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d Book Potions

Table of Contents

Spells & Charms p. 1-10

Potions p. 11-13

Spells & Charms

Used to bring an object to you.
A strong stream of water comes out of the caster's wand.
Unlock doors.
Cast on someone choking to clear their windpipe.
Anti-Cheating Spell
Pretty self-explanatory, cast on quills and parchment at Hogwarts.
Anti-Disapparition Spell
Prevents anyone from using either apparition or disapparition magic. Such
a spell has been cast over Hogwarts.
Antonin Dolohov's Curse
Used specifically by Antonin Dolohov in the Order of the Phoenix, this spell
causes internal injuries to an opponent without any exterior wounds.
To reveal invisible ink
Avada Kedavra - Killing Curse
One of the three "Unforgivable Curses" that immediately kills the person
cast upon. It's well-known in the series as the spell cast on Harry that
caused his scar, though he survived.

Create a flock of birds.
Banishing Charm
Send an object away. Opposite to the summoning charm (Accio).
Banishing Charm
Send an object away. Opposite to the summoning charm (Accio).

Secret Snitcher Potion

Pinch of Powdered Root of Asphodel
Measure of Ground Unicorn horn
5 drops of Flobberworm Slime
Measure of Troll blood

Confringo - Blasting Curse

Blasts an object (or person) into flames.
Creates confusion in the person its cast on.
Conjunctivitus Curse
Causes someone's eyes to give them pain.
Crucio - Cruciatus Curse
The second of the "Unforgivable Curses" that causes extreme pain with no
injury, used as a torture or punishment.
Defodio - Gouging Spell
A digging spell.

Bedazzling Hex
Harry Potter spells that conceal an object or person, and can be used to
make invisibility cloaks.
Bubble-Head Charm
Creates a bubble of air around the head of the person casting it.
Caterwauling Charm
Creates a loud screaming noise when someone crosses the boundary of
the spell.
Cave Inimicum
Adds defenses to an area.
Cheering Charm
Improves the mood of the person its cast on.
Locks a door.
Colour-Change Charm
Changes the colour of an object.

Clears a wand of any previous spells.
Makes someone's teeth grow.
Creates a wind to open or remove things.
A spell to make things go downward or sink.
Diffindo - Severing Charm
Cut something away or rip something.
Disillusionment Charm
Another invisibility spell.
A very particular Harry Potter spell that is cast on a statue to reveal a
hidden passage.
Turns an object solid.

Engorgio - Engorgement Charm

Makes something grow in size.

5 measures of Unicorn Blood

Entrail Expelling Curse

Mentioned but not cast in the series, and is self-explanatory.

2 dribbles of Stardew
Pinch of Nightshade

Heals minor wounds or injuries.

Small Measure of Dragon Blood

To build or put up something.
Evanesco - Vanishing Spell
Makes something vanish (not the same as invisible though).
Expecto Patronum - Patronus Charm
Conjures a positive force to repel attacks, usually against Dementors. Each
person has a unique animal-form Patronus.
Expelliarmus - Disarming Charm
A commonly-used spell in the series, used to disarm another wizard. Harry
Potter uses this spell frequently.
Cause an object to explode.

Felix Felicis

Beautification Potion

--Liquid Luck-Ingredients:


Small measure Pond Slime

3 smashed Baneberries

5 measures Infusion of Wormwood

Juice from 4 squeezed Bat Spleens

Let the caster's wand leave burned or glowing marks.

Small Measure of Horklump Juice

Flame-Freezing Charm
Keeps a flame from burning.

Several pinches Octopus Powder

Flying Charm
A spell to make an object fly, usually used for broomsticks or carpets.
Furnunculus Curse
Gives someone boils.
Creates duplicates of an object, though it cannot replicate the magical
power of an object.
Flattens out a staircase, turning into into a ramp.
Gripping Charm
Gives someone a better grip on an object. Commonly used in Quidditch.

A spell to create a splint or bandage.

Hair Loss Curse

Like the name says.

Fidelius Charm
Protects information as a secret that can only be revealed to someone that
the Secret-Keeper wishes to know. It's complicated.

Hair Thickening Charm

Another self-explanatory spell.

Fiendfyre Curse
Starts a cursed and uncontrollable fire that often takes the shape of a
serpent or dragon.
Finite Incantatem
Stops other spells, or deactivates their effects.
Flagrante Curse
Will enchant an object to burn anyone who touches it.

Homenum Revelio
Reveals the location of anyone hiding nearby.
Homorphus Charm
Forces someone in animal form (an Animagus) to resume their human
Horton-Keitch Braking Charm
A spell for Quidditch to keep brooms from flying off the field.
Hot Air Charm
Creates a stream of hot air from the caster's wand.

