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Autism in Motion
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Funds for
Friends at The
Greene Turtle ; April 2nd
Sweet Frog
April 14th from
Glory Days
Dining for Dollars; month of
Theatre performance; Friday, April
24th @ 7:30pm
AIM 5K; Sat.
April 25th @
Laser Tag Social Club;
Thurs. April
30th from 69pm

April is Autism Awareness Month!

Welcome to The Arc Carroll
Countys adult autism newsletter, Autism in Motion.
April is Autism Awareness
Month! Now I know you have
been busy people this year,
but I wanted to ask your help
in a matter that is very dear
to my heart. As you may
know, many of our community
members on the spectrum are
involved in the autism program here at The Arc Carroll
County. I want to thank you
for being such wonderful supporters of our program. Its
individuals like you that make
our program a success. Some
of you may not know that this
program that offers creative
outlets for our adults is NOT
funded by the Developmental
Disabilities Association (DDA).
This means that we gather
our funds through other
means (I.e. fundraising,
granting writing, donations,

class registration costs, etc.)

As we wrap up our classes this
month, our autism program is
still as active as ever! Aim
with us as we dive into Autism
Awareness Month with three
restaurant fundraisers and our
first annual Autism in Motion
Starting tomorrow, April 2nd,
on World Autism Awareness
Day, The Greene Turtle in
Westminster will be donating
20% of their sales to The Arc
Carroll Countys Funds for
Friends event. Come between 11am-1am (all day!)
and tell your server that
youre benefiting The Arc.

Following The Greene Turtle

on Tuesday, April 14th, Sweet
Frog in Westminster will be
hosting a fundraiser from 59pm. Simply say, The Arc.
before you pay for your sweet
treat and 15% of sales for the
evening come back to the
Autism in Motion program
here at The Arc.
And finally, for the ENTIRE
month of April, Glory Days
Grille in Eldersburg will be
hosting a Dining for Dollars
event. When you dine at
Glory Days in the month of
April, 10% of your purchase
will benefit The Arcs autism
program. Ask your servers for
a copy of your guest check
(not credit card receipt) and
mail or bring it into The Arc
Carroll County located on 180
Kriders Church Road in Westminster.
Sign up for our 5k! Details


Social Club
On the last Thursday of
every month, adults with
autism participate in a social activity of their choosing. This is an opportunity
for individuals on the spectrum to develop a rapport
with one another and to
strengthen bonds between
the classes in which they
are involved.

Danny, Chris, &


Past outings include ice

cream, bowling, mini golf,
ghost tours & pizza, a
Thanksgiving Potluck, a

holiday gift exchange party,

Mardi Gras, a dinner theatre, & The Greene Turtle!
AND...our next Social Club
is Thurs, April 30th at XP
Laser Sport in Reisterstown
from 6-9pm for some Laser
Tag fun! We will be meeting
at The Arc Carroll County
and departing together.
The cost of this outing is
$15/person. This includes
transportation and the
games. Only 10 slots available! RSVP by April 23rd to

Britt Burr, Assistant Director of Autism Services, at

(410) 848-4124 ext. 139 or
email her at


When I dream, it

Job Hunters

is for a brighter
future. A future
where people find

Last year we successfully

helped Conner develop his
skills in acquiring a job at
the Westminster HomeGoods for the holiday season. Now, Conner is currently residing in Japan
looking for work teaching
English to Japanese students. Job Hunters is a
course specifically designed to develop job
skills, job research, cover
letter and resume writing,

the kindness,
compassion, and
ability to
understand each
other without
being judgmental.
-Mel Milberger
Creative Writing

dressing for success, and

other informative exercises
in aiding adults on the spectrum in entering the workforce. This class does not
end at the 10-week mark.
Beyond 10 weeks, we continue to work with you until
you become successfully
employed! We can do this if
youre ready to commit!
Job Hunters is offered Tuesday and Thursday mornings
at The Arc Carroll County

from 10-11:30am. The Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS) has approved

this for their fee schedule.
If you or someone you know
has DORS funding, check
with them to see if you
qualify! Contact Britt Burr,
Assistant Director of Autism
Services, at, for
more information.
Dont pass up this

Creative Writing
Explore your imagination
through the use of fictional
and non-fictional works!
Here we learn how to write
biographies, short stories,
plays, & poetry! This class
was in high demand among
our group! We will get a
chance to share our creations with one another and
have our Barrier-Free Theatre class bring some of

