a licensed land surveyor

may be hired to locate them and/or in some cases
restake them. State law requires that lot stakes are not
removed however that does not mean they have not
been inadvertently removed. Also, many historic areas
originally had wood stakes. Surveyors can be found in the
Yellow Pages or contact the City staff person below for
information. The cost of a survey can vary greatly so it
pays to check costs;

Over time property stakes may be removed or buried

beneath retaining walls, paved driveways, concrete walks,
plantings etcmaking them more difficult to find;

In some cases a survey is required for new home

construction, building additions, detached accessory
structures or other major projects.

It is very helpful to know exactly where your property stakes

(lines) are when:

Buying a home/property so you know what you are buying

and for future reference;

Landscaping including planting trees and shrubs so they are

planted to allow future growth to remain on your property;

Seeking to install: fencing, an accessory structure or

adding onto your home, so when applying for a permit
you can easily draft a plan to show where the new
structure will be located;

Trying to locate any recorded easements.

Many times we hear people say they were told or they assumed
their property stake is where a fence, plantings, transformers or
power poles are located. In fact that is seldom the case. The only
way to be certain is to locate the lot corner stakes as follows:

A plat map which shows the dimensions of a property

may be obtained from the Department of Planning &
Development at no charge to you. This document can
be picked up at City Hall, 381 E. Main Street, Emailed,
Faxed or Mailed to you. The dimensions of your property
will give you a reference to start from and makes it much
easier once one stake is found;

The stakes which are sometimes called irons or

monuments vary in size but are typically approximately a
1-inch solid stake, 1.5 feet long and buried at ground level
or by as much as a foot deep at each corner of the property;

A long tape measure is helpful but not necessary to aid in

your search;

Renting a metal detector may also be helpful in locating

the lot stakes;

Ask neighbors if they have an idea where the lot stakes are
located to aid in your search;

For questions related to locating your lot stakes contact the City Zoning Administrator at 608-646-0421 or

KPW continued from page 1

Please Note: One of the key foundations for the use of TIF is the but
for test. As part of all creation resolutions, a municipality must find
that the desired development would not happen but for the use of TIF;
they have to believe that without TIF the development would never
happen on its own. This is very important to making sure that TIF assists development projects that need help, but that it isnt a give-away

In Summary

Because TIF spreads the cost of development out to all of

those who will enjoy it, it is considered by many to be the
most equitable means of stimulating and financing new
infrastructure and development.

In a TIF district, public investments are made to encourage

growth and redevelopment.

TIF is not a tax freeze nor a tax increase, but a special

allocation method for taxes collected on property value
within the district.

Tax increment does not increase taxes for property owners.

Careful planning and the use of Development Agreements

help to mitigate the risk to the Municipality.

As TIF districts mature, the incremental tax revenue gained

from new developments is applied to the tax levy providing
a benefit for every taxpayer.

What is Stoughtons Kettle Park West TIF?

The City of Stoughton has entered into a developers agreement/

TIF agreement with Forward Development in order to develop the
Maybie farm area now known as Kettle Park West (KPW).
This area of the City has been part of the comprehensive plan of
the City for about 20 years. The Comprehensive Plan calls for a
commercial mixed use district for this area.
The Citys TIF agreement is an agreement for a Public/Private
partnership that allows the KPW area to be developed and also
provides funding for traffic safety improvements that the citizens
of Stoughton have needed for many years.
There has been a lot of talk about the TIF funds subsidizing the developer, when in fact you can also look at this as the development
subsidizing the community, because without the development,
the City would not be able to fund the infrastructure improvements.
Below is what is being funded: $4.6M in infrastructure improvements.
A. Construct Off-Site projects at a total estimated cost of $3,011,373.
- Utility relocation - $270,000
- U.S. Highway 51 Improvements - $832,795
- State Highway 138 Improvements - $1,107,277
- Jackson Street (West) Improvements - $631,572
- Jackson Street (East) Improvements - $169,728
B. Construct Public Stormwater Management Infrastructure.
- Infiltration Basin - $452,000.
- Water Quality Basin - $254,250.
- Pump Station - $150,000.
- Pressure Pipe - $390,970.
- Engineering & Contingency - $346,148
The City currently borrows $1.5M/year for infrastructure improvements in the City. If the City had to finance these improvements
using Tax Levy supported debt, it would take 3 years of the Citys
CIP (infrastructure improvement) borrowing capacity, and we
would not have the funds to pay for other street improvements.
The City has set up a Tax Incremental Finance district in order to
pay the debt service for the infrastructure improvements. Using a
TIF district allows the City to retain the taxes generated from all
NEW value that is created within the district to pay for debt service. This financing tool keeps the costs of developing the area and
improving the safety of the highways off of the Citys tax levy. Bottom line is that the new buildings in the KPW development will pay
for all of the proposed improvements, not the citizens of Stoughton.
The TIF agreement shows that just the first 4 lots in Phase 1 will
cover the debt service for the infrastructure improvements. The other lots in Phase 1, once developed, will help pay the debt off sooner.

Below are the increased value numbers expected for Phase 1 of the
KPW development:

Park West development will make great strides in providing goods,

services and jobs for the Stoughton community.

Projected Development: Phase 1 First 4 Users

Much work has been done over the last several years working with
a developer to bringa development that offers a range of commercial, retail, housing, office and open space to Stoughton.


Wal-Mart $11,789,900
Single-tenant Specialty Retail
Multi-tenant Specialty Retail
Multi-tenant Professional Services
Kwik Trip

Projected Development: Phase 1 Upon Full Build out

Wal-Mart $11,789,900
Single-tenant Specialty Retail
Multi-tenant Specialty Retail
Multi-tenant Professional Services
Kwik Trip
Future Office or Clinic Site
Fast Food
Multi-tenant Specialty Retail
Multi-tenant Specialty Retail
Commercial $4,223,733
Multi-tenant Specialty Retail
Stormwater Pond and Infiltration
*These numbers were established by Accurate Appraisals.
The City has estimated that full build out of Phase 1 of the project site will create total new assessed value of approximately
$34,377,200 that includes the first 4 buildings with an assessed
value of $18,111,000.
The objective of the District creation is to facilitate construction of
multiple phases of mixed use development, including the expansion
of existing businesses with infrastructure improvements to the project site (on-site improvements) and significant roadway improvements (offsite improvements). The first phase of development is the
focus of this Project Plan. Total development of the area has been
estimated to create a total of $34,377,200 in total assessed value.
Existing Value before development: (Called Base Value) $800,000
Value after development of phase 1:

Has Stoughton used TIF for development in

the past? Were they successful?

TIF investments have increased area property values as intended,

often in a dramatic fashion.

For Example:

TID #3 Business Park North

Base Value = $94,000

Increment Value (date) = $15,733,200
New Value= $15,827,200

TID #4 Downtown

Base Value = 9,765,300

Increment Value = $11,178,900
New Value = $20,944,200

What is the effect on Stoughton Taxpayers?

There will be no effect on the City of Stoughton taxpayers

for this development. All costs will be recovered from the
taxable value of the new development.

Minimal Increased costs for services for Phase 1 will come

from the base value of the TIF district parcels.

Stoughton Citizens will see NO increases to their property

taxes from this development.

In the unlikely event that the Kettle park West Development

will fail, bank Letters of Credit payable to the city will cover
the costs for all funds already spent and allow the city to
complete the improvements to Hwy 51 and 138.

What will this development do for Stoughton?