Hover Charm
Levitates and moves an object.
Hurling Hex
Makes a flying broom jump around in the air, bucking off a rider.
Immobulus - Freezing Charm
Freezes or paralyzes the person that its cast on.
Impedimenta - Impediment Curse
Creates obstacles between the spell's caster and an attacker, usually
causing the attacker to trip, fall or be frozen.
Imperio - Imperius Curse
The last of the three "Unforgivable Curses", that gives the caster total
control over another person's actions.
Imperturbable Charm
Makes a door impenetrable to sound.
Give an object the power to repel outside forces, such as water.
Ties up a person with rope.
Create a burst of flame.
Intruder Charm
Sets on an alarm when an intruder is near.

When this spell is cast on a word, the caster is alerted whenever anyone
says it.
Makes someone's legs dance out of control.
Sucks up any liquid from a surface. Also works on powders or dust.
Tongue-Tying Curse
A curse that literally causes one's tongue to fold up if they try to reveal the
secret that the spell is protecting.
Trip Jinx
Makes someone trip and fall.
Unbreakable Vow
Once cast, the vow cannot be broken or the person who the spell is cast
on will die.
Undetectable Extension Charm
Makes something larger on the inside than it is on the outside.
Unbreakable Charm
Enchants any object to make it indestructible.
Send small items flying through the air.
Wingardium Leviosa - Levitation Charm
A levitation spell.

Supersensory Charm
Gives the caster more acute senses.
Switching Spell
Switch two objects, moving each to the other's location.
Repello Muggletum - Muggle Repelling Charm
Keeps Muggles away by reminding them of other important things they
should be doing right then.

Rictusempra - Tickling Charm

Makes a person feel like they are being tickled.
A defense spell against a Boggart, to turn it into something funny and
Salvio Hexia
Protection against hexes.
Scourgify - Scouring Charm
A spell to clean things.
Wounds an opponent with a violent slashing. Created by Snape
Create a magic serpent from a wand.
Silencio - Silencing Charm
To cause someone or something to be silent.
Slug-Vomiting Charm
No explanation needed.
Makes someone's voice very loud, usually for public speaking. The Quietus
spell turns it back off.
Specialis Revelio - Scarpin's Revelaspell
This spell is used to show the magical properties of other objects.
Stealth Sensoring Spell
Lets the caster know when someone is under a magical disguise.
Stinging Hex
Creates painful red welts on the victim.
Stupefy - Stunning Spell
Knocks someone unconscious.

Jelly Brain Jinx

Gives someone confusion or is described to "affect the target's mental
Jelly Fingers Curse
The victim will have their fingers turn to jelly, and they will be unable to
pick anything up.
Jelly Legs Jinx
Another obvious spell, making someone's legs turn to jelly.
Knee Reversal Hex
Moves a person's knees to the backs of their legs.
Sticks a person's tongue to the roof of their mouth.
Give the caster the ability to read a person's mind, and see their
Cast on someone to hang them by their ankles in midair.
This spell makes an object rise and be moved by the caster. Similar to
other spells, like the Hover charm.
Locomotor Mortis
Locks someone's legs together so they can't walk.
Turns a wand into a flashlight with a beam of light.
Meteolojinx Recanto
Undoes any magic cast on the weather.
Moves a tree from one place to another.

Moves a person from one place to another.

Piertotum Locomotor
Animate things like suits of armor to obey the person casting the spell.

Morsmordre - Dark Mark

Casts the Dark Mark of Voldemort.

Pig Tail Hex

Gives someone a pig tail.

Prevents anyone nearby from overhearing conversations.

Placement Charm
Puts an object in a certain place temporarily.

Turns off the light created by the Lumos spell.

Point Me - Four Point Spell

Turns a wand into a compass of sorts, pointing towards the north.

Obliteration Charm
Erases things, such as footprints.

Used to create an enchanted portkey out of an object. A portkey can then
be used to transport to a distant destination.

Obliviate - Memory Charm

Erases memories.
Creates a blindfold on the person the spell is cast upon.
When cast on other conjured objects, they will attack a victim.

Prior Incantato
Used to see what the most recent spell another wand has cast.
Protean Charm
Creates duplicates, but also allows for the copies to reflect any changes
made to the original item.

Create a bouquet of flowers.

Protego - Shield Charm

Creates a shield to ward off minor spells, and can bounce the spells effects
back to the person casting them.

Magically pack a trunk or suitcase.

Protego Horribilis
Protects (somehow) against forms of Dark Magic.

Permanent Sticking Charm

Attach something permanently, usually to a wall (like a portrait).

Protego Totalum
Another protection spell that is not really described very well.

Peskipiksi Pesternomi
A made-up spell that supposedly gets rid of pixies.

Returns your voice to normal, if it's been magnified by the Sonorus spell.

Petrificus Totalus - Body Bind Curse

Causes the person cast upon to freeze in position.

Causes an object to shrink.

Reducto - Reductor Curse

A spell to make things explode.

Wake someone who has been rendered unconscious.

Refilling Charm
Refill a container of liquid, usually some kind of drink.

This spell is used to repair broken items.

Releases someone or something that is being held by magical means.