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Dear Praying Friends,

What a blessing it is to look at what the Lord has been doing here! Though the day-
to-day plans never happen as fast as we would like, it is good to see the difference that is
made over a short period of time!

Since our last prayer letter, we have been able to finalize the
rental of a new storefront where we will begin having church
services soon! Though everything takes longer than expected (like
waiting six weeks just to get a rent contract and then waiting
another month for the electricity to get turned on), we know that
everything is under the Lords timing and control. We are looking
forward to the exciting new opportunities that will be available to us once
the space is ready for public meetings!

Please pray for our continued outreach efforts in our neighborhood here;
particularly with the young people. God has given us many opportunities with so many
friendly neighbors, and we want to make the best use of those occasions.

Along with preparations for the church services, I have been doing some
construction, including building a pulpit and making other updates. In the midst of these
projects, I had an accident with a razor knife and sliced the side of my leg quite badly. I
ended up getting seven stitches in the muscle and another twelve
across the top of the five-inch gash. After two weeks on crutches,
the stitches have been removed and I have been recovering very
quickly, Praise the Lord! Even in this, we saw the Lords blessing
it could have been much worse if Id cut an artery or tendon! Also,
it was a blessing to see our neighbors response as the whole
evening of the accident, and much of the next day there was a
h yard

stream of neighbors who came to offer their assistance and to
Cleaning ighbor boys

see how I was doing! What a blessing to see an evidence of the
relationships that have been built here in our neighborhood!

As we look forward to beginning regular church services in the very near future, we
ask for your prayers for wisdom and guidance on our part and that the Lord will bless
those services. We have had a number of people say that they would come once we start
services; pray that they would do so. Pray that hearts would be opened to Gods word;
that souls would be saved and lives would be changed for Him!

In Christ, Omar Schrock and Family - Rondonpolis, Brazil