The City of Stoughton is supportive of retail development to benefit

all citizens of Stoughton. It has always been our goal to provide
jobs, goods and services right here at home. Many folks cannot
drive to Madison or Janesville to fulfill their daily needs. The Kettle

The city recognizes that major infrastructure improvements will

need to be made to Hwy 51 and 138 as development takes place
along these corridors. These infrastructure improvements will
make the area better and safer for all, today and in the future.
Phase 1 of Kettle Park West will bring several retail opportunities with jobs
and goods for our community. Future phases offer the opportunity for a
range of housing types, office and professional service and open space.
Without a successful first phase, future phases will not be possible.

Where can I learn more?

All materials have been and remain available on the city website
as part of the Planning Commission and Council packets. There
is also a link from the city home page under the title: Kettle Park
West Development. All Plan Commission and Council meetings are
aired live on WSTO and also streamed for those without cable access. There has also been coverage of this potential development
over the last several years by the local newspaper.

Why not focus more on our historic downtown?

As we have in the past, the city will continue to focus on our wonderful historic downtown.
The Main Street Enhancement Program began in 1999 and
ended in 2004. The Main Street Enhancement Committee started
in 1999 to help facilitate the design and look of the Main Street
corridor from Page Street to the Railroad Tracks. The groups core
functions were completed in 2004 but did reconvene to discuss
banners and baskets in 2006.
Street beautification efforts included colored and stamped concrete pedestrian crossing, historic street lighting, street trees, public benches, new traffic signals, pedestrian friendly bump outs and
way finding signage. In addition, sanitary sewer, water system and
storm sewer upgrades were completed.
Main Street public improvements began in 2000 with Phase I
that reconstructed Main Street from Page Street to Water Street
including the bridge crossing the Yahara River. Phase II reconstructed Main Street from Water Street to Forrest Street in 2002.
In 2003, Phase III reconstructed Main Street from Forrest Street
to Fifth Street. Phase IV focused on reconstructing the North and
South parking lots one block off Main Street in 2004. The final
phase of the core Main Street Enhancement efforts were completed in 2009 when Main Street was reconstructed from Fifth Street
to the Railroad Tracks. We were fortunate to leverage the Citys approximately $2.3 million investment with about $1.4 million worth
of Federal and State participation to make this approximately $3.7
million worth of improvements to the core Downtown District.
The Faade Improvement Committee was a subcommittee of the
Main Street Enhancement Committee. Utilizing a Dane County Community Development Block Grant the City implemented the Downtown Faade Improvement Program. This program created partnerships with the city and downtown building owners. When the owner
spent $5,000 to improve the faade of their building, the city would
contribute an additional $5,000. This enabled the building owner to
make improvements up to a total cost of $10,000 for $5,000.
In 2014 the Redevelopment Authority working with the City and
TIF # 4 created a Revolving Loan Program. The Stoughton Redevelopment Authoritys (RDA) downtown Revolving Loan Fund
(RLF) was created to assist businesses and commercial property
owners with building rehabilitation (interior and exterior), building construction, and furniture/fixtures/equipment. It is funded by
Tax Increment District #4. Businesses and mixed-use properties
within the redevelopment area are eligible for 50% of the project
costs, with a minimum loan amount of $10,000 and a maximum
loan amount of $50,000.
Partnering with the RDA, Dane County and others, the City of
Stoughton will continue to focus not only on Kettle Park West and
our Historic Downtown, but all areas of our community to fulfill
our goal of providing jobs, goods and services here at home for all
in our community.

4 Spring 2015

The Tower Times


Databases & Computer Help Calendar of Library Events


Library staff can help you find books and other

library materials, help you get started on the
internet, give you an introduction to the librarys online databases, and provide introductory or in-depth help to borrow Library eBooks. Contact the Library for more information.

Stoughton Public Library: Educate, Enrich, Empower, Engage!

Second Floor Renovation

Fundraising Campaign

Adult Craft Club

Mosaic Garden Stones

Thursday, May 7, 6:30-8pm
Create a garden stone out of broken dishes
and cement. All materials provided. Teens
welcome with an adult. Call 873-6281 to register.

1000 Books Before Kindergarten

This year, the Stoughton Public Library
launched a new early literacy initiative:
1000 Books Before Kindergarten. We challenge parents and caregivers to read 1000
books with their child before he or she enters
kindergarten. We provide fun reading logs, a
childs eye-level progress chart to track milestone completions, and jungle animal stickers to celebrate every
100 books read.

Thank You, Its Time to Eat!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the

Librarys renovation campaign. Theres still time
to donate or donate again. If you contribute $100
or more between now and April 4, you will receive a $20 gift certificate to one of the following
restaurants: El Rio Grande, Famous Yetis Pizza,
or Viking Brew Pub. Support the Librarys renovation campaign and enjoy a meal from your favorite restaurant! Many thanks to these fine establishments for supporting the Librarys renovation
campaign! (This offer is limited to the first thirty
people who donate.)

Thanks to generous donations from the Stoughton Kiwanis and

Conant Automotive, we were able to purchase incentive books as
well. Each child will receive a free book after reading 500 books
and again at 1000 books.
Provide your children with literature-rich foundations to prepare them
for success in school. This ongoing program is open to any child aged
0-5 who is not yet in school. Come by the Childrens Desk to sign up.
You can enroll any time, and the program runs year-round.

Renovation Highlights

In partnership with the City of Stoughton, our goal is to provide

a safer and more welcoming space for the Stoughton community.

Adult Book Discussion

Husbands Secret by Liane Moriarty

Tuesday, May 26, 7pm, Library
Wednesday, May 27, 1pm, Senior Center
Discovering a tattered letter that says she is to open it only in the
event of her husbands death, Cecelia, a successful family woman,
is unable to resist reading the letter and discovers a secret that
shatters her life and the lives of two other women. Copies available at the 2nd floor Reference Desk.

Yarn Club

Thursday, May 28, 6:30-8pm

Bring a project to work on either crochet or knit. Meet other yarn
lovers and learn from each other. Show off your finished projects.
All skill levels welcome, from beginning to advanced. Library will
have some materials on hand for people just learning. Children
and teens welcome with an adult. No registration required.


Adult Craft Club

Friends of the Library

Install library grade shelving

Increase square footage

Increase display space

Increase space for teens

The Friends of the Stoughton Public Library is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting and improving library services, materials, and facilities for the Stoughton community; encouraging gifts
and bequests to the library; and promoting the broadest possible
use of its facilities, materials and services.

Improve lighting

Friends Of The Library Spring Book Sale

Install more outlets for laptop users

Thursday, June 4, 6:30-8pm
Create a miniature garden in a glass jar. All materials provided.
Teens welcome with an adult. Call 873-6281 to register.

Teen Activities

Check with the Library for a schedule of 2015 teen activities.

Spring Storytime

Replace carpeting

Friday, April 24, 12-4pm & Saturday April 25, 9am-3pm

Bag Sale on Saturday from 1-3pm for Friends Members
Memberships will be available.

Enlarge meeting rooms

Friends Of The Library Pie Place

Purchase new seating, tables & desks

Enjoy circle time, stories, songs, crafts and early literacy activities.
For children ages 0-5. No pre-registration required.

The project will also include other important improvements to

comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
To accomplish these renovations, the Stoughton Public Library is
committed to raising $250,000. Thank you to everyone who has
contributed so far!
Your tax deductible donation can be made at the Stoughton Public
Library or mailed to: Stoughton Public Library Fundraising Committee, P.O. Box 571, Stoughton, WI 53589. Thank you very much
for your support!

How to Get More Involved

There are many ways to lend a hand such as holding fund raisers,
writing letters to the local paper, and asking others to make donations to support the second floor renovation. If you are interested
in learning more, please contact Fundraising Co-Chair Denise Duranczyk at 873-8302.