Dannys selfie!




these stories to life! By

working in conjunction with
other classes, we can build
even bigger and better ties
with one another. Creative
Writing is offered Monday
evenings at The Arc Carroll
County from 6:30-8pm. Our
final class this semester will
be on April 13th!
For questions regarding the
class contact, Britt Burr,

Assistant Director of Autism

Services, at (410) 848-4124
ext. 139 or email her at




Barrier-Free Theatre
Barrier-Free Theatre
Autism Intern, Lindsay Bullock,
portraying a pirate
Photo Credit: Dylan Slaglestaff

Imagine a mystery, fantasy, and

comedy set in the future about
regular people who travel to the
past (which is our current now)

to prevent the test trials of a

serum that prevents a child
from having autism while simultaneously stopping the overproduction of cloning because evolution has kicked in and no
longer creates humans with the
capability to reproduce. Now,
humans have to design a time
machine to go to the past in
order to save our future. Wow!
Welcome to Barrier-Free Theatre!
BarrierFree Theatre is an allinclusive theatre program for
adults on the spectrum that

come together to create original one act plays. Through the

use of improvisational exercises, participants develop
themes, plots, characters, settings, conflicts, and solutions to
formulate a short story. From
this short story, the group
translates that story to script.
At the end of this 11-week program, actors will perform this
for their friends and families.
Classes are Fridays 6:30-8pm.
Our final production is on Friday, April 24th at 7:30pm!

On the horizon...Kids Summer Theatre Fun Camp!

During the school year we are
fortunate enough to have a public school system and special
education departments that
allow our children with autism
the same opportunities as our
typically developing children,
however when summer approaches, recreational programs, summer camps, and
sporting leagues can be highly
anxiety producing and virtually
inapproachable to someone on
the spectrum. Oftentimes
there are no special education
professionals on staff trained to
handle and engage children
with autism during the summertime. Since we already know
autism puts a financial strain on
families, asking parents to

watch their kids during the summer months puts them out of
work when money needs to be
Here at The Arc Carroll County
we would like to address this
need for summer opportunities
for those children with autism.
We have already been blessed
with a generous donation from
The Knott Foundation to deliver
adult autism services to the
community and we have become highly successful in the
year we have had, but the need
is still greater. We want to address the summertime and ease
the financial worry of parents
by giving the same opportunities to children with autism that

typically developing children

At The Arc Carroll County we
have trained professionals specialized in the field of autism
that are in the process of designing a summer theatre fun
camp. The cost of this program
will be FREE and the duration of
this camp will be five weeks
starting on Monday, July 27th
ending with a theatrical production on Friday, August 28th with
goals of fully engaging these
children and encouraging them
to be successful, social, and
creative beings.
For more details contact Britt
Burr, Assistant Director of
Autism Services, at

NEW!!! Find Autism in Motion (@aim_with_us) on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter!

The Arc Carroll County's Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission
To support people in their individual pursuit of a fulfilling life.
Our Vision
We are a leading organization that champions for and supports people with developmental disabilities, while
cultivating relationships that enrich our community.
Our Values
Our founders pioneered the opportunities that exist today for people with developmental disabilities. We build on
their courageous tradition of innovation and creativity in the design and delivery of our services.
We operate with integrity in all that we do as a service provider, as an employer, and as members of our
We treat everyone with respect. Dignity, choice, ability, privacy and opinion are fundamental principles of who we
We embrace the highest standards in all that we do. Quality in service and character drives our actions and
We act with a genuine spirit of caring. A sincere interest and concern for the complete well-being of all people
define our actions.

The Arc Carroll County

180 Kriders Church Road

Westminster, MD 21158
Phone: 410.848.4124
Fax: 410.876.5317

Achieve with us.

The Arc Carroll County was founded in 1955 by a

small group of parents of children with
developmental disabilities. At that time, these
children were excluded from public education and
there were no structured social, recreational or
educational activities.
This group of parents was committed to forming a
community-based system to provide necessary
services for their children. That first year special
education programs were established in the
basement of the Davis Library on Main Street in
Westminster and in the Mount Airy American Legion.
Since that time, The Arc has advocated for and
worked to provide support to people with
developmental disabilities and their families. Today
The Arc is one of Carroll Countys largest non-profit
organizations serving nearly 700 adults and children
with intellectual and developmental disabilities.