Wednesdays, 10-10:35am
Fridays, 9:30-10:05am

Friday, May 15, at the Canoe Portage at the Division Street Park,
starting at 5:30pm
Saturday, May 16, at the Library, opening at 9am, continuing until
1pm or until the pies are gone.

Adult Book Group

The Librarys adult book group meets the fourth Tuesday of every
month at 7pm.

Adult Book Group At The Senior Center!

Visit the Library

The Stoughton Public Library, located at 304 S. Fourth St., at the corner
of 4th & Main, just west of the clock tower in downtown Stoughton.
Hours are Monday-Thursday 9-9, Friday & Saturday 9-5. Closed
Sunday. There is no charge for a library card just bring in picture
identification with proof of current address. If your ID does not
show your current address, please bring another proof of address
such as a piece of mail, personal check, lease agreement, etc. Parents must sign the registration form for children under age 18.
Your library card can be used in any public library in Adams, Columbia, Dane, Green, Portage, Sauk, or Wood counties, all members of the South Central Library System, and materials may be
returned to any library. Call the Library at 873-6281 or visit online
at and on Facebook.

The Library also has an adult book group that meets at the Senior
Center, the fourth Wednesday of every month at 1pm.

The Foundation

The Librarys science fiction book group, The Foundation, meets

the first Wednesday of every month at 6:30pm.

Thursdays With Murder

The Librarys mystery book group, Thursdays with Murder, meets

the second Thursday of every month at 6:30pm.

Craft Club

The Librarys craft club meets the first Thursday of every month
at 6:30pm.

People You Know & Trust - We Are Yo

our Neighbors

3097 Sunnyside St., Stoughton

(608) 205-9300

Cress Funeral & Cre

emation Service is more than just a funeral home,
e are people you know and tru
For gen
nerations, providing the Circle of Care,
before, during and after the loss of your loved one.

Think Spring!

Day or Night (800) 235-9681

Proud to be Serving the

Stoughton Community
for over 52 years!
Family Owned and Operated
Stop In During Happy Hour
Fridays 3-5pm
1/2 Price Single Stem
Flowers (Cash & Carry)

168 E. Main Street, Stoughton, WI
Flower Phone: 873-6173 or 866-595-6800
Mon.-Fri. 8am-5pm; Open Sat. 8am-3pm


Middleton ~ Waunakee ~ Sun Prairie


McFarland ~ Deerfield ~ Stoughton

East Madison ~ West Madison


Great waterfront dining, drinks & fun!

Daily Lunch & Dinner Specials Sunday Breakfast

The Tower Times

Spring 2015 5

Senior Center
Lunch and Learn Art from
Book Discussion Group
Impressionists to Vincent Van Gough Wednesday, April 22, 1:00 PM
Thursday, March 26, 12:00 PM

Do you enjoy Art? Would you

like to know more about the
different types of painting and
the history behind it? Join Michael Hecht, Assistant Director, Leisure and Support Services at Skaalen Nursing and
Rehabilitation Center, to learn
more. Come just to listen,
bring a sack lunch, or call by
noon Oct. 15th to reserve your
lunch. This program is sponsored by Skaalan Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

Classic Movie Friday

Breakfast at Tiffanys March 27,1:00 PM

Games Worth Playing

This months book is The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer. Join us for an afternoon discussion
group with support from the Stoughton Library every 4th Wednesday of the month at 1:00 PM. For questions, please call 873-6281.

Yoga & Parkinsons

Wednesday, April 22, 1:30 PM

Yogas slow, focused movements,

breathing awareness and relaxation
techniques improves your flexibility, balance, strength, mood and sleep. Come
learn some yoga practices for those living with Parkinsons disease. Local yoga
instructor, Jill Izydor will provide a demonstration of Chair Yoga, which adapts
traditional yoga poses to make them more accessible.

First Friday Movie

Lunch and Learn Stoughton

Emergency Services (EMS)

The Good Lie April 3, 1PM,

Thursday, April 23, 12:00 PM

Music Appreciation with John Beutel

All Mondays in April at 3:00 PM

The Music Appreciation Series

with John Beutel is organized
for anyone who loves music
and would like to learn more
about it. The classes are free,
with donations appreciated.
You may attend one session,
two sessions, or all of the sessions depending on your interest and schedule. The Music
Appreciation presentations are
made possible because of the
support of the Stoughton Area Senior Center and its staff, a generous grant from the Bryant Foundation and donation from class
Our spring season, which started March 23 and continues through
April 27, is jam packed with exciting opportunities to hear a wide
variety of music. We are privileged to have a number of professional groups to present the very finest in music. Pass the word.
Bring your friends.

4-week series, April 8, 15 ,22, 29, 10:00 AM-12:00 PM

When someone is diagnosed with Alzheimers, friends and family

have many questions. What does the diagnosis mean? What kinds
of plans need to be made? What resources are available to help?
As the disease progresses, new questions reflect growing needs for
skills, programs and services.
Living With Alzheimers for Caregivers is a series of education programs that provide answers to the questions that arise in the early,
middle and late stages of the disease. Hear from those directly
affected and learn what you need to know, what you need to plan
and what you can do at each point along the way. This program
will cover information for caregivers of people with early, middle
or late-stage Alzheimers disease.
Topics covered will include:

Developing a care team

Legal and financial planning

Coping strategies

Care and treatment options

Communicating and connecting

Maximizing independence

Classic Movie Friday

Coming soon: Car Cleaning Clinic

The Stoughton High School
Student Senate will be
cleaning all the winter grime
out of cars during a Car
Cleaning Clinic. Students
will vacuum and wipe all interior surfaces, to give your
car a fresh start to Spring!
The date of this event is still to be determined, but appointments
are needed. Call 873-8585 for details. Donations welcome.

Jim Baldauf, Stoughton EMS will provide tips on staying safe.

Come just to listen, or bring a sack lunch or call by noon April 22
to reserve a lunch. See newsletter for menu details.

For more information on these and other activities

please contact the Stoughton Area Senior Center at
248 W. Main Street, Stoughton WI, 53589
(608) 873-8585

Local Attorney Hours

Local attorney Eric Christoffersen will be holding office hours at
the Stoughton Area Senior Center on the third Monday of each
month. (by appointment only).
Contact information for appointments: Phone: 608-662-0440
Office: 221 Kings Lynn Rd. Suite B, Stoughton, WI 53589

Monday, April 6: TBA

Monday, April 13: The Madison Brass Quintet
Monday, April 20: Clocks in Motion - a UW Madison
Percussion Ensemble
Monday, April 27: The Pro Arte String Quartet - The
world famous group from UW-Madison

Living with Alzheimers

Get ready! Its coming! The Wisconsin Senior Games offers competitive events for seniors fifty and
older. From June 6 20, events
are held in Madison and the surrounding area. Registration opens
April 1.Registration books will
be available March 30 or check

Spring 2015

Del McCoury Band

The Gibson Brothers

Greig Male Chorus

with a bit of Blarney

The Shook Twins

Janis Ian & Tom Paxton

King of the Cowboys!
Riders in the Sky Salute
Roy Rogers
Maggie Mae and
Heartland Country Band
Heather Maloney
Henrick Ibsens The
Master Builder
David Lindley
Robbie Fulks
NEW! Jorma Kaukonen

Charlie Parr
Crystal Bowersox
Opera for the Young:
Beauty and the Beast
Playtime Productions
Hot Club of Cowtown
Mama Digdowns Brass
St Anns Drama
Department: The Lion
King Jr.
The Steel Wheels

Casablanca April 17,1:00 PM

Over 90 Luncheon
Monday, April 20, 12:00 PM

Join us in celebrating your life longevity at our annual Luncheon.

Enjoy piano music from Stoughtons Citizen of the Year, Linda
Kunz. Make your reservation for lunch by noon, April 17th.

What I learned from

Bob Dylan Presented by
Literary Artist Michael
Wisconsin Folks: Masters
of Tradition
Music Of The World
Stoughton Chamber
Bach Dancing and
Dynamite Society


July 4th

6 Spring 2015

The Tower Times

Developing Active Lifestyles

Have you ever wondered how to ensure that your child
will develop an active lifestyle? The best way to do this
is by developing their physical literacy. Physical literacy
is the ability, confidence, and desire to be physically active for life.
ABILITY refers to competency in basic movement skills
and overall fitness that allows individuals to engage
in a variety of games and activities. This outcome is
achieved through a mix of informal play and intentional
teaching of movement skills, among them running, balancing, gliding, hopping, skipping, jumping, dodging,
falling, swimming, kicking, throwing, and a wide range
of skill that require hand-eye coordination.
CONFIDENCE is knowing that you have the ability to
play sports or enjoy other physical activities. It is the
result of programs and venues that inclusive of people
with differing abilities, and the support and encouragement from parents, guardians, coaches, administrators,
teammates, and peers through the developmental process.
DESIRE is the intrinsic enthusiasm for physical activity, whether in organized or unstructured formats, in traditional or alternative sport. This result is achieved through early positive experiences.

How does one become physically literate?

1. Participate in a wide variety of physical activities. A good rule of thumb is to only participate
in sports during their typical weather season. An example would be winter and hockey.
2. Participate in both structured and unstructured play. A best practice would be a 1:1 ratio for
optimal development.

Youth Lacrosse Skills Camp

This program is for children in grades 1st-4th and all skill levels. The philosophy behind the program is to teach basic skills
and fundamentals, develop athletic skills, make new friends, and
most importantly have fun! The camp is coached by Stoughton
High School Coach Josh Wollin and assistants. All equipment will
be provided.
Days: Sundays
Dates: April 13 June 1, No Class April 20 & May 25
Time: 5:00-6:00 PM
Location: Fox Prairie Lacrosse Fields
Fee: $35 Resident, $43 Non-Resident
Registration Deadline: April 8

Program Code

1-2 1301.100
3-4 1301.101

Bricks 4 Kidz Cranium Contraptions

Build and explore crazy contraptions that really work your brain!
Students will use LEGO bricks, axles, pulleys, gears and motors to
create fun and interactive models. Compete with friends in a rousing game of Battle Tops or Fooseball. Put your hand-eye coordination to the test with the Ping-Pong Popper model. Experiment with
the Mini-Fig Mover to see how this model will send your mini-fig
for a ride. All this and more is waiting to be discovered as students
learn and play with Cranium Contraptions.
Ages: 5-11

3. Participate in activities that focus on developing fundamental movement skills like running,
skipping, hopping, etc and on a wide range of surfaces like water, ice, and land.

Days and Dates: Saturdays, April 11 May 2 (4 classes)

4. Participate in activities that are age appropriate. Playing fields and equipment should be
scaled down to fit the children in size.

Registration Deadline: One week before class starts or until full

5. Participate in activities that are fun. A recent study by George Washington University asked
children what was fun. They ranked trying your best, getting playing time, and getting along
with your teammates among the top five. Down the list was winning at 51 and playing in
tournaments was even lower at 61.

Times: 3:00-4:00 pm
Location: Stoughton Youth Center
Fee: $46
Min/Max Participants: 5/20
Program Code: 1312.100

Youth Spring Activities

The Kids Chef - Better Breakfast

Spring Miniball Soccer

Start your little Messi on his or her way to a lifelong love of recreation activities. Nothing compares to soccer for an introduction to
structured team sports. The emphasis on this program is having fun
and getting your child to like sports. This program isnt intended on
teaching high level skills to your child because of the ages of the
Days: Sundays

Lily Kilfoy, AKA The Kids Chef is a cooking instructor and freelance chef from Madison, Wisconsin.
Her goal as an instructor is to expose children to the many benefits of cooking through hands- on
experiences that develop skills to be used for life. It is also to teach children about healthy foods and
cooking at a young age so that they can carry these values into adulthood.

Better Breakfast - April

In this class kids will get to prepare scrumptious breakfast items.

Recipes will include Cheesy Egg Scramble, Banana Bread Muffins
and Fruit Smoothies.
Ages: Children Ages 6-13

Dates: April 12 May 17

Times: 12:00-1:15 pm

Location: Racetrack Park

Location: Stoughton Youth Center

Fee: $40 Resident, $45 Non-Resident

Date: 4/18

Registration Deadline: March 29

Coaches: Volunteers are needed. Coaches training will take place on March 31 at 6:00 pm at Racetrack Park.

Program Code




3:00-3:45 pm*



4:00-4:45 pm

*5/17 Class will be at 5:00 pm to avoid the Syttende Mai parade.

Little Gridders Flag Football (Pre-K)

This program will introduce four and five year olds to the sport of
football. Stoughton football coaches and high school players will
run parent/child pairs through a variety of fun games and activities that teach movement skills (dodging, running, throwing) to
future gridiron stars. Each week will consist of a practice and a
fun scrimmage. Soft footballs will be used.

Min/Max Participants: 6/10

Fee: $17
Program Code: 1311.300

Traditional Tacos - May

Handmade corn tortillas are hard to come by these days, even in

Mexico. In this class we will Celebrate Cinco De Mayo by making our own tortillas, using a traditional hand press. Participants
will also prepare a variety of authentic fillings to create their own
Ages: Children Ages 6-13
Times: 12:00-1:15 pm
Location: Stoughton Youth Center
Date: 5/16

Days: Tuesdays

Min/Max Participants: 6/10

Dates: 4/21-5/26

Fee: $17

Times: 5:30-6:30 pm

Program Code: 1311.301

Location: Racetrack Park (green space near barn and playground)

Ages: Pre-K, Ages 4+
Fee: $30 Residents. $38 Non-Residents (Shirts are included)
Program Code: 1152.100

Go to our website,
for summer sports and activities!

The Tower Times

Spring 2015 7

Paint Your Favorite Animal!

Yoga for Beginners

For this class each child will be doing a beautiful, colorful painting of his or her favorite animal.
They will be using acrylic paint on a 16 x 20 canvas. Throughout this project we will talk about
shading and using complimentary colors. These
paintings turn out colorful and whimsical and
they are so much fun to do! Each child will walk
away with a masterpiece which they will love to
show off! All supplies are included.

Yoga generates motion without causing strain and imbalance in the body. A consistent yoga practice
can quiet the mind and refresh the body, improve flexibility, strengthen and tone muscles and most
importantly relive stress. This class is ideal for people who are new to yoga, who prefer a less strenuous workout, or those wanting to return to the basics. Our instructor is a certified yoga instructor.
This class is open to anyone. The instructor is helpful in making adaptations for individuals in the
class. Please bring a yoga mat as theyre not provided. Participants may also do a drop-in class for
the dates below for $5.
Days & Times: Sundays, 5:00-6:00 pm
Max/Min Participants: 20/6

Day & Date: Saturday, April 25

Location: 2nd Floor of Youth Center

Time: 9:00 to 11:00 am

Ages: 16+

Ages: 7 to 12 year olds

Dates: 4/15-5/20

Min/Max Participant: 10/20

Program Code: 2201.100

Program Code: 1383.100 Fee: $40

Fee: $25Residents, $30Non-Residents

Adult Spring Activities

Vinyasa Yoga


Our Zumba classes are taught by certified instructors through Fit Pro Services. Fit Pro Services teach
Zumba and other fitness classes in many different locations in Rock and Dane Counties and will
be bringing tremendous fitness class experience to
Stoughton. Zumba fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and
easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program that will blow you away. Beginners are welcome to attend this class. Drop-ins are
available at the price of $5 per class. Please check with the Recreation Department closer to the open

Improve flexibility and circulation, strengthen and tone muscles, and relieve stress with our yoga
class. Classes are taught by our certified instructor who specializes in Vinyasa style yoga. This is
yoga class is for people who participate in yoga on a regular basis or prefer an intense workout. Wear
loose fitting clothing, bare feet or socks. Please bring a yoga mat as theyre not provided. Participants
may also do a drop-in class for the dates below for $5. Sessions one and three are six weeks and
session two is five weeks.
Times: 6:15 7:15 pm
Max/Min Participants: 20/6
Location: 2nd Floor of Youth Center
Ages: 16+

Location: 2nd Floor of the Youth Center Who: Ages 16+


Times: 6:15-7:00 pm


Min/Max Participants: 6/25


2204.101 4/15-5/20 $25/$30

Session 1

Sundays & Wednesdays


Program Code


Fee (Res/NR)


2211.100 3/31-5/5 $25/$30


2211.101 4/2-5/7 $25/$30

Tuesdays & Thursdays




Program Code


Fee (Res/NR)

Session 2

2211.103 5/12-6/16 $25/$30


2211.104 5/14-6/18 $25/$30

Tuesdays & Thursdays




R.I.P.P.E.D. Fitness

Program Code


Fee (Res. /NR)

2204.100 4/12-5/17 $25/$30



Golf Lessons for Adults

High School Golf team coach Dave Taebel will be providing golf instruction this summer for adults.
This is a fourth year program that helps the beginning adult or anyone that feels a better swing would
help their game. This is a great option for retired people that want to make golf their new passion.
Class size is limited to the first 15 registrations. Register by April 4.
Program Code: 2160.208
Dates: April 12 May 17, No Class May 10
Days: Sundays
Place: Coachmans Golf CourseMeet at driving range
Time: 1:00-1:45 pm

This total body, high intensity style program,

utilizing free weights, resistance, and body
weight, masterfully combines the components
of R.I.P.P.E.D.--- Resistance, Intervals, Power,
Plyometrics, Endurance and Diet (on your own!)
to help you attain and maintain your physique in ways that are fun, safe, doable, and extremely effective. The deliberate combination of the R.I.P.P.E.D. elements and how they are precisely organized
in the R.I.P.P.E.D. class format provide the basis for the One Stop Body Shock System, by stimulating
both different energy systems and muscles in each workout segment, changing the focus and activities every 6 to 9 minutes. Along with driving, motivating music, participants jam through R.I.P.P.E.D.
with smiles, determination and strength. No boredom here, for all levels, R.I.P.P.E.D. is effective, its
tough yet doable; R.I.P.P.E.D. will absolutely challenge your levels of fitness and endurance!

Instructor: Dave Taebel

Free R.I.P.P.E.D. Days

No commitment necessary. Just show up on the dates listed below and try our R.I.P.P.E.D. class for
free. Please sign in with the instructor prior to the start of the class. These are at the same times and
location as our regular class.

We have four mens softball leagues which is one of the largest in the area. We have leagues on
Wednesday, and Friday nights. The leagues run from May to August. Contact the Recreation Department or go to our web site for a team entry form. Contact the Recreation Department if you would
like to be put on a free agent list. Entries are due April 10, 2015.

Tuesdays 3/17 Thursdays 3/19

Adult Coed Softball

R.I.P.P.E.D. Weekday Classes

Location: 2nd Floor of the Youth Center Who: Ages 16+

Times: 5:15-6:00 am
Min/Max Participants: 7/25
Session 1

Pickleball Summer Membership

Pickleball is a fun game for all ages. It is a racquet game that combines elements from table tennis,
tennis, and badminton. Summer membership includes access to the storage shed near the East Park
pickleball/tennis court. The storage shed is stocked with balls, nets, and wooden racquets. The fee
helps us purchase and replace equipment for the program.
Program Code: 3355.200 Dates: May September Place: East Park
Fees: $20

Mens Slow Pitch Softball

These games are played on Friday evenings to help kick off a great social night out. Games are played
at Mandt and Racetrack Parks. Contact the Recreation Department or go online for an entry form.
Contact the Recreation Department if you would like to be put on a free agent list. Entries are due by
April 10, 2015.

Troll Beach Stoughtons Norwegian Fun Park

Visit our award winning aquatic park. Enjoy the best beach of beach experiences that includes clean
city water, sandy zero depth entry, and large inflatable play structures!

Program Code

Tuesday Mornings


Thursday Mornings


Tuesday & Thursday Mornings


Session 2

Fees: Resident - $55, Non-Resident - $65

Troll Beach is the result of a complete makeover of the Mandt Park Pool. New innovative play structures, a rebuilt full concession stand, pool chairs and umbrellas, are just a few of the updates for this
historic pool.
Our trained lifeguards are ready to welcome your group for a day of great swimming and Norwegianlike hospitality.

Program Code

Tuesday Mornings

Winner of the 2012 Wisconsin Parks & Recreation Association

Outstanding Aquatic Facility Design Award.


Thursday Mornings


Open: Everyday beginning June 13, 2015

Tuesday & Thursday Mornings


Hours: 12-5 PM

R.I.P.P.E.D. Saturday Classes

Daily Rates

Who: Ages 16+

Resident 15U - $2.75

Day: Saturdays

Non-Resident 16+ - $4.25

Times: 8:15-9:15 am

Non-Resident 15U - $3.25

Fee: $25 Residents, $30 Non-Residents

Group Rates (15+ People) - $2.75

Min/Max Participants: 7/25

Birthday Parties Please contact us for more information.

Location: 2nd Floor of the Youth Center


Resident 16+ - $3.75


Program Code

Session 1



Session 2

5/9-6/20, No 5/23


Register Online:

Season Pass Rates

Resident Family Pass - $80.00 Resident Single Pass - $60.00 Non-Resident Family Pass - $100.00
Non-Resident Single Pass - $75.00
Stoughton Parks & Recreation 381 E. Main Street Stoughton, WI 53589
Phone: 608.873.6746 Fax: 608.873.5519
Online Registration:

8 Spring 2015

The Tower Times

(608) 873-3379

Energy Assistance Funds Still Available

Service Disconnections Resume April 15

For some customers, including seniors on fixed incomes, energy expenses can be a significant financial burden. Many
here in our community cannot afford the energy to meet their
basic needs.

Stoughton Utilities is advising electric and water customers who are behind on their bills to immediately pay any
delinquent balances, or make payment arrangements with
the utility to avoid service disconnection.

Wisconsins Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP) provides for assistance with heating costs, electric costs, and energy crisis situations. This program is operated by local social and human services, and is available to income-qualified
households. Energy assistance is a one-time payment each
heating season (October 1 through May 15). The amount of
the energy assistance benefit varies according to household
size, income level, and household energy costs

Wisconsins Winter Emergency Period, often referred to as

the moratorium on residential service disconnection, ends
April 15. After that date, utilities statewide may begin to
disconnect service to customers who are past due on payment of their electric bills for any period of time, including
the winter months. Stoughton Utilities will disconnect all
accounts with severely delinquent balances on April 16.
Unpaid utility bills drive up costs for the whole community
due to the fact that any balance that is uncollectable is essentially recovered from the entire customer base through
future rates. It is Stoughton Utilities goal to do whatever
we can to collect unpaid bills, while also helping customers avoid service disruptions for nonpayment by working
with them to establish deferred payment arrangements.

Under the eligibility requirements, customers at or below 60

percent of the states median income may qualify for WHEAP
assistance, including:

A single person earning up to $25,152 per year;

A family of four with an income of up to $48,368.

Customers who did not qualify in past years may now be eligible. To determine eligibility, applicants must provide the following to their local social services or energy services office:

Proof of income for the past three months for all household members 18 years or older;

Social Security cards for everyone in the household;

Utility bills (heating and electric) for the past 12 months;

If applicable, a rent certificate or landlords statement verifying that heat is included in the

If you qualify for energy assistance, any pending customer deposit requirements will be cancelled or
refunded upon receipt of funds.
To apply for energy assistance, please contact Energy Services Inc. at (608) 267-8601 to schedule
an appointment. You may apply any time through May 15.

Work Safely with Diggers Hotline

Its been a long winter, but spring is just around the corner.
And with the return of beautiful weather approaching, your
plans for outside work may be starting to grow -- build a
deck, plant some trees, install a gym set for the kids, or
more. If your list includes any digging, state law (Wisconsin
Statute 182.0175) requires you to notify Diggers Hotline at
least three days in advance.

Situations can arise, making it

difficult for customers to pay their bills...

However, to avoid disconnection, we urge customers to contact us to make the appropriate payment
arrangements. If you are behind on your payments, we would like to help you get on a track to bringing your account current by scheduling payments that fall within your budget and schedule. Failure
to do so will eventually result in electric service disconnection.
You can contact Stoughton Utilities toestablish a deferred payment arrangement. We will work with
you individually to negotiate payment options based upon your unique financial situation. However,
any arrangement will require a down-payment of at least one-third the past-due balance. After April
14, all deferred payment arrangements must be madein-person at the Stoughton Utilities office, so
please do not wait until the last minute.
Stoughton Utilities also offers aBudget Billing planto help customers better management their utility
charges. When enrolled in budget billing, you pay equal monthly payments based on the estimated
consumption, your current arrearages, and the estimated applicable rates for the year. Each January
and July the payment amount is adjusted to accommodate seasonal and lifestyle changes. You can
enroll in budget billing even if your account is currently delinquent. To find out what your estimated
monthly payment will be, or to enroll in budget billing, pleaselog in to your account.

Changes for 2015

It is expected that new rules regarding the offering of deferred

payment arrangements to customers who are tenants will be in
place on or before April 1. After that time, deferred payment arrangementswill notbe offered to any tenant customer that meets
one or more of the following criteria:

Diggers Hotline is a statewide notification system developed to provide excavators and the general public with the
ability to inform multiple owners of underground facilities
of intended non-emergency excavation via a single telephone call.

The residential tenant has greater than $100 of account

arrearages that are more than 90 days past due for
utilities that bill monthly, or for utilities that do not bill
monthly, has greater than $100 of account arrearages that
are past due for more than two billing cycles.

You may contact Diggers Hotline at 811 from any phone

year round. You must, however, allow three working days (excluding weekends and holidays) notice
for the location of the underground facilities prior to digging.

The tenant has defaulted on a deferred payment

agreement in the past 12 months. This criterion only
applies to deferred payment agreements and not to other
types of payment extensions or agreements.

The residential tenant is responsible for account

arrearages that were placed on any property owners tax
bill in the utilitys service territory in the past 24 months.

The residential tenant has a balance that accrued during

the winter moratorium that is more than 80 days past

Diggers Hotline will process three types of calls: 1) excavation 2) planning of excavation, and 3) safe
working clearance information for overhead lines. The call center will ask for an address or location
information. Specific marking instructions also will need to be provided. Once the locate is completed,
you have ten calendar days to begin your excavation work before you must call to have the underground facilities relocated.
Please note that there are no charges to individual customers for this service. For more information
on Wisconsins Diggers Hotline program, please visit

Create a better future

As a customer of Stoughton Utilities, you can purchase renewable energy blocks to offset a part or all of your electrical usage through our Renewable Energy Program. Renewable energy is generated from clean, green energy sources
such as wind, biogas, and the sun, and is purchased in
300 kilowatt-hour (kWh) blocks; each block costs $3.
Purchasing one block of renewable energy each month
for one year has the equivalent impact on the environment as not driving a car for six months and avoids
emitting over three tons of carbon dioxide.
In Stoughton, 422 customers purchase a total of 1,068 blocks of renewable energy each month. Thats
a customer participation rate of over 4.9%, and the 320,400 kWh of renewable energy generated
and sold is enough to power 458 average-sized homes in Wisconsin without using any fossil-fuels.
To learn more about the utilitys Renewable Energy or Green Power for Business programs, please
contact us at 873-3379 or visit us online at To enroll your home or
business, please visit

If you meet any one of the above criteria,or if you are unsure about the status of your account, you
are urged to contact us immediatelyto enter into a deferred payment arrangement before the new
rules tariff is officially ordered by the Wisconsin Public Service Commission. After the PSC order, we
will be unable to make exceptions.

Assistance is still available

Variouslow-income assistance programsare offered to Stoughton Utilities customers. To apply for

energy assistance, customers should immediately call 1-866-HEATWIS (432-8947). An appointment
is necessary, and assistance payments may take up to six weeks to be received. Even if you are approved, disconnection will not be postponed until after we receive the funds from the State, so be
sure to try to get in early.
Any pending customer deposit requirements will be cancelled or refunded upon income verification
and energy assistance approval; please request that your EA representative send us official approval
documentation to speed up the process.
Customers can review their account balances and make payments onlineusing our E-Pay system at To make payment arrangements or to explore payment options,please
contact us at (608) 873-3379, or at

The Tower Times

Spring 2015 9

Give Them a Brake!

Online E-Billing and E-Pay Go green, go paperless!

Working outdoors in Wisconsins unpredictable weather is

hard enough, but when utility crews have to deal with dangerous drivers in work zones, it only makes it that much more difficult. Whether its around electric linemen restoring a power
outage or a water crew repairing a water main break, work
zones are no place for impatience or aggressive driving.The
added seconds you may save while speeding through a work
zone are not worth placing your utilitys workers lives at risk.

Paperless E-Billing is simple,

convenient, and smart. With
paperless billing, there are no
bills to mail, file or to clutter
your mailbox. You can manage the entire bill-paying
process online using our EPay system, including access
24 hours a day to view past
bills and payment activity
and flexible payment options.
It also puts you in control of
your personal information
and reduces your impact on
the environment.


Tragically, over 1,000 people die across the nation every year
in road work zones. Please follow these important tips for
safely driving in road work zones. Your life, and ours, depend on it!

Always buckle up.

Pay attention. Normal speed limits may be reduced, traffic lanes may be changed and people
and vehicles may be working near the road.

Always slow down, and travel at posted work zone speed limits.

Minimize distractions, such as cell phone use.

Keep a safe distance from traffic barriers, construction equipment, utility workers, and other

Watch for and follow all warning, lane closure, and construction detour signs.

Plan ahead and give yourself time to reach your destination.

Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

Stoughton Utilities issues an annual water quality report with important information about the source
and quality of your municipal drinking water. In the past, this report was mailed to all households
within the City of Stoughton. In an effort to lower our environmental impact and reduce paper waste,
this report will now be published online.
We are proud to report that your local drinking water continues to meet or surpass all federal and
local standards set for quality and safety under the Safe Drinking Water Act.
You can view or download the full report at
If you do not have internet access, or if you prefer to receive one or more physical copies of the annual
report, please contact our office at (608) 873-3379 or and
we will mail printed copies to your home or business at no cost.

This winter was a lot better than last years; Crews were able
to take advantage of the mild weather to catch up on tree trimming maintenance and tree removal throughout the city.

We want your feedback, is this information beneficial? What

else will you like to see published in Street Talks? Lets us know
by calling 873-6303 or email at


To report a pothole, please call the Street Department at 873-6303

First Scheduled Brush Collection for the year is Monday April 6th, 2015

Yardwaste Site is tentatively scheduled to open Thursday April 2nd, 2015 (weather

Spring Leaf Collection is tentatively scheduled for Weeks of April 20th and April 27th

Curbside Brush Collection

Curbside brush collection will be collected ONLY
during the first week of the following months;
April, May, October and November. Brush must
be piled in parkrow and away from any obstacles.
Any brush placed in street will not be collected
and is subject to violation. Please have brush
placed in the parkrow on the first Monday of
the month for collection by 6:30 am.

2015 Brush Collection Schedule

Monday April 6, 2015
Monday May 4, 2015
Monday October 5, 2015
Monday November 2, 2015
Reminder: Once crews have gone down your street, they wont be back until next scheduled
brush collection.
It is not good practice or healthy to prune trees in the summer heat, open wounds attract insects that
can spread diseases to your trees. If you need to prune or remove a tree during the summer months,
brush can be hauled to yard waste site (permit needed). Street Department does not collect brush
from work completed by private contractors; the contractor is responsible to dispose of brush and

The site is located at 1051 Collins Road (off County Hwy A) in the Township of
Dunkirk. The site accepts yardwaste (grass clippings, leaves, garden waste,
and sod), shrubbery, and brush. The tentative opening date is Thursday April
2nd this year (weather permitting). Yardwaste site will remain open until
Tuesday November 24th (weather permitting). The site is open Tuesdays and
Thursdays from 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm and Saturdays from 9:00 am to 5:00
pm. A Permit (window decal) is required for the site and the cost is $20 dollars and is good for the entire season. Permits can be purchased at the Street
Department during normal business hours at 515 S. Fourth Street or at the
yardwaste site during hours of operations.

Weve also added new and improved ways to monitor and review your energy and water consumption. You can compare your bills to those of other customers near your neighborhood, analyze your
present and past bills to learn more about how your usage has changed over time, see how the
weather may be affecting your consumption patterns, and more.
Visit to get started.

Go to our website,

Street Talks

In this article you will also find important information on services provided by the Street Department and helpful hints to
prepare you for the spring & summer such as; opening of the
yard waste site, brush collection schedule, spring leaf collection schedule, and electronic-waste drop off site information.

Yardwaste Site

In addition to E-Billing, you

can also manage other payment and billing options
through our online E-Pay system. You can receive an instant Budget-Billing payment amount quote,
and enroll right there on the spot. You can also enroll in Renewable Energy or Project RoundUP, and
current enrollees can view information regarding their contributions. Customers signed up for our
AutoPay program can view their payment account details, and will soon be able to make instant
updates. If youve recently changed your contact information or mailing address, you can also now
update that online.

Spring Leaf Collection

The Street Department provides a spring leaf
collection for those leaves that fell late or for
those who like to rake in the spring. Depending
on the weather (when all the snow melts and we
can see our lawns again) Spring Leaf Collection
will occur for two weeks (Tentative dates are
the weeks of April 20th and 27th). It is important to make sure leaves are placed in the terrace
(area between curb and sidewalk) for collection.
It is a violation to rake leaves into the gutter/
street. Leaves raked into the street often wash
into the stormwater system and pollute our
lakes and rivers. Our leaf vacuums need to be
close to the curb line of the street and it really
helps if you can keep that area free of parked vehicles and trailers.

Grass Clippings
When mowing your lawn, make sure to keep the
grass clippings on your property and do not blow
or sweep clippings from the driveway or sidewalk
into the street. There is a city ordinance prohibiting yard waste in the street which will be strictly
Sec 50-5. Offense against public peace, order and
other public interests (h) Littering Prohibited (1)
No person shall throw any glass, garbage, rubbish,
waste, slop, dirty water, brush, yard waste, dirt,
rocky materials or noxious liquid or other litter or
unwholesome substance upon the streets, alleys,
highways, public parks, or other property of the
city of upon any private property not owned by him
or upon the surface of any body of water within the
city. This violation is subject to fines from $50.00
to $1,000.00

Street Construction Schedule

The city has scheduled major street reconstruction on the following streets this year;
Washington Street (Water St to Fifth St), Fifth
Street (E. Main St to North St), South Alley
(Division St to Forrest St).
Street pulverization projects are scheduled
for Industrial Circle (Ortega Dr to Commerce
Rd)), Ortega Drive (Industrial Circle to Deadend), Chapin Lane (Roby Rd to Devonshire),
Brewer Court (Eisenhower to Dead-end).
The city has also scheduled yearly preventive
maintenance of crack sealing and boiler chip
slag sealer. Streets to be determined, but residents affected by this work will be notified by
door hanger/letter of scheduled work.

Street Talks continued on page 10

10 Spring 2015

The Tower Times

Street Talks continued from page 9

Clean Sweep Information

Parkrow Trees & Planting Permits

The Street Department does not collect

clean sweep items at our facility, but the
following information will assist with proper disposal of clean sweep products at the
Dane County Facilty.

It is important to plant the proper tree in the parkrow

to assure a long-lived and healthy tree. Also the size of
the tree is important to insure that it will not have to be
trimmed due to power lines. Permits are required to plant
or remove parkrow trees. There is no charge for these
permits; however we need this information in order to
keep our tree Inventory up to date. These permits can
be obtained at the street department or online at www.

Web Site


7102 US Hwy 12, Madison WI 53718, (Beltline/12/18 East toward Cambridge) across
from the Yahara Hills Golf Course at the
Dane County Landfill

List of tree specifications are also available or you may

view these on the web site.


If you cannot find the information you need

from our website, you can leave a message for Dave Radisewitz at (608) 243-0368 or email him at

Remember to call Diggers Locate at 811 or 1-800-2428511 or email them at at least 3 days
prior to planting

What is Clean Sweep?

Encumbrance Permits

Clean Sweep is a place to bring hazardous household materials such as Oil-Based Paints and PaintRelated Products, Pesticides & Poisons, Household Products Containing Organic Solvents, Ignitables,
and Aerosols, and Rechargeable Batteries.

An encumbrance permit is required if you are going to leave a

dumpster or POD in the street or city right-of-way for more than 2
hours. Permits can be obtained at the Street Department office or
online at and click on street department
tab and then permits link. Cost is $25 dollars and the permit is
good for 30 days, when it can be renewed for another $25 dollars.

Why Clean Sweep?

By providing the public with an opportunity to safely dispose of such hazardous products, we keep
these products out of landfills and lower the environmental risks associated with such improper disposal. The payoff is a cleaner, healthier environment.

Street Opening Permits

Fee Structure

A street opening permit is required if you or a contractor works within the city right-a-way. Permits
can be obtained at the Street Department office or online at and click on
street department tab and then permits link. Cost range from $50 dollars to $150 dollars.

Dane County Households & Farms: $10.00 per trip for all household hazardous waste and
electronics. One television or computer monitor is included with the trip fee. Additional
televisions and monitors will be billed at an additional $10.00 each.

Street Closing Permits

Businesses: Fees based on weight and type of waste. Businesses must qualify as Very Small
Quantity Generators (VSQGs) and must schedule an appointment prior to bringing wastes to
the collection facility. Out-of-County businesses are welcome. Call (608) 243-0368 for more

Fees Apply.

Public streets may be closed (block parties, running events) for the use of private citizens and nonprofit organizations provided said individual organization applies for a Street Closing permit and the
completed application is submitted in time frame needed to Street Superintendent Karl Manthe.

Mailbox Placement

Out-of-County Households & Farms: $75.00 per trip. No latex paint or electronics accepted
from out-of-county residents.
We reserve the right to impose additional fees for large quantities of materials or loads from multiple
households. Customers with large loads are urged to call (608)243-0368 in advance to determine the
applicability of any additional fees.

To reduce the chances that your mailbox may be hit by a snow plow during winter, you still have time to move your mailbox and follow US Postal regulations
and place your mailbox 40-42 inches above the road surface and back 6 inches
from the curb with the door down. Following these guidelines will increase productivity by snow plow operators.


Tuesdays - Fridays: 7:00am - 2:45pm

E-Waste Drop-off

Saturdays: 8:00am - 10:45am

The E-waste collection has been a very successful program,

thanks to the residents for bringing in their E-waste items to
be properly disposed. This service is available only to City of
Stoughton residents. City residents can still bring their e-waste
items to Street Department during normal business hours to be
properly disposed. City residents will need to check in at the
Street Department office and show ID to verify city residency.
If you have any questions, please contact us at (608) 873-6303.
At this time there is no fee charged to drop off acceptable items.

Please note that any days Clean Sweep is closed other than Sundays or Mondays will be posted here.

Closed Sundays, Mondays and Holidays

Whats New

As of November 1st 2012 the Clean Sweep facility located 2302 Fish Hatchery Road is permanently
closed and cannot accept any materials.
The new year round facility, located at 7102 US Hwy 12, Madison WI 53718, (Beltline/12/18 East
toward Cambridge) across from the Yahara Hills Golf Course at the Dane County Landfill is now open.
All Clean Sweep customers do not have to stop at the scale and should proceed directly to the Clean
Sweep building and stop under the canopy. Clean Sweep staff will provide you with further instructions. Clean Sweep customers include those coming to pick up free materials from our Product Exchange.

List of Acceptable Items


Desktop Computers


Please remember that leaving materials at the site when we are closed is illegal and can lead to
a $2,000 forfeiture

Printers, scanners, copiers

Now Accepting Electronics

Fax machines

Video display devices, monitors

Keyboards, mice, hard drives, flash drives, external modems & other computer devices

DVD, VCR, DVR & Video

Clean Sweep does NOT accept microwave ovens, dehumidifiers or other appliances. Contact your
local official, trash hauler, or private recycler for details.

NOTE: With computers make sure to remove all personal information or take out the hard drive and
destroy it.
NOTE: No Microwaves- they can be placed out at the end of the month for bulky item collection.

Not all cheese is created equal


Fresh Lefse
Cheese Gift Boxes Always Enjoyed, Never Returned
183 E. Main Street,
Downtown Stoughton 608-873-1777

ou s
t Y ebud our
L st A T
Ta ke

Refuse & Recycling Cart Placement

These articles will be published in Tower Times issues and placed

on the city street department web site at with time related information. While on the web site,
check out Frequently Asked Questions.

130 Unique Varieties of Cheese

Fresh, Squeaky Curds Every Thursday

Please note that there have been some rule changes for our Product Exchange program. Please see the Exchange page for details.

Still have a few residents that dont follow guidelines for proper
cart placement. Johns Disposal Service Inc. and the City of
Stoughton request and require that carts not be placed in the
street, but instead place refuse carts on the terrace or your
driveway approach. Please place cart(s) a minimum of 2 feet
apart at the end of your driveway or terrace area. Please do not
set carts to close to mailboxes, trees, and light poles. Keeping
the carts out of the street also allows street crews to effectively
sweep streets, vacuum leaves and plow snow during the fall and
winter season.

Since 1995

Artisan Cheese Trays for Any Occasion

Get rid of your old TV or computer monitor for $10. Other electronics accepted free of charge.
Please see our Household page for details.

I really appreciate the feedback that many of you provide to the

Street Department. We take your concerns seriously and look
forward to improving our service to better serve your needs. Feel free to call me with any questions; I
can be reached by phone at 608-873-6303 or email at
We have a busy schedule ahead of us and I am looking forward to the start of spring and warmer
temperatures :)
Karl D. Manthe
Street Superintendent Karl D. Manthe

Spring 2015 - The Tower Times - 11

Better value
than Verizon and AT&T.
Theres never been a better time to switch. Well pay off your old contract, up to $350 per line.


U.S. Cellular









*Per month. Valid as of 2/21/15

Retail Installment Contract,
Shared Connect Plan, and
$25 act. fee required. 0% APR;
20 mo. payments of $33.

See more plans at


Things we want you to know: New Retail Installment Contracts, Shared Connect Plan and $25 device act. fees required. Credit approval required. Regulatory Cost Recovery Fee applies (currently $1.82/line/month); this is not a tax or gvmt. required charge. Add. fees, taxes and terms apply and vary by svc.
and eqmt. Offers valid in-store at participating locations only, may be fulfilled through direct fulfillment and cannot be combined. See store or for details. Contract Payoff Promo: Offer valid on up to 6 consumer lines or 25 business lines. Must port in current number to U.S. Cellular and purchase
new Smartphone or tablet through a Retail Installment Contract on a Shared Connect Plan with Device Protection+. Enrollment in Device Protection+ required in all markets except North Carolina. The monthly charge for Device Protection+ is $8.99 for Smartphones. A deductible per approved claim applies.
Federal Warranty Service Corporation is the Provider of the Device Protection+ ESC benefits, except in CA and OK. Submit final bill identifying early termination fee (ETF) charged by carrier within 60 days of activation date to or via mail to U.S. Cellular Contract Payoff
Program 5591-61; PO Box 752257; El Paso, TX 88575-2257. Customer will be reimbursed for the ETF reflected on final bill up to $350/line. Reimbursement in form of a U.S. Cellular Prepaid Card is issued by MetaBank, Member FDIC, additional offers are not sponsored or endorsed by MetaBank. This card
does not have cash access and can be used at any merchant location that accepts MasterCard Debit Cards within the U.S. only. Card valid through expiration date shown on front of card. Allow 1214 weeks for processing. To be eligible, customer must register for My Account. Retail Installment Contract:
Retail Installment Contract (Contract) and monthly payments according to the Payment Schedule in the Contract required. If you are in default or terminate your Contract, we may require you to immediately pay the entire unpaid Amount Financed as well as our collection costs, attorneys fees and court costs
related to enforcing your obligations under the Contract. Kansas Customers: In areas in which U.S. Cellular receives support from the Federal Universal Service Fund, all reasonable requests for service must be met. Unresolved questions concerning services availability can be directed to the Kansas Corporation
Commission Office of Public Affairs and Consumer Protection at 1-800-662-0027. Limited-time offer. Trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners. Additional terms apply. See store or for details.2015 U.S. Cellular Promo1B_Better_Value_Print_DI_9_75x11


2384 Jackson St., 608-877-9548


1015 North Main St., 608-835-2980

12 - The Tower Times - Spring 2015

3 Words Every Teenager

Hates to Hear


Call today & make an
appointment to have
the teenmobile serviced!

Hours: M-F 7:00am-6:00pm; Sat. Closed (608) 873-8800